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Reducing wasted resources to help achieve green data centers

Jordi Torres, David Carrera, Kevin Hogan, Ricard Gavalda, Vicenc Beltran, Nicolas Poggi
2008 Proceedings, International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS)  
In this paper we introduce a new approach to the consolidation strategy of a data center that allows an important reduction in the amount of active nodes required to process a heterogeneous workload without  ...  Our results indicate that an important improvement can be achieved using 20% less servers to do the same work.  ...  resources through reducing the resources wasted.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ipdps.2008.4536219 dblp:conf/ipps/TorresCHGBP08 fatcat:plme7ev7dzbo7f27xmqsstp5ei

Article Review of Recycling of E-DATA Through Green Computing

2017 Iraqi Journal for Computers and Informatics  
This Leeds to consume energy and resources. The planet need a friendly environment in which consuming resources is balanced and temperature is decreased.  ...  So; one of the most important responsibilities of human is providing green industry in order to get a purity environment This paper is a review of a few vital writings identified with the field of green  ...  "Green Computing" application for Virtualization and Energy Reduction in Data Center Special efforts have been on going to implement green computing in various Data Center in order to reduce energy consumption  ... 
doi:10.25195/2017/4326 fatcat:4ptnci6dhrabhct2ggtmmg5huq


Yatindra Chaturvedi
2022 Zenodo  
Conserving resources means less energy is required to produce, use, and dispose of products.  ...  Reduced energy usage from green techniques translates into lower carbon dioxide emissions, stemming from a reduction in the fossil fuel used in power plants and transportation.  ...  Data Center Consolidation & Optimization Currently much of the emphasis of Green Computing area is on Data Centers, as the Data Centers are known for their energy hunger and wasteful energy consumptions  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6588151 fatcat:bop3ct5g5fd3tiicdi2b32rhdy

Green Cloud Computing: A Review

Reem I., Rahaf S., Fatima S., Sara A., Hemalatha M.
2017 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Cloud computing has revolutionized the way large data is stored and handled by the virtualization of servers and data centers to make them more efficient.  ...  This has brought upon the need for Green Cloud Computing to make IT resources both energy efficient and operating at a low cost.  ...  This can be achieved by using Green Cloud Computing technique which allows the ability to access applications and data without the need to purchase equipment or built data centers.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2017914323 fatcat:up5q4f6twrfqpjiyuqfkifcnki

A Study of Power Management Techniques in Green Computing

Sadia Anayat, Govt. College Woman University Sialkot
2020 International Journal of Education and Management Engineering  
The basic goal of this study is to discuss the techniques of green computing for achieving low power consumption.  ...  Instead of storing data on PCs and upgrading softwares to match your requirements, the internet services are used to save data or use its apps remotely.  ...  Various methods used by data centers to achieve energy quality through virtualisation are analyzed and multiple green computing approaches are presented in this study.  ... 
doi:10.5815/ijeme.2020.03.05 fatcat:3gd2ez2q35bvjhpf3yteiuq6j4

Green IT-An Eco-friendly Practices and Methods for Environmental Sustainability

and Energy-Conscience Workload Scheduling, Resource Efficiency techniques in data centers, thin provisioning and by recycling approaches like 3R's for managing e-wastes to make the Earth Greener for the  ...  Green IT plays a vital role to improve the climate conditions on earth by "Go Green approaches" by effective design, manufacture, use and disposal of e-wastes with no or very minimal cause on the environment  ...  with energy-aware consciousness to make the environment green and sustainable.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijitee.d1785.029420 fatcat:iqfgvwjsbnfrzhr4skhma2shei


Ambooj Yadav
2018 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science  
Data Center Productivity (DCP) DCP is helping to calculate the valuable amount of a work done by the data center.  ...  Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) WAE is helping to calculate yearly water requirement for cooling a data center and other equipment in a building. It is defined as:[2][19].  ... 
doi:10.26483/ijarcs.v9i1.5299 fatcat:dsrkxeiumvfz7dyx62ov7bhy6a

Green Cloud Computing: A Literature Survey

Laura-Diana Radu
2017 Symmetry  
The development of green cloud computing is closely related to the evolution of green data centers, because the data centers are the core of the cloud computing.  ...  These technologies have the potential to improve energy efficiency and to reduce carbon footprints and (e-)waste. These features can transform cloud computing into green cloud computing.  ...  In green data centers, the entire infrastructure is designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency with minimum environmental impact.  ... 
doi:10.3390/sym9120295 fatcat:zvhyp3axsfgivb2sahvoxeojrm

Green IoT for Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Smart Cities: Future Directions and Opportunities

Faris. A. Almalki, S. H. Alsamhi, Radhya Sahal, Jahan Hassan, Ammar Hawbani, N. S. Rajput, Abdu Saif, Jeff Morgan, John Breslin
2021 Journal on spesial topics in mobile networks and applications  
Therefore, it is essential to address the techniques and strategies for reducing pollution hazards, traffic waste, resource usage, energy consumption, providing public safety, life quality, and sustaining  ...  Smart city applications must be environmentally-friendly, hence require a move towards green IoT. Green IoT leads to an eco-friendly environment, which is more sustainable for smart cities.  ...  The authors of [212] discussed the big data achievements in improving life quality by reducing pollution and utilizing resources more efficiently.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11036-021-01790-w fatcat:vlcrka3vpzevhkc4z7ylj7q4ba


Er.Kusum Sharma, ErRajeev Sharma.
2016 International Journal of Advanced Research  
In addition green technology aims to reduce resource consumption and improve the disposal of electronic waste (e-waste).  ...  Besides getting much better hardware usage, virtualization reduces data center floor space, makes better use of computing power, and greatly reduces the data center's energy demands. [5] In order to tackle  ... 
doi:10.21474/ijar01/1505 fatcat:cipn5o4ps5bfrihklplvalinmu


2012 Issues in Information Systems  
We propose that the Green supply chain management information flow is impacted by both IT governance and Green infrastructure components which in turn are impacted by corporate sustainability.  ...  Information technology plays a crucial role in ensuing success of Green supply chain networks.  ...  Green IT strategies strive to achieve enterprise efficiencies through IT procurement and lifecycle management process, recycling and waste disposal strategies and practices, as well as initiatives to reduce  ... 
doi:10.48009/2_iis_2012_26-32 fatcat:we5gzvpzbreshomnso5hcpvvbm

Go Green and Save Green: A Detailed Study about Green Computing

Bakkiylakshmi R, Jenifer T, Gayathri Premananad
2019 IJARCCE  
Making IT "Green" can not only save money but help save our world by making it a better place through reducing and/or eliminating wasteful practices and using nontoxic materials.  ...  Measure being taken to reduce the problem superficially called "green computing".  ...  A number of personalities, in their own capacities have helped us in carrying out this paper work. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all.  ... 
doi:10.17148/ijarcce.2019.8105 fatcat:umecfjguq5gh7mm3bijupneco4

A Review on Secure and Energy Efficient Approaches for Green Computing

Shivangi Sharma, Gaurav Sharma
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
By overcoming all of the stated issues of cloud computing by the help of virtualization and energy-efficiency, green computing evolved as a better technology to adopt.  ...  Cloud computing is a rising trend employing the concept of large data centers but suffering from the concerns such as exorbitant heat emissions, superfluous consumption of energy, release of tremendous  ...  The technical processes adopted by the industries create challenges for the management of the waste but green computing demonstrates how to use resources efficiently and how to reduce the waste [2] .  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016909044 fatcat:fz2qydj32ne5lmcnadzlh2pg3e

Greening emerging IT technologies: techniques and practices

Junaid Shuja, Raja Wasim Ahmad, Abdullah Gani, Abdelmuttlib Ibrahim Abdalla Ahmed, Aisha Siddiqa, Kashif Nisar, Samee U. Khan, Albert Y. Zomaya
2017 Journal of Internet Services and Applications  
"Green Computing" paradigm advocates the energy-proportional and efficient usage of computing resources in all emerging technologies, such as Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT).  ...  Green and sustainable computing practices review the environmental impact of the computing industry to encourage the adoption of practices and technologies for efficient operations.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors thank the anonymous reviewers for helpful comments that increased the quality of the article.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13174-017-0060-5 fatcat:q7y7e4ypojconoajznoii3ngna

Green Computing Emerging Issues in IT

Ms. Amritpal Kaur, Ms. Saravjit Kaur
2019 Zenodo  
The goal of green computing is to reduce the dangerous material increasing the utilization of energy.  ...  Green computing implies to practices and ways of utilizing computing resources in an ecofriendly way while maintaining overall computing .green IT refers to computer and information system and IT applications  ...  The important green initiatives in IT are: Improved Data Center Cooling Methods: This is achieved by enhancing the data center cooling configuration of machines, minimizing considerable amount of energy  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3589888 fatcat:ehdci4uilfajrc64jobunmkcoy
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