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Page 359 of Dsh Abstracts Vol. 10, Issue 4 [page]

1970 Dsh Abstracts  
In the first phase the word stimuli speech discrimination two were evaluated to determine whether they were within the recognition vocabulary of the children and whether the pictorial represen- tations  ...  Narrow-band noise audiometry for hard-to-test patients. J. speech hear. Res., 13(1), 1970, 74-81.  ... 

Page 10 of Dsh Abstracts Vol. 6, Issue 1 [page]

1966 Dsh Abstracts  
(Houston Speech & Hearing Cent., Tex.) and JERGER, S. Critical evaluation of SAL audiometry. J. speech bear. Res., 8, 1965, 103-127.  ...  Instru- mental avoidance vs classical conditioning in GSR speech audiometry. J. aud.  ... 

Development Of Materials For Speech Audiometry

Ira J. Hirsh, Hallowell Davis, S. Richard Silverman, Elizabeth G. Reynolds, Elizabeth Eldert, Robert W. Benson
1952 Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders  
Benson THE SOUNDS of speech have come to occupy an important place among the auditory stimuli that are used in clini- cal audiometry.  ...  The growth in the general acceptance and use of speech audiom- etry is accompanied by a need for Ira J.  ... 
doi:10.1044/jshd.1703.321 pmid:13053556 fatcat:uu3acqcirzczhom5johj5etfki

Page 224 of Dsh Abstracts Vol. 7, Issue 3 [page]

1967 Dsh Abstracts  
Cortical audiometry: An objective method of evaluating auditory acuity in awake and sleeping man. Trans. Amer. Acad. * Ophthalmol. Otolaryngol., 71(1), 1967, 81-91.  ...  The mean preferred listening rate was 207 words per min, a rate well above the speech rates typically reported in the literature.  ... 

Page 351 of The Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders Vol. 17, Issue 3 [page]

1952 The Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders  
So far as this re- viewer is aware, it is the first time that a systematic treatment of speech audiometry in a language other than English has been prepared.  ...  In one way, it is too bad that this book is not available in English because it would be of immediate practical use to many clinical workers in this country who do speech audiometry with reprints and mimeo  ... 

CX Problems Related to the Use of Speech in Clinical Audiometry

S. Richard Silverman, Ira J. Hirsh
1955 Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology  
CX PROBLEMS RELATED TO THE USE OF SPEECH IN CLINICAL AUDIOMETRY S. RICHARD SILVERMAN, PH.D. Ira J. Hirsu, Px.D. St. Louis, Mo.  ...  .: Development of Materials for Speech Audiometry. J. Speech and Hear. Dis. 17:321-337, 1952. 16. Levin, R. L.: The Intelligibility of Different Kinds of Test Materials Used in Speech Audiometry.  ... 
doi:10.1177/000348945506400424 pmid:13283495 fatcat:rxgcd2ytynf2xi6zgq46docmje

Page 167 of Dsh Abstracts Vol. 25, Issue 2 [page]

1985 Dsh Abstracts  
*Audiometry, Speech; *Auditory Perception; Phonetics; Speech Perception; *Vocabulary J Speech Hear Res 1984 Sep;27(3):378-86 950.  ...  Pure tone audiometry revealed cochlear or neural impairment only in 2 patients. Speech audiometry showed deficits in all patients.  ... 

Speech audiometry findings from HIV+ and HIV− adults in the MACS and WIHS longitudinal cohort studies

Peter Torre, Howard J. Hoffman, Gayle Springer, Christopher Cox, Mary A. Young, Joseph B. Margolick, Michael Plankey
2016 Journal of Communication Disorders  
The purpose of this study was to compare various speech audiometry measures between HIV+ and HIV-adults and to further evaluate the association between speech audiometry and HIV disease variables in HIV  ...  Specific speech audiometry measures included speech recognition thresholds (SRT) and word recognition scores in quiet presented at 40 dB sensation level (SL) in reference to the SRT.  ...  Support of the Metropolitan Washington, DC WIHS site was provided by the NIAID (U01-AI-34994) and by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), NIH (U01  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jcomdis.2016.07.004 pmid:27477593 pmcid:PMC5125885 fatcat:mqqqapco2bcffjglpk4ba34ldy

Page 537 of The Volta Review Vol. 62, Issue 12 [page]

1960 The Volta Review  
This presents a serious problem in obtaining reliable re- sponses from many children who are brain-damaged and have a short atten- tion span. Speech Audiometry.  ...  These re- sults coupled with normal speech pat- erns and normal inflections all give us important diagnostic information.  ... 

Page 522 of Dsh Abstracts Vol. 23, Issue 4 [page]

1983 Dsh Abstracts  
Acoustics; Audiometry/instrumentation/* standards; Auditory Threshold; Calibration; *Transducers J Speech Hear Res 1982 Dec;25(4):618-23 3210.  ...  Audiometry/instrumentation; *Audiometry, Speech; Child Language; *Language Disorders J Speech Hear Disord 1983 Feb;48(1):18-24 3211.  ... 

Page 15 of Dsh Abstracts Vol. 2, Issue 1 [page]

1962 Dsh Abstracts  
Word and sentence tests for use in speech audiometry. Lancet, 2, 1961, 197-199.  ...  In 1939 Fry and Kerridge published in Lancet tests for testing deaf patients, with strong recommendations for use of speech audiometry.  ... 

Research Advances in Post-Operative Rehabilitation Following Cochlear Implant

Li Yong-xin, Liang Shuang, Han De-min
2007 Journal of Otology  
With increasing clinical application of this technique, its rehabilitative effects in patients has become an important topic of hearing and speech rehabilitation research.  ...  This article is an overview of hearing and speech rehabilitative training, rehabilitative efficacy evaluation and factors affecting rehabilitation efficacy following cochlear implantation.  ...  of audition and speech r rehabilitation ehabilitation 1 Evaluation of the efficacy of auditory rehabilitation Speech audiometry uses speech signals as the stimulating sound to evaluate the speech detection  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1672-2930(07)50019-x fatcat:vt74ofdigffhtfmvpe7kmj5k2u

Pediatric Speech Audiometry Web Application for Hearing Detection in the Home Environment

Stanislav Ondáš, Eva Kiktová, Matúš Pleva, Mária Oravcová, Lukáš Hudák, Jozef Juhár, Július Zimmermann
2020 Electronics  
Conditioned play audiometry principles were adopted to create a speech audiometry application, where children help the virtual robot Thomas assign words to pictures; this can be described as a speech recognition  ...  This paper describes the development of the speech audiometry application for pediatric patients in Slovak language and experiences obtained during testing with healthy children, hearing-impaired children  ...  is tone-based [7] ; Serbian speech audiometry authors published a good speech audiometry word re-evaluation lately [8] but it is not oriented to the pediatric domain and has no picture set associated  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics9060994 fatcat:b6s35ryjvbfydiykc5paavoimm

Page 221 of Dsh Abstracts Vol. 5, Issue 3 [page]

1965 Dsh Abstracts  
Lists of 580 Spanish words and 10 phrases used in speech audiometry are given. They are grouped by difficulty determined from the literature and a study of 10 deaf children by the authors.—J. D.  ...  (Speech audi- ometry for deaf-mutes. Relationship of words and phrases used in the Colegio Na- cional de Sordomudos.) Acta ORL Ibero Amer., 14, 1963, 552-559.  ... 

Spatial audiometry: detection of spondaic words in noise

K Abouchacra, T Letowski, J Koehnke, J Besing
1998 Journal of american academy of audiology  
Bekesy tracking was used to measure BDTs in listeners with normal hearing.  ...  These results indicate that the development of a clinical test of spatial detection should include the use of SSN and a single spondaic word, with detection being measured for a set of four or five signal  ...  Therefore, it ‘Any single spondaic word evaluated in this experi- ment can be used as a test signal in place of northwest with the exception of the word horseshoe.  ... 
pmid:9865772 fatcat:lc6g5lgcgncbrnv3bizjbf7meu
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