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The CyberFrontier and America at the turn of the 21st century: Reopening Frederick Jackson Turner's frontier

Jeffrey R. Cooper
2000 First Monday  
film High Noon.  ...  Why the Frontier Is Important: Key Issues and Stakes Clearly any conceptual relationship between the American West and the Information Revolution is not based on superficial similarities of time or technology  ... 
doi:10.5210/fm.v5i7.768 fatcat:yzgy6x4anze73acc7hbxyv2bu4

Gaps and bumps in the political history of the internet

Félix Tréguer
2017 Internet Policy Review  
In the past years, there has been a growing scholarly attention given to "digital rights contention", that is political conflicts related to the expansion or restriction of civil and political rights exerted  ...  This essay calls for advancing the political history of the internet in order to empower scholars, activists and citizens alike as they address current (and future) controversies around internet politics  ...  High Noon on the Electronic Frontier: Conceptual Issues in Cyberspace . Cambridge, Massachusetts: Mit Press. Mailland, J. (2001).  ... 
doi:10.14763/2017.4.714 fatcat:qhriugiiqrg25jhr3wutgrbkny

The Narratives of Cyberspace Law (or, Learning from Casablanca)

Michael J. Madison
2003 Social Science Research Network  
FRONTIER: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES IN CYBERSPACE (Peter Ludlow ed., 1996).84.  ...  CONFRONTING THE LIMITS OF OUR LEGAL SYSTEM IN THE AGE OF CYBERSPACE 12-18 (2001) (comparing cyberspace to the "idea of the West" as exemplified in Shane and other Western films), and HIGH NOON ON THE ELECTRONIC  ...  and themes combined in the film. 138 My argument is certainly open to critique on the ground that I have offered both views and not distinguished or chosen clearly between them.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.449341 fatcat:2uepct5z4rehrbqdu2saf4lmm4

The Counter-Cultural Online Frontier-Or the Quest for Mythological Balance through Eternal Movement

Henrik B0dker
In particular, I want to draw attention to the various ways in which certain early and agenda-setting conceptualizations of community in relation to the Internet may be seen to be rooted in specific historical  ...  The ensuing enquiry focuses primarily on the former of these.  ...  There are a number of accounts in which this and ~i mi lar phrases occur: Peter Ludlow, High Noon on the Electm nic Fm lllier (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1996) , and Bruce Sterling, The Hacker Crackdown  ... 

Game Studies: Entornos virtuales e inmersión en los videojuegos

David Cuenca Orozco
2018 Luciérnaga-Comunicación  
Mudding: Social phenomena in text-based virtual realities. In P. Ludlow, Pl (Ed.). High noon on the electronic frontier: Conceptual issues in cyberspace, (pp. 347-374).  ...  Experiencing narrative worlds: on the psychological activities of Reading. Yale University Press. New Haven. • Heim, Michael (1991). The erotic ontology of cyberspace en Benedikt, Cyberspace.  ... 
doi:10.33571/revistaluciernaga.v10n20a1 fatcat:u7i56i37kfaqtarba56yuqxlhe

Industrial Marketing Communication: A (R)evolutionary Journey from Marketplace to Marketspace [chapter]

Tim Foster
2014 Revolution in Marketing: Market Driving Changes  
2.1.3 Focusing Research on a Portion of the Process 2.1.4 Research Problem 2.1.5 Limitations of the Study 2.1.6 Presentation of the Remainder of the Study 2.2 Synopsis of the Literature Reviewed in Study  ...  The Internet was seen neither as a purely personal nor as only a non-personal form of communication, so it was given its own "compartment" in the toolbox, as highlighted in Study A's conceptual framework  ...  In Review of Marketing, G. Zaltman and T. Bonoma, eds. Chicago: American Marketing Association. Wind, Y. & Thomas, R.J. (1980). Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Organizational Buying.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11761-4_51 fatcat:mzgutqqrjfaipcsdprncplo6sa

The Laws of the Virtual Worlds

F. Gregory Gregory Lastowka, Dan Hunter
2003 Social Science Research Network  
After providing an extensive primer on virtual worlds, including their history and function, we examine two fundamental issues in detail.  ...  Further, the normative justifications for property interests in the real world apply-sometime more strongly-in the virtual worlds.  ...  Bruckman, Gender Swapping on the Internet, in HIGH NOON ON THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES IN CYBERSPACE 317 (Peter Ludlow ed., 1996); Philip Giordano, Invoking Law as a Basis for Identity in  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.402860 fatcat:3tkxlgcbxjawte2f7tavso56ja

Freedom of information reform in China: information flow analysis

Weibing Xiao
2013 International Review of Administrative Sciences  
The revised model incorporates findings from empirical research conducted in China, allowing a more effective and dynamic analysis of compliance issues in China.  ...  ones.  ...  The most reliable thing in a question of social science ... is not to forget the underlying historical connection, to examine every question from the standpoint  ... 
doi:10.1177/0020852313500598 fatcat:zd523264vzgnfiwmwwwhl5676i

The Law and Technology Enterprise: Uncovering the Template to Legal Scholarship on Technology

Kieran Tranter
2011 Law, Innovation and Technology  
What is shown is that the three literatures share a common structure in which the crisis event was captured by positive law doing public policy work, notwithstanding the 50-year timespan and the diversity  ...  and South Africa, in response to three popular and culturally significant technological crisis events: Sputnik (1957-63), Louise Brown (1978, and virtual worlds .  ...  See Julian Dibbell, 'A Rape in Cyberspace; Or How an Evil Clown, a Haitian Trickster Spirit, Two Wizards, and Cast of Dozens Turned a Database into a Society' in Peter Ludlow (ed), High Noon on the Electronic  ... 
doi:10.5235/175799611796399830 fatcat:h26wyztd2rbmddi3x4h3yshi6q

Poetics of the machine: machine writing and the AI literature frontier

Cameron Edmond
In short, machine writing will be analysed on the basis of its own literary and linguistic techniques, and the effects these techniques produce, establishing a sort of "machine poetics".  ...  In order to highlight changes in the form, this thesis will develop a history of machine writing.  ...  Jeff Noon, for instance, uses online tools to rearrange text, which he then reflects on and re-writes himself (Noon, 2011) . Does Noon fall into the digital machine writing category, or the analog?  ... 
doi:10.25949/19436060 fatcat:35a5t6oabrdnra5bfnoh5yh5ae

Grey Tuesday, online cultural activism and the mash-up of music and politics (originally published in October 2004)

Sam Howard-Spink
2005 First Monday  
It is a moment long-anticipated by the content industries and the resistive coalition of “copyfighters” – high noon in the nation’s highest legal institution.  ...  For example, the DB site includes links to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (its fairuse FAQ and a special page on the legal implications of hosting the Grey Album ); a Web site called  ... 
doi:10.5210/fm.v0i0.1460 fatcat:wfafsrfilrfmlj3r73q3jlqb4a

The Paradoxes of Teaching a Multicultural Education Course Online

Merry M. Merryfield
2001 Journal of Teacher Education  
In this article, 1 examine some issues in the new frontier of online teacher education and professional development.  ...  Beyond the logistics of electronic pedagogies, what were the salient issues in teaching multicultural education online?  ... 
doi:10.1177/0022487101052004003 fatcat:3r5kehkfbfccrh7z7iizpqhsti

Hiding from Whom?

Ksenia Ermoshina, Francesca Musiani
2018 intermédialités  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors would like to extend their deepest gratitude to a number of individuals who have provided support and feedback in the production of this report, including (in alphabetical  ...  Any errors remain the fault of the authors alone.  ...  Electronic Frontier Foundation (2015), "RE: Comments of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the Wassenaar Arrangement 2013 Plenary Agreements 239 Implementation: Intrusion and Surveillance Items, RIN  ... 
doi:10.7202/1058473ar fatcat:z2x3cfbpczehjgpmlzxjsfkrd4

Leadership and Technology Management (LTM) the strategic management of technology in a consumer-driven environment [chapter]

Harry J. Murphy
1994 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
to watch in cyberspace."  ...  The paper reviews the relevant literature on design of electronic commerce organizations.  ...  On the other hand, capacity utilisation is in general only 60%.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-58476-5_142 fatcat:5rswny5kb5gwpjeppgtstuubee

Page 14 of Afterimage Vol. 24, Issue 4 [page]

The Zapatista Chal- lenge, (San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1995). Peter Ludlow, ed., High Noon on the Electronic Frontier: Conceptual Issues in Cyberspace, (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1996).  ...  MacArthur, The Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War, (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993). Steven Henry Madoff, “Art in Cyberspace: Can It Live Without a Body?”  ... 
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