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Typ-Ken (an Amalgam of Type and Token) Drives Infosphere

Yukio-Pegio Gunji, Takayuki Niizato, Hisashi Murakami, Iori Tani
2010 Knowledge, Technology and Policy  
In other words, Typ-Ken is an expression for informational reality (LoA and Model with ontological commitment) that can reveal seamless local and global interactions in the functioning of a flock or Infosphere  ...  ) has converged onto the flattened perspective of type and token to clarify the role of ontological commitment.  ...  Scale-free sub-domain in a fish school. Diagram shows that fishes form a crowd-fish as if one individual.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12130-010-9107-7 fatcat:2rueiyhjmzetrkkidufqxrkphu

Introduction to the themed issue - Poststructural approaches to fisheries

Charles Mather, Jahn Petter Johnsen, Signe Sonvisen, Aarthi Sridhar, Johny Stephen
2017 Maritime Studies  
This themed issue of papers for Maritime Studies emerges out of a special session of the MARE 2015 conference held in Amsterdam.  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful to two anonymous referees for their very useful comments, which led to a much revised, and hopefully much stronger, version of this Introduction.  ...  Since poststructuralist thought reveals its theoretical propositions through empirical cases, it makes sense to shift the discussion to an elaboration of how this school of thought has informed fisheries  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40152-017-0074-4 fatcat:qavfphxpv5dcjk7ytc2czrwdze

Amphibious Encounters: Coral and People in Conservation Outreach in Indonesia

Annet Pauwelussen, G.M. Verschoor
2017 Engaging Science, Technology, and Society  
The notion of amphibiousness, we suggest, has practical and political value, in particular for reconsidering outreach and how it may be reframed as a process involving ontological dialogue.  ...  We show that the failure of conservation organizations to recognize the ontologically ambiguous nature of "coral" and "people" translates to a breakdown of outreach goals.  ...  The research was made possible by Wageningen School of Social Sciences.  ... 
doi:10.17351/ests2017.59 fatcat:5gh46tpzcfgnlhgvihds5b4nfm

Dialogue on Dialogic Pedagogy

Eugene Matusov, Kiyotaka Miyazaki
2014 Dialogic Pedagogy  
Specifically, Eugene Matusov subscribes to ontological dialogic pedagogy arguing that dialogic pedagogy should be built around students' important existing or emergent life interests, concerns, questions  ...  In this special issue, Eugene Matusov (USA) and Kiyotaka Miyazaki (Japan) have developed only three of the heated issues discussed at the symposium in a form of dialogic exchanges (dialogue-disagreements  ...  Studying and revealing ontological dialogue means to engage in it and change it.  ... 
doi:10.5195/dpj.2014.121 fatcat:wybasc2chfdgbbuzhtekcqgtjy

Ecosystems services research in action: reflexively valuing environments in the South Pacific

Chelsea E. Hunter, Matthew Lauer
2021 Ecology and Society  
Yet, survey participants had difficulties with interpreting the photos of ecosystem services as intended, an indication that the ES framework commits to a nature-culture dualism and displaces other ways  ...  Photo elicitation results suggest that fishers valued the subsistence fishery while scientists favored habitats, yet all stakeholders were concerned about the role of economic activities in contributing  ...  We would also like to thank the IUCN for their generous support in publishing this article as part of the Special Feature.  ... 
doi:10.5751/es-12253-260224 fatcat:2vorbijwsbfdppla4h5qa6r2oe

In the Shadow of the Palm: Dispersed Ontologies among Marind, West Papua

Sophie Chao
2018 Cultural Anthropology  
I also attend to the implications of these theoretical positions in the real world of advocacy for those struggling in and against growing social and ecological precariousness.  ...  Assumptions of human exceptionalism come under question in the context of a vegetal being that is exceptional in its own particular and destructive ways.  ...  Acknowledgments I thank the Marind communities of the Upper Bian for their hospitality and critical insight into the analysis set out in this article.  ... 
doi:10.14506/ca33.4.08 fatcat:2nfhnimdt5g7zaokmoilrcwgwm

The natural foundations of religion

Mark Collier
2013 Philosophical Psychology  
In the Natural history of religion, Hume attempts to understand the origin of our folk belief in gods and spirits. These investigations are not, however, purely descriptive.  ...  Hume demonstrates that ontological commitment to supernatural agents depends on motivated reasoning and illusions of control. These beliefs cannot, then, be reflectively endorsed.  ...  The proposal that our ancestors traced ambiguous signals to the influence of gods and spirits, after all, presupposes their ontological commitment to the existence of invisible beings.  ... 
doi:10.1080/09515089.2012.740004 fatcat:lnossjnypnerbk4v3zutxug2c4

The nature of food: indigenous Dene foodways and ontologies in the era of climate change

David Walsh
2015 Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis  
In these ways the caribou is approached as a person. Dene responses to caribou decline can best be understood by ontological theories of an expanded notion of indigenous personhood.  ...  The necessity of sustenance reveals a complicated relationship of give-and-take between humans and caribou, negotiated by tradition, yet complicated by the contemporary crisis.  ...  simply do not exist in Dene ontologies.  ... 
doi:10.30674/scripta.67455 fatcat:flkboatuozh4dhx7rd4vxw24su

Theories of Knowledge Organization—Theories of Knowledge

Birger Hjørland
2013 Knowledge organization  
Any ontological theory commits us to accept and classify a number of phenomena in a more or less specific way-and vice versa: a classification tends to reveal the theoretical outlook of its creator.  ...  Only the domain-analytic view is fully committed to exploring knowledge organization in the light of subject knowledge and substantial scholarly theories.  ...  In conclusion, any ontological theory commits us to identifying and classifying a number of phenomena in a specific way-and vice versa; a listing and classification of a number of phenomena may reveal  ... 
doi:10.5771/0943-7444-2013-3-169 fatcat:knw3aazkhrbqrjyj6jtesjspla

Living Together with the Land: Reaching and Honouring Treaties with Indigenous Peoples

Sylvie Poirier, Clinton N. Westman
2020 Anthropologica  
This dimension reveals a major ontological conflict between western and Indigenous conceptions of the land.  ...  hunt, fish and gather.  ... 
doi:10.3138/anth-2020-0037 fatcat:eheuzp42qzbcbgfww6g3lt6kta

Social Ontology: Time to Compute
Социальная онтология: время вычислений

Igor F. Mikhailov, Institute of Philosophy RAS
2020 Vestnik Tomskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta Filosofiya Sotsiologiya Politologiya  
In the article, the author critically approaches the ontological views of Tony Lawson and proposes a computational view on social ontology that is supposed to eliminate some internal contradictions of  ...  SOCIAL ONTOLOGY: TIME TO COMPUTE Discussions on the alleged methodological specificity of social knowledge are fueled to not the least extent by a kind of retarded position of the latter against technological  ...  commitments of his time.  ... 
doi:10.17223/1998863x/55/5 fatcat:wloeuynxsbaylfb2ai5kp34pvy

A conceptual investigation of the ontological commensurability of spatial data infrastructures among different cultures

David J. Saab
2009 Earth Science Informatics  
They shape our ontological commitments to what exists in the world as well as the ways in which we approach and engage the world.  ...  In this paper I offer a conceptual investigation of SDI and explore the nature of cultural schemas as expressions of indigenous ontologies and the challenges of semantic interoperability across cultures  ...  Cultural schemas are, in essence, our ontologies. They shape our ontological commitments to what exists in the world as well as the ways in which we approach and engage the world.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12145-009-0037-4 fatcat:22vs3f2cx5dybobxh4qi27jgu4

Negative externalities of food production: discourses on the contested Norwegian aquaculture industry

Erling A. N. Christiansen
2013 Journal of Political Ecology  
These linguistic mechanisms are revealed in the discursive application of the concepts of sustainability and wild fish.  ...  The concern of this article is the language and ontology of negative externalities.  ...  Writers who describe the "genesis" of every discourse as equally arbitrary commit the epistemic fallacy: concluding from the fact that actors are incapable of capturing the complete ontological dimensions  ... 
doi:10.2458/v20i1.21747 fatcat:t3f3svl3yncntlsqhntbrc2wm4

A content-focused method for re-engineering thesauri into semantically adequate ontologies using OWL

Daniel Kless, Ludger Jansen, Simon Milton, Krzysztof Janowicz
2016 Semantic Web Journal  
The re-engineering of vocabularies into ontologies can save considerable time in the development of ontologies.  ...  The identification of membership conditions, the alignment to a top-level ontology and formal relations, and the consistency check and inference using a reasoner are the central steps in our method.  ...  outcome of a crushing or powdering process in which the patient is 'dried fish rest'; 'dried fish rest' is defined as the outcome of a drying process in which the patient is 'fish rest'; 'fish rest' is  ... 
doi:10.3233/sw-150194 fatcat:5a4ouyf4pnd4nn66ti5mdargle

Diverse values of surplus for a community economy of fish(eries)

Emma L. Sharp, Ingrid Petersen, Georgia Mclellan, Alana Cavadino, Nicolas Lewis
2022 Asia Pacific Viewpoint  
We examine the case as a diverse economic project that nourishes humans, enhances respect for fish as living beings, and potentially conserves marine resources in the face of global-to-local fisheries  ...  We argue that reframing fish economies in this way encourages new and diverse economic subjectivities and a more connected, relational and cooperative community economy of fish.  ...  Acknowledgement Open access publishing facilitated by The University of Auckland, as part of the Wiley -The University of Auckland agreement via the Council of Australian University Librarians.  ... 
doi:10.1111/apv.12327 fatcat:5756p7kipzanxloxyayadziwzu
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