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Exploring databases via reverse engineering ranking queries with PALEO

Kiril Panev, Sebastian Michel, Evica Milchevski, Koninika Pal
2016 Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment  
The demonstrated system is centered around our PALEO framework for reverse engineering OLAP-style database queries and novel work on mining interesting categorical attributes.  ...  Users can post lists of entities for which explanatory SQL queries and full result lists are returned.  ...  SYSTEM OVERVIEW PALEO is a system designed for exploring databases by reverse engineering OLAP-style top-k queries.  ... 
doi:10.14778/3007263.3007300 fatcat:xac2nw66svfwnl4ijyiq6pcxim

OLAP on search logs

Bin Zhou, Daxin Jiang, Jian Pei, Hang Li
2009 Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining - KDD '09  
Recently, more and more data-driven applications are being developed in search engines based on search logs, such as query suggestion, keyword bidding, and dissatisfactory query analysis.  ...  An empirical study using real data of over two billion query sessions demonstrates the usefulness and feasibility of our design.  ...  For example, when a user raises a query "Honda", the search engine can apply a forward search function on s 1 = "Honda" and get the top-k queries as the candidates for query suggestion.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1557019.1557168 dblp:conf/kdd/ZhouJPL09 fatcat:xg3hse6vwjeubc4vcpvcypfpzy


Wei Chit Tan, Meihui Zhang, Hazem Elmeleegy, Divesh Srivastava
2018 Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment  
The goal of query reverse engineering is to re-generate the SQL query that produced a given result from some known database.  ...  Prior work has addressed the reverse engineering of constrained types of SQL queries and sometimes on constrained schemas, such as single-table schemas.  ...  We reverse engineer SPJA queries by combining the functionality of reverse engineering SPJ queries and the REGAL algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.14778/3229863.3236240 fatcat:65xl6gudrjgpxcrrykcnhbpwfe

Similarity query processing for probabilistic sets

Ming Gao, Cheqing Jin, Wei Wang, Xuemin Lin, Aoying Zhou
2013 2013 IEEE 29th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)  
k-NN, reverse k-NN, range queries • Pruning methods, approximate methods • Probabilistic string similarity joins.  ...  Motivation • Motivation Evaluate similarity between uncertain sets • Existing work -Huge model size -Significant similarity evaluation cost • This paper MayBMS, MystiQ, Trio • Similarity Search -Top-k,  ... 
doi:10.1109/icde.2013.6544885 dblp:conf/icde/GaoJWLZ13 fatcat:eoqvn7yrifgvtpu3nkqhllwuxa

Dash: A Novel Search Engine for Database-Generated Dynamic Web Pages

Ken C.K. Lee, Kanchan Bankar, Baihua Zheng, Chi-Yin Chow, Honggang Wang
2012 2012 IEEE 32nd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems  
Besides, Dash has a top-k search algorithm that can efficiently assemble db-page fragments into db-pages relevant to search keywords and returns the k most relevant ones.  ...  However, many of them cannot be searched by existing search engines. Accordingly, we develop a novel search engine named Dash, which stands for Db-pAge SearcH, to support db-page search.  ...  TOP-k DB-PAGE SEARCH In Dash, top-k db-page search algorithm combines some dbpage fragments into db-pages and returns k db-pages, mostly relevant to queried keywords.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdcs.2012.53 dblp:conf/icdcs/LeeBZCW12 fatcat:y6aaj55yxjd57m6ejbqngbacoa

Discovering Neighborhood Pattern Queries by sample answers in knowledge base

Jialong Han, Kai Zheng, Aixin Sun, Shuo Shang, Ji-Rong Wen
2016 2016 IEEE 32nd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)  
In this paper, we study the Reverse top-k Neighborhood Pattern Query problem, with the aim of discovering structural queries of the question based on: (i) the structure of the knowledge base, and (ii)  ...  other entities in the results of relevant queries.  ...  Examples include reverse nearest neighbor queries [12] , reverse skyline queries [7] , reverse top-k queries [26] , and reverse top-k RWR (Random Walk with Restart) queries [29] , to name a few.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icde.2016.7498309 dblp:conf/icde/HanZSSW16 fatcat:zy5wleg5bbfcbhsenkokjb7zkm

Explaining Missing Answers to Top-k SQL Queries

Wenjian Xu, Zhian He, Eric Lo, Chi-Yin Chow
2016 IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering  
In this paper, we study the problem of explaining missing answers to top-k queries in the context of SQL (i.e., with selection, projection, join and aggregation).  ...  That is, given as inputs the original top-k SQL query and a set of missing tuples, our algorithms return to the user a refined query that includes both the missing tuples and the original query results  ...  In [15] , the notion of reverse top-k queries is proposed. A reverse top-k query takes as input a top-k query, a missing object m, and a set of candidate weightings W .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tkde.2016.2547398 fatcat:jl7d24ulvzbdvorpadxbn6wxfa

Applicability of skyline query algorithm for career identification of k-12 graduates Primary tabs

Custodio Eunice Bondoc, Tumibay Gilbert Malawit
2020 Global Journal of Engineering and Technology Advances  
Different skyline query algorithm and processing were presented.  ...  This paper focused on reviewing significant literature concerning the applicability of this algorithm in identifying the right course based on the student's academic qualifications and K to 12 program  ...  They further target on arbitrary k prospective customers and formulate the problem as top-k reverse skyline (top-k RD) queries.  ... 
doi:10.30574/gjeta.2020.2.3.0012 fatcat:7x6qmemjebcvxiuqzuxucjknrq


Dimitrios Sarlis, Nikolaos Papailiou, Ioannis Konstantinou, Georgios Smaragdakis, Nectarios Koziris
2015 Computer communication review  
Datix also achieves nearly 70% speedup compared to baseline query implementations of popular big data analytics engines such as Hive and Shark.  ...  execution of filtering queries.  ...  Hive Shark Processing Engine Datix Partitio ner create K-d Tree Datix Indexer HDFS HBASE Storage Engin e SQL Ru n Queries Cluster Configuration: The experimental setup consists  ... 
doi:10.1145/2831347.2831351 fatcat:yd7422imkvb5valy7noimhcdcu

Niffler: A Reference Architecture and System Implementation for View Discovery over Pathless Table Collections by Example [article]

Yue Gong, Zhiru Zhu, Sainyam Galhotra, Raul Castro Fernandez
2021 arXiv   pre-print
When the table collections are large and lack join information--such as when combining databases, or on data lakes--query by example (QBE) systems can help identify relevant data, but they are designed  ...  We evaluate Niffler on real datasets to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new engine in discovering PJ-views over pathless table collections.  ...  N N Top-1 Niffler S Y Y Top-k & signals C.  ... 
arXiv:2106.01543v2 fatcat:cfkynongdffsdpn4shlwwalaba

Rank join queries in NoSQL databases

Nikos Ntarmos, Ioannis Patlakas, Peter Triantafillou
2014 Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment  
., top-k) join queries play a key role in modern analytics tasks. However, despite their importance and unlike centralized settings, they have been completely overlooked in cloud NoSQL settings.  ...  The second index-based solution adapts a popular centralized rank-join algorithm.  ...  As such, topk join queries are substantially different than kN N join and (top-k) similarity join queries.  ... 
doi:10.14778/2732286.2732287 fatcat:73l3tft3sbcdhpyz5npbpc2tge

A survey of top-kquery processing techniques in relational database systems

Ihab F. Ilyas, George Beskales, Mohamed A. Soliman
2008 ACM Computing Surveys  
We also discuss top-k queries in XML domain, and show their connections to relational approaches.  ...  Efficient processing of top-k queries is a crucial requirement in many interactive environments that involve massive amounts of data.  ...  For example, the top-k join query model (Definition 2.2) imposes tight integration with the query engine and physical join operators to efficiently navigate the Cartesian space of join results.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1391729.1391730 fatcat:2vbe23sy3fedzjdqspbni3ul3y

Computing similar entity rankings via reverse engineering of top-k database queries

Kiril Panev, Evica Milchevski, Sebastian Michel
2016 2016 IEEE 32nd International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops (ICDEW)  
Previous work has already addressed the problem of reverse engineering topk queries over a database.  ...  However, existing systems fail to return any answer to the user when a precisely matching query has not been found.  ...  Reverse engineering queries involving joins has already been addressed in related work (e.g., Zhang et al. [21] ) and is beyond the scope of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdew.2016.7495643 dblp:conf/icde/PanevMM16 fatcat:wr6iizyjvjhirowq7udhvhwehi


Mohamed Sarwat, Sameh Elnikety, Yuxiong He, Mohamed F. Mokbel
2013 Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment  
It employs a query language, query optimizer, and a distributed execution engine.  ...  We introduce three algebraic operators, select, traverse, and join, and a query is compiled into an execution plan containing these operators.  ...  We support this argument with anecdotal evidence: Figure 9 depicts query Q3 (from Table 3 ) in a procedural language (i.e., Java) in Giraph.  ... 
doi:10.14778/2556549.2556573 fatcat:32clck4bj5bctebdbbcrioevia

The SPADES Framework for Scalable Management of Spatio-textual Data

Akrivi Vlachou, Christos Doulkeridis, Nikolaos Koutroumanis, Dimitrios Poulopoulos, Kjetil Nørvåg
2020 Panhellenic Conference on Informatics  
Reverse top-k Queries.  ...  To this end, we propose parallel algorithms for processing reverse top-queries [12, 13] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/3437120.3437293 dblp:conf/pci/VlachouDKPN20 fatcat:hngdbsr2zfgu3mjrg35lko63ju
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