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A data infrastructure reference model with applications: towards realization of a ScienceTube vision with a data replication service

Morris Riedel, Peter Wittenburg, Johannes Reetz, Mark van de Sanden, Jedrzej Rybicki, Benedikt von St Vieth, Giuseppe Fiameni, Giacomo Mariani, Alberto Michelini, Claudio Cacciari, Willem Elbers, Daan Broeder (+17 others)
2013 Journal of Internet Services and Applications  
The wide variety of scientific user communities work with data since many years and thus have already a wide variety of data infrastructures in production today. The aim of this paper is thus not to create one new general data architecture that would fail to be adopted by each and any individual user community. Instead this contribution aims to design a reference model with abstract entities that is able to federate existing concrete infrastructures under one umbrella. A reference model is an
more » ... stract framework for understanding significant entities and relationships between them and thus helps to understand existing data infrastructures when comparing them in terms of functionality, services, and boundary conditions. A derived architecture from such a reference model then can be used to create a federated architecture that builds on the existing infrastructures that could align to a major common vision. This common vision is named as 'ScienceTube' as part of this contribution that determines the high-level goal that the reference model aims to support. This paper will describe how a well-focused use case around data replication and its related activities in the EUDAT project aim to provide a first step towards this vision. Concrete stakeholder requirements arising from scientific end users such as those of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) projects underpin this contribution with clear evidence that the EUDAT activities are bottom-up thus providing real solutions towards the so often only described 'high-level big data challenges'. The followed federated approach taking advantage of community and data centers (with large computational resources) further describes how data replication services enable data-intensive computing of terabytes or even petabytes of data emerging from ESFRI projects.
doi:10.1186/1869-0238-4-1 fatcat:wq5xiuj56ffvvmkqm7vl2fas7u

Neighbors Help in a Pandemic

Nora Boyd, Matthew Davis
2021 Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics  
This scholarship has probed the interconnected themes of love, self, 'Other ', ethics, and God (compare Kierkegaard [1847] 1962; Žižek, Santner, and Reinhard 2006) .  ...  Caring creates benefits for society as well as individuals in the caring relationship, which means that markets will underprovide care (England, Budig, and Folbre 2002) .  ... 
doi:10.23941/ejpe.v14i1.558 fatcat:5d3mqo7wrjerbicnzrt3pjxiry

Aus der Leipziger Schülerwerkstatt

1889 unpublished
Eine fernerer Abschnitt von Grafs «Geschichte» handelt von zwei hervorragenden und verdienten Kartographen, Riediger oder Büdiger und Bodmer.  ...  Reinhard und Steinmann, Skizzen der Schweizerkantone. 16 Karten in Mappe à 50 Cts. Stumme Karte der Schweiz für den Reknitenunterricht. 25 Cts.  ... 
doi:10.5169/seals-257209 fatcat:zhl3cwj3q5he5dxky7pjlybkju

The Cost of Care and the Impact on the Archives Profession

Alexis Braun Marks, Rachael Dreyer, Jennifer Johnson, Michelle Sweetser
Budig and Melissa J.  ...  Budig and Hodges, 720. 47. Anderson, Binder, and Krause, 289. 48. Michelle J.  ... 
doi:10.26077/726d-93ac fatcat:jd6p3gjg2jbg3j3eywlj56zkv4

Einsatz von Metallkomplexen als funktionelle Einheiten zur Synthese neuer Verbindungen mit flüssigkristallinen oder cytotoxischen Eigenschaften ; kumulative Habilitationsschrift [article]

Reinhard Paschke, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, Martin-Luther Universität
et al. 1994; Budig et al. 1995; Budig et al. 1996 (1) Die Art der Verknüpfung muss in einer Weise erfolgen, die sicherstellt, dass das Konjugat zum Wirkort gelangen kann, d.h. die Bindung muss ausreichend  ...  und "drug-targeting"-Eigenschaften 1993) mit unterschiedlichen "rod-like" Molekülen konnte von uns die Übertragbarkeit dieses Konzepts auf niedermolekulare Verbindungen nachgewiesen werden (Abb.28) (Budig  ... 
doi:10.25673/3455 fatcat:metq4jt6z5flxgeot45izepeu4

Establishment-level wage effects of entering motherhood

M. Beblo, S. Bender, E. Wolf
2008 Oxford Economic Papers  
Acknowledgements We would like to thank Bernd Fitzenberger, Hermann Gartner, Reinhard Hujer, Michael Lechner, Jeff Smith, Thomas Zwick, two anonymous referees, and participants of a workshop and conference  ...  The wage penalty or 'family pay gap' has been investigated mostly for the United States (see evidence by Waldfogel, 1998a; Lundberg and Rose, 2000; Budig and England, 2001), the United Kingdom (Waldfogel  ... 
doi:10.1093/oep/gpn040 fatcat:iipxhuivn5d7xkwffnytcipafu

Serielle Phänomene in der österreichischen Kinder- und Jugendliteratur

Emmerich Mazakarini
2010 unpublished
Budig/Gertrude Enderle -Burcel/Peter Enderle, Ehrengräber am Wiener Zentralfriedhof. Compress Verlag, Wien o.  ...  Reinhard Fischer, München 2000 [=BLM -Schriftenreihe Band 63] 44 (zuletzt abgefragt am 15.10.2009) Die kommerziellen Vorteile, die Produzenten und Vertreiber sich  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.9590 fatcat:rmu6cnntvvb4naymuxfpdxnoze