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Real-time CORBA

B. Thuraisingham, P. Kortmann, R. Johnson, G. Cooper, L.C. DiPippo, V. Fay-Wolfe
2000 IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems  
This paper presents a survey of results in developing Real-Time CORBA, a standard for real-time management of distributed objects.  ...  The paper includes background on two areas that have been combined to realize Real-Time CORBA: the CORBA standards that have been produced by the international Object Management Group; and techniques for  ...  Many people have contributed indirectly to this paper due to their ground-breaking work in developing Real-Time CORBA; we mention some of them here.  ... 
doi:10.1109/71.888646 fatcat:zfom5vtvl5d65ccr5ubsoi533u

Real-Time CORBA Middleware [chapter]

Arvind S. Krishna, Douglas C. Schmidt, Raymond Klefstad, Angelo Corsaro
2005 Middleware for Communications  
Although Real-time CORBA offers substantial benefits, and the Real-time CORBA 1.0 specification was integrated into the OMG standard several years ago, it has not been universally adopted by DRE application  ...  When combined with a quality real-time OS foundation, well-tuned implementations of Real-time CORBA can meet the QoS needs of DRE systems and, at the same time, offer the development benefits of middleware  ...  TAO is compliant with most of the CORBA 3.0 specification Obj (2002c), and supports Real-time CORBA 1.0 and portions of Real-time CORBA 2.0.  ... 
doi:10.1002/0470862084.ch17 fatcat:qkyenmj7vvfz7bc5lt4gza6sxq

Enhancing real-time CORBA via real-time Java features

A.S. Krishna, D.C. Schmidt, R. Klefstad
2004 24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2004. Proceedings.  
Real-time CORBA does not currently leverage key RTSJ features, such as scoped memory and real-time threads.  ...  Our results show that use of RTSJ features can considerably improve the predictability of DRE applications written using Real-time CORBA and Real-time Java.  ...  Our results show that effective use of RTSJ features to implement Real-time CORBA can considerably improve the predictability of DRE applications written using Real-time CORBA and Java.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdcs.2004.1281569 dblp:conf/icdcs/KrishnaSK04 fatcat:vj2rs32ngfgxzersmkr5rwpqqq

Towards Real-Time Fault-Tolerant CORBA Middleware

Aniruddha S. Gokhale, Balachandran Natarajan, Douglas C. Schmidt, Joseph K. Cross
2004 Cluster Computing  
processing in real-time [8, 9].  ...  The Object Management Group (OMG), which standardizes CORBA, has addressed many of these application requirements individually in the Real-time CORBA (RT-CORBA) and Fault-tolerant CORBA (FT-CORBA) specifications  ...  The CORBA [1] standard addresses many of these challenges via the following specifications: Real-time CORBA (RT-CORBA).  ... 
doi:10.1023/b:clus.0000039493.73008.13 fatcat:3chjgnjovfeqpemwvxu7wvvwwq

Resource virtualization in real-time CORBA middleware

Christopher D. Gill
2006 Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Hardware/software codesign and system synthesis - CODES+ISSS '06  
This paper describes several examples of real-time CORBA middleware and examines how different constraints impact the way in which resources are virtualized in each case.  ...  Providing such a consistent virtualization in distributed real-time and embedded systems becomes increasingly challenging due to application constraints such as timeliness and resource constraints such  ...  Real-time CORBA 1.0 specification [40] vs. dynamically scheduled (deadline, laxity, utility, etc. based) systems supported by the Real-time CORBA 1.2 (briefly called 2.0) specification [38] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1176254.1176299 dblp:conf/codes/Gill06 fatcat:t2iygl7vwngvheppkc5vintcce

MEAD: support for Real-Time Fault-Tolerant CORBA

P. Narasimhan, T. A. Dumitraş, A. M. Paulos, S. M. Pertet, C. F. Reverte, J. G. Slember, D. Srivastava
2005 Concurrency and Computation  
The OMG's Real-Time CORBA (RT-CORBA) and Fault-Tolerant CORBA (FT-CORBA) specifications make it possible for today's CORBA implementations to exhibit either real-time or fault tolerance in isolation.  ...  The rest of this section outlines the real-time versus fault-tolerance issues for CORBA applications.  ...  Exper. 2005; 17:1527-1545 MEAD: REAL-TIME FAULT-TOLERANT CORBA MEAD: REAL-TIME FAULT-TOLERANT CORBA  ... 
doi:10.1002/cpe.882 fatcat:mvnh3g7e4vatphkfd6tw5hf36e

An overview of the Real-Time CORBA specification

D.G. Schmidt, F. Kuhns
2000 Computer  
This article describes how the OMG's Real-time CORBA specification defines standard policies and mechanisms that permit the specification and enforcement of end-to-end QoS.  ...  To be an effective platform for performance-sensitive real-time systems, distributed object computing middleware must support application quality of service (QoS) requirements end-toend.  ...  Overview of Real-time CORBA The Real-time CORBA (RT-CORBA) 1.0 specification defines standard features that support end-to-end predictability for operations in fixed-priority CORBA applications.  ... 
doi:10.1109/2.846319 fatcat:h6mukqkfa5cpdltbchx45ppvuy

Telerobotic systems design based on real-time CORBA

Michele Amoretti, Stefano Bottazzi, Stefano Caselli, Monica Reggiani
2005 Journal of Robotic Systems  
We show that Real-Time CORBA extensions and asynchronous method invocation of CORBA services can be relied upon to meet performance and functional requirements, thereby enabling teleoperation on local  ...  component-based development, software reuse, low development cost, fully portable real-time and communication support.  ...  Real-Time CORBA features could not be used because a bug in the current TAO release makes its real-time features incompatible with SSLIOP.  ... 
doi:10.1002/rob.20058 fatcat:eifpbh53wbhmvazaf6wbz6myn4

An Adaptive Scheduling Service for Real-Time CORBA [chapter]

Alexandre Cervieri, Rômulo Silva de Oliveira, Cláudio F. Resin Geyer
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
It has also been used with distributed real-time applications, through its extension for real-time systems, RT-CORBA.  ...  RT-CORBA mechanisms can also be used to improve the timing behavior of soft real-time applications, when the lower layers are not able to provide guarantees.  ...  RT-CORBA considers mainly real-time systems based on fixed priorities.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-36124-3_58 fatcat:d3edaadktzfslptgcfahofpho4

Measuring OS support for real-time CORBA ORBs

Levine, Flores-Gaitan, Gill, Schmidt
1999 Engineering Solutions for the Next Millennium 1999 IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cat No 99TH8411) CCECE-99  
real-time ORB middleware.  ...  Both LynxOS and VxWorks do enable predictable and efficient ORB performance, however, thereby making them suitable as OS platforms for real-time CORBA applications.  ...  Real-time I/O subsystem: TAO's real-time I/O subsystem [8] extends support for CORBA into the OS.  ... 
doi:10.1109/words.1999.806555 dblp:conf/words/LevineFGS99 fatcat:xiz4g3oaczgahb3agq6axvqi4m

RapidSched: static scheduling and analysis for real-time CORBA

Wolfe, DiPippo, Bethmag, Cooper, Johnston, Kortmann, Watson, Wohlever
1999 Engineering Solutions for the Next Millennium 1999 IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cat No 99TH8411) CCECE-99  
This paper presents a real-time CORBA Scheduling Service called RapidSched.  ...  RapidSched is integrated with an enhanced version of the PERTS real-time analysis tool.  ...  The real-time SIG recently put out a request for proposals seeking static real-time scheduling in a real-time CORBA framework [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/words.1999.806558 dblp:conf/words/WolfeDBCJKWW99 fatcat:pie2poz5jvar5bjppszga5nonq

Techniques for enhancing real-time CORBA quality of service

I. Pyarali, D.C. Schmidt, R.K. Cytron
2003 Proceedings of the IEEE  
This paper provides two contributions to the study of Real-time CORBA middleware for DRE applications.  ...  The empirical results in this paper are conducted using TAO, which is widely used and open-source DRE middleware compliant with the Real-time CORBA specification.  ...  work in classic CORBA; 8) increasing best-effort work in Real-time CORBA with lanes; 9) increasing workload in Real-time CORBA without lanes.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jproc.2003.814616 fatcat:fh7oe65ehvcalcfbhlasq6st4q

The Design and Performance of a Real-Time CORBA Scheduling Service [chapter]

Christopher D. Gill, David L. Levine, Douglas C. Schmidt
2001 Challenges in Design and Implementation of Middlewares for Real-Time Systems  
This paper presents three contributions to the study of real-time CORBA operation scheduling strategies.  ...  However, conventional CORBA middleware does not define standard features to dynamically schedule operations for applications that possess deterministic and/or statistical real-time requirements.  ...  Real-time I/O subsystem: TAO's real-time I/O subsystem [22] extends support for CORBA into the OS.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4615-1695-8_2 fatcat:t34rfj73grfj7oyal5djxahea4

Expressing and Enforcing Timing Constraints in a Dynamic Real-Time CORBA System [chapter]

Victor Fay Wolfe, Lisa Cingiser Dipippo, Roman Ginis, Michael Squadrito, Steven Wohlever, Igor Zykh, Russell Johnston
1999 Operating Systems and Services  
Distributed real-time applications have presented the need to extend the Object Management Group's Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA standard to support real-time.  ...  This paper describes a Dynamic Real-Time CORBA system, which supports the expression and enforcement of end-to-end timing constraints as an extension to a commercial CORBA system.  ...  We also thank the members of the OMG Real-Time Special Interest Group for their dedicated and sound work in deriving the Real-Time CORBA speci cation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4615-5041-9_5 fatcat:wsn3vo7qqzhe7orseapoxbjrai

Evaluating and Optimizing Thread Pool Strategies for Real-Time CORBA

Irfan Pyarali, Marina Spivak, Ron Cytron, Douglas C. Schmidt
2001 Proceedings of the 2001 ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Optimization of middleware and distributed systems - OM '01  
To facilitate this common requirement, the Real-Time CORBA (RT-CORBA) specification defines standard middleware features that support end-to-end predictability for operations in such applications.  ...  Strict control over the scheduling and execution of processor resources is essential for many fixed-priority real-time applications.  ...  TAO differs from TMO in that TAO provides a complete CORBA ORB, as well as CORBA ORB services and real-time extensions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/384198.384226 fatcat:owvfeovibfafhe55w3w4befywi
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