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Revisiting the Performance of iALS on Item Recommendation Benchmarks [article]

Steffen Rendle, Walid Krichene, Li Zhang, Yehuda Koren
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We revisit four well-studied benchmarks where iALS was reported to perform poorly and show that with proper tuning, iALS is highly competitive and outperforms any method on at least half of the comparisons  ...  Matrix factorization learned by implicit alternating least squares (iALS) is a popular baseline in recommender system research publications. iALS is known to be one of the most computationally efficient  ...  Evaluation We revisit the performance of iALS on four well-studied benchmarks proposed by other authors. Two of them are item recommendation tasks and two are sampled item recommendation tasks.  ... 
arXiv:2110.14037v1 fatcat:pvmexlekgnhcfley7zzgm2fv34

Neural Collaborative Filtering vs. Matrix Factorization Revisited

Steffen Rendle, Walid Krichene, Li Zhang, John Anderson
2020 Fourteenth ACM Conference on Recommender Systems  
In this work, we revisit the experiments of the NCF paper that popularized learned similarities using MLPs.  ...  Embedding based models have been the state of the art in collaborative filtering for over a decade.  ...  REVISITING NCF EXPERIMENTS In this section, we revisit the experiments of the NCF paper [17] that popularized the use of MLPs as embedding combiners in recommender systems.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3383313.3412488 dblp:conf/recsys/RendleKZA20 fatcat:mgfmyfinwrbcfjacmznyczevlq

Neural Collaborative Filtering vs. Matrix Factorization Revisited [article]

Steffen Rendle, Walid Krichene, Li Zhang, John Anderson
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this work, we revisit the experiments of the NCF paper that popularized learned similarities using MLPs.  ...  Embedding based models have been the state of the art in collaborative filtering for over a decade.  ...  Revisiting NCF Experiments In this section, we revisit the experiments of the NCF paper [16] that popularized the use of MLPs as embedding combiners in recommender systems.  ... 
arXiv:2005.09683v2 fatcat:mkzgijamdndnxo4wnfd5fmo7cq

Literacy and numeracy: Global and comparative perspectives

Anke Grotlüschen, Richard Desjardins, Huacong Liu
2020 International Review of Education  
focus on the trend data made available from IALS and PIAAC.  ...  Therefore, it seems necessary to revisit some underlying theoretical assumptions of measurement and monitoring on a sociological level and from the perspective of educational sciences.  ...  of learning on economy and society.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11159-020-09854-x pmid:35194242 pmcid:PMC8830632 fatcat:apwqqgqx3bf2lagnoujbfltws4

Summative Assessment, Test Scores and Text Quality: A Study of Cohesion as an Unspecified Descriptor in the Assessment Scale

2020 European Journal of Educational Research  
The study recommends a research initiative based on an analytical assessment criteria to ensure a more accurate analysis of the role of cohesion in text-formation and writing quality.  ...  The measurement and quantification of the learning outcomes is based on preset criteria or standards which once adhered to produce numerical data in the form of test  ...  As a result, effective feedback on the quality of writing cannot be given. Assessment benchmarks are by default prone to ambiguity and assessor subjectivity.  ... 
doi:10.12973/eu-jer.9.2.523 fatcat:leqlchim3vhkndofbmy2m36hp4

Applications of Multi-view Learning Approaches for Software Comprehension

Amir Saeidi, Jurriaan Hage, Ravi Khadka, Slinger Jansen
2019 The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming  
The experiments conducted on 10 relatively large Java software systems show that by fusing knowledge from different views, we can guarantee a lower bound on the quality of the modularization and even improve  ...  We proceed by integrating different sources of information to give a set of high-level recommendations as to how to refactor the software system.  ...  recommend items in a target domain [ ].  ... 
doi:10.22152/ fatcat:5bw467krprefzdhw7nvu4ib3wm

Republic of Mozambique: Staff Report for the Third Review Under the Policy Support Instrument and Request for Modification of Assessment Criteria: Staff Report; Supplement; and Press Release

International Monetary Fund
2011 IMF Staff Country Reports  
Staff also recommends a waiver for the minor nonobservance of the end-June AC on RM, the modification of ACs, and the re-phasing of the structural benchmark on the Integrated Investment Plan.  ...  Based on program performance and the authorities' strong ownership of the Fundsupported program, staff recommends completion of the third review under the PSI.  ...   The Bank team requests to be kept informed of the Fund's assessments of macroeconomic policies and prospects, and analytical work on areas under the Fund's lead, as well as on recommendations of Fund  ... 
doi:10.5089/9781463927899.002 fatcat:gpriffhrlvhrxg4dzezdd7r7ma

Adversarial Retriever-Ranker for dense text retrieval [article]

Hang Zhang, Yeyun Gong, Yelong Shen, Jiancheng Lv, Nan Duan, Weizhu Chen
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We evaluate AR2 on three benchmarks.  ...  of candidates including both the ground-truth and the retrieved ones, as well as providing progressive direct feedback to the dual-encoder retriever.  ...  Meanwhile, the pipeline based on AR2 achieves state-of-the-art performances on all benchmarks.  ... 
arXiv:2110.03611v4 fatcat:viizovgh3jbu5mnlnclsjmfyam

Trading Favors for Marketing Advantage: Evidence from Hong Kong, China, and the United States

Kam-Hon Lee, Gong-Ming Qian, Julie H. Yu, Ying Ho
2005 Journal of International Marketing  
Matsuno, Mentzer, and Ozsomer (2002) study the effects of entrepreneurial proclivity and market orienta- tion on business performance and suggest that entrepreneur- ial proclivity’s influence on performance  ...  The questionnaire that we used in this study contained ques- tions on the following areas: (1) MO (14 items), (2) RMO (19 items), (3) business performance (4 items), (4) company background (3 items), and  ... 
doi:10.1509/jimk. fatcat:zilbp54idze3pftmqctvdwn2q4

Nicaragua: 2015 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Nicaragua

International Monetary Fund
2016 IMF Staff Country Reports  
The monitoring of fiscal performance from the financing side needs significant improvement, and is complicated by some idiosyncrasies in classifying expenditure items in the budgetary central government  ...  Staff recommends reining in expenditure on health and other goods and services to extend the life of the INSS reserve fund.  ...  On the back of lower oil prices and increased reliance on renewable energy sources, the external accounts have strengthened.  ... 
doi:10.5089/9781498390705.002 fatcat:dric3e5wzfhj5hteg4mjjd3j2e

PIAAC Bibliography - 2008-2019

Débora B. Maehler, Stefan Jakowatz, Ingo Konradt
2020 EUROLAB annual report  
based on sequences of atomised test items.  ...  The efficiency of the MST design was calculated and compared to a nonadaptive design with a fixed item format.Moreover, possible effects of the position of item sets on item difficulty, which would present  ...  Abstract: The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, PIAAC, aims at producing high-quality data.  ... 
doi:10.21241/ssoar.67732 fatcat:ebzfpee4enadhkefkuxrmqegki

SYR 2020 Accepted Abstracts

2020 International Journal of Yoga Therapy  
The length of yoga interventions in the other five ranged from eight-week to twelve-week yoga interventions, though one study evaluated the impact of a single 45 minute session of pranayama.  ...  Conclusion: Overall results provide weak evidence for the efficacy of yoga on improving health outcomes for survivors of IPV.  ...  Space was donated by the Coral Gables Adult Activity Center. We gratefully acknowledge this support and the involvement of our participants.  ... 
doi:10.17761/1531-2054-30.s1.1 fatcat:vj4hz4ug3fahde62u4tni6a7ju

Reading Framework [chapter]

2010 PISA  
This item was easy. It was answered correctly by nearly three-quarters of students. Although the item is easy, multiple steps are involved in answering correctly.  ...  Firstly, the student must locate the part of the text in which the correct answer is found, since the question stem does not direct the student to this part of the text.  ...  The definition of reading literacy evolved in part from the IEA Reading Literacy Study (1992) and the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS, 1994 (IALS, , 1997 (IALS, and 1998 .  ... 
doi:10.1787/9789264062658-3-en fatcat:shchtcth2zbzlh6ps2z6nophtm

2010 CAEP/ACMU Scientific Abstracts May 29–Jun. 2, 2010 Montréal, Que

2010 CJEM: Canadian Journal of Emergency Medical Care  
Conclusion: The performance of US for the detection of PTX is excellent and is better than CXR.  ...  Considering the rapid access to bedside US and the excellent performance of this simple test, this study supports the routine use of US for the detection of PTX.  ...  The secondary outcome was the rate of ED revisits within 1 year. Results: Data on 1286 patients were collected during the 2-year period.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1481803500012318 fatcat:epwo65v6ovevtcfrkctzm52n6y

Programme Evaluation

Charles E. Engel, Grahame I. Feletti
1984 Medical Teacher  
It is an important sign of maturity as evaluators are usually seen with suspicion and defensive attitudes are more the rule than the exception.  ...  It also means that new arrivals must reconstruct the many parts of a complex system for themselves.  ...  The evaluation has therefore issued the following recommendations regrouped under six main headings: Revisiting collectively SIMPOC's objectives and monitoring performance o It is recommended to organize  ... 
doi:10.3109/01421598409019418 pmid:24483830 fatcat:zxtc2jgejzhnhjlqo4drqshfre
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