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Study for Urban Multi-obstacle Environment Tracking by Wireless Sensor

Mack J. DU, Roger LIU
2017 DEStech Transactions on Environment Energy and Earth Science  
This paper studies wireless sensor frequency phenomenon and characteristic, focuses on approach the combining frequency method in sensor, and provides a particular tracking system for multi-obstacle environment  ...  This innovative approach can be introduced in most other aspects like environment monitor, object positioning, real time measure and so forth fields.  ...  How to search the tracking solution for the multi-obstacle occasion becomes one important research in the industry.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dteees/icesee2017/7861 fatcat:qv2azj2s2fgqlnopgwtfsxcboa

Comparative Study of Indoor Navigation Systems for Autonomous Flight

Muhammad Ayaz
2018 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
They can operate autonomously for both indoor and outdoor applications mainly including search and rescue, manufacturing, forest fire tracking, remote sensing etc.  ...  For both environments, precise localization plays a critical role in order to achieve high performance flight and interacting with the surrounding objects.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of SNCS research center and deanship of research at University of Tabuk for the financial support under research project number S1437-0283,  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v16i1.6814 fatcat:to5a5xqhvbdubjbgx5lr6libcu

Novel Implementation of Multi-Robot Space Exploration Utilizing Coordinated Multi-Robot Exploration and Frequency Modified Whale Optimization Algorithm

Faiza Gul, Imran Mir, Wan Rahiman, Tauqeer ul Islam
2021 IEEE Access  
Multi-robot space exploration involves building a finite map utilizing a cluster of robots in an obstacle cluttered environment.  ...  The effectiveness of the proposed Frequency Modified Hybrid Whale Optimization Algorithm (FMH-WOA) is ascertained by training the multi-robotic framework in different complexity environmental conditions  ...  The primarily presented research on CME demonstrates fast exploration for a multi-robot system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3055852 fatcat:6n6m3deuyjdgngtctzi6thlgre

Multi-Objective Path Planning of an Autonomous Mobile Robot in Static and Dynamic Environments using a Hybrid PSO-MFB Optimisation Algorithm [article]

Ibraheem Kasim Ibraheem, Fatin Hassan Ajeil
2018 arXiv   pre-print
detection and avoidance (ODA), which is triggered when the mobile robot detects obstacles within its sensing region, allowing it to avoid collision with obstacles.  ...  The main aim of this paper is to solve a path planning problem for an autonomous mobile robot in static and dynamic environments by determining the collision-free path that satisfies the chosen criteria  ...  In this section, the sensors deployment and a proposed method for sensing obstacles to achieve obstacle detection is thus presented, and a proposed method for avoiding these obstacles called the gap vector  ... 
arXiv:1805.00224v1 fatcat:kktqea7o25andiniztdr5gfaia

Survey of Datafusion Techniques for Laser and Vision Based Sensor Integration for Autonomous Navigation

Prasanna Kolar, Patrick Benavidez, Mo Jamshidi
2020 Sensors  
Such systems can be used in various areas of life like safe mobility for the disabled, senior citizens, and so on and are dependent on accurate sensor information in order to function optimally.  ...  This paper focuses on data fusion, which is fundamental to one of the most important modules in any autonomous system: perception.  ...  Data Fusion Techniques Nature provides us sensing as one of its most important methods for survival in the animal or plant kingdom.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20082180 pmid:32290582 pmcid:PMC7218742 fatcat:ngfckkvp3fc23o7idvivlhdzbq

Ground Robot Navigation Relies on Blimp Vision Information

Rami Al-Jarrah, Hubert Roth
2014 International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering  
Based on these data, a navigation and obstacle avoidance system is used to control the ground vehicle trajectory.  ...  These data are optimized by fuzzy sets model to correct the prediction position information of the ground robot and the obstacles in its pathway.  ...  Based on these works, we update the algorithm in order to detect the ground robot and the obstacle in the environment (multi detection objects).  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijcce.2014.v3.294 fatcat:wdcnrluoxzeghmwcs3tc6lyeoy

Research evolution on intelligentized technologies for arc welding process

S.B. Chen, N. Lv
2014 Journal of Manufacturing Processes  
This paper presents some new evolutions of research works in the IRWTL at SJTU on intelligentized technologies for arc welding dynamic process and robot systems, including multi-information sensing of  ...  The studies of intelligentized welding presented in this paper establish the foundation work of intending researches and applications on intelligentized technologies for modern welding manufacturing.  ...  wheel and foot for getting across obstacles in all space position motion will be shown in this paper [44, 45] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jmapro.2013.07.002 fatcat:fle6o4dcfjhezkcvuldv7pbyai

Behaviour Based Mobile Robot Navigation with Dynamic Weighted Voting Technique [chapter]

Shamsudin H.M., Rosbi Mamat, Tan Chee
2005 Cutting Edge Robotics  
In sonar, the detection is based on the propagation of waves between the target and detector. The sensing is initiated by first creating a sonic ping at a specific frequency.  ...  Since the navigation is reactive, the mobile robot may in a position and sense that there are too many obstacles around. Thus the obstacle density increases.  ...  The chapter IV is devoted to research on adaptive and learning systems in mobile robots area. The chapter V speaks about different application areas of multi-robot systems.  ... 
doi:10.5772/4650 fatcat:2hfell6shzfhpmuit7ebgonk6a

Research on AGV Guided by Real-time Locating System (RTLS) for Material Distribution

Jiajun Jiang, Yu Guo, Wenhe Liao
2015 International Journal of Control and Automation  
algorithm for avoiding obstacle.  ...  Then under the principle of shortest transport distance (STD), we put forward the path planning algorithm including global path planning algorithm for designing route of R-AGV and local multi-sensors fusion  ...  Acknowledgment The presented research has been supported by Defense Industrial Technology Devel-  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijca.2015.8.7.23 fatcat:tu2crvpdqrb2re5xi337ybxhqa

Collaborative Robots for Infrastructure Security Applications [chapter]

Yi Guo, Lynne E. Parker, Raj Madhavan
2007 Studies in Computational Intelligence  
Previous approaches to similar scenarios have been greatly limited by their reliance on global positioning systems, the need for the manual construction of facility maps, and the need for humans to plan  ...  We discuss techniques towards using collaborative robots for infrastructure security applications.  ...  The objective is to design distributed sensing techniques and to develop schemes that ensure efficient utilization of sensor data obtained from sensors situated across the team members for multi-robot  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-49720-2_9 fatcat:y4pocahfbjgzfjd53zsz2nm7my

Sensor and Sensor Fusion Technology in Autonomous Vehicles: A Review

De Jong Yeong, Gustavo Velasco-Hernandez, John Barry, Joseph Walsh
2021 Sensors  
We also summarize the three main approaches to sensor fusion and review current state-of-the-art multi-sensor fusion techniques and algorithms for object detection in autonomous driving applications.  ...  We conclude by highlighting some of the challenges in the sensor fusion field and propose possible future research directions for automated driving systems.  ...  Illumination Conditions Ref Weather Conditions Ref ~ The research on multi-sensor fusion systems in AVs for environment perception and object detection is well-established in the literature [19  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21062140 pmid:33803889 pmcid:PMC8003231 fatcat:j52leqrvwnhu5brd7lxgozvwya

A Camera-Based Mobility Aid for Visually Impaired People

Tobias Schwarze, Martin Lauer, Manuel Schwaab, Michailas Romanovas, Sandra Böhm, Thomas Jürgensohn
2015 Künstliche Intelligenz  
We present a wearable assistance system for visually impaired persons that perceives the environment with a stereo camera system and communicates obstacles and other objects to the user in form of intuitive  ...  We describe the core techniques of scene understanding, head tracking, and sonification and show in an experimental study that it enables users to walk in unknown urban terrain and to avoid obstacles safely  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the research project OIWOB, Grant no. 13EZ1126.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13218-015-0407-7 fatcat:ldel7elytzbkxcy7wc42fzadiq

A Survey on Multi-Robot Coordination in Electromagnetic Adversarial Environment: Challenges and Techniques

Yunlong Wu, Xiaoguang Ren, Hao Zhou, Yanzhen Wang, Xiaodong Yi
2020 IEEE Access  
Secondly, enabling techniques for each challenge are introduced.  ...  INDEX TERMS Electromagnetic adversarial environment, multi-robot coordination, communication connectivity, survey.  ...  We hope the research results of this survey may provide a theoretical reference for the research of multi-robot coordination in EA environment. II.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2981408 fatcat:d6bz4mrglvh4lgvzotia5omjri

Towards unmanned systems for dismounted operations in the Canadian Forces

Blake Beckman, Jack Collier, David Mackay, Simon Monckton, Michael Trentini, Franklin Wong, Pierre Richard Bilodeau
2011 International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems  
This paper discusses the technical challenges of unmanned systems in support of dismounted operations and research efforts by Defence R&D Canada to support unmanned vehicles in this role.  ...  To expand short sensing and communication ranges, particularly for UGVs, investigators explored specific UxV combinations that share sensing, relay communications, and distribute computing (Krotkov et  ...  on an obstacle can lead to mission failure.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijidss.2011.037807 fatcat:6ftkog2hpvcing67x4mizym4te

Ambient awareness for agricultural robotic vehicles

Giulio Reina, Annalisa Milella, Raphaël Rouveure, Michael Nielsen, Rainer Worst, Morten R. Blas
2016 Biosystems Engineering  
Novel methods for their combination are proposed to automatically detect obstacles and discern traversable from non-traversable areas.  ...  Accurate and robust environmental perception is a critical requirement to address unsolved issues including safe interaction with field workers and animals, obstacle detection in controlled traffic applications  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The financial support of the FP7 ERA-NET ICT-AGRI through the grants Ambient Awareness for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles (QUAD-AV) and Simultaneous Safety and Surveying for Collaborative  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2015.12.010 fatcat:25msz6wxhrfllpsiljprn6adlq
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