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Page 371 of Cobbett's Weekly Political Register Vol. 78, Issue 6 [page]

1832 Cobbett's Weekly Political Register  
as a countryman © Scotland had reason (0 cae as 8 (cheers) ; but it was erang st parliamentary reformer ‘nto » wa parliamentary reformer, Mr. } Wm: proud 4 slighted nothing) that this meeting delight  ...  Fox, | the progress was next to matter of course in an honest reasoner, to Sir Francis Burdett and Major Cartwright.  ... 

Page 733 of Cobbett's Weekly Political Register Vol. 73, Issue 12 [page]

1831 Cobbett's Weekly Political Register  
They ™ 7 he guilty of the crime (for such it 1s ots dered on the other side) of being fayoura - liberal polities ; but they have never <4 any decided part in party polities, and © oue of them is there  ...  EE pe Lord Joun Russett said—the reason why certain Members of Parliameut have been placed vpon the Commission is, that when a report is to be made, which must be laid be- fore both Houses of Parliament  ... 

Page 391 of Notes and Queries Vol. 4, Issue 98 [page]

1905 Notes and Queries  
Much fuller information as to the trade will be found in ‘Rariora,’ vol. i. pp. 101-2, and in S. Williamson’s work on ‘Trade Tokens,’ i. 803-4. J. Error HopcKIn.  ...  The piece-broker was, there seems little reason to doubt, the dealer in pvreces or bales of woollen cloth, which, according to the statute of 5 & 6 Edward VL., had to be packed in a particular way, and  ... 

Page 170 of Respiratory Medicine Vol. 16, Issue 4 [page]

1922 Respiratory Medicine  
The warming and cheering influence of sunshine seems to me for this reason alone to be of paramount im- portance in the treatment of tuberculosis.  ...  to his cheerful outlook on life and to his vigour.  ... 

Page 930 of Military Service Institution of the United States. Journal of the Military Service Institution of the United States Vol. 12, Issue 53 [page]

1891 Military Service Institution of the United States. Journal of the Military Service Institution of the United States  
Cheers rolled along the lines in front of Richmond at the news of the projected march to the James, because it was said to be for the purpose of flanking the enemy and entering Richmond.  ...  The fugitives returning to their corps, rapidly replenished them. At 4 o'clock he ordered the advance and then routed the enemy and ended the campaign.  ... 

Page 428 of Cobbett's Weekly Political Register Vol. 78, Issue 7 [page]

1832 Cobbett's Weekly Political Register  
(Cheers.) In every place © he had gone to, he found he had been preceded | 4 by the most unfounded statements, not as to | > him individually, but as to his principles.  ...  (Cheers.) He had reason to believe, that-in nine cases out of ten, if uot in ten cases out of ten, he had given satisfaction.  ... 

Replication of Published Health Economic Obesity Models: Assessment of Facilitators, Hurdles and Reproduction Success

Björn Schwander, Mark Nuijten, Silvia Evers, Mickaël Hiligsmann
2021 PharmacoEconomics (Auckland)  
Model replications can help to assess the quality of health economic model documentation and can be used to validate current model reporting practices.  ...  Simple changes to actual CHEERS reporting criteria may solve identified replication hurdles.  ...  Here, the distance between the mean ICER estimates can be used to rate whether the result could be reproduced within a reasonable degree.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40273-021-01008-7 pmid:33751452 fatcat:m7aglvqbszcrvo7qooijbzwtn4

Page 242 of Drama; Or, Theatrical Pocket Magazine Vol. 4, Issue 5 [page]

1823 Drama; Or, Theatrical Pocket Magazine  
To memory for ever dear Will be each light heart-cheering part, And still the lay sounds in mine ear, When burst the hapless maniac’s heart.(1) . Yes!  ...  "T'was dreadful: thy keen agony, Thy infant’s grave, when bending o’er, Reason flash’d o’er thy brain to be Estranged more wholly than before. Farewell!  ... 

Page 575 of The American Ecclesiastical Review Vol. 85, Issue 6 [page]

1931 The American Ecclesiastical Review  
Ambrose and Clement of Alexander state that one should not even wait to be solicited, but seek out those who are to be helped and minister unto them in a cheerful manner, because the Lord loves a cheerful  ...  They know that sometimes it is very difficult to be certain, and for this reason they say that it is better to give than perchance to turn down a worthy poor man.  ... 

Page 225 of Cobbett's Weekly Political Register Vol. 76, Issue 4 [page]

1832 Cobbett's Weekly Political Register  
(Cheers.) 1 am prepared to endure the last extremitv— (cheers) — eternal banishment — (cheers) — death itself—(cheers)—rather than be the willing slave of a tyrannical, unprincipled, Tory administration  ...  If seven cities of an- cient Greece contended for the honour of hav- ing given birth to Homer, | think that seven Newcastle men out of eight would struggle hard to disclaim, on the part of their town,  ... 

Page 317 of Psychological Review Vol. 44, Issue 4 [page]

1937 Psychological Review  
The mood ratings have a reasonable degree of self- consistency on the part of individual subjects.  ...  CHEERFULNESS-DEPRESSION 317 tendency to be pleased by odors have no demonstrable relationship to each other.  ... 

Page 223 of Cobbett's Weekly Political Register Vol. 87, Issue 4 [page]

1835 Cobbett's Weekly Political Register  
(Loud and continued cheering). The lords will be swept, as it were, in a whirlwind before the breath of the fury of the people. (Tremendous cheer- ing).  ...  The lords will, no) doubt, submit to this general determi- nation on the part of the people ; but if they should not; if they should attempt to introduce military despotism, or to govern the country by  ... 

Page 306 of Port Folio Vol. 1, Issue 288 [page]

1826 Port Folio  
Some are, of course, born with cheerful minds; some become cheer-- ful by conversation with cheerful people, but for the most part they are cheerful by reason of their occupation.  ...  The church yard is a cheerful place: the earth- worm, by his move- ment, seems to be a cheerful animal: the flowers and verdure are objects and motives to cheerfulness; the epitaphs and emblems are inducements  ... 

Page 857 of The Lancet Vol. 1, Issue 395 [page]

1831 The Lancet  
Lt would be advis- | let us all combine and work together for the able that it should be obligatory on the part| attainment of one great and good end. of each FELLOW to contribute his mite | ( Cheers,  ...  (Loud|no reason on earth why we should allow cheers.) ‘Yherefor, those gentlemen who| them to repose in peace upon their couches are now in practice, whether as physicians, | of iniquity.  ... 

Page 91 of Niles' National Register Vol. 67, Issue 1724 [page]

1844 Niles' National Register  
—it 1s y pre- n anti- re, he Penn- » same which d sud- of his situa. it per- o have s left, out to e cho- uld he ’ those truly rotec- >w re- policy, urn to it into ration 4 said ht be what 1, and en he  ...  What does he say himself on this subject. 1 know ho reason why he should not be ‘believed. (Much laughter.) Idon’t go back to the ae em  ... 
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