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Immanent Transcendent Angles on a Post-Reformation Theology

Cornel W. du Toit
2010 Religion and Theology: A Journal of Contemporary Religous Discourse  
Philosophy of consciousness (with reference to Hegel and Sartre) serves to clarify the transcendentally wired nature of human consciousness.  ...  As examples of the kind of Reformed belief that is increasingly questioned it examines the doctrine of revelation, the doctrine of God and of salvation, with proposals of how they could be accommodated  ...  God is not encountered in the mode of radical transcendence, but through the medium of kenotic incarnation he always incarnates transcendence, thus opening the door to what is different.  ... 
doi:10.1163/157430110x597908 fatcat:fgmibboi3zh7tlj2zgcjal3vx4

Marketing the Prosthesis: Supercrip and Superhuman Narratives in Contemporary Cultural Representations

Chia Wei Fahn
2020 Philosophies  
The disability market both intersects and transcends race, religion, and gender; the promise of technology bettering the human condition is its ultimate product.  ...  The following research discusses the posthuman subject in contemporary times, focusing on prosthetic applications to deliberate how the disabled body is empowered through prosthetic enhancement and cultural  ...  Funding: This research received no external funding. Conflicts of Interest: The author declares no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/philosophies5030011 fatcat:p35c6phmb5ddpljov36xv5g6we

Dancing with nature: rhythm and harmony in extreme sport participation

Eric Brymer, Tonia Gray
2009 Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning  
Research on extreme sports has downplayed the importance of the athletes' connection to the natural world.  ...  This study used hermeneutic and phenomenological analysis of first-hand accounts of these sports and interviews with fifteen veteran participants.  ...  Firstly, they were identified as participating in one of the extreme sports that the research investigated.  ... 
doi:10.1080/14729670903116912 fatcat:eyyma7b7qrfypldx5b622kriva

Better living through chems: Fallout's post-apocalyptic pharmacy

Jason James Wallin
2019 Loading ..  
, epidemic, invasion, or any one of myriad catastrophic scenarios now cliché in the medium.  ...  The modulation of the player's perception and ability of the player-character to affect other bodies through drug use is both a speculation on how different affective modes might be required to survive  ...  proper, but in its place, the potential for a non-standard human born from an experimentation with its affective thresholds and ontological composition.  ... 
doi:10.7202/1058318ar fatcat:nwe3u4kbenct5gllltsjrpnouu

Augmented Play, Art, and Space [chapter]

Margarete Jahrmann
2019 Architectonics of Game Spaces  
As such, a new urban game activism can be identified: one focused on bodily experience, cognition, and spatial experience.  ...  new fields of artistic research.  ...  REAL WALKING FLOW: AR GAMES IN ART SPACE Augmented reality gaming in art can illuminate the relationship between spatial perception and computer games on different levels.  ... 
doi:10.14361/9783839448021-017 fatcat:uf53es6vtvhx3cmikzlnxpk76u

Interactive and experiential design in smart textile products and applications

Sharon Baurley
2004 Personal and Ubiquitous Computing  
The future of smart textiles will rely on the convergence of electrochemistry and textiles in order to process electronic polymers into fibres and fabrics.  ...  the way they use them.  ...  This scenario is built on conventions of clothing as an expressive medium and on the social nature of humans. Clothing facilitates social interaction, as it is a means of making the body social.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00779-004-0288-5 fatcat:tjf4ou6zinef7obudkpjfds63i

Body Image in AI Movies: A Way to Understand the Posthuman

WANG Kunyu
2020 Critical Theory  
At the same time, new medium technologies-3 D, 4 D, VR, AR and MR-are redefining movies.  ...  The posthuman body image, as an embodiment of posthuman thinking, is an important means of understanding posthuman.  ...  Since human began using tools, the human body and the medium it applies forces upon have formed a body-medium alliance.  ... 
doi:10.47297/wspctwsp2515-470207.20200402 fatcat:o2xv4dp7gje3la6kizpglndjyq

At Home In and Beyond Our Skin: Posthuman Embodiment in Film and Television [chapter]

Joel Krueger
2015 The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television  
They also reconfigure the phenomenology of our embodiment, that is, the way we experience our bodies as well as the way the world is disclosed to us via this bodily experience.  ...  and into a rarified life of cybernetic transcendence An especially striking example of functional and phenomenological reconfiguration is evident in Paul Bach-Y-Rita's work on sensory substitution, and  ... 
doi:10.1057/9781137430328_18 fatcat:435iehnxfzfrlh7bfex6cnicqe

The Cyborg's Dilemma: Progressive Embodiment in Virtual Environments [1]

Frank Biocca
2006 Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication  
The intrinsic relationship that arises between tools and organs, and one that is to be revealed and emphasized -although it is more one of unconscious discovery than of conscious invention -is that in  ...  the tool the human continually produces itself.  ...  These basic kernel concepts of the "physical transcendence" of the body and space, and the "essential copy" of bodily experience are intertwined into discussions that animate the pursuit of presence.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1083-6101.1997.tb00070.x fatcat:mhxq46hmm5aglaxuybs6y5vlqq

Trusting Our Selves to Technology

Asle H. Kiran, Peter-Paul Verbeek
2010 Knowledge, Technology and Policy  
Based on a more internal account of the relations between human beings and technologies, it becomes possible to see that every technological development puts at stake what it means to be a human being.  ...  Trust is a central dimension in the relation between human beings and technologies.  ...  Incentive, project "Technology and the Limits of Humanity").  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12130-010-9123-7 fatcat:gkkehvdwtfg4dafvgn7s2bcrhi

Listening as Religious Practice (Part Two): Exploring Qualitative Data from an Empirical Study of the Cultural Habits of Music Fans

Clive Marsh, Vaughan S. Roberts
2015 Journal of Contemporary Religion  
Use of these axes in turn suggests, at a second level of analysis and interpretation, the construction of a musical-spiritual 'social imaginary' (Taylor) to grasp how music is being used and understood  ...  listeners make use of their listening practices in the activity of meaning-making.  ...  language of transcendence is used (Lynch 179).  ... 
doi:10.1080/13537903.2015.1025558 fatcat:xkm75twfgbd5zbip7e6nvvp3x4

The Mechanics of Engenderneering

Roy Schwartzman
2002 Kinema. A journal for film and audiovisual media  
twist: the investiture of non-human entities with a gendered identity.  ...  To avoid projecting the negative associations of femininity into the future, perhaps science fiction narratives could transcend gender as a two-valued concept.  ...  He is reluctant to use the emotion chip because he wants to develop his human side internally rather than relying on artificial augmentation -much like humans who would tend to renounce the mechanical  ... 
doi:10.15353/ fatcat:qvfjwyzcercaff733swmpohkoa

Gaps in the protection of athletes gender rights in sport—a regulatory riddle

Seema Patel
2021 The International Sports Law Journal  
The regulation of human rights in sport is increasingly being scrutinised and at the same time, the societal parameters of sex and gender identity are shifting.  ...  Despite a strong human rights framework protecting gender rights, the complex relationship between law and sport leaves athletes in a vulnerable position, with limited accountability of sports bodies and  ...  Acknowledgements The author would like to acknowledge the editors of this journal for their support, encouragement and advice during the submission of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40318-021-00182-2 fatcat:l2k6gnlcs5enrndupczwvymeey

Carnal encounters and producing socialist Yugoslavia: voluntary youth labour actions on the newsreel screen

Srđan Atanasovski, Ana Petrov
2015 Studies in East European Cinema  
the cinematic screen and the body of the audience.  ...  In this regard, we discuss two characteristic types of frame which were present in the newsreel reports on labour actions: the somatic frame and the machinic-labour frame.  ...  Notes on contributors Srđan Atanasovski is research assistant at the Institute of Musicology SASA, Belgrade. He deals with affect theory, soundscape studies and issues of religious nationalism.  ... 
doi:10.1080/2040350x.2014.992128 fatcat:l2g6xcgqmbhknid4zauzj3kfdq

The Evolution of Transcendence

Gregory Gorelik
2016 Evolutionary Psychological Science  
In the ensuing section, I discuss the relationship between transcendence and human development across the lifespan, and conclude with some thoughts on the epistemic and ethical utility of transcendence  ...  I present a model describing the evolution and function of various evolved modes of transcendence, such as group-directed transcendence, theory of mind (ToM)-evoking transcendence, aesthetic transcendence  ...  In light of Kirkpatrick's own research (Kirkpatrick and Shaver 1992) , and the preponderance of various fertility gods and goddesses across different times and places, it is possible that human attachments  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40806-016-0059-3 fatcat:e3fjocecjjhjbpxjcfbgsc5e34
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