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Towards an Immersive Interface for 3D Object Retrieval [article]

Pedro Pascoal, Alfredo Ferreira, Joaquim Jorge
2012 Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, EG 3DOR  
In this paper we propose the use of immersive virtual reality to visualize and explore query results in 3D object retrieval.  ...  Therefore, instead of browsing through a list of thumbnails, the user can explore the query results by navigating among 3D objects in a virtual space and even manipulate these objects for closer a inspection  ...  In this paper, we address the second issue by proposing a novel approach for query result visualization in 3D object retrieval (3DOR).  ... 
doi:10.2312/3dor/3dor12/051-054 fatcat:pcmkhtqp5zgxllba4c4wlfvxga

Retrieval of high-dimensional visual data: current state, trends and challenges ahead

Antonio Foncubierta-Rodríguez, Henning Müller, Adrien Depeursinge
2013 Multimedia tools and applications  
For these two types of 3D information sources, systems have become available to characterize the objects or textures and search for similar visual content in large databases.  ...  The employed techniques are analysed and regrouped to highlight similarities and complementarities among them in order to guide the choice of optimal approaches for new 3D and 4D retrieval problems.  ...  Whereas 3D objects have the entire object information being relevant for retrieval in the case of 3D tissue types, in biomedicine, detection rather than full retrieval seems important as the volumes of  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11042-012-1327-2 fatcat:nmhj5uwedbcedpzelg2ptqkqce

Three-dimensional interfaces for querying by example in content-based image retrieval

J. Assfalg, A. Del Bimbo, P. Pala
2002 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics  
Query images are obtained by taking a snapshot of the framed environment and by using the snapshot as an example to retrieve similar database images.  ...  This analysis develops on a user test on retrieval efficiency and effectiveness, as well as on an evaluation of users' satisfaction. Index Terms-Content-based image retrieval, 3D user interfaces.  ...  IMAGE RETRIEVAL BY COLOR DISTRIBUTION SIMILARITY The 3D interface used for the composition of query images retains information on both the scene layout and the objects' visual properties.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvcg.2002.1044517 fatcat:7aldiv3btfgohnz3vmepb4uru4

A New Partial 3D Object Indexing and Retrieval Approach Combining 2D slices and Apriori Algorithm

I.O. Taybi, T. Gadi, R. Alaoui
2020 Scientific Visualization  
The proposed partial 3D object indexing and retrieval method is applicable on both complete and incomplete 3D objects, which is based on a similarity measuring between 2D slices of 3D objects.  ...  The hypothesis in this context is that similar 3D objects will be composed of similar 2D slices.  ...  Bag of visual words based approaches The bag of visual words based approach has been effectively applied on 3D object indexing and retrieval approaches.  ... 
doi:10.26583/sv.12.2.09 fatcat:4ivaeoi6aneebklayyyrqcn52y

Back to MARS: The Unexplored Possibilities in Query Result Visualization

Alfredo Ferreira, Pedro B. Pascoal, Manuel J. Fonseca
2011 European Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval  
Focusing on a specific field, we introduce a preliminary immersive virtual reality prototype for 3D object retrieval.  ...  Even so, the idea of taking advantage of post-WIMP interfaces for multimedia retrieval was no further explored for content-based retrieval.  ...  The work described in this paper was partially supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) through the project 3DORuS, reference PTDC/EIA-EIA/102930/2008 and by the INESC-ID  ... 
dblp:conf/eurohcir/FerreiraPF11 fatcat:ka2uk6cd2zehpisojwiiyejyea

On-line and Open Platform for 3D Object Retrieval [article]

Benoit Le Bonhomme, B. Mustafa, Sasko Celakovsky, Marius Preda, Francoise Preteux, D. Davcev
2008 Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, EG 3DOR  
Benchmarking results are automatically updated accordingly and presented qualitatively by displaying the 3D retrieved objects and quantitatively by providing the estimates of the state-of-the art performance  ...  We implemented an easy-to-use API designed to make the integration of the 3D object retrieval technology of third-party researchers agnostic to and independent of the global system complexity.  ...  Qualitative benchmark by on-line visualization Based on the previously-introduced 3D shape descriptors, allows to visualize on-line the result of the similarity search.  ... 
doi:10.2312/3dor/3dor08/073-079 fatcat:4urxydud3jddfitpcqwjuxrvbu

Content-based Retrieval of 3D Models using Generative Modeling Techniques [article]

Harald Grabner, Torsten Ullrich, Dieter W. Fellner
2014 Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage  
In this paper we present a novel 3D model retrieval approach based on generative modeling techniques.  ...  In our approach generative models are created by domain experts in order to describe 3D model classes.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the European Commission within the DURAARK project founded by the program "ICT-2011-4.3-Digital Preservation".  ... 
doi:10.2312/gch.20141317 dblp:conf/vast/GrabnerUF14 fatcat:nvf4yrx5iffoxc5oa6zyh43roe

A Survey of Recent View-based 3D Model Retrieval Methods [article]

Qiong Liu
2012 arXiv   pre-print
Then a series of 3D model retrieval methods by using bag-of-visual-words description are surveyed in this paper. At last, we summarize the further research content in view-based 3D model retrieval.  ...  This paper focuses on the scheme for matching between multiple views of 3D models and the application of bag-of-visual-words method in 3D model retrieval.  ...  Many view-based 3D object retrieval methods (e.g.  ... 
arXiv:1208.3670v1 fatcat:liljkz7ilrdqbeua62qmzynx3y

User-drawn sketch-based 3D object retrievalusing sparse coding

Sang Min Yoon, Gang-Joon Yoon, Tobias Schreck
2014 Multimedia tools and applications  
The performance of any content-based 3D object retrieval system crucially depends on the availability of effective descriptors and similarity measures for this kind of data.  ...  We present a sketch-based approach for improving 3D object retrieval effectiveness by optimizing the representation of one particular type of features (oriented gradients) using a sparse coding approach  ...  We first analyze the retrieved 3D objects by one sketched query image and the variation of its similarity measure.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11042-013-1831-z fatcat:e6zw6xfc3nan7jpiyshlk24fky

Multi-View Hierarchical Fusion Network for 3D Object Retrieval and Classification

An-An Liu, Nian Hu, Dan Song, Fu-Bin Guo, He-Yu Zhou, Tong Hao
2019 IEEE Access  
First, the module of visual feature learning applies the 2D CNNs to extract the visual feature of multiple views rendered around the specific 3D object.  ...  INDEX TERMS 3D object retrieval, 3D object classification, 3D shape recognition, multi-view.  ...  MOTIVATION The purpose of 3D object retrieval is to find the most similar object in a specific database of a given query object, and 3D object classification is to identify the category of a given 3D object  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2947245 fatcat:vtdr3dpurrayxopebkuncutq7a

3D Radon Transform for Shape Retrieval Using Bag-of-Visual-Features

Jinlin Ma, Ziping Ma
2019 ˜The œinternational Arab journal of information technology  
In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of extracting features for 3D models retrieval, a novel approach using 3D radon transform and Bag-of-Visual-Features is proposed in this paper.  ...  The similarity distance between geometrical transformed models is evaluated by using K-means algorithm to verify the geometric invariance of the proposed method.  ...  In [19] , a 3D object is represented as a set of panoramic views and a Bag-of-Visual-Words model using SIFT algorithm for 3D object retrieval.  ... 
doi:10.34028/iajit/17/4/5 fatcat:silydk6h2vafxdcm6tuy564igi

Querying by photographs: a VR metaphor for image retrieval

J. Assfalg, P. Pala
2000 IEEE Multimedia  
Visual elements such as color, texture, shape, structure, and spatial relationships serve as clues for retrieving images with similar content.  ...  Significant advances have been made in the development of efficient compression techniques, but techniques that enable efficient retrieval by content of visual data remain an active research topic.  ...  Background The interaction paradigm of querying by 2D visual examples suits content-based retrieval well.  ... 
doi:10.1109/93.839311 fatcat:g4ksqddpnvay5hd64p66w7lx4i

From 3D Model Data to Semantics

My Abdellah Kassimi, Omar El beqqali
2011 International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT)  
Selected shape descriptors provide a set of terms commonly used to describe visually a set of objects using linguistic terms and are used as semantic concept to label 3D model.  ...  The semantic-based 3D models retrieval systems have become necessary since the increase of 3D models databases.  ...  for semantic based 3D Model retrieval, the goal is to encode generic visual concepts used by humans to describe real world objects and to develop a rich set of 3D model semantic representation for interpreting  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijcsit.2011.3601 fatcat:7lsv5cdqtvfuxapiwsffais5m4

CM-BOF: visual similarity-based 3D shape retrieval using Clock Matching and Bag-of-Features

Zhouhui Lian, Afzal Godil, Xianfang Sun, Jianguo Xiao
2013 Machine Vision and Applications  
In this paper, we propose a novel visual similarity-based 3D shape retrieval method (CM-BOF) using Clock Matching and Bagof-Features.  ...  Content-based 3D object retrieval has become an active topic in many research communities.  ...  A novel visual similarity-based 3D shape retrieval framework is proposed, where the Bag-of-Features method is utilized to describe each view as a word histogram and the objects are compared by an efficient  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00138-013-0501-5 fatcat:2rqe23rfnjgntevgnki37lbdpe

Dynamic Hyperlinker: Innovative Solution for 3D Video Content Search and Retrieval

Mohammad Rafiq Swash, Amar Aggoun, Obaidullah Abdul Fatah, Bei Li
2016 Journal of Computer and Communications  
In this paper, we propose and present the development of a novel approach for creating hypervideos, which ease the 3D content search and retrieval.  ...  However, searching and visualizing 3D content remains a great challenge.  ...  to search, retrieve and visualize holoscopic 3D video clips by clicking on selectable object in the scene while the video clip is being played.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jcc.2016.46002 fatcat:6kdooaeubje5xeiiastga7j36q
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