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Respiration signal extraction from pulse wave collected by PVDF sensor

Jiena Hou, Yitao Zhang, Shaolong Zhang, Xingguang Geng, Yunfeng Wang, Chuanglu Chen, Haiying Zhangb
2020 IEEE Access  
The reference respiratory signals are collected by fixing the PVDF sensor on chest by strap.  ...  For example, Reference [9] derives respiration signal from the width of pulse wave of PPG signal; Reference [10] discusses the respiration extraction based on pulse wave amplitude variation of PPG.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3016566 fatcat:xerdqcolmnejznzebbby4r54my

Ballistocardiogram Signal Processing: A Literature Review [article]

Ibrahim Sadek
2018 arXiv   pre-print
This is usually done by taking the fast Fourier transform or the inverse Fourier transform of the logarithm of the estimated spectrum, i.e., cepstrum of the signal using a sliding window.  ...  Apart from the above-mentioned algorithms, machine learning approaches have been implemented for measuring heartbeats. However, manual labeling of training data is a restricting property.  ...  Another study was proposed by Wang et al. [12] to detect respiration rhythm and pulse rate of premature infants using PVDF sensor array.  ... 
arXiv:1807.00951v1 fatcat:t4l6c6ulzve6vetme3cusxpebq

Ballistocardiogram signal processing: a review

Ibrahim Sadek, Jit Biswas, Bessam Abdulrazak
2019 Health Information Science and Systems  
We also present an in-depth review of the signal processing methods as applied to the various sensors, to analyze the BCG signal and extract physiological parameters such heart rate and breathing rate,  ...  The ballistocardiogram (BCG) signal captures the ballistic forces of the heart caused by the sudden ejection of blood into the great vessels with each heartbeat, breathing, and body movement.  ...  Another study was proposed by Wang et al. [21] to detect respiration rhythm and pulse rate of premature infants using PVDF sensor array.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13755-019-0071-7 pmid:31114676 pmcid:PMC6522616 fatcat:gmtcvuntybbjfcalmzvxoparne

Health Monitoring of Human Multiple Physiological Parameters Based on Wireless Remote Medical System

Kai Zhang, Wenjie Ling
2020 IEEE Access  
The reflection type photoelectric sensor is used to realize the reflection of the human pulse signal, and the continuous measurement of the cuff-free blood pressure based on the pulse wave conduction time  ...  The results show that the collected human physiological signal data is accurate. After a series of tests, the validity and reliability of the collected physiological signals have been proven.  ...  After the weak pulse signal is collected by the sensor, it cannot be directly received by the back-end CC2430 main controller. The collected pulse signal needs to be processed.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2987058 fatcat:oxvoovyurza2nh5cjp3ytkfk6m

Detection Method and System of the Human Body Characteristic Index Based on TCM

Qiuping Li, Xing Zhang, Xin'an Wang, Tianxia Zhao, Changpei Qiu, Bing Zhou
2021 Journal of Healthcare Engineering  
The temperature signal acquisition device is used to collect the infrared temperature light wave signal of human body.  ...  Pulse and blood pressure acquisition devices are used to collect pulse and blood pressure signals.  ...  Acknowledgments is work was supported by the Special Fund for the Shenzhen (China) Basic Research (Subject Layout)  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/5549842 pmid:33986941 pmcid:PMC8093036 fatcat:x4um4rea4vforadg2msfqoi7y4

Applications of evolving technologies in sleep medicine

Johan Verbraecken
2013 Breathe  
Parameters derived from the pulse wave Pulse transit time The pulse transit time (PTT) is derived from the ECG and the photoplethysmographic arterial pressure wave measured by a finger probe, which has  ...  This enables the derivation of respiration from the ECG by tracking the amplitudes of the prominent R-wave.  ... 
doi:10.1183/20734735.012213 fatcat:2tzwx6xyxbcq5ce5mzi5jj6ypy

An investigation using high-precision CCD laser displacement sensor to measure body surface motion induced by heartbeat

Satoshi Suzuki, Takemi Matsui, Takafumi Asao, Kentaro Kotani
2012 Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering  
The aim of this study was to measure the motion of the body surface induced by heartbeat by using a high-precision laser sensor in order to provide a reference for other research on medical remote sensing  ...  These results show the possibility of acquiring information about heartbeats from anywhere on the body by using an unconscious sensing technique, and the potential for the technique to monitor the condition  ...  The output signals from the high-precision CCD laser displacement sensor have similar characteristics to a pulse wave.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jbise.2012.511084 fatcat:ntchf7mqcrcbva46uqdp2pmkdm

Detection of Physiological Signals Based on Graphene Using a Simple and Low-Cost Method

Liping Xie, Xingyu Zi, Qingshi Meng, Zhiwen Liu, Lisheng Xu
2019 Sensors  
The sensor was used to measure finger bending motion signals, respiration signals and pulse wave signals.  ...  All the results demonstrate that the graphene sensor fabricated by the simple and low-cost method is a promising platform for physiological signal measurement.  ...  Figure 7 . 7 Signal acquired by graphene sensor for measuring pulse wave. (a) Voltage signal obtained by graphene sensor. (b) Spectral analysis of the pulse signal by the graphene sensor.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19071656 fatcat:f4kezxwednf4hfvrowem23pf2q

Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation Using Pressure Pulse Wave Signals

Zeng-Ding Liu, Ji-Kui Liu, Bo Wen, Qing-Yun He, Ye Li, Fen Miao
2018 Sensors  
In this study, we investigated the pressure pulse wave (PPW) signals collected from one piezoelectric-induced sensor located at a single site for cuffless blood pressure estimation.  ...  However, this approach is inconvenient to deploy in wearable devices because two sensors are required for collecting two-channel physiological signals, such as electrocardiogram and pulse wave signals.  ...  Feature extraction from the original pulse wave and the derivative of pulse wave for BP estimation has been commonly used in the literature [9, 14, 49] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/s18124227 fatcat:77d6vixt3fhntcjyooskwmn6ji

Remote Measurements of Heart and Respiration Rates for Telemedicine

Fang Zhao, Meng Li, Yi Qian, Joe Z. Tsien, Ioannis P. Androulakis
2013 PLoS ONE  
Here, we describe a novel technique to extract blood volume pulse and respiratory wave from a single channel images captured by a video camera for both day and night conditions.  ...  Non-contact and low-cost measurements of heart and respiration rates are highly desirable for telemedicine.  ...  By capturing the images with camera, the image sensors collect the reflected light signal along with noise due to artifacts.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071384 pmid:24115996 pmcid:PMC3792902 fatcat:6eheuklscjfutcrigflbyrtbvm

Recent development of respiratory rate measurement technologies

Haipeng Liu, John Allen, Dingchang Zheng, Fei Chen
2019 Physiological Measurement  
According to the theory of respiratory rate extraction, methods are categorized into three modalities: extracting RR from other physiological signals, RR measurement based on respiratory movements, and  ...  Morphologically, the QRS wave of ECG is easy to extract to get the respiratory signal by AM.  ...  A respiratory signal could be derived from the chest movement by the piezoelectric transducer based on PVDF film.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1361-6579/ab299e pmid:31195383 fatcat:6emlkclrovcavegvsbzche2vhu

A Noncontact Ballistocardiography-based IoMT System for Cardiopulmonary Health Monitoring of Discharged COVID-19 Patients

Jikui Liu, Fen Miao, Liyan Yin, Zhiqiang Pang, Ye Li
2021 IEEE Internet of Things Journal  
respiration signal peaks detection.  ...  Edge nodes undertake signal processing tasks, namely approximate entropy for signal quality assessment, a lifting wavelet scheme for separating the BCG and respiration signal, and the lightweight BCG and  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors are grateful to Xujuan Hu and Weihua Liu from Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital for supporting this study in the data collection from discharged patients with COVID-19.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jiot.2021.3063549 fatcat:anxuql6va5dulptyyfzwlkw4pu

From Triboelectric Nanogenerator to Polymer-Based Biosensor: A Review

Yin Lu, Yajun Mi, Tong Wu, Xia Cao, Ning Wang
2022 Biosensors  
In this review, we cover the remarkable developments in TENG−based biosensors developed from various polymer materials and their functionalities, with a focus on wearable and implantable self-powered sensors  ...  Moreover, this textile also collects data on pulse pressure by the amplitude of the P1 peak, and the reflected wave pressure generated from the hand can also be determined at the P2 peak.  ...  (b) Photograph showi sensor system with two pulse sensors on the human fingertip and ear for PWV and BP dete (c) Corresponding voltage signals from the two pulse sensors.  ... 
doi:10.3390/bios12050323 fatcat:wwbehrpgorg57pmp22v4w3cgge

Properties and Applications of Flexible Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride)-Based Piezoelectric Materials

Linfang Xie, Guoliang Wang, Chao Jiang, Fapeng Yu, Xian Zhao
2021 Crystals  
It has a wide range of applications in self-powered equipment such as sensors, nanogenerators and currently is a research hotspot for use as flexible wearable or implantable materials.  ...  Poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) is a kind of semicrystalline organic polymer piezoelectric material.  ...  (h) Frequency domain signal map as detected by the SDRS from a sound signal consisting of mixed Do, Re and Mi tones. (i) Voltage signal diagram of the bass and soprano sound collected by the device.  ... 
doi:10.3390/cryst11060644 fatcat:f6mirypatbdd5icxtfvjlpih5i

Smart technologies toward sleep monitoring at home

Kwang Suk Park, Sang Ho Choi
2019 Biomedical Engineering Letters  
With progress in sensors and communication technologies, the range of sleep monitoring is extending from professional clinics into our usual home environments.  ...  Information from conventional overnight polysomnographic recordings can be derived from much simpler devices and methods.  ...  Informed consent Informed consent was obtained from all individual participants included.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13534-018-0091-2 pmid:30956881 pmcid:PMC6431329 fatcat:g56avzh5fzg6xibknbj3nvwyuy
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