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Reactive hypoglycemia. Mechanisms and management

1971 California medicine  
The pathogenetic mechanisms and management of these responses are quite different. "Early" Hypoglycemia.  ...  -Patterns of Reactive Hypoglycemia: Reactive hypoglycemia with reactive hyperinsulinism (a,b,c,d).Reactive hypoglycemia with normal insulin response (e,f).  ... 
pmid:5087880 pmcid:PMC1501997 fatcat:5b3z4rm6xjabrpn4ikvxgmepie

Mechanically Induced Reactivity of Solids

Ursula Steinike, Hans-Peter Hennig
1992 Kona : Powder and Particle  
The action of mechanical energy on solids effects changes to their structure. The resulting structural defects lead to a storage of energy in the solid, which may raise its chemical reactivity.  ...  Investigations on the mechanically induced reactivity of solids have been carried out with the specific aim of influencing reaction processes in order to obtain high yields, high reaction velocities or  ...  The reactivity of solids may often be considerably enhanced by mechanical treatment.  ... 
doi:10.14356/kona.1992007 fatcat:egog2vuqcraqdcizavdinkkf5i

DNA Hydrolysis: Mechanism and Reactivity [chapter]

N. H. Williams
2004 Nucleic acids and molecular biology  
Mechanism Before we can usefully consider the data concerning reactivity, especially with a view to understanding (and directing the design of) catalysts, we need to consider the mechanism(s) of hydrolysis  ...  This scheme does not cover all the plausible mechanisms that can be proposed, but illustrates that a complex series of tautomers are involved in many cases and to provide a framework for the reactivity  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-18510-6_2 fatcat:6sz6fz6tindixpgm7d5fkryaie

Mechanically Induced Reactivity of ZnFe2O4

Vladimir Sepelák V., K. Jancke, J. Richter-Mendau, Ursula Steinike, Doris-Christiane Uecker, A. Yu. Rogachev
1994 Kona : Powder and Particle  
The formation of the inverse spinel structure as well as the breakage of particle size lead to an essential increase of reactivity in the reaction with H2S.  ...  With the mechanically induced degree of inversion the decomposition temperature of ZnFe204 is strongly diminished.  ...  Based on the knowledge of mechanically induced changes in the structure, physical properties and chemical reactivity of zinc ferrite in the process of its leaching, the influence of the mechanical activation  ... 
doi:10.14356/kona.1994015 fatcat:spiqwk4xsjd2lbays7rdalox5i

Quantum Mechanical Investigations of Organocatalysis: Mechanisms, Reactivities, and Selectivities

Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong, Claude Y. Legault, Joann M. Um, Nihan Çelebi-Ölçüm, K. N. Houk
2011 Chemical Reviews  
acetic anhydride and least reactive pivalic anhydride.  ...  /molecular mechanic (QM/ MM) approaches were used to investigate the mechanism.  ... 
doi:10.1021/cr100212h pmid:21707120 pmcid:PMC3154597 fatcat:gid7fjyuyzgqpppl6znsvyl2cy

Octahedral substitution mechanisms and reactive intermediates

A. M. Sargeson
1973 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
This species is especially reactive.  ...  However, this does not require the trans deprotonated reactant to be the reactive species.  ... 
doi:10.1351/pac197333040527 fatcat:k24rofv2prf6romis4iykm4sm4

Understanding Brain Mechanisms of Reactive Aggression

Katja Bertsch, Julian Florange, Sabine C. Herpertz
2020 Current Psychiatry Reports  
Purpose of Review To review the current literature on biobehavioral mechanisms involved in reactive aggression in a transdiagnostic approach.  ...  Summary A better understanding of the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms involved in reactive aggression may pave the way for specific mechanism-based treatments, involving biological or psychotherapeutic  ...  specific psychological and neural mechanisms of reactive aggression.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11920-020-01208-6 pmid:33180230 fatcat:yqb3nuogwreilc26xzlka7zc6u


2011 International Journal of Modern Physics C  
We implement in a reactive programming framework a simulation of three aspects of quantum mechanics: self-interference, state superposition, and entanglement.  ...  The implementation shows how a simulation of fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics can be obtained from the synchronous parallel combination of a small number of elementary components.  ...  Actually, it presents a simulation intended to reflect three rather intriguing aspects of Quantum Mechanics (QM): 1.  ... 
doi:10.1142/s0129183111016506 fatcat:oggye5z7vfcq7lafiplk3af3uu


1973 Coordination Chemistry–XIV  
However, this does not require the trans deprotonated reactant tobe the reactive species.  ...  Thelack ofdiscriminationindicates thatthe [Co(NH 3 ) 5 ] 3 + intermediate is especially reactive.  ...  However [Fe(CN) 6 addition the Cr moiety is much more reactive than Co and this implies some participation by the d-orbitals 94 .  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-408-70470-0.50008-6 fatcat:4xv77zrusnblxewwsruvtvgu3y

Reactivity and mechanism in organogold chemistry

R. J. Puddephatt
1977 Gold Bulletin  
The factors influencing the reactivity of organic molecules are well understood through detailed studies of organic reaction mechanisms.  ...  The mechanisms of very few organometallic reactions are known in the same detail and, as a result, our understanding of the factors influencing the reactivity of organometallic compounds leaves much to  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03215442 fatcat:d5udo3ktsbapvipykt4okxpt2i

Mechanisms Governing Metastatic Dormancy and Reactivation

Filippo G. Giancotti
2013 Cell  
Their entry into dormancy and subsequent reactivation are governed by intrinsic programs and by contextual cues, which resemble those regulating the self-renewal capability of adult stem cells.  ...  In spite of significant remaining uncertainties, these findings provide a framework to understand the logic of metastatic dormancy and reactivation and open new avenues for therapeutic intervention.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am indebted to Hua Gao, who spearheaded research on metastatic dormancy and reactivation in my laboratory; to all the participants in the Cancer Cell Biology Work-in-Progress meetings  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cell.2013.10.029 pmid:24209616 pmcid:PMC4354734 fatcat:wbh5h27bczhetcjalvmp56otxi

Quantum mechanical models for organometallic reactivity

A. L. Tchougr�eff
1996 International Journal of Quantum Chemistry  
We propose here a quantum mechanical framework for analysis of effects of coordination on the reactivity and give several examples of qualitative energy profiles for reactions in the ligand spheres of  ...  = A general scheme for theoretical treatment of organometallic reactivity is proposed.  ...  In our analysis of a complex problem of organometallic reactivity we turned to the basic principles of analysis of the complex systems adopted in quantum mechanics.  ... 
doi:10.1002/(sici)1097-461x(1996)58:1<67::aid-qua8>;2-w fatcat:rteibt3mwvb6dlp3ryzughydg4

Reactive Mechanism of Cognitive Control System

Y. Morishima, J. Okuda, K. Sakai
2010 Cerebral Cortex  
However, this proactive control mechanism cannot always optimize the network state because of intrinsic fluctuation of neural activity upon arrival of sensory information.  ...  However, this proactive control mechanism cannot always optimize the network state because of intrinsic fluctuation of neural activity upon arrival of sensory information.  ...  In contrast to the proactive mechanism for conflict resolution, we call this sensory-driven mechanism a reactive mechanism for conflict resolution (Braver et al. 2003; Bunge 2004) .  ... 
doi:10.1093/cercor/bhq013 pmid:20154012 fatcat:totdijgyxnfmdiwuxiuv5522fa

Application of a chemical reactivity database to predict toxicity for reactive mechanisms

JAH Schwöbel, JC Madden, MTD Cronin
2011 Journal of Cheminformatics  
These experimental reactivity data were linked to the computational prediction of reactive mechanisms for different modes of toxic action (e.g. acute aquatic toxicity), at which the results indicated that  ...  This could be applied for screening purposes based on structural information and the reactivity data could be used to elucidate mechanisms of toxic effects.  ...  These experimental reactivity data were linked to the computational prediction of reactive mechanisms for different modes of toxic action (e.g. acute aquatic toxicity), at which the results indicated that  ... 
doi:10.1186/1758-2946-3-s1-p18 pmcid:PMC3083572 fatcat:oony5oinpzeyrbja7riqwwcdg4

Neural Reactivation Reveals Mechanisms for Updating Memory

B. A. Kuhl, W. A. Bainbridge, M. M. Chun
2012 Journal of Neuroscience  
neural mechanisms engaged during the encoding of newer memories were predictive of neural competition experienced during retrieval.  ...  Of central interest was the following: (1) whether older memories were reactivated during retrieval of newer memories; (2) how reactivation of older memories related to retrieval performance; and (3) whether  ...  The second way in which reactivation at retrieval may be biased is through the influence of encoding mechanisms.  ... 
doi:10.1523/jneurosci.5846-11.2012 pmid:22399768 pmcid:PMC3358000 fatcat:eqeyifrjwvcntmo2xeaofjrsma
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