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Reproducing and Re-experiencing the Writing Process in Japanese Calligraphy

Kumiyo Nakakoji, Kazuhiro Jo, Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Yoshiyuki Nishinaka, Mitsuhiro Asada
2007 Second Annual IEEE International Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems (TABLETOP'07)  
Japanese calligraphy is the art of brush writing where a person writes Japanese characters with a Chinese brush against a sheet of paper.  ...  We capture the movement of the brush tuft to produce the visual and auditory representations of the writing process and for later replay.  ...  Acknowledgements We are very grateful to the Shodo Master, Kousei Yamane, for letting us observe and collect data from his precious Shodo performances.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tabletop.2007.32 dblp:conf/tabletop/NakakojiJYNA07 fatcat:gtkrq7fxajea7hbf4iwuxgxje4

Wabi Sabi: Intermediated Textures of Impermanence and Imperfection

Paul Venzo
2019 Belas Infiéis  
Not confined to the traditional mode of translation from one language to another, or from source to target text, this picture book, in its use of haiku and Japanese calligraphy, its glossary and its explanation  ...  The third section of the paper explores how the text, with its capacity to incorporate both Western and Japanese modes of storytelling, is a form of cultural translation.  ...  Japanese calligraphy and ink-washes have also been used to create textured surfaces on several pages.  ... 
doi:10.26512/belasinfieis.v8.n3.2019.26340 fatcat:gf6qprlaybarvlhhu2fyq7fvaq

Metal and Stone, Brush and Ink: Word as Source in the Art of Huang Binhong

Claire M. Roberts
2012 PORTAL: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies  
Huang was attracted to the scholarly interest in epigraphy and the study of inscriptions on bronze and stone at that time, which led to the re-invigoration of calligraphy and painting.  ...  [Photograph of Huang Binhong sketching reproduced in Huang calligraphy into the twentieth century.3 In the pages that follow I will consider the centrality of place and learning in Huang Binhong's art  ... 
doi:10.5130/portal.v9i3.2551 fatcat:bg3md4o3frhi7bvjafisny47fe

Textual Heritage Embodied: Entanglements of Tangible and Intangible in the Aoi no ue utaibon of the Hōshō School of Noh

2022 Studies in Japanese Literature and Culture  
Hat: traditional calligraphy in Islamic art in Turkey," 2021) and by a consortium of countries in the Islamic cultural sphere ("Arabic calligraphy: knowledge, skills and practices," 2021) 1 .  ...  The inscription of traditional calligraphy, for example, has been pursued only by China ("Chinese calligraphy," 2009) and Mongolia ("Mongolian calligraphy," 2013), and most recently by Turkey ("Hüsn-i  ...  If we exclude a text's more artistic and analog aspects-in the case of Japanese writings, calligraphy is the obvious example-we can say that, in most cases, a written text is just a code of letters that  ... 
doi:10.7221/sjlc05.055.0 fatcat:fq63wf5rg5hsfcu6bqgwq6fw6a

The How of Literature

Ruth H. Finnegan
2006 Oral Tradition  
Haruo Shirane (2005) describes the high standing of Japanese calligraphy and its interaction with poetry, so that "a poor poem with excellent calligraphy was probably preferable to a good poem with poor  ...  but also as physical object, realized through the calligraphy, the nature and color of the paper, and the sketches that illustrate it: the poem is meant to be experienced as material (Shirane 2005) .  ... 
doi:10.1353/ort.2006.0004 fatcat:4xkpvsbkfzevfk5t4gtxl2via4

2012 vol 19 no 2 Spring 2012

Erin McCarthy And Lisa Trivedi
2012 The ASIANetwork Exchange: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts  
Lye was instrumental in the planning and implementation of this project, giving advice and assistance in almost every phase. I want to especially thank Dr.  ...  In addition, I would like to thank Zachary Herron and Brian Leahy for their help over the  ...  Keywords writing; art; calligraphy; language Li-hua Ying is an Associate Professor in the Chinese and Japanese Program at Bard College. zhi (244-386), Ouyang Xun (557-641), Yan Zhenqing (709-984), Huai  ... 
doi:10.16995/ane.67 fatcat:sq2wi4sspjbe3a3x22d32hp2vi

"Tool of Enlightenment": The Dreamachine's Effects for Individual Autonomy

Katie Oates
2018 Refract An Open Access Visual Studies Journal  
In a culture like ours, long accustomed to splitting and dividing all things as a means of control, it is sometimes a bit of a shock to be reminded that, in operational and practical fact, the medium is  ...  Spanning 1935 to 1986, his oeuvre illuminates his extreme interdisciplinarity, a quality that has granted him cult status in New York, Paris, and Tangier subcultures, such as the Beats.  ...  The most radical of these are the cut-up poems and novels and the Dreamachine, which share an underlying impetus: to supersede rational thought through material processes. 9 Gysin incidentally (re)discovered  ... 
doi:10.5070/r71141450 fatcat:vqnrjqcrwzht5nb27jkh5h3csm

High Teas, High Collars and High Rise Buildings in a 'High-Context' Culture: The Semiotics of Japan's Project of Modernity

Nicolas Adam Cambridge
2017 Romanian Journal of Communications and Public Relations  
<p>This article addresses a paradigm shift in Japanese society during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries – focusing on the encounters with Western culinary, sartorial and architectural practice  ...  The manner in which the resulting tensions were mediated through the print media and imagery of domestic visual culture is interrogated using a prism of semiotic analysis and the findings located within  ...  how the process was legitimised by the presence of foreign dignitaries and diplomats.  ... 
doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2016.3.212 fatcat:e6ro6nhepbh4xngg6uo4eimgzq

Reforming Chinese characters in the PRC and Japan: New directions in the twenty-first century

Dilhara D. Premaratne
2012 Current Issues in Language Planning  
The word processor made a revolutionary change in writing Japanese as it facilitated the process of converting kana to Chinese characters.  ...  The high number of characters used in contemporary writing was perceived as an impediment to mass literacy because they were difficult for people to remember and reproduce.  ... 
doi:10.1080/14664208.2012.754328 fatcat:jujt62tvujdvney7kpdhnyf2ni

Beneath the globalization paradox: Towards the sustainability of cultural diversity in accounting research

Naoko Komori
2015 Critical Perspectives on Accounting  
I have also greatly appreciated the comments and suggestions from the two anonymous referees and the guest editors of this special issue.  ...  I would also like to thank Fiona Anderson-Gough and Cheryl Lehman whose respective comments on my work at the IPA Conference, 2012 and APIRA Conference, 2013 helped me develop my thinking.  ...  Knowledge is transmitted in this way in all of the traditional Japanese arts, from the tea ceremony to calligraphy and traditional noh theatre.  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:udjzymd2sfeb5k3epmtijubj7q

A Critical Analysis of the Representation of Japanese Culture in Japanese Language Textbooks

Katarina Šukelj
2019 Tabula  
in the field of Japanese language education in Croatia.  ...  , "Japanese culture", the prevailing types of culture presented, and to whom the culture is presented as belonging.  ...  This is interesting because it implies that not conforming to what is in this case defined as the Japanese way of life does not only get in the way of experiencing the "true Japanese culture", but also  ... 
doi:10.32728/tab.16.2019.9 fatcat:gtvk5dc7afb5te44jgioum2754

Contemporary Asian art and Western societies: cultural "universalism" or "uniqueness" in Asian modern art

Dirk Michel-Schertges
2019 Asian Journal of German and European Studies  
By experiencing Asian modern art the purpose of this research is to find the particularities and the general of (Asian) critical modern art.  ...  Here contemporary art's task lies in both the individual and arts self-reflection and self-critique.  ...  Acknowledgements There is no one who contributed to the article.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40856-019-0042-4 fatcat:rekiheelsbeo7htoth75samqgq

A galaxy of old Japanese medical books with miscellaneous notes on early medicine in Japan

1954 Bulletin of the Medical Library Association  
It is believed that the copy in HIROSE'S collection is "closest" to the original work as written by Kaan OGATA, and no copies of the original Japanese translation are known to exist at the present time  ...  (in the Japanese text it merely says" ... must be an 'anatomy' book of unknown title and date"). An interesting situation is presented by a work apparently written (published ?)  ...  The illustrations are mostly portraits, but also include specimens of the calligraphy of famous Japanese physicians, with views of the tombs of some of them; plates reproduced from Japanese translations  ... 
pmid:13172583 pmcid:PMC199727 fatcat:kx7ssf6djvgttn2yzgg7n67wzi

Familiar Spaces: (National) Home in Contemporary Taiwanese Tourist Souvenirs

Adina Zemanek
2017 China Perspectives  
This definition of Taiwan can be deemed a grassroots response to official undertakings in nation branding that frame the island as preserver of high, traditional Chinese culture and downplay politically  ...  This paper discusses depictions of space in contemporary tourist souvenirs manufactured by private companies that explicitly undertake defining and promoting Taiwan for a local and international audience  ...  classes, religions, regions, genders or ethnicities, always struggle for the power to speak for the nation […] national histories are continuously being re-written, and the re-writing reflects current  ... 
doi:10.4000/chinaperspectives.7291 fatcat:fvrilx52ujfozpjy32gqjoqgyq

Themes of the JapaneseNetsuké- Carver

Helen B. Chapin
1922 The Art Bulletin  
This they applied to paper or silk with a brush, using it equally for painting and writing, both processes being considered fine arts in the East.  ...  The Chinese and Japanese had solid pieces of ink which were often decorated with designs and writing, which they dipped in water and ground on a stone slab, making a fluid of about the consistency of India  ... 
doi:10.1080/00043079.1922.11409722 fatcat:vd3xlauyyveqlji74g5qks3tum
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