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Page 23 of Journal of Theological Studies Vol. 8, Issue [page]

1906 Journal of Theological Studies  
In both cases it rests on the general acceptance of the books by the Church.  ...  Thus Dr Salmon, a very learned churchman, points out the impossibility of reconciling the statement in the Article with the facts, and refers to the inaccuracy of its language (Jéro- duction to the New  ... 

Entity Identity Reconciliation based Big Data Federation-A MDE approach

José Gonzalez Enríquez, Francisco José Domínguez Mayo, María José Escalona, Julián Alberto García-García, Vivian Lee, Masatomo Goto
2015 Information Systems Development  
In this paper a solution based on model-driven engineering and virtual graph is presented in order to improve the processing of information in big open repositories.  ...  The paper illustrates the idea with a real example for the right exploitation of heritage information in the south of Spain.  ...  . o Element: this metaclass represent information about the elements that are going to be showed on the view components. class Reconcialotiry Metamodel «metaclass» Vertex Virtual Graph Metamodel 0..* class  ... 
dblp:conf/isdevel/EnriquezMEGLG15 fatcat:gunxa7xr3jcfjmq4trsn3je3yy

Early Integration Testing for Entity Reconciliation in the Context of Heterogeneous Data Sources

Raquel Blanco, Jose G. Enriquez, Francisco J. Dominguez-Mayo, M. J. Escalona, Javier Tuya
2018 IEEE Transactions on Reliability  
Testing the applications that implement the ER problem is crucial to ensure both the correctness of the reconciliation process and the quality of the reconciled data.  ...  Reconciled Solution Model The next block of the framework is the reconciled solution model, which is based on a virtual graph.  ...  Thus, the instantiation of the reconciled solution model is a virtual graph that stores the entities (and their relationships) that have been reconciled.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tr.2018.2809866 fatcat:wx2wbrj7vvahzf7iy27ojxpxha

Page 70 of The South Atlantic Quarterly Vol. 46, Issue 1 [page]

1947 The South Atlantic Quarterly  
Indeed, Americans were so generally reconciled to dancing long be- fore the end of hostilities that dancing masters found it worth while to advertise once more the opening of their classes.  ...  With the influx of light-hearted, gallant French officers into American society, it was virtually impossible and certainly impolitic to attempt to prohibit dancing.  ... 

Page 374 of Edinburgh Review: Critical Journal Vol. 131, Issue 268 [page]

1870 Edinburgh Review: Critical Journal  
, as a general rule, been able to reach these branches universally, they have, at least, been able to deal with the majority of them.  ...  Thus the poll-tax is virtually converted into an income and property tax.  ... 

Optimizing Dynamic Class Composition in a Statically Typed Language [chapter]

Anders Bach Nielsen, Erik Ernst
2008 Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing  
In this paper we focus on the virtual machine related challenges of supporting dynamic class composition.  ...  However, some typing constructs-such as virtual classes-enable a type safe treatment of classifiers and their associated types and instances, even in the case where classifiers are created dynamically.  ...  An example of a language concept that satisfies these requirements is virtual classes [17] , in particular the generalized version of virtual classes that is associated with family polymorphism [12,  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-69824-1_10 fatcat:xb4f4p3nbrcdjbdf4i7bwifdfm

Page 433 of Wesleyan Repository Vol. 2, Issue 11 [page]

1823 Wesleyan Repository  
Soule fully to explain his motives, and reconcile and adjust his conduct and avowed principles of 1820, with his letter of 1822.  ...  respect to the Episcopal prerogatives virtually assumed.  ... 

Virtual Teams and Employability in Global Software Engineering Education

Julian M. Bass, Roger McDermott, J.T. Lalchandani
2015 2015 IEEE 10th International Conference on Global Software Engineering  
Reconciling semester dates, scheduled class times and assessment objectives have all been challenging at various times.  ...  The third cohort comprised the full class of UK students match with an equivalent number of team members from India.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icgse.2015.21 dblp:conf/icgse/BassML15 fatcat:deqhwwmpwfhnxcx5xgd2jpuopm

Monochronic Vs. Polychronic: A Profile of Academic Time Use Among Online Distance Education Students

Ana Maria Neves, Lina Morgado
2020 EDEN Conference Proceedings  
The research is centred on the online distance learning student experience in higher education, considering the variable time management, its relationship with technologies, and the virtualization of teaching  ...  The PhD thesis is financed by a Research Grant with the reference SFRH / BD / 137859/2018, within the scope of the POCH -Human Capital Operational Program, co-funded by the European Social Fund and by  ...  reconciling with family support and professional activities (Sánchez-Elvira Panigua & González Brignardello, 2014) .  ... 
doi:10.38069/edenconf-2020-rw-0049 fatcat:6sdvcb3zffbbfj7ieg4q2kzmtm

Efficient Register Mapping and Allocation in LaTTe, an Open-Source Java Just-in-Time Compiler

Byung-sun Yang, Junpyo Lee, Seungil Lee, Seongbae Park, Yoo C. Chung, Suhyun Kim, Kemal Ebcioglu, Erik Altman, Soo-mook Moon
2007 IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems  
This paper introduces LaTTe, an open-source Java JIT compiler that performs fast generation of efficiently register-mapped RISC code.  ...  Java just-in-time (JIT) compilers improve the performance of a Java virtual machine (JVM) by translating Java bytecode into native machine code on demand.  ...  So, the forward sweep at region C will generate an h_map more compatible with A's, which can reduce reconcilation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tpds.2007.253281 fatcat:pborflg7czbvph7lm2ndrphjki

Page 137 of Christian Quarterly Vol. 2, Issue 1 [page]

1870 Christian Quarterly  
, and of organic nature in particular, must be reconciled with the theistic conviction of the reality of a divine creation; the gross contra- diction between both must be removed by assuming a world that  ...  the small and insig- nificant, as germ, embryo, etc., but gradually developing, according to a fixed and imma- nent law, into many and various members, so that the manifold classes and kinds of organic  ... 

Object Oriented Approach for Integration of Heterogeneous Databases in a Multidatabase System and Local Schemas Modifications Propagation [article]

Mohammad Ghulam Ali
2009 arXiv   pre-print
A set of integration operators are defined to integrate local schemas based on the semantic relevance of their classes and to provide a model independent representation of virtual classes of the global  ...  Thus, the classes in the global schema are called virtual classes and the objects associated with the classes are called virtual objects.  ...  . 34 Generalization attributes of the virtual class are VC a = C1 a ∩ C2 a ∩ . . . . . ∩ Cn a and virtual objects of virtual class are VC o = C1 o Generalization Figure 5 .Employees 2 Figure 6 . 526  ... 
arXiv:0912.0603v1 fatcat:h3zqpu6mbnhf5dbzojgnbdoz7q

Page 29 of Journal of Thought Vol. 9, Issue 1 [page]

1974 Journal of Thought  
hand, a natural being attempting to reconcile himself with his ex- ternal environment.  ...  Coupled with Marx's theory of the primacy of the economic in so- ciety is his theory of class struggle, which developed out of his view of man as at once a natural and a social being.4 Man is, on the one  ... 

MIRSOFT: mediator for integrating and reconciling sources using ontological functional dependencies

Abdelghani Bakhtouchi, Ladjel Bellatreche, Stéphane Jean, Yamine Ait Ameur
2012 International Journal of Web and Grid Services  
In this paper, we propose a methodology integrating sources referencing shared domain ontology enriched with functional dependencies (FD).  ...  The second category of FD involves dependency between classes. Two types are distinguished: • FD with a single class in the left part • FD with several classes in the left part.  ...  2 [K R ] ⇒ Reconcile(i 1 , i 2 ).  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijwgs.2012.046731 fatcat:bwoti4filjdqndrp7kpjxunwti

Page 634 of Harvard Law Review Vol. 24, Issue 8 [page]

1911 Harvard Law Review  
Indeed, the generalization must have occurred to the reader that all businesses which have a virtual monopoly firmly established in the nature of things, are so affected with a public interest as to be  ...  Socialism would destroy all private interests in the name of the public; regulation would preserve private interests by reconciling them with public right.  ... 
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