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Robert von Hallberg, ed.: Literary Intellectuals and the Dissolution of the State. Professionalism and Conformity in the GDR

Kristie A Foell
1999 GDR Bulletin  
Hallberg, Robert von, ed. Literary Intellectuals and the Dissolution of the State. Professionalism and Conformity in the GDR. Trans. Kenneth J. Northcott.  ...  (Von Hallberg refers to Ulf Christian Hesenfelder, "Waghalsiges Spiel im Wirbel der Phrasen," FAZ 122, May 29, 1991.)  ... 
doi:10.4148/gdrb.v26i0.1280 fatcat:3mwb3whc2bcqnafwyhapjxdj6a


Robert Hallberg
2001 Journal of Physical Oceanography  
All this is exactly as described in Hallberg (1997) .  ...  Hallberg (1997) stated exactly this, and these are exactly the criterion for strong transmission from (2.17).  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0485(2001)031<1926:r>;2 fatcat:ppr6nwrmgrbepezlwcp3aukmtm

BOOK REVIEW | Numerical Modeling of Ocean Circulation

Robert Hallberg
2007 Oceanography  
By Robert n.  ...  Miller, cambridge University Press, 2007, 242 pages, IsBn 052178182, Hardcover, $65 Us ReVIeWeD BY ROBeRT HALLBeRG Numerical ocean models have become increasingly valuable tools as we strive  ... 
doi:10.5670/oceanog.2007.25 fatcat:57cruqehyfh73ny7dqeckcogiu

Mitochondrial heat-shock protein hsp60 is essential for assembly of proteins imported into yeast mitochondria

Ming Y. Cheng, F.-Ulrich Hartl, Jörg Martin, Robert A. Pollock, Frantisek Kalousek, Walter Neuper, Elizabeth M. Hallberg, Richard L. Hallberg, Arthur L. Horwich
1989 Nature  
doi:10.1038/337620a0 pmid:2645524 fatcat:dzccrxjdgffdti3rc6xrvb6pka

A thermobaric instability of Lagrangian vertical coordinate ocean models

Robert Hallberg
2005 Ocean Modelling  
Hallberg and Gnanadesikan, 2001) , and the very transparent form in which potential vorticity dynamics appear in the model equations (e.g. Rhines, 1996 or Williams and Roussenov, 2003) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2004.01.001 fatcat:ykp3c7s3znhyvmqxseo7dtj5ga

Coral reefs reduce tsunami impact in model simulations

Catherine M. Kunkel, Robert W. Hallberg, Michael Oppenheimer
2006 Geophysical Research Letters  
Hallberg, and M. Oppenheimer (2006) , Coral reefs reduce tsunami impact in model simulations, Geophys. Res.  ...  The Hallberg Isopycnal Model, a nonlinear shallow water model, was selected in part for its demonstrated skill in reproducing the observed global tides [Arbic et al., 2004] and for its accurate reproduction  ... 
doi:10.1029/2006gl027892 fatcat:q5c5w544ajeobg7bzvfk5ef4ey

Stable Split Time Stepping Schemes for Large-Scale Ocean Modeling

Robert Hallberg
1997 Journal of Computational Physics  
from millennial variations of the thermohaline circulation to the rapid timescales of surface gravity waves. Large-An explicit time integration of the primitive equations, which are often used for numerical ocean simulations, would be subject to a scale ocean circulation models typically eliminate the fastshort time step limit imposed by the rapidly varying external gravity est oscillations through use of the primitive equations. waves. One way to make this time step limit less onerous is to
more » ... it Sound waves are removed by assuming that flow is incomthe primitive equations into a simplified two-dimensional set of pressible, while the hydrostatic approximation to the vertiequations that describes the evolution of the external gravity waves cal momentum equation eliminates the need to solve a and a much more slowly evolving three-dimensional remainder. The two-dimensional barotropic equations can be rapidly integrated three-dimensional elliptic equation for pressure or resolve over a large number of short time steps, while a much longer time the timescales associated with vertically propagating gravstep can be used with the much more complicated remainder. Unfor-*
doi:10.1006/jcph.1997.5734 fatcat:jw3txpz75jaqlpilfkihqy5i3m

Localized Coupling between Surface and Bottom-Intensified Flow over Topography

Robert Hallberg
1997 Journal of Physical Oceanography  
The primitive equation model used is described in the appendix of Hallberg and Rhines (1996) and in more detail in Hallberg (1995) .  ...  The long and short wave limits are discussed by Hallberg (1995) .  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0485(1997)027<0977:lcbsab>;2 fatcat:iqmrdkj3xjf43fimlcxw4vb5eq

Dynamics of a dense gravity current flowing over a corrugation

Mehmet Ilıcak, Sonya Legg, Alistair Adcroft, Robert Hallberg
2011 Ocean Modelling  
., 2008; Hallberg and Adcroft, 2009; Gnanadesikan and Anderson, 2009 ).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2011.02.004 fatcat:ngtvrlybtnfo5hoeiwxsefgdjm

Spurious dianeutral mixing and the role of momentum closure

Mehmet Ilıcak, Alistair J. Adcroft, Stephen M. Griffies, Robert W. Hallberg
2012 Ocean Modelling  
., 2008; Hallberg and Adcroft, 2009; Ilıcak et al., 2011) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2011.10.003 fatcat:nnxhrgyaonhcbanev5jb7xa2b4

On methods for solving the oceanic equations of motion in generalized vertical coordinates

Alistair Adcroft, Robert Hallberg
2006 Ocean Modelling  
We note that there are essentially two methods of solving the hydrostatic primitive equations in general vertical coordinates: the quasi-Eulerian class of algorithms are typically used in quasi-stationary coordinates (e.g. height, pressure, or terrain following) coordinate systems; the quasi-Lagrangian class of algorithms are almost exclusively used in layered models and is the preferred paradigm in modern isopycnal models. These approaches are not easily juxtaposed. Thus, hybrid coordinate
more » ... ls that choose one method over the other may not necessarily obtain the particular qualities associated with the alternative method. We discuss the nature of the differences between the Lagrangian and Eulerian algorithms and suggest that each has its benefits. The arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method (ALE) purports to address these differences but we find that it does not treat the vertical and horizontal dimensions symmetrically as is done in classical Eulerian models. This distinction is particularly evident with the non-hydrostatic equations, since there is explicitly no symmetry breaking in these equations. It appears that the Lagrangian algorithms can not be easily invoked in conjunction with the pressure method that is often used in non-hydrostatic models. We suggest that research is necessary to find a way to combine the two viewpoints if we are to develop models that are suitable for simulating the wide range of spatial and temporal scales that are important in the ocean.
doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2004.12.007 fatcat:4lnfshjfb5hbdjybqa6vottedy

Parameterization of Mixed Layer Eddies. Part I: Theory and Diagnosis

Baylor Fox-Kemper, Raffaele Ferrari, Robert Hallberg
2008 Journal of Physical Oceanography  
., Oschlies 2002; Hallberg 2003; Chanut et al. 2008 ).  ...  Young (1994) and Hallberg (2003) derive parameterizations for the restratification by Rossby adjustment.  ... 
doi:10.1175/2007jpo3792.1 fatcat:qozhmf4cx5awdkfa7sgunx6tuu

A finite volume discretization of the pressure gradient force using analytic integration

Alistair Adcroft, Robert Hallberg, Matthew Harrison
2008 Ocean Modelling  
., 1999; Hallberg, 2005) .  ...  As pointed out by Hallberg (2005) , these terms can lead to exponential growth of interface perturbations and thus numerical instability.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2008.02.001 fatcat:roqyl2jfjfedrnkr6sdjuqc3uy

Spurious Diapycnal Mixing Associated with Advection in az-Coordinate Ocean Model

Stephen M. Griffies, Ronald C. Pacanowski, Robert W. Hallberg
2000 Monthly Weather Review  
., Bleck et al. 1992; Oberhuber 1993; Hallberg 1995) .  ...  One intriguing new scheme involves the adiabatic biharmonic dissipation operator of Roberts and Marshall (1998) .  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0493(2000)128<0538:sdmawa>;2 fatcat:cggpcgkdbbclzer2yyeqqybwmq

Simulation of Density-Driven Frictional Downslope Flow inZ-Coordinate Ocean Models

Michael Winton, Robert Hallberg, Anand Gnanadesikan
1998 Journal of Physical Oceanography  
A more complete description of HIM can be found in Hallberg (1995) . Both models employ a Fickian vertical viscosity.  ...  coordinate used, two differences between the models are worth noting: 1) HIM uses a C grid whereas MOM uses a B grid and 2) HIM has a free surface, which is time stepped with a split explicit scheme (Hallberg  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0485(1998)028<2163:soddfd>;2 fatcat:wzzo7blfr5azlio5tojmskpwbe
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