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Keynote: Vernacular architecture and typology

Attilio Petruccioli
The distribution of land produces plots of constant size that match constructive, economic and distributive requirements of the house.  ...  This is logical, since the reduced and limited requirements of the surviving population will lead to a simpler use of the old buildings.  ...  the line of time, required by the typological process, allows us to reconstruct the complex heritage of principles and know-how generated by the traditions and consumption, consolidated in a society.  ... 

Page 100 of Philological Quarterly Vol. 3, Issue 2 [page]

1924 Philological Quarterly  
It requires only a casual recollection of the poem of Silius to recognize its annalistic character.  ...  100 PHILOLOGICAL QUARTERLY ‘‘the actual form and composition of the work show some skill,’’ that the ‘‘poet passes from scene to scene, from battle to battle, with ease and assurance,’’ at least ‘‘in the  ... 

Keynote 3 Digital Libraries and Digital Humanities: Some Reflections on their Synergy

Widad Hadi
2016 unpublished
Fundamental for the textual analysis, they concerned firstly philology, linguistics and their related domains.  ...  The main features of their work can be transferrable to Humanities; however, specific requirements of RIs should be integrated, as Moulin et al., (2001) noted.  ... 

Page 11 of Modern Philology Vol. 47, Issue 1 [page]

1949 Modern Philology  
Therefore, the thing to re- member for the Christian who would otherwise despair of satisfying the require- ments of divine justice is that these re- quirements are impossible of satisfaction by humans  ...  The Covenant of the Law is thus the ,“type” which both shows the need and foreshadows the nature of its “anti-type,”’ the Covenant of Grace, of which the keynote is mercy.  ... 

Page 51 of American Annals of the Deaf Vol. 33, Issue 1 [page]

1888 American Annals of the Deaf  
Before the end of the year 1817 the number of pupils had increased so much that an additional teacher was required. Then Dr.  ...  , or who had, by reason of his own training as a deaf-mute, been subjected to the processes required to be employed upon others.  ... 

Page 442 of American Journal of Philology Vol. 70, Issue 4 [page]

1949 American Journal of Philology  
442 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHILOLOGY. lose clarity; e.g.  ...  The reviewer wishes in fairness to point out that in spite of many seemingly improbable conclusions the book is not without value; it deserves (and requires) attentive reading and careful thought.  ... 

Page 14 of Modern Philology Vol. 13, Issue 4 [page]

1915 Modern Philology  
David Gamut, the quaint psalm-singer, is described by Cooper from the keynote of “‘contrariety in his members.’* A 1 XII, 10 ff. 2E.  ...  The stoicism of the Indians, which is imitated even by Hawkeye, their keenness and agility, are too often mentioned in the Mohicans to require detailing.  ... 

Page 532 of JEGP (Journal of English and Germanic Philology) Vol. 31, Issue 4 [page]

1932 JEGP (Journal of English and Germanic Philology)  
The first is simple and requires little comment.  ...  The keynote is struck by Regan’s calling attention to his age and his previous lack of self control Tis the infirmity of his age; yet he hath ever but slenderly known himself. and the reply of Goneril  ... 

Page 206 of Modern Philology Vol. 13, Issue 4 [page]

1915 Modern Philology  
David Gamut, the quaint psalm-singer, is described by Cooper from the keynote of “contrariety in his members.’”* A 1 XII, 10 ff. 2 E.  ...  The stoicism of the Indians, which is imitated even by Hawkeye, their keenness and agility, are tuo often mentioned in the Mohicans to require detailing.  ... 

Page 22 of Classical Philology Vol. 33, Issue 1 [page]

1938 Classical Philology  
Merc. 42, 103-5), Miles 138-53, Poen. 98-101, Rud. 47-56; or of emphasizing traits which are the keynote of the play, as in Aut. 21-22 and 37-39, Merc. 42, 103, 46-78, Miles 88-92, Rud. 33-38, Truc. 12  ...  Outstandingly of this type are the songs of the faithful slaves, which bring necessary persons on the stage at the crucial moment, and explain as much of their action and attitude as the plot requires,  ... 

Page 64 of Columbia University Quarterly Vol. 6, Issue SUPPLEMENT [page]

1904 Columbia University Quarterly  
In the same report wherein President Barnard advocated the enrichment and expansion of scientific studies, it was stated that “ Political and Civil History, Philosophy, and Philology, require provisions  ...  In his report of the first year’s operation of the School, Professor Burgess struck the keynote of the subsequent progress of the depart- ment and of his own success as a teacher: The chief want which  ... 

Studies in Balzac: III. His General Method

E. Preston Dargan
1919 Modern philology  
Cousin Bette fulfils the requirements of her nature as a revengeful peasant, and Rubempr6 those of his education as a spoiled youth.  ...  PRESTON DARGAN UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO [To be continued] 124 Previous studies in this series can be found in Modern Philology,August, 1915, and November, 1918. 2 L.  ... 

Page 279 of Philological Quarterly Vol. 23, Issue 3 [page]

1944 Philological Quarterly  
Parental consent is required for a marriage; a man is deemed not to have married who has been driven to it by necessity.  ...  Rationalism is the keynote of works of this type written between 1650 and 1670. Glanvill’s continuation of Bacon’s New Atlantis'® 13Joseph Glanvill, ‘‘Anti-Fanatical Religion and Free Philosophy.  ... 

Page 341 of Philological Quarterly Vol. 8, Issue 4 [page]

1929 Philological Quarterly  
And here we find a society, an audience, a stage, and a drama, the keynote of which was homo- geneity.  ...  No longer were sound and fury required to split the ears of the groundlings, or citizen and wife to be satisfied with the waits of Southwark, or a réle for an ambitious son.  ... 

Page 94 of The Month Vol. 42, Issue 203 [page]

1881 The Month  
Strange as it may seem to modern physicists and savants generally, the truth is that metaphysics and theology require a far more special training than physics or even comparative philology ; both these  ...  Darwin that the true theory of the origin of species, give the keynote to a right understanding of our relations to the Supreme Being.  ... 
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