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Relative Expressiveness of Nested Regular Expressions

Pablo Barceló, Jorge Pérez, Juan L. Reutter
2012 Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management  
In this paper we study the relative expressiveness of NREs by comparing it with the language of conjunctive two-way regular path queries (C2RPQs), which is one of the most widely studied query languages  ...  Nested regular expressions (NREs) have been proposed as a powerful formalism for querying RDFS graphs, but not too much investigation on NREs has been pursued in a more general graph database context.  ...  Nested regular expressions Let Σ be a finite alphabet.  ... 
dblp:conf/amw/BarceloPR12 fatcat:ktsxpsk5gnfilkis6isdvmbcxa

XPath, transitive closure logic, and nested tree walking automata

Balder ten Cate, Luc Segoufin
2008 Proceedings of the twenty-seventh ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems - PODS '08  
We characterize the expressive power of FO(MTC) in terms of nested tree-walking automata. Using the latter we show that FO(MTC) is strictly less expressive than MSO, solving an open problem.  ...  We also determine the computational complexity of basic tasks involving nested tree walking automata and Regular XPath(W) expressions, namely the evaluation problem and the non-emptiness (or, satisfiability  ...  The extension to arbitrary is a bit tricky: A relative behavior of a -nested TWA in depends on the behavior of ( − 1)-nested TWA in , but this depends on the relative behaviors of ( − 2)-nested TWA in  ... 
doi:10.1145/1376916.1376952 dblp:conf/pods/CateS08 fatcat:wymzhsa76zc5bpkuyta2leno2e

Navigational Queries Based on Frontier-Guarded Datalog: Preliminary Results

Meghyn Bienvenu, Magdalena Ortiz, Mantas Simkus
2015 Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management  
In this paper, we introduce a navigational query language that extends binary frontier-guarded Datalog by allowing regular expressions in rule bodies and a limited use of higher-arity intensional predicates  ...  Our query language strictly extends conjunctive two-way regular path queries (C2RPQs) and captures some of the key features advocated in recent works aimed at extending C2RPQs.  ...  described by a (nested) regular expression.  ... 
dblp:conf/amw/BienvenuOS15 fatcat:q4jv3d6msjbgxnp3oxlpbyo6z4

Page 9238 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2001M [page]

2001 Mathematical Reviews  
The proofs are based on clever representations of nested relations by flat relations, and of nested relational algebra expressions by flat relational algebra expressions, thus allowing the application  ...  Summary: “We study regular first-order update logic (FUL), which is a variant of regular dynamic logic in which updates  ... 

Page 8089 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 98M [page]

1998 Mathematical Reviews  
(DK-ODNS-CS; Odense) Regular expressions with nested levels of back referencing form a hierarchy. (English summary) Inform. Process. Lett. 65 (1998), no. 4, 169-172.  ...  We study the nested usage of this operator, and prove that the power of the expressions increases with the number of nested levels that are allowed.” 98m:68154 68Q45 Lisovik, L. P.  ... 

How to Best Nest Regular Path Queries

Pierre Bourhis, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph
2014 International Workshop on Description Logics  
Regular path queries (RPQs) define query patterns in terms of regular expressions and are therefore well-suited to query for paths over roles in DL.  ...  In this paper, we discuss several ways of introducing nesting to PRPQs, and show that they lead to increasingly expressive query languages: CN2RPQs, which were studied in the context of DLs recently; nested  ...  Nested regular expressions are regular expressions that are constructed using regular expression operators and an additional unary operator • .  ... 
dblp:conf/dlog/BourhisKR14 fatcat:7lnw6fr5gnbg3asvufekhekaby

Efficient Free-form Contour Packing Based on Code Matching Strategy

Baosu Guo, Yulong Ji, Jingwen Hu, Fenghe Wu, Qingjin Peng
2019 IEEE Access  
The relative position between two contours will be changed after the rotation as the contour description is lack of geometric invariance.  ...  The optimal position of a contour can be found directly and then connected by the extracted similar complement features of the contour.  ...  The regular packing is relatively easy to locate regular contours such as rectangles and triangles [1] - [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2914248 fatcat:ec3mvec5s5bp5hef7dliiik7a4

Path discovery by Querying the federation of Relational Database and RDF Graph [article]

Xiaowang Zhang and Jiahui Zhang and Muhammad Qasim Yasin and Wenrui Wu and Zhiyong Feng
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Most of the path querying languages used by the RDF community, like property paths in W3C SPARQL 1.1 and nested regular expressions in nSPARQL are based on the regular expressions.  ...  Its additional expressivity can be used for capturing the conjunction and federation of nested regular path queries.  ...  We prove that FPQ strictly expresses nested regular expression and we also give a complete Hasse diagram of fragments of FPQ.  ... 
arXiv:1610.07707v1 fatcat:nrjaufmkpbamjlnlcyznh72tei

At the brink of eusociality: transcriptomic correlates of worker behaviour in a small carpenter bee

Sandra M Rehan, Ali J Berens, Amy L Toth
2014 BMC Evolutionary Biology  
Results: We uncovered similar gene expression patterns related to maternal care and sibling care in different groups of females.  ...  The maternal care behaviour exhibited post-reproductively by Ceratina mothers is concordant in terms of transcript expression with the alloparental care exhibited by workers.  ...  Funding from the University of New Hampshire to SMR and Iowa State University to ALT supported this work.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12862-014-0260-6 pmid:25514967 pmcid:PMC4276265 fatcat:fyhptdrvyvbbxola2acles5foq

Extending XQuery with a Pattern Matching Facility [chapter]

Peter M. Fischer, Aayush Garg, Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Considering the growing usage of XML for communication and data representation, the need for more advanced analytical capabilities on top of XQuery is emerging.  ...  We also implemented our proposal into the MXQuery prototype and show through experiments that, compared to the existing pattern matching means, our extension is not only more expressive, but also more  ...  Regular expressions are composed of a set of variables that uses quantification and grouping.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-15684-7_5 fatcat:72wbwuqqb5a5xc5spvh2acyvye

Standard machine learning approaches outperform deep representation learning on phenotype prediction from transcriptomics data

Aaron M. Smith, Jonathan R. Walsh, John Long, Craig B. Davis, Peter Henstock, Martin R. Hodge, Mateusz Maciejewski, Xinmeng Jasmine Mu, Stephen Ra, Shanrong Zhao, Daniel Ziemek, Charles K. Fisher
2020 BMC Bioinformatics  
Transcriptomics-based phenotype prediction benefits from proper normalization techniques and state-of-the-art regularized regression approaches.  ...  The ability to confidently predict health outcomes from gene expression would catalyze a revolution in molecular diagnostics.  ...  In fact, l 2 -regularized regression methods applied directly to the centered logratio transform of transcript abundances performed consistently well relative to the other methods.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12859-020-3427-8 pmid:32197580 fatcat:plnv2ia7gbh2nmdvpnmvojihqi

A note on the energy of relative equilibria of point vortices

Hassan Aref
2007 Physics of Fluids  
of nested regular polygons with or without a vortex at the center.  ...  Analytical formulas are derived for the energy of simple relative equilibria of identical point vortices such as the regular polygons, both open and centered, and the various known configurations consisting  ...  Many years later, Havelock 3 found relative equilibria consisting of two nested, regular polygons.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.2795276 fatcat:zlfruna6p5e37ksrynhy6ap4au

Page 2754 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 99d [page]

1991 Mathematical Reviews  
The authors study the relative expressiveness of several bag op- erators and add the strongest combination of them to an ambient query language to obtain @¢GL.  ...  They examine the expressive power of various restrictions and extensions of this language and compare it with various extensions of the nested relational algebra.  ... 

KLF4, Slug and EMT in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Julia Ingruber, Dragana Savic, Teresa Bernadette Steinbichler, Susanne Sprung, Felix Fleischer, Rudolf Glueckert, Gabriele Schweigl, Ira-Ida Skvortsova, Herbert Riechelmann, József Dudás
2021 Cells  
In the majority of HNSCC samples, there was a significant negative correlation between KLF4 and Slug gene expression.  ...  Slug gene expression was significantly higher, whereas, KLF4 gene expression was significantly lower in HNSCC than in normal mucosa.  ...  Figure 3 . 3 Comparison of relative quantification of Slug (a,c) and KLF4 (b,d) gene expression in p16-positive and negative (a,b) HNSCC, as well as in HNSCC with regular and irregular p53 gene expression  ... 
doi:10.3390/cells10030539 pmid:33802627 fatcat:ol2r7nxfr5a6lpvitrp34t67yq

Expressing Irregular Computations in Modern Fortran Dialects [chapter]

Jan F. Prins, Siddhartha Chatterjee, Martin Simons
1998 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
within the regular portions of the application.  ...  By providing the ability to express nested data parallelism in Fortran, we enable irregular computations to be incorporated into existing applications with minimal rewriting and without sacrificing performance  ...  regular and irregular portions of the computation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-49530-4_1 fatcat:7u5msbfdu5eq7mdqq76pziere4
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