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Refinement Types for Ruby [article]

Milod Kazerounian, Niki Vazou, Austin Bourgerie, Jeffrey S. Foster, Emina Torlak
2017 arXiv   pre-print
RTR is built on top of RDL, a Ruby type checker that provides basic type information for the verification process.  ...  Refinement types are a popular way to specify and reason about key program properties. In this paper, we introduce RTR, a new system that adds refinement types to Ruby.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Thomas Gilray and the anonymous reviewers for their feedback on earlier versions of this paper.  ... 
arXiv:1711.09281v1 fatcat:ddhv7ccfwfcmlbdrqjielpisqu

Page 241 of Journal of the American Ceramic Society Vol. 20, Issue 8 [page]

1937 Journal of the American Ceramic Society  
Se ruby is especially good for the production of pressed articles of various thicknesses, but Cu ruby can not be used.  ...  Experiments showed that lime potassium glasses can not be used for Se ruby.  ... 

A Layer-based Approach to Hierarchical Dynamically-scoped Open Classes

Matthias Springer, Hidehiko Masuhara, Robert Hirschfeld
2017 Journal of Information Processing  
This work presents Extension Classes, a hierarchical approach for dynamically scoping such modifications in Ruby, built on top of ideas from Context-oriented Programming (COP).  ...  They are typically used for bug fixing, multi-dimensional separation of concerns, or to modularly add new operations to an existing class.  ...  This work focuses on dynamically-typed programming languages, but the main ideas could be applied to statically-typed languages if the type system is aware of method additions and method refinements.  ... 
doi:10.2197/ipsjjip.25.296 fatcat:achz46iuz5fx5embl5xjmicwce

Ruby spheres for aligning single-crystal diffractometers

L. D. Calvert, E. J. Gabe, Y. Le Page
1981 Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations of Crystallography  
The error is worst for neutrondata but can also be important in the x-ray case. SCAN TYPE ON INTEGRATED INTENSITY. By. R.G. Hazell, F.K. Larsen, S.  ...  Final R indices for crystals of mediQm to high quality are typically 0.03-0.06. 16.2-02 RUBY SPHERES FOR ALIGNING SINGLE-CRYSTAL DIFFRACTONETERS. By L.D. Calvert, E.J. Gabe andY.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s0108767381090272 fatcat:jxi3bsbgdrfh3nvvcnc7s3g4gi

Archetype Model-Driven Development Framework for EHR Web System

Shinji Kobayashi, Eizen Kimura, Ken Ishihara
2013 Healthcare Informatics Research  
From 2007, we have used the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails (RoR) as an agile development platform to implement EHR systems, which is in conformity with the openEHR specifications.  ...  This article describes the Web application framework for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) we have developed to reduce construction costs for EHR sytems.  ...  Financial support for this study was provided by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) number 24590614.  ... 
doi:10.4258/hir.2013.19.4.271 pmid:24523991 pmcid:PMC3920039 fatcat:g7t7iey3prhsjnxj2pifarpfv4

Page 272 of Journal of the American Ceramic Society Vol. 18, Issue 11 [page]

1935 Journal of the American Ceramic Society  
.— (1) By keeping red and orange selenium glasses at 1050°C for a longer time, intensively red crystals of 3 types, mainly the hexagonal type which is the separated compound pro- ducing the red coloring  ...  The designer satisfied the following requirements: (1) handling from a central point by a single man; (2) all sand handled wet; (3) the most efficient furnaces obtainable for handling type of fuel and  ... 

Method shelters

Shumpei Akai, Shigeru Chiba
2012 Proceedings of the 11th annual international conference on Aspect-oriented Software Development - AOSD '12  
However, class extensions imply a risk that they supply different definitions for the same method and those definitions conflict with each other.  ...  We implemented a prototype of the proposed module system in Ruby. This paper illustrates several examples of the use of method shelters and also shows the results of benchmarks on our prototype.  ...  The code including runtime type checking is not needed.Serialization libraries for Ruby often use this technique.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2162049.2162065 dblp:conf/aosd/AkaiC12 fatcat:ee77ocmbafgrhospjgceoslzym

Call-trail Dependent Inline Caching for a Scoping Mechanism of Class Extensions

Wei Zhang, Shigeru Chiba
2018 Journal of Information Processing  
We use fixed-length bitsets for representing the current call-trail and a method definition's unsealed package list.  ...  For example, the Ruby programming language [2] provides open classes, a class extension mechanism, for modifying and adding methods to an existing class.  ...  Benchmark on Ruby on Rails To examine the performance of our implementation under more realistic settings, we carried out benchmark with Ruby on Rails, a popular Ruby library for developing web applications  ... 
doi:10.2197/ipsjjip.26.327 fatcat:7toovyod4ncvdlhxsrx6yl6x6i

Rietveld refinement study of the pressure dependence of the internal structural parameteruin the wurtzite phase of ZnO

Haozhe Liu, Yang Ding, Maddury Somayazulu, Jiang Qian, Jinfu Shu, Daniel Häusermann, Ho-kwang Mao
2005 Physical Review B  
These possible mechanisms responsible for the wurtzite-torocksalt phase transition under high pressure are experimentally evaluated based on our results.  ...  The corresponding Rietveld refinement for each pattern was carried out using GSAS package. 23 The refined internal structural parameter u in wurtzite phase is plotted in Fig. 2 as a function of pressure  ...  Structural type B 0 ͑GPa͒ B 0 Ј Pressure range ͑GPa͒ Pressure marker Pressure medium Techniques Reference B4 135.3± 1.8 4 ͑fixed͒ 0-11.7 Ruby Helium ADXRD/DAC This work run No. 1  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.71.212103 fatcat:optxjmf4lfchpc2vf54yprhgmi

A high-chromium corundum (ruby) inclusion in diamond from the São Luiz alluvial mine, Brazil

G. R. Watt, J. W. Harris, B. Harte, S. R. Boyd
1994 Mineralogical magazine  
A high-chromium corundum (ruby) inclusion in diamond from the Luiz alluvial mine, Brazil DIAMONDS from the S~.o Luiz alluvial deposit, Mato-Grosso state, Brazil, contain a varied assemblage of inclusions  ...  Experimental The procedures for X-ray data collection and structure refinement are given in Ni et al. (1993) ; at the Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Edinburgh.  ...  The S~o Luiz corundum inclusion comes from a Type II diamond (one which contains no nitrogen, normally a common atomic component in diamond) with a variable ~C 13 (-11.56 to -15.21 against the PDB reference  ... 
doi:10.1180/minmag.1994.058.392.16 fatcat:savf4w5lqndjvcx4mucaiy2ew4

Effect of scan type on integrated intensity

R. G. Hazell, F. K. Larsen, S. Kræmer, B. Lebech
1981 Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations of Crystallography  
The error is worst for neutrondata but can also be important in the x-ray case. SCAN TYPE ON INTEGRATED INTENSITY. By. R.G. Hazell, F.K. Larsen, S.  ...  Final R indices for crystals of mediQm to high quality are typically 0.03-0.06. 16.2-02 RUBY SPHERES FOR ALIGNING SINGLE-CRYSTAL DIFFRACTONETERS. By L.D. Calvert, E.J. Gabe andY.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s0108767381090259 fatcat:cwhssvgkjzdshoy3p7ha4v2clu

Feature-oriented programming with Ruby

Sebastian Günther, Sagar Sunkle
2009 Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Feature-Oriented Software Development - FOSD '09  
Since we created a pure Ruby language extension, rbFeatures can be used with any existing programs and in any virtual machine implementing Ruby.  ...  This paper introduces rbFeatures, an implementation of first-class features in the dynamic programming language Ruby.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Christian Kästner for his comments on an earlier draft of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1629716.1629721 dblp:conf/models/GuntherS09 fatcat:2wxai2ryqbgl7bjlol4pcc7nna

Concrete Partial Evaluation in Ruby

Andrew Keep, Arun Chauhan
2008 2008 IEEE Fourth International Conference on eScience  
Web frameworks, such as the popular Ruby on Rails framework, provide tools for producing and consuming REST APIs. , Ruby's dynamic-typing, open classes, and other metaprogramming abilities provide power  ...  Even accounting for duplicate methods, the task is still daunting. Another wrinkle, illustrated in Figure 2 , is that the Ruby library is written in C, for performance.  ... 
doi:10.1109/escience.2008.141 dblp:conf/eScience/KeepC08 fatcat:xuxrtyehfbgtllw64atj5nvwcq

Synergy Effect of Combination of Fractional CO2 and Fractional Q-switched Ruby Laser Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

Seyoung Kim, Eunsoo Park, Seungmin Nam
2015 Medical Lasers  
Conclusion The use of combined fractional CO 2 and fractional Q-switched ruby laser for treatment of photoaging showed successful results, including enhanced skin texture and removal of pigmentation.  ...  Materials and Methods For combined laser therapy, the treatment included 3-4 treatment sessions with fractional CO 2 laser and 2-3 treatment sessions with fractional Q-switched ruby laser at 4-week intervals  ...  This combination therapy, including the use of CO2 fractional laser and fractional Q-switched ruby laser, has been an effective treatment option for patients who want refinement of their pigmented skin  ... 
doi:10.25289/ml.2015.4.1.25 fatcat:mhu5ktn64baxjkcfdgiopdz7ai

Page 410 of Journal of the American Ceramic Society Vol. 20, Issue 12 [page]

1937 Journal of the American Ceramic Society  
A A (11) 334. for ophthalmic types, > Sy we refining, and viscosity of, B (6) 17 and water solubility of, I1I-I1V, A 3) 85- 86; I-II, A (7) 201. — a durability of, standard test for, A ( ’ —— and physical  ...  furnace for, A (7) 201. copper ruby. See Glass, colored.  ... 
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