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Refresh When You Wake Up: Proactive Threshold Wallets with Offline Devices

Yashvanth Kondi, Bernardo Magri, Claudio Orlandi, Omer Shlomovits
2021 2021 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP)  
In this work we formulate the notion of refresh with offline devices, where any tρ parties may proactivize the system at any time and the remaining n − tρ offline parties can non-interactively "catch up  ...  In particular we give a highly efficient tρ = 2 protocol to upgrade a number of standard (2, n) threshold signature schemes to proactive security with offline refresh.  ...  [DKLs19] with our refresh procedure, and providing us with the benchmarks for that protocol reported in this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sp40001.2021.00067 fatcat:hl6cetwt2bfpnbacawkuc6p2ri

The Role of Implementing Mobile Business Intelligence (MBI) in Decision Making Process: An Empirical Study at Jawwal Company

Hani Elkrunz
2013 Social Science Research Network  
Also the findings show that Mobile based Applications will rapidly replace the desktop applications and give the ability to integrate with enterprise applications such as CRM.  ...  is configurable (up to 2048 bits)  Offline security includes encrypted local store on mobile devices, and having a lease key to access client application and data with configurable validity period.  ...  For mobile devices with offline mode capabilities -where data can be stored (cached) on the device itself -it is imperative that application access safeguarded.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2450958 fatcat:zjkopnyn5nherib4r6vton42dm

Money and Trust in Metaverses, Bitcoin and Stablecoins in global social XR [article]

John Joseph O'Hare, Allen Fairchild, Umran Ali
2022 arXiv   pre-print
A cloud deployable virtual machine based technology stack deployment guide with a focus on cybersecurity best practice can be downloaded from GitHub to experiment with the technologies.  ...  Other mechanisms for native digital value transfer are described, with a focus on 'money'. Metaverse technology is over-viewed, primarily from the perspective of Bitcoin and extended reality.  ...  So called Hardware wallets like Coldcard should perhaps be termed signing devices.  ... 
arXiv:2207.09460v1 fatcat:ssy7jc7kffeetn2pl5kuwr2qva

Бренды в эпоху диджитал-трансформации

Ольга Саруханова
2020 Brand Management  
It doesn't mean that when you enter a shop, the shop assistant looks you up and down to see whether you are able to afford our bags.  ...  When you sign up for Azure, you're signing up for the cloud, but you're connected to the mothership, Microsoft.  ...  Check regularly, and RoZie will help you keep your own brand knowledge up-to-date.  ... 
doi:10.36627/2618-8902-2020-2-2-98-112 fatcat:4wcj4v6xivgj3gogk5gfjnu46u

Smartphones as steady companions: device use in everyday life and the economics of attention

Maximilian Heitmayer
(c) A large portion of EB seems to stem from contextual cues and an unconscious urge to pick up the device, even when there is no clear reason to do so. d) Participants are surprised about, and often unhappy  ...  Participants report complex strategies on how they manage engaging with or avoiding their devices.  ...  On the inverse, when the phone is not visible, participants are more likely to pick up their devices proactively.  ... 
doi:10.21953/lse.00004294 fatcat:yfyszip6mbbhvkca4l76lf42ve

Proceedings of the Seminar "Research Trends in Media Informatics"

(:Unkn)Unknown, Universität Ulm, Florian Schaub, Stefan Dietzel, Boto Zsolt Bako, Bastian Könings, Elmar Schoch, Björn Wiedersheim, Michael Weber
Thus, nearly every action you normally use your wallet for, can be done through O2 Wallet.  ...  O2 Wallet At November 2007 O2 started a huge field test in London with its application called O2 Wallet [15] .  ...  Up to now, the common way of valuing trust uses reputation functions mapping trust to numbers like school grades.  ... 
doi:10.18725/oparu-3892 fatcat:jflgj7nspfd3pfwdkagkrbwij4

The always best positioned paradigm for mobile indoor applications [article]

Tim Schwartz, Universität Des Saarlandes, Universität Des Saarlandes
Although I learned a lot in the whole course of preparing and writing my PhD thesis, I feel that I learned the most when closely working with him.  ...  , which works with active RFID tags and infrared beacons.  ...  LOCATO PLATFORM An hour later, she wakes up refreshed and as she prepares for her trip to the mall, her mobile phone switches back into its normal mode.  ... 
doi:10.22028/d291-25205 fatcat:a2vzhfshsvcalluggsk7rvx2ki

Bossewitch_columbia_0054D_13197.pdf [article]

When I first started working with Todd, he reminded me of Peter Parker's boss J.  ...  To all of my friends, activists and researchers involved in the mad movement, thank you for sharing your stories and lives with me.  ...  Papolos, who believes a characteristic pattern in bipolar children is difficulty waking up in the morning, says, "if you don't catch it early on it gets worse, like a tumor."  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8057pn6 fatcat:kpjhdiu4sffy7jntyelh6gbhl4

Culture in the online class

Anne Hewling
This study investigates the construction of culture in a remote-accessed virtual class with learners who have been recruited globally.  ...  Having reviewed the literature of the field it concludes that using a framework of ideas which equates culture with nationality is problematic, as it tends to emphasise dissonance and difference in classes  ...  said something tongue in cheek or if you said something in jest, ... you had to be careful how, you couldn't just use your normal sense of humour, you couldn't use your normal kind of speech because when  ... 
doi:10.21954/ fatcat:icomcn4nfvan7ps3q3zw5xwsyq

Everyday struggles and the production of livelihoods on the margins of Casablanca, Morocco

Cristiana Strava
Faced with ongoing contingency and economic precariousness, how did the inhabitants of Hay Mohammadi react to processes of heritage making and rights-based discourses?  ...  In this dissertation I ask: how does the intersection of heritage and commemorative regimes with urban governance policies affect the production of marginality and social identities in Hay Mohammadi?  ...  By the time they knocked and asked if you were home, they were already in the middle of your room asking how you were doing and what were you up to? Here it's different.  ... 
doi:10.25501/soas.00023807 fatcat:bipas5oif5egxpfz4h2knwcjda

Mcdonaldization Advertising in the Context of Electronic Colonialism Theory Challenging the Narrative Rhetoric: Inscribing Her-Story into History

Magdalena Lestari, Ginting Siregar, Brendan Reilly, Karen Neill, Le Wang, Nikos Panagiotou, Nikos Antonopoulos, Cecile Ilagan, Michelle Philip, Kullatip Satararuji, Wilaiwan Jongwilaikasam, Mikako Hata
Acknowledgements I wish to acknowledge my PhD supervisor, Dr Antonio Traverso, for his assistance in cultivating the research and structure of this paper, along with his help in proofreading and revising  ...  It's not unusual to wake up, check the cell phone for messages and notifications, look at the TV or newspaper for news, commute to work, read emails, take meetings and makes phone calls, eat meals with  ...  This is ironic when you consider that both The Edge and ZM both have a female-skewed audience.  ...