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The Veterans Affairs Precision Oncology Data Repository, a Clinical, Genomic, and Imaging Research Database

Danne C. Elbers, Nathanael R. Fillmore, Feng-Chi Sung, Spyridon S. Ganas, Andrew Prokhorenkov, Christopher Meyer, Robert B. Hall, Samuel J. Ajjarapu, Daniel C. Chen, Frank Meng, Robert L. Grossman, Mary T. Brophy (+1 others)
2020 Patterns  
Data include longitudinal clinical data from the VA's nationwide electronic health record system and the VA Central Cancer Registry, targeted tumor sequencing data, and medical imaging data including computed  ...  The Veterans Affairs Precision Oncology Data Repository (VA-PODR) is a large, nationwide repository of de-identified data on patients diagnosed with cancer at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  ...  VA-PODR consolidates de-identified VA clinical, genomic, and imaging data needed for research in precision oncology in a large, nationwide repository.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.patter.2020.100083 pmid:33205130 pmcid:PMC7660389 fatcat:tkei4fighbcnlmys3kvhhjwpsu

Letter from the President of WFITN

2015 Interventional Neuroradiology  
Conclusion: We demonstrated the feasibility to study leukocyte transport phenomenon inside cerebral aneurysms by an image-based patient-specific CFD analysis.  ...  More studies are needed before it applies for evaluating aneurysm rupture risk in clinical applications.  ...  Misdeploying/detaching is a questionable point for the previous version on the market. The new releasing system seems to be more user friendly: future data are needed to confirm it.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1591019915618059 pmid:26547766 pmcid:PMC4757183 fatcat:fvlfbc5e3zac5l7gpae3qxtgzy

Enabling Innovation: Technology- and System-Level Approaches that Capitalize on Complexity

Boru Douthwaite
2006 Innovations Technology Governance Globalization  
Finally, I would like to thank the Bernard and Irene Schwartz Foundation for its generous support of this project. Endnotes  ...  For their efforts in the production and dissemination of this report, I thank Patricia Dorff and Molly Graham in the Council's Publications department, and Lisa Shields and Brittany Mariotti on the Communications  ...  What would a repository mean for the image of a community?  ... 
doi:10.1162/itgg.2006.1.4.93 fatcat:3kuiklirfzgazjf2uhg7nwtxmm

Abstracts of Presentations at the 2015 APS Annual Meeting

2015 Phytopathology  
In field trials in the USA and Italy from 2009-12, aflatoxin levels were reduced by 70 & 80%, respectively.  ...  Granules applied to soil and plants were shown to increase the population of NTAA in soil by 88% and in corn by 93%, thereby reducing aflatoxin in corn.  ...  Plants from WI (2012 WI ( -2013 showing similar symptoms were submitted for analysis to the UM Plant Disease Clinic.  ... 
doi:10.1094/phyto-105-11-s4.1 pmid:26569162 fatcat:ejmrpsunevhs5f24vdzmcqmphe

The Sentinel Initiative as a Knowledge Commons [chapter]

Ryan Abbott, Katherine J. Strandburg, Brett M. Frischmann, Michael J. Madison
Governing Medical Knowledge Commons  
a practical introduction to the knowledge commons framework and a synthesis of conclusions and lessons.  ...  The editors' knowledge commons framework adapts Elinor Ostrom's groundbreaking research on natural resource commons to the distinctive attributes of knowledge and information, providing a systematic means  ...  Following the request for applications (RFA) for the interdisciplinary consortium grant from the NIH, Woodruff brought together the researchers who would become the principal investigators in the grant  ... 
doi:10.1017/9781316544587.007 fatcat:lefya2gjp5hwnfdvl4fnjqdrvq

Public Support for Science and Innovation

Productivity Commission
2007 Social Science Research Network  
Consistent with its terms of reference, the Commission has sought to draw broad lessons and conclusions for future funding and programs, rather than undertaking detailed analysis of individual programs  ...  or the appropriate levels of public support for them.  ...  The differential treatment of research institutions such as universities and medical research institutes was a particular concern for some participants.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1018883 fatcat:35bkthuhorf5ddoytref3awfwq

Symmetry, Almost

Amanda Folsom
2019 Notices of the American Mathematical Society  
The AMS is not responsible for rate changes or for the quality of the accommodations. Hotels have varying cancellation and early checkout penalties; be sure to ask for details.  ...  Rates quoted do not include the Alabama state hotel tax (13%), local taxes and hotel fees may apply.  ...  Figure 3 image is courtesy of Jan Homann, released to the public domain.  ... 
doi:10.1090/noti1775 fatcat:xwrijzvqazg7bdym7un5qq2jjq

Osteocyte transcriptome mapping identifies a molecular landscape controlling skeletal homeostasis and susceptibility to skeletal disease

Scott E Youlten, John P Kemp, John G Logan, Elena J Ghirardello, Claudio M Sergio, Michael RG Dack, Siobhan E Guilfoyle, Victoria D Leitch, Natalie C Butterfield, Davide Komla-Ebri, Ryan C Chai, Alexander P Corr (+26 others)
We mapped the transcriptome of osteocytes from different skeletal sites, across age and sexes in mice to reveal genes and molecular programs that control this complex cellular-network.  ...  We define an osteocyte transcriptome signature of 1239 genes that distinguishes osteocytes from other cells. 77% have no previously known role in the skeleton and are enriched for genes regulating neuronal  ...  The Sanger Institute's Research Support Facility, Mouse Pipelines and Mouse Informatics Group generated mice and collected materials for this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.70974 fatcat:gqrcbxlsfjhzfjr5i46wmxwfzi

The elucidation of immunological and oncological transcriptomic signatures using translational ontologies and next-generation sequencing

Andrew Deonarine, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, M. Madan Babu
In this work, a series of computational approaches and analyses are presented which outline a path from raw data to an understanding of biological regulation, disease pathogenesis, and mutational behaviour  ...  These methods will then be framed in the context of broader biological and clinical applications.  ...  found to be distinct from the Pan, VA, and SkM cell types in the pancreas.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.6135 fatcat:qfxubrfyxvc6bldzlrmyyxfdte

Physiological and Molecular Consequences of Large Y Chromosome Long Arm Deletions in Mice

Emma Elizabeth Philippa Johnson, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Nabeel Affara, Peter Ellis, Alan Mileham
The mammalian Y chromosome contains genes important for male sexual maturity and reproduction.  ...  Breeding data were examined and showed a skew towards female offspring and a slightly reduced litter size.  ...  Mature sperm released into the lumen travel along the duct towards the vas deferens. Image: Biology of the Laboratory Mouse, by The Staff of The Jackson Laboratory, Earl.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.23263 fatcat:e2tnsjerynbxrfkuv5fcfqiu3q

Brain charts for the human lifespan

R. A. I. Bethlehem, J. Seidlitz, S. R. White, J. W. Vogel, K. M. Anderson, C. Adamson, S. Adler, G. S. Alexopoulos, E. Anagnostou, A. Areces-Gonzalez, D. E. Astle, B. Auyeung (+191 others)
Abstract: Over the past few decades, neuroimaging has become a ubiquitous tool in basic research and clinical studies of the human brain.  ...  Here we assemble an interactive open resource to benchmark brain morphology derived from any current or future sample of MRI data (  ...  Research, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China. 202 National Basic Science Data Center, Beijing, China. 203 Research Center for Lifespan Development of Brain and Mind, Institute of Psychology, Chinese  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.83738 fatcat:x2d65w6vyff45ehj6ygshonjta

Mechanisms of human papillomavirus and host gene transcriptional deregulation in cervical carcinogenesis

Emma Louise Antoinette Drane, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Nicholas Coleman
Expression of HPV oncogenes is ultimately determined by transcription factor binding to the non-coding long control region (LCR) of the viral genome.  ...  The work presented in this doctoral thesis sought to provide insights into our understanding of the process of HPV16 integration as well as to elucidate mechanisms that deregulate both virus and host gene  ...  ENCODE Annotation for NHEK260was obtained from Ensembl release 75261.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.17098 fatcat:xnlkbmczovcc3dbvx3y4nb5gbq

Collaborative optimisation of focused anatomy observation and drawing techniques for enhancing cognitive memorisation. S149, (page 63). In: International Federation of Associations of Anatomists 19th Congress Abstracts 9th – 11th August 2019 London, UK

Leonard Shapiro, Iain Keenan
Collaborative optimisation of focused anatomy observation and drawing techniques for enhancing cognitive memorisation. S149, (page 63).  ...  Over the years, based on teaching experience, feedbacks from students and teachers, and comments from external examiners, we have identified disadvantages of our traditional anatomy and histology pedagogies  ...  The sectioned images accompanied with segmentation data can be used for learning sectional anatomy to interpret computed tomographs and magnetic resonance images.  ... 
doi:10.25375/uct.12824237 fatcat:i777oabeinfclgsi7ecwcve3sy

Evolvability of a viral protease: experimental evolution of catalysis, robustness and specificity

Thomas Shafee, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository
I used high-throughput directed evolution to accumulate neutral variation in large, evolving enzyme populations and deep sequencing to reconstruct the complex evolutionary dynamics within the lineages.  ...  The aim of this thesis is to investigate aspects of molecular evolution and enzyme engineering using the experimental evolution of Tobacco Etch Virus cysteine protease (TEV) as a model.  ...  Additionally, the number of active variants chosen to be taken through to the next round of DE is limited by data analysis of their sequences.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.16528 fatcat:mrabofgyyfgz3kjytxfrygg4zu

Proteomics studies of protein homeostasis and aggregation in ageing and neurodegeneration

Giulia Vecchi, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Michele Vendruscolo
To address this question, I process and analyse MS data from structurally different oligomers (toxic type A and nontoxic type B) of the protein HypF-N, incubated in vitro with proteins extracted from murine  ...  In the first part of this thesis, I analyse proteome-wide MS data for the nematode worm C. elegans upon ageing, in wild type (WT), long-lived and short-lived mutant strains.  ...  We would further like to thank Igor Paron and Korbinian Mayr for excellent technical assistance with MS instrumentation, as well as Daniel Hornburg, Manajit Hayer-Hartl, and members of the Hartl laboratory  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.20375 fatcat:xc2xy6y7lrcm5ohfzu2zvlr4re
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