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Real-time Simulation of Human Vision using Temporal Compositing with CUDA on the GPU

Matthias Nießner, Nadine Kuhnert, Kai Selgrad, Marc Stamminger, Georg Michelson
2013 PARS Parallel-Algorithmen -Rechnerstrukturen und -Systemsoftware  
That allows for memorizing sharply perceived scene points. For visualization, we ray trace the virtual scene environment while incorporating depth of field based on the sharpness field data.  ...  We present a novel approach that simulates human vision including visual defects such as glaucoma by temporal composition of human vision in real-time on the GPU.  ...  In this work we simulate this process by employing an eye model that focuses on different areas of a virtual scene environment.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03354242 fatcat:acnuth5rgzbffmj4puqwibmfia

Multi-view Incremental Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds for Mobile Robots

Jingdao Chen, Yong Kwon Cho, Zsolt Kira
2019 IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters  
The proposed architecture was trained and evaluated on ray-traced scans derived from the Stanford 3D Indoor Spaces dataset.  ...  This paper proposes an online method for mobile robots to incrementally build a semantically-rich 3D point cloud of the environment.  ...  A virtual robot with laser scanners is placed in the environment and acquires laser scans by ray-tracing.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lra.2019.2894915 fatcat:zgbpoxfx3vd2jmsrrggbkroyvi

A Hybrid Channel Model based on WINNER for Vehicle-to-X Application [article]

Peter Große, Christian Schneider, Gerd Sommerkorn, Reiner Thomä
2016 arXiv   pre-print
To provide realistic radio channels either expensive measurements or complex ray tracing simulations are mostly used.  ...  Based on the WINNER channel model and a simple single path model, a hybrid model has been developed. The concept relies on a layered structure featuring high flexibility and scalability.  ...  Examples on ray tracing based deterministic modeling can be found in [4] , [8] , [9] .  ... 
arXiv:1601.05929v1 fatcat:3eduknosufavbozvgnyezyimeq

Rendering Interior Cultural Heritage Scenes Using Image-based Shooting [article]

Jassim Happa, Tom Bashford-Rogers, Kurt Debattista, Alan Chalmers
2011 Eurographics State of the Art Reports  
Rendering interior cultural heritage scenes using physically based rendering with outdoor environment maps is computationally expensive using ray tracing methods, and currently difficult for interactive  ...  The method can easily be integrated with existing cultural heritage reconstruction pipelines, especially ray tracing based renderers.  ...  Hackley for help on site, and Elmedin Selmanovic and Carlin Yuen for the Monastery model. All renders and photographs have been brightened for viewing purposes.  ... 
doi:10.2312/eg2011/areas/049-056 fatcat:x2qvuzrj6jbgfk5cwnkrghhpom

Local Illumination Environments for Direct Lighting Acceleration [article]

Sebastian Fernandez, Kavita Bala, Donald P. Greenberg
2002 Symposium on Rendering  
This paper presents a world-space caching mechanism called local illumination environments that enables interactive direct illumination in complex scenes on a cluster of off-the-shelf PCs.  ...  A local illumination environment (LIE) caches geometric and radiometric information related to direct illumination. A LIE is associated with every octree cell constructed over the scene.  ...  Leal LLaguno for the use of his Bar Carta Blanca model. We would also like to thank Ivan Rossello and Yasemin Kologlu for building the Mosque de Cordoba model.  ... 
doi:10.2312/egwr/egwr02/007-014 fatcat:mlguizt4nbai7apre3jttyt3vm

Real-Time Global Illumination for VR Applications

J. Mortensen, Insu Yu, P. Khanna, F. Tecchia, B. Spanlang, G. Marino, M. Slater
2008 IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications  
The number of primary rays for a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) application running in stereo at a resolution of 1,024 × 768 at 30 frames per second is 47 million rays (Mrays) per second.  ...  Ray tracing 4 and radiosity 5 provide a partial global illumination solution and have both been considered for VR rendering.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcg.2008.121 pmid:19004685 fatcat:znidtza3xrajhonkzq67e6ifcy

3D Cluster-Based Ray Tracing Technique for Massive MIMO Channel Modeling

M. M. Tamaddondar, N. Noori
2021 Advanced Electromagnetics  
The ray-tracing algorithm is utilized to find ray paths from transmitter (Tx) to receiver (Rx).  ...  In this paper, a novel 3 dimensional (3D) approach is proposed for precise modeling of massive multiple input multiple output (M-MIMO) channels in millimeter wave (mmW) frequencies.  ...  ray tracing algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.7716/aem.v10i1.1349 fatcat:fhfvjimghfhhlf6xtdb6wf7tzi

Institute of Visual Computing at the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Gernot Goebbels, Martin Göbel, André Hinkenjann, Wolfgang Heiden, Marco Winzker, Rainer Herpers, Robert Scholl
2011 Journal of Interactive Systems  
ACKNOWLEDGMENT We want to express our utmost acknowledgment to the university for its encouraging support and for making all this possible.  ...  The system consists of a modular Virtual Reality framework and a cluster-based ray tracing rendering extension running on a number of Cell Broadband Engine-based servers.  ...  TraCell (Streamed Ray Tracing of Single Rays on the Cell Figure 4 . 4 TraCell: interactive global illumination of a car model D.  ... 
doi:10.5753/jis.2011.574 fatcat:n3kvuvtl2rfg5c7gn74az4i4n4

Real-time global illumination in the CAVE

Jesper Mortensen, Pankaj Khanna, Insu Yu, Mel Slater
2007 Proceedings of the 2007 ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and technology - VRST '07  
In this paper we present recent and ongoing work in the Virtual Light Field paradigm for global illumination as a solution to this problem.  ...  While it potentially has a positive impact on presence, the significant real-time computation and integration complexities involved have been stumbling blocks.  ...  Thanks to Franco Tecchia, Giuseppe Marino and Marcello Carrozzino from VRMedia for support using the XVR system.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1315184.1315210 dblp:conf/vrst/MortensenKYS07 fatcat:mwtfxyvj3zartg3so7wojakcru

Introduction to real-time ray tracing

Philipp Slusallek, Peter Shirley, William Mark, Gordon Stoll, Ingo Wald
2005 ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 Courses on - SIGGRAPH '05  
This images runs in 5-7 fps on a small PC cluster.  ...  been a lot of work recently on improved hardware support for realtime ray tracing.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1198555.1198740 dblp:conf/siggraph/SlusallekSMSW05 fatcat:jyyrdrlacbeyfhrr7uhstawxui

Overview of Parallel Photo-realistic Graphics [article]

E. Reinhard, A.G. Chalmers, F.W. Jansen
1998 Eurographics State of the Art Reports  
This holds for all three rendering techniques considered in this report: ray tracing, radiosity and particle tracing.  ...  For this reason parallel processing must be considered as a viable option to compute images in a reasonable time.  ...  Thanks to Arjan Kok and Jan Eek for allowing us to use the results of their modelling efforts. This work was partly funded by the EC under TMR grant number ERBFMBICT960655.  ... 
doi:10.2312/egst.19981019 fatcat:77euw3u5pndapcywdn4cffjznm

Perturbation methods for interactive specular reflections

M. Chen, J. Arvo
2000 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics  
After ray tracing a sparse set of reflection paths with respect to a given vantage point and static reflecting surfaces, the algorithm rapidly approximates reflections of arbitrary points in 3-space by  ...  We describe a new approach for interactively approximating specular reflections in arbitrary curved surfaces.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank Anil Hirani and Al Barr for many valuable discussions, Don Mitchell and Pat Hanrahan for their patience in answering our questions, and Mark Meyer for helpful  ... 
doi:10.1109/2945.879786 fatcat:2efj7jkxf5hkhduhkpy3hackpy

The Functional Micro-organization of Grid Cells Revealed by Cellular-Resolution Imaging

James G. Heys, Krsna V. Rangarajan, Daniel A. Dombeck
2014 Neuron  
Establishing how grid cells are anatomically arranged, on a microscopic scale, in relation to their firing patterns in the environment would facilitate a greater microcircuit-level understanding of the  ...  We therefore developed a technique for cellular-resolution functional imaging of medial entorhinal cortex (MEC) neurons in mice navigating a virtual linear track, enabling a new experimental approach to  ...  Further, while anatomical studies have suggested that grid cells may physically cluster together in the MEC (Kitamura et al., 2014; Ray et al., 2014) , more direct evidence for grid cell clustering is  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2014.10.048 pmid:25467986 pmcid:PMC4360978 fatcat:ncnvqixemnbqpauk62u7ind5ym

From biochemical reaction networks to 3D dynamics in the cell: The ZigCell3D modeling, simulation and visualisation framework

Pablo de Heras Ciechomski, Michael Klann, Robin Mange, Heinz Koeppl
2013 2013 IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization (BioVis)  
The core visualisation is based on a multi-core parallel C/C++ ray tracing engine, that builds a complete 3D iso-surface model of the cell, its organelles and molecules down to the atomic level using PDB  ...  Using a virtual fluorescence microscope the virtual simulation environment can be benchmarked against real life experimental data. *  ...  This work was supported in part by a grant from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), Project 12532.1 PFLS-LS.  ... 
doi:10.1109/biovis.2013.6664345 dblp:conf/biovis/CiechomskiKMK13 fatcat:wclubmfbvbaozopij4bzcv6tgy

On MIMO Channel Modeling for the Mobile Wireless Systems

Rachna Mahey, Jyoteesh Malhotra
2015 International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking  
Hence it generates a huge demand to investigate and understand the MIMO channel models for mobile wireless systems.  ...  This paper provides a survey on the most significant developments in the field of MIMO channel modeling. Several different classes of MIMO channel models are summarized, here.  ...  Ray Tracing Ray tracing model is an entirely site-specific models which has the potential to be extremely accurate.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijfgcn.2015.8.5.03 fatcat:p6nvphooyjdcbekezdgz2pwoqy
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