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Numerical simulation of drop retraction after a strain jump

Yuriko Renardy, Michael Renardy, Souad Assighaou, Lazhar Benyahia
2009 Physical Review E  
We simulate the retraction of the drop to its spherical equilibrium and compare the results with recent experiments. In agreement with the experiments, we observe a two-step relaxation process.  ...  A spherical drop of one liquid suspended in another is subjected to an instantaneous initial shear.  ...  "Numerical simulation of drop retraction after a strain jump," PHYSICAL REVIEW E 79(4): 046323. DOI: 10.1103/ PhysRevE.79.046323.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.79.046323 pmid:19518349 fatcat:crdqxrdybfa73lsfw3b32y4cri

Experiment Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Snowdrift on a Typical Large-Span Retractable Roof

Zhenggang Cao, Mengmeng Liu, Pengcheng Wu
2019 Complexity  
To investigate the distribution of snow on retractable roofs, this study proposes a method based on a numerical simulation of snowdrift obtained using the Euler–Euler method in multiphase flow theory.  ...  Retractable roofs are commonly used in designing large-span stadiums because of their versatility.  ...  Acknowledgments is work was conducted through the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project designation: 51878218 and 51378147).  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/5984804 fatcat:67ntkcsaz5aerl6ak66kgr6ema

A numerical study of the solidification process of a retracting fluid filament

Binh D. Pham, Truong V. Vu, Lien V. T. Nguyen, Cuong T. Nguyen, Hoe D. Nguyen, Vinh T. Nguyen, Hung V. Vu
2021 Vietnam Journal of Mechanics  
It is found that an increase in the aspect ratio (Ar) in the range of 2 – 14 causes the retraction length to increase.  ...  In this study, the retraction and solidification of a fluid filament are studied by a front-tracking method/finite difference scheme.  ...  NUMERICAL MODEL AND METHOD This paper considers the retraction and solidification of a fluid filament contacting on a cold flat surface (Fig. 1 ).  ... 
doi:10.15625/0866-7136/16393 fatcat:yiqgboqugbeh7o2xgc6tf2gu7a

Mechanical behaviour of a prototype orthodontic retraction spring: a numerical-experimental study

M. A. Ferreira, R. Assumpcao, M. A. Luersen, P. C. Borges
2011 European Journal of Orthodontics  
The purpose of this study was to examine the mechanical behaviour of orthodontic delta retraction springs. Twelve titanium -molybdenum (0.016 × 0.022 inch) delta loops were studied.  ...  Force levels varied from 0.1 N (10 g) to 2.2 N (224 g) at 1.4 -8.1 mm of activation for the numerical study and from 0.44 N (45 g) at 1 mm to 2.02 N (206 g) at 6 mm of activation in the experimental study  ...  Ignácio (Ponti cal University of Paraná) for undertaking the statistical analysis .  ... 
doi:10.1093/ejo/cjr062 pmid:21778520 fatcat:hduumcztanaytolht2g7rss44i

Retracted: Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations by Hybrid of Block-Pulse Functions and Normalized Bernstein Polynomials

2014 Abstract and Applied Analysis  
The paper titled "Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations by Hybrid of Block-Pulse Functions and Normalized Bernstein Polynomials" [1] , published in Abstract and Applied  ...  Analysis, has been retracted as an almost identical paper by the same author has been simultaneously submitted to and published in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/610947 fatcat:pwgk2aokgzab7b7z3bitipub6u

A Numerical Simulation of Orthodontic Tooth Movement Produced by a Canine Retraction Spring

Yukio KOJIMA, Toshihiro MIZUNO, Sachio UMEMURA, Hisao FUKUI
2007 Dental materials journal  
In other words, one bend decreased the effect of the other, when both bends were incorporated in the spring.  ...  As a result, the canine moved almost bodily after a prolonged period of time. Such tooth movements cannot be estimated from the initial force system.  ...  The authors carried out numerical simulations of orthodontic tooth movements by means of a threedimensional finite element method.  ... 
doi:10.4012/dmj.26.561 fatcat:nw2upxhjuvhflpckyfkuxunwca

Numerical simulations of canine retraction with T-loop springs based on the updated moment-to-force ratio

Y. Kojima, H. Fukui
2010 European Journal of Orthodontics  
American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 115: 267-274 Kojima Y, Fukui H 2005 Numerical simulation of canine retraction by sliding mechanics.  ...  Inoue (1989) has calculated tooth movement induced by resorption and apposition of the alveolar bone using a two-dimensional finite element Numerical simulations of canine retraction with T-loop springs  ... 
doi:10.1093/ejo/cjq164 pmid:21135033 fatcat:w7vwbzx4tffopi524w4lblw3ni

Simultaneous Intrusion and Retraction in Begg Appliance and Evaluation of Same by Non-numerical Approach by Esthetic Analysis

Mrunal Aley, Gurkeerat Singh
2011 Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society  
A non-numeric approach analysis called esthetic analysis is used for lower third of face to evaluate the treatment results.  ...  The present case utilizes the conventional technique of archwire modification according to Hocevar in Begg's technique for true incisor intrusion and simultaneous retraction.  ...  Application of non-numerical approach for the evaluation of the profile is an easy method to identify the problems of lower third of face and the treatment result achieved in such cases.  ... 
doi:10.5005/jp-journals-10021-1046 fatcat:g5ifnttmibartoillj5ms6qxwe

Dynamics of retracting surfactant-laden ligaments at intermediate Ohnesorge number [article]

C. R. Constante-Amores, L. Kahouadji, A. Batchvarov, S. Shin, J. Chergui, D. Juric, O. K. Matar
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We perform fully three-dimensional, two-phase direct numerical simulations of the retraction dynamics with soluble surfactants.  ...  The dynamics of ligaments retracting under the action of surface tension occurs in a multitude of natural and industrial applications, such as inkjet printing and atomisation.  ...  We also acknowledge HPC facilities provided by the Research Computing Service (RCS) of Imperial College London for the computing time.  ... 
arXiv:2001.11029v2 fatcat:zx6uc7wwvjc75gr7xi57kzjjb4

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Preface to the special issue on "Practical methods and rigorous theories in numerical algebra and scientific computing"

Zhong-Zhi Bai, Iain S. Duff
2014 Journal of Engineering Mathematics  
This version of the preface to the special issue of the Journal of Engineering Mathematics on "Practical methods and rigorous theories in numerical algebra and scientific computing" was retracted by the  ...  Editors-in-Chief with the agreement of the authors because it was based too closely on a preface the authors had co-written for a previous special issue of another journal [Bai, Duff and Reichel, Numer  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10665-014-9724-3 fatcat:nplb2y4exvhkjikcnhqkpnzfbq

Retraction: Numerical study for single and multiple damage detection and localization in beam-like structures using BAT algorithm

Samir Khatir, Idir Belaidi, Roger Serra, Magd Abdel Wahab, Tawfiq Khatir
2017 Journal of Vibroengineering  
The finite element method is used to apply damage at specific element(s) of the considered beams.  ...  A procedure for detecting and locating damage of beam-like structures based on BAT algorithm is used.  ...  In Section 3, we present a numerical model of the beam structure. Implementation of BAT and PSO algorithm for damage detection and localization is given in Section 4.  ... 
doi:10.21595/jve.2017.19532 fatcat:i5dpwshroff63lehbgiuec4kdq

Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Viscoelasticity on Drop Retraction and the Evaluation of Interfacial Tension between Polymer Melts

Lin Deng, Yun Zhang, Shaofei Jiang, Jiquan Li, Huamin Zhou
2020 Advances in Polymer Technology  
The first is to numerically investigate and reveal the effect of polymer viscoelasticity on the retraction of a deformed drop using the lattice Boltzmann (LB) method and polymer kinetic theory.  ...  Compared with the conventional deformed drop retraction method (DDRM), the present method is designed to greatly reduce the impact of polymer viscoelasticity on measuring interfacial tension.  ...  Acknowledgments is work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 51805379).  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/8405745 fatcat:cxelyi6o7ffhvpv7y5m2oxdrdm

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Investigation of a Fatigue Resistant Retrofit Method for Highmast Luminaire Support Structures. Part I: Numerical Study

Yeun Chul Park, Sougata Roy, Reilly W. Thompson
2018 International Journal of Steel Structures  
1 Institute of Construction and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, 32-303, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826, Republic of Korea  ...  All named authors agree to this retraction. The online version of this article contains the full text of the retracted article as electronic supplementary material.  ...  The corresponding author has retracted this article as it is apparent that the article was submitted without permission of the named co-authors, and hence permission for copyright transfer was not obtained  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13296-018-0001-6 fatcat:jtgglo37cbalfl73ua4rbnvdbq

Von Mises stresses on Mushroom-loop archwires for incisor retraction: a numerical study

Marcelo do Amaral Ferreira, Fábio Rodrigo Mandello Rodrigues, Marco Antônio Luersen, Paulo César Borges, Ravindra Nanda, Marcio Rodrigues de Almeida
2020 Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics  
To perform a numerical simulation using FEM to study the von Mises stresses on Mushroom archwires.  ...  Tensions revealed a maximum of 1158 MPa at the whole part of the loop at 5.0mm of activation, except in a very small area situated at the top of the loop, in which a maximum of 1324 Mpa was found.  ...  The 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEM) has been widely used for the analysis of complex structures under different loads and conditions, 1-2 because one of the most important parts of numerical analysis  ... 
doi:10.1590/2177-6709.25.4.044-050.oar pmid:32965386 pmcid:PMC7510485 fatcat:2l5pld3genfs7jpm44o5eidmty

Experimental and Numerical Study on Air Flow Behavior for a Novel Retractable Reverse Circulation Drill Bit of Casing-while-Drilling (CwD)

Bo Qi, Pinlu Cao, He Yang, Wenbo He, Mengke Wang, Baoyi Chen, Kun Bo, Zhichuan Zheng, José Luis Pastor
2021 Geofluids  
Using numerical simulations and experiments, the influence of the gas channel structure parameters of the drill bit, including the inner jet nozzles, flushing nozzles, suction channel, and other parameters  ...  The drill bit is a special retractable drill bit with an exclusive reverse circulation gas channel.  ...  Experimental Measurements In order to test the performance of the retractable drill bit and verify the proposed numerical model, an experimental test stand was designed (see Figure 5) .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/3586572 fatcat:m64nhqt7rvcn5levsx5cxvlzda
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