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Evaluation of Six Night Vision Enhancement Systems: Qualitative and Quantitative Support for Intelligent Image Processing

Sascha Mahlke, Diana Rösler, Katharina Seifert, Josef F. Krems, Manfred Thüring
2007 Human Factors  
Ritter for many clarifying comments on an earlier draft of this paper. The comments of two anonymous reviewers and of Patricia R. DeLucia and John D.  ...  Near infrared sensor with mirror-based head-up display NI-MHU VW Touareg Far infrared sensor with automatic pedestrian recognition NVES Prototype  ...  The far infrared sensor has a larger spatial coverage than the near infrared sensor, but its image looks rather unfamiliar.  ... 
doi:10.1518/001872007x200148 pmid:17552314 fatcat:awo3w4lz5nfslne4vjwb22etwe

Visual Infrared Video Fusion for Night Vision using Background Estimation [article]

Anjali Malviya, S. G. Bhirud
2010 arXiv   pre-print
The infrared (IR) camera captures thermal image of object in night-time environment, when only limited visual information can be captured by RGB camera.  ...  The pedestrians, distinctly captured by IR video, are separated and fused with the RGB video.  ...  Thermal image of pedestrian in night-time envi- tions of the electromagnetic spectrum.  ... 
arXiv:1004.4459v1 fatcat:7ri5hkb72rdtfblgv5w45agohm

Sensor-Based Environmental Perception Technology for Intelligent Vehicles

Biyao Wang, Yi Han, Di Tian, Tian Guan, Haibin Lv
2021 Journal of Sensors  
Target detection, target recognition, and multisensor fusion are analyzed in the optimized part of sensor results.  ...  The functions of the intelligent vehicle assistance system which has been applied to the ground at present are described, and the lane detection, adaptive cruise control (ACC), and autonomous emergency  ...  system research more and more, the night vision system based on infrared sensor has many advantages [33] [34] [35] , embodied in the following aspects: (1) Infrared night vision system receives infrared  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/8199361 fatcat:hw4m3ikkhfcstl33nxmdcdcxzu

Thermal cameras and applications: a survey

Rikke Gade, Thomas B. Moeslund
2013 Machine Vision and Applications  
Thermal cameras are passive sensors that capture the infrared radiation emitted by all objects with a temperature above absolute zero.  ...  Applications include animals, agriculture, buildings, gas detection, industrial, and military applications, as well as detection, tracking, and recognition of humans.  ...  Image and Vision Computing 24(7), 727-742 (2006) 11. Benezeth, Y., Emile, B., Laurent, H., Rosenberger, C.: A real time human detection system based on far infrared vision.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00138-013-0570-5 fatcat:pnln65h2ovcfrophfy2eijcbue

Fast Pedestrian Recognition Based on Multisensor Fusion

Hongyu Hu, Zhaowei Qu, Zhihui Li, Jinhui Hu, Fulu Wei
2012 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
A fast pedestrian recognition algorithm based on multisensor fusion is presented in this paper.  ...  For avoiding time consuming in the training and recognition process caused by large numbers of feature vector dimensions, region of interest-based integral histograms of oriented gradients (ROI-IHOG) feature  ...  This paper aims to propose a real time pedestrian recognition algorithm based on laser scanner and vision information fusion.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2012/318305 fatcat:zauxppdvjfatpbzqtjmqdsgnzi

Contrast invariant features for human detection in far infrared images

Daniel Olmeda, Arturo de la Escalera, Jose Maria Armingol
2012 2012 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium  
Contrast in infrared images depends on the temperature of the object and the background, which makes gradient based descriptors less robust, especially in daylight conditions.  ...  The objective is to obtain a scale, brightness and contrast invariant descriptor that can successfully detect pedestrians in images taken with a cheap, temperature-sensitive, uncooled microbolometer.  ...  Figures 4 contains far infrared images of pedestrians and background shot at different circumstances.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ivs.2012.6232242 dblp:conf/ivs/OlmedaEA12 fatcat:fvca2wqgazdtrnf22no6hqam3y

Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images for Robust Person Detection [chapter]

Thi Thi, Hideya Takahashi, Takashi Toriu, Hiromitsu Ham
2011 Image Fusion  
Meanwhile IR camera, that is IR sensor, captures thermal image of object. Thermal image of pedestrian in night-time environment can be seen clearly in IR video sequence used for this work.  ...  Robust person detection in far infrared images Here, we propose two novel methods for robust person detection in Far Infrared (FIR) images.  ...  Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images for Robust Person Detection, Image Fusion, Osamu Ukimura (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-679-9, InTech, Available from:  ... 
doi:10.5772/14173 fatcat:w3p7g57ayzhqtbelw3barwrbfu

Pedestrian Street-Cross Action Recognition in Monocular Far Infrared Sequences

Raluca Didona Brehar, Mircea Paul Muresan, Tiberiu Marita, Cristian-Cosmin Vancea, Mihai Negru, Sergiu Nedevschi
2021 IEEE Access  
Far infrared sensors are suitable for night driving situations.  ...  The work on cross action recognition is based on pedestrian detection algorithms, which rely on benchmark datasets for infrared images.  ...  TIBERIU MARIŢA has an experience of over 20 years of research in the field of computer vision, targeting the following topics: camera calibration, real time applications for driving assistance and medical  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3080822 fatcat:etxu375vcvdjneygxkp766hhdq

Camera-Based Automotive Systems [chapter]

Massimo Bertozzi, Luca Bombini, Alberto Broggi, Paolo Grisleri, Pier Paolo Porta
2009 Smart Cameras  
At that time the main impeding factor was the limited processing power available for real-time image analysis.  ...  Fig. 18 . 18 11 Reflection of a wet surface for far-infrared radiations the FIR domain and produces ghost pedestrians in the acquired image.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4419-0953-4_18 fatcat:73fxfwxsmvhrfmis43hgisad5m

Improved Human Detection with a Fusion of Laser Scanner and Vision/Infrared Information for Mobile Applications

Sebastian Budzan, Roman Wyżgolik, Witold Ilewicz
2018 Applied Sciences  
This paper presents a method for human detection using a laser scanner with vision or infrared images.  ...  The authors conducted a set of experiments in predefined scenarios, discussed the identified weakness and advantages of the proposed method, and outlined detailed future work, especially for night-time  ...  Classification is based on the cascade of boosted classifiers based on Haar wavelets. A method of night-time pedestrian detection using far-infrared camera has been presented in Reference [38] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/app8101967 fatcat:ef4rk73udvccfmo5qnc6s4ebwq

SWIR images evaluation for pedestrian detection in clear visibility conditions

Alina Miron, Abdelaziz Bensrhair, Rean I. Fedriga, Alberto Broggi
2013 16th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2013)  
While the problem has been thoroughly studied from a visible, mid-wave infrared and far-wave infrared cameras perspective, little attention has been paid to the short-wave infrared spectrum.  ...  and yields one of the advantages of the short-waves, namely object or individual identification.  ...  to Near InfraRed wavelengths (NIR) or thermal cameras sensible to the Far InfraRed ones (FIR).  ... 
doi:10.1109/itsc.2013.6728257 dblp:conf/itsc/MironBFB13 fatcat:7ntu7imhp5hfnogf5owrcmnsbq

Sparse Representation based Target Detection in Infrared Image

Shujuan Gao, Insuk Kim, Seong Tae Jhang
2013 International Journal of Energy Information and Communications  
To deal with the low contrast noises when tracking targets in infrared images, an algorithm based on sparse representation model is proposed which inspired from a visual surveillance system [7] .  ...  Based on the framework of Bayesian filter, target is expressed by sparse representation.  ...  Currently, in our work a real-time target detection based on infrared camera system is under development.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijeic.2013.4.6.03 fatcat:ao5oge6axfftxitadvrqmebez4

A Pedestrian Detector Using Histograms of Oriented Gradients and a Support Vector Machine Classifier

M. Bertozzi, A. Broggi, M. Del Rose, M. Felisa, A. Rakotomamonjy, F. Suard
2007 2007 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference  
The complete system is based on the use of both visible and far infrared cameras; in an initial phase it produces a list of areas of attention in the images which can contain pedestrians.  ...  This paper details filtering subsystem for a tetravision based pedestrian detection system.  ...  The whole architecture is based on the simultaneous use of two far infrared and two daylight cameras.  ... 
doi:10.1109/itsc.2007.4357692 dblp:conf/itsc/BertozziBRFRS07 fatcat:alow2qa2ujfgno4xbmt3p7o2lu

Imaging sensor technology for intelligent vehicle active safety and driver assistant systems

Bakhtiar B. Litkouhi, Yuri Owechko, Vikas Kukshya, Rajesh Rajavel
2012 International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems  
intravehicular wireless communications and networking, software-defi ned-radios, and advanced analog-and digital-signal-processing for real-time hyperspectral target detection, real-time radar based tracking  ...  On the other hand, inexpensive vision sensors can capture the scene image in high spatial resolution and a wide fi eld of view, which makes them ideal for object recognition and lane following under most  ...  There has been considerable interest in combining visible, short-, mid-wave-and long-wave-infrared imagery in real-time to produce an enhanced image displayed on a monitor to provide enhanced situational  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijvas.2012.051247 fatcat:dqwxovvtrvhxlmg6fve2cnueky

A multiple detector approach to low-resolution FIR pedestrian recognition

M. Mahlisch, M. Oberlander, O. Lohlein, D. Gavrila, W. Ritter
2005 IEEE Proceedings. Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2005.  
Each algorithm is evaluated separately and afterwards, based on the evaluation results, the fusion of the detection results is performed by a particle filter approach.  ...  In this paper we present a recognition scheme which is both reliable and fast.  ...  We ourselves focused on FIR pixel classification so far [6] . An overview on detection features for infrared data is given in [7] . For a general overview of recent pedestrian systems see [8] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/ivs.2005.1505123 fatcat:gmacv5sn3rbyndiytbgguw5wvm
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