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Real-Time Measurements of Ultrafast Instabilities in Nonlinear Fiber Optics: Recent Advances

John M. Dudley, Piotr Ryczkowski, Mikko Narhi, Cyril Billet, Jean-Marc Merolla, Coraline Lapre, Fanchao Meng, Pierre-Ambroise Lacourt, Goery Genty
2019 2019 21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON)  
Recent years have seen renewed interest in the study of nonlinear fibre laser and propagation dynamics through the use of real-time measurement techniques for non-repetitive ultrafast optical signals.  ...  In this paper we review our recent work in this field using dispersive Fourier Transform and Time Lens techniques.  ...  INTRODUCTION The past few years have seen spectacular progress in the field of real-time measurement of non-repetitive ultrafast optical signals.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icton.2019.8840476 fatcat:dzipcd5r2jbc7dmb44ipuqzfgi

Recent progress on optical rogue waves in fiber lasers: status, challenges, and perspectives

Yufeng Song, Zhenhong Wang, Cong Wang, Krassimir Panajotov, Han Zhang
2020 Advanced Photonics  
Fiber lasers with their abundant nonlinear dynamics provide an ideal platform to observe optical RW formation. We review recent research progress on rogue waves in fiber lasers.  ...  The measurement methods for RW identification in fiber lasers are presented and analyzed. Finally, prospects for future RW research in fiber lasers are summarized.  ...  By using the time-stretching method, Fourier transform of optical pulses can be monitored in real time. In other words, one can measure the optical spectrum of optical pulses in real time.  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.ap.2.2.024001 fatcat:nwpykkzv3ncxhgmdbqwuoa445i

Recent advances on hybrid integration of 2D materials on integrated optics platforms

Qijie Ma, Guanghui Ren, Arnan Mitchell, Jian Zhen Ou
2020 Nanophotonics  
In this paper, we present the recent advances of hybrid integration of a wide range of 2D materials on integrated optics platforms for developing high-performance photodetectors, modulators, lasers, and  ...  nonlinear optics.  ...  Acknowledgements: The authors acknowledge the generous support of the Australian Research Council (DP150101336, CE170100039 and DE160100715).  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2019-0565 fatcat:nua47gwhdfdphcd4amdddue6du

Recent advances of MXene saturable absorber for near-infrared mode-locked fiber laser [article]

Kuen Yao Lau
2021 arXiv   pre-print
In particular, the research effort contributed to MXene in nonlinear ul-trafast optics are extensively growing because MXene comprises one of the largest families in 2D nanomaterials that provides huge  ...  absorber in near-infrared mode-locked fiber laser.  ...  Author contributions All authors have accepted responsibilities for the entire content of this manuscript and approved its submission.  ... 
arXiv:2109.13011v1 fatcat:hlegobmzqjesdnmtxxm7duniwu

Roadmap on ultrafast optics

Derryck T Reid, Christoph M Heyl, Robert R Thomson, Rick Trebino, Günter Steinmeyer, Helen H Fielding, Ronald Holzwarth, Zhigang Zhang, Pascal Del'Haye, Thomas Südmeyer, Gérard Mourou, Toshiki Tajima (+3 others)
2016 Journal of Optics  
accurately characterise the field of ultrafast pulses simultaneously in space and time.  ...  In recognition of such a milestone, this roadmap on Ultrafast Optics draws together articles from some of the key opinion leaders in the field to provide a freeze-frame of the state-of-the-art, while also  ...  Acknowledgements I would like to thank the comb teams with all current and former members at MPQ and Menlo for many exciting and stimulating years of joint work.  ... 
doi:10.1088/2040-8978/18/9/093006 fatcat:4u2hd3qrvngkvcksm3m2jpjq4i

Megahertz all-optical swept-source optical coherence tomography based on broadband amplified optical time-stretch

Jingjiang Xu, Chi Zhang, Jianbing Xu, K. K. Y. Wong, K. K. Tsia
2014 Optics Letters  
Our AOT-OCT system is thus able to, for the first time to the best of our knowledge, perform time-stretch-based OCT of biological tissue in vivo.  ...  to apply optical time-stretch to OCT.  ...  The work in this Letter is partially supported by grants from the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (HKU 717212E, HKU 717510E, HKU 717911E, and HKU 720112E), and  ... 
doi:10.1364/ol.39.000622 pmid:24487881 fatcat:k2b2qk4irbhtjnegqcnhgyysri

Ultrafast Optics 2017

Alan R. Fry, Christophe Dorrer, Günter Steinmeyer, Charles G. Durfee
2018 Ultrafast Optics 2017  
A unique citation identifier (CID) number is assigned to each article at the time of publication.  ...  Publication of record for individual papers is online in the SPIE Digital Library. Paper Numbering: Proceedings of SPIE follow an e-First publication model.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We acknowledge the help of our colleagues of the POLARIS group at the Institute for Optics and Quantum Electronics in Jena who kindly provided us with the Amplitude Technologies Sequoia  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2310152 fatcat:6l5y3im26bhmtb3sei47fjrjiq

Biomedical optics applications of advanced lasers and nonlinear optics

2020 Journal of Biomedical Optics  
We review some recent advances in the area of development coherent radiation sources in the infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), and terahertz (THz) regimes.  ...  Advances in coherent radiation sources in the IR, UV, and THz regimes have created new opportunities for biomedical optics research.  ...  from noise due to nonlinear effects in the fiber including source laser instability and soliton fission.  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.jbo.25.4.040902 pmid:32329266 pmcid:PMC7177183 fatcat:xckuef3p4bfdhhlszgrtt6eheu

Real-Time Observation of Internal Motion within Ultrafast Dissipative Optical Soliton Molecules

Katarzyna Krupa, K. Nithyanandan, Ugo Andral, Patrice Tchofo-Dinda, Philippe Grelu
2017 Physical Review Letters  
Real-time access to the internal ultrafast dynamics of complex dissipative optical systems opens new explorations of pulse-pulse interactions and dynamic patterns.  ...  We present the first direct experimental evidence of the internal motion of a dissipative optical soliton molecule generated in a passively modelocked erbium-doped fiber laser.  ...  instability to optical rogue waves and soliton explosions in ultrafast fiber lasers [25] [26] [27] .  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.118.243901 pmid:28665655 fatcat:lbc3t3m2qrbslbf7vjzeudgxwa

Advancing Fourier: space–time concepts in ultrafast optics, imaging, and photonic neural networks

Luc Froehly, François Courvoisier, Daniel Brunner, Laurent Larger, Fabrice Devaux, Eric Lantz, John M. Dudley, Maxime Jacquot
2019 Optical Society of America. Journal A: Optics, Image Science, and Vision  
, including the spatial shaping of complex laser beams in amplitude and in phase, real-time ultrafast measurements, novel ghost imaging techniques, and the development of parallel processing methodologies  ...  In this paper, we review a selection of results where applications of the Fourier transform and transfer functions in optics have been applied to yield significant advances in unexpected areas of optics  ...  Recent years have seen particular progress applying space-time concepts to develop experimental techniques to measure ultrafast spectral and temporal instabilities in real-time, and such methods are rapidly  ... 
doi:10.1364/josaa.36.000c69 pmid:31873701 fatcat:7jdr6mjzmvdezmirte52qo77o4

Roadmap on optical rogue waves and extreme events

Nail Akhmediev, Bertrand Kibler, Fabio Baronio, Milivoj Belić, Wei-Ping Zhong, Yiqi Zhang, Wonkeun Chang, Jose M Soto-Crespo, Peter Vouzas, Philippe Grelu, Caroline Lecaplain, K Hammani (+26 others)
2016 Journal of Optics  
After all, rogue waves may appear for a multiplicity of reasons and not necessarily only in optical fibers and not only in the process of supercontinuum generation.  ...  We know by now that rogue waves may be generated by lasers, appear in wide aperture cavities, in plasmas and in a variety of other optical systems.  ...  Acknowledgments and funding information Acknowledgments and funding information This work has been supported in part by the Spanish MINECO (FIS2015-66503-C3-2-P) and ICREA ACADEMIA.  ... 
doi:10.1088/2040-8978/18/6/063001 fatcat:fz3zxhx5yve5zck2pbhy6zye3i

Ultrafast measurements of optical spectral coherence by single-shot time-stretch interferometry

Yiqing Xu, Xiaoming Wei, Zhibo Ren, Kenneth K. Y. Wong, Kevin K. Tsia
2016 Scientific Reports  
To date, there is apparently a missing element in the optical time stretch technique that enables ultrafast broadband phase variation measurements in real-time.  ...  in real-time.  ...  optical ultrafast lasers as well as nonlinear optical effects, such as rogue wave formation 5 , modulation instability 31 , solitonic dynamics 34 , as well as optical turbulence and chaotic behaviors  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep27937 pmid:27295560 pmcid:PMC4904794 fatcat:2jpstvwbefh65np4o4hqgxehq4

Real-time observation of the optical Sagnac effect in ultrafast bidirectional fibre lasers

M. Chernysheva, S. Sugavanam, S. Turitsyn
2020 APL Photonics  
Here, we demonstrate the novel approach to the optical Sagnac effect visualization by applying real-time spatio-temporal intensity processing and time-resolved spectral domain measurements of ultrashort  ...  Despite the ultrafast nature of ultrashort pulse generation, the interrogation of the Sagnac effect relies on highly averaging measurement methods.  ...  The availability of ultrafast detectors and high-resolution real-time oscilloscopes has yielded a multitude of novel, real-time methodologies for studying ultrafast laser dynamics in both the intensity  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.5121723 fatcat:lvnazbotlbbkfbetapcnlrnrrq

Optical frequency combs: From frequency metrology to optical phase control

Jun Ye, H. Schnatz, L.W. Hollberg
2003 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics  
Using this understanding, applications in optical-frequency metrology and synthesis and optical atomic clocks are discussed. This is followed by discussions of time-domain experiments.  ...  The merging of continuous wave laser-based precision optical-frequency metrology with mode-locked ultrafast lasers has led to precision control of the visible and near-infrared frequency spectrum produced  ...  just as dramatic advances in the time domain as it has in optical-frequency metrology and optical clocks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstqe.2003.819109 fatcat:q2mqfr72bjd5dlsdraprj4kiie

Single-shot ultrafast optical imaging

Jinyang Liang, Lihong V. Wang
2018 Optica  
In this mini-review, we survey comprehensively the state-of-the-art single-shot ultrafast optical imaging.  ...  Finally, we envision prospects of technical advancement in this field.  ...  The recent advances in ultrafast electronics have enabled interframe time intervals as short as 10 ps and a gate time of 200 ps [80] .  ... 
doi:10.1364/optica.5.001113 pmid:30820445 pmcid:PMC6388706 fatcat:m7malqacbjazvccu3d4dyl62uu
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