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Remote sensing of smoke, land, and clouds from the NASA ER-2 during SAFARI 2000

Michael D. King, Steven Platnick, Christopher C. Moeller, Henry E. Revercomb, D. Allen Chu
2003 Journal of Geophysical Research  
This aircraft carried a sophisticated array of multispectral scanners, multiangle spectroradiometers, a monostatic lidar, a gas correlation radiometer, upward and downward spectral flux radiometers, and  ...  These include such things as the accuracy of the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) cloud mask for distinguishing clouds and heavy aerosol from land and ocean surfaces and Terra analyses  ...  This study was part of the Southern African Regional Science Initiative (SAFARI 2000), and was supported by the EOS Project Science Office  ... 
doi:10.1029/2002jd003207 fatcat:jhd67z56srdm5hkzbhppy4zyqm

summary of symposium and meeting of the American Meteorological Society Committee on Radiation Energy (CRE)

A. J. Drummond, Sigmund Fritz
1969 Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society - (BAMS)  
Instrumentation requirements Next morning, the topics revolved mainly around instrumentation requirements for radiation measurements particularly in aircraft and, remotely, in satellite and spacecraft.  ...  The receiver of one unit is screened by a shadow band of local construction.  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0477-50.1.4 fatcat:y3umieqxdnha7ez4mvyqbhft4q

Hyperspectral Satellites, Evolution and Development History

Shen-En Qian
2021 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
The fascinating detailed spectral information acquired by hyperspectral imagers often yields results not possible with multispectral or other types of satellites.  ...  and applications.  ...  With the technology advancement, current space computer capabilities allow for onboard real-time data processing, compression, and cloud screening.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2021.3090256 fatcat:u2opqwfgy5bhjnapeg4w5hflsm

AIRS/AMSU/HSB validation

E. Fetzer, L.M. McMillin, D. Tobin, H.H. Aumann, M.R. Gunson, W.W. McMillan, D.E. Hagan, M.D. Hofstadter, J. Yoe, D.N. Whiteman, J.E. Barnes, R. Bennartz (+12 others)
2003 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
A more limited retrieval set based on the microwave radiances is obtained under heavy cloud cover.  ...  The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder/Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit/Humidity Sounder for Brazil (AIRS/AMSU/HSB) instrument suite onboard Aqua observes infrared and microwave radiances twice daily over most  ...  Haskins of JPL initiated the AIRS validation activity and showed an early appreciation of the effort and coordination required for its success. B.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tgrs.2002.808293 fatcat:4h2vubtlrbgqnfegcf5sp26kwu

The CHRONOS mission: capability for sub-hourly synoptic observations of carbon monoxide and methane to quantify emissions and transport of air pollution

David P. Edwards, Helen M. Worden, Doreen Neil, Gene Francis, Tim Valle, Avelino F. Arellano Jr.
2018 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques  
This rapid mapping enables visualization of air pollution transport simultaneously across the entire continent and enables a sentinel-like capability for monitoring evolving, or unanticipated, air pollution  ...  of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) instrument on NASA's Terra spacecraft in low Earth orbit.  ...  We thank Glenn Diskin and the DACOM measurement team at NASA Langley for providing the DISCOVER-AQ CH 4 measurements shown in Fig. 3 . Edited by: Andre Butz Reviewed by: three anonymous referees  ... 
doi:10.5194/amt-11-1061-2018 fatcat:hoqo5wfi7bfujecpvzo7wmr2b4

Advances in multiangle satellite remote sensing of speciated airborne particulate matter and association with adverse health effects: from MISR to MAIA

David J. Diner, Stacey W. Boland, Michael Brauer, Carol Bruegge, Kevin A. Burke, Russell Chipman, Larry Di Girolamo, Michael J. Garay, Sina Hasheminassab, Edward Hyer
2018 Journal of Applied Remote Sensing  
The Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols (MAIA) instrument, currently in development, improves on MISR's sensitivity to airborne particle composition by incorporating polarimetry and expanded spectral range  ...  to near-surface PM 10 , PM 2.5 , and speciated PM 2.5 .  ...  resource management, data systems, instrument operations, aerosol and cloud remote sensing, epidemiology, and public health.  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.jrs.12.042603 fatcat:xzllis524jd7jgfhcqlwtn6vaa

Achieving Satellite Instrument Calibration for Climate Change

George Ohring, Joe Tansock, William Emery, James Butler, Lawrence Flynn, Fuzhong Weng, Karen St. Germain, Bruce Wielicki, Changyong Cao, Mitchell Goldberg, Jack Xiong, Gerald Fraser (+12 others)
2007 EOS  
Jerry Sullivan for his careful and detailed review of the manuscript. His comments were always on the mark. Marc Pulliam did an excellent job of graphics design and layout of the report.  ...  The manuscript contents are solely the opinions of the authors and do not constitute a statement of policy, decision, or position on behalf of NOAA or the U. S. Government.  ...  In addition, reference sources onboard many spacecraft are not adequate to provide the accuracy needed in the routine measurement of IR temperatures.  ... 
doi:10.1029/2007eo110015 fatcat:n2nhhks3fbbklbxwrvso3eeqaq

Multichannel radiometer measurement of solar irradiance

1967 Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets  
DRUMMOND, HICKEY, SCHOLES, AND LAUE J. SPACECRAFT of response with temperature.  ...  D = Johnsen curve for m = 0.0. ‘| Table revised from original presentation in AIAA Paper 67-147. 1206 DRUMMOND, HICKEY, SCHOLES, AND LAUE J. SPACECRAFT Table 4 Solar spectral irradiance (mw/cm?’)  ... 
doi:10.2514/3.29052 fatcat:s2dcsce4ynbgja67wixtxhy6mm

Mission-Long Recalibrated Science Quality Suomi NPP VIIRS Radiometric Dataset Using Advanced Algorithms for Time Series Studies

Changyong Cao, Bin Zhang, Xi Shao, Wenhui Wang, Sirish Uprety, Taeyoung Choi, Slawomir Blonski, Yalong Gu, Yan Bai, Lin Lin, Satya Kalluri
2021 Remote Sensing  
To improve the stability of the reflective solar bands, we developed a Kalman filtering model to incorporate onboard solar, lunar, desert site, inter-satellite calibration, and a deep convective cloud  ...  Its data have been used for a variety of applications for nearly 30 environmental data products, including global imagery twice daily with 375 and 750 m resolutions, clouds, aerosol, cryosphere, ocean  ...  The main uncertainties of the SNOx method are due to cloud movement, residual cloud contamination and cloud shadow, BRDF due to view geometry differences, atmospheric absorption variability, and spectral  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13061075 fatcat:amymv6gfbzcx7d7svukaszoy24

Present State of CFD Softwares Application for Launch Vehicle Analysis
발사체 해석을 위한 CFD 소프트웨어 적용 현황

Hwanghui Jeong, Jae Yeol Kim, Jae-Ryul Shin
2020 Journal of the Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers  
This software program takes an XML representation of the contents of a Hierarchical Data Format-Earth Observing System (HDF-EOS) file and recreates the file from that description .  ...  The GLOBE Cloud Data Entry App allows both non-GLOBE members and GLOBE members to enter cloud observations into their mobile devices and send their observations to the GLOBE database .  ...  computer screens instead of a large number of physical switches, gauges, and other controls .  ... 
doi:10.6108/kspe.2020.24.3.071 fatcat:trxkhiuqrjakll32bcjxskgwju

The MISR radiometric calibration process

Carol J. Bruegge, David J. Diner, Ralph A. Kahn, Nadine Chrien, Mark C. Helmlinger, Barbara J. Gaitley, Wedad A. Abdou
2007 Remote Sensing of Environment  
spectral radiative characteristics.  ...  Such records meet the needs of a program designed to support climate change and provide long-term monitoring of the Earth's atmosphere and radiative fluxes.  ...  MISR data products are processed and made available by the Atmospheric Sciences Data Center, Langley Research Center.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rse.2006.07.024 fatcat:sz7syrzrirhl5ob6gjyfyog5i4

TES ground data system software

S. Paradise, S. Akopyan, R.C. De Baca, K. Croft, K. Fry, S. Gluck, D. Ho, B. Koffend, M. Lampel, J. McDuffie, R. Monarrez, H. Nair (+6 others)
2006 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing  
In this paper, we describe the software, its development, and the way in which many of these challenges were met.  ...  development in support of the tropospheric emission spectrometer instrument ground data system has undergone many challenges due to the uniqueness of the instrument, complexity of the science, data volume, and  ...  the XM-radio, DirecTV, NASA TDRS, and NASA EOS Aura.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tgrs.2006.871205 fatcat:5imwt75wibcb7jndbmfwgr2eny

Important considerations [chapter]

Ana Andrés
2009 Measuring Academic Research  
laser altimetry measurements of clouds, ice sheets, and land surfaces.  ...  Proposals are first screened for compliance with administrative requirements of the Solicitation.  ...  Profit or Cost Sharing--See Sections 3.6.4, 5.8, and 5.9. Amount Requested--This should exclude any cost-sharing and not exceed $70,000.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-1-84334-528-2.50008-4 fatcat:2ddy2nodffcsrgfemkzqpuh4iq

Effects of atmospheric light scattering on spectroscopic observations of greenhouse gases from space: Validation of PPDF-based CO2retrievals from GOSAT

Sergey Oshchepkov, Andrey Bril, Tatsuya Yokota, Isamu Morino, Yukio Yoshida, Tsuneo Matsunaga, Dmitry Belikov, Debra Wunch, Paul Wennberg, Geoffrey Toon, Christopher O'Dell, André Butz (+20 others)
2012 Journal of Geophysical Research  
Removal of observations that were highly contaminated by aerosol and cloud from the GOSAT data set resulted in acceptable agreement in the seasonal variability of X CO2 over each station as compared with  ...  of the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarization (CALIOP) instrument.  ...  We acknowledge the CALIOP mission for obtaining the cloud data.  ... 
doi:10.1029/2012jd017505 fatcat:w46bqfwu4zgynkl25r55vta7wi

Retrieval and validation of O3 measurements from ground-based FTIR spectrometer at equatorial station: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

S. Takele Kenea, G. Mengistu Tsidu, T. Blumenstock, F. Hase, T. von Clarmann, G. P. Stiller
2012 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions  
The vertical profiles and total column amounts of ozone (O 3 ) are deduced from the spectra by using the retrieval code PROFFIT (V9.5) and reg-5 ularly determined instrumental line shape (ILS).  ...  for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) and Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES), Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), Atmospheric Infrared Sounding (AIRS) and Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME  ...  We are grateful to the Goddard Space Flight Center for providing temperature and pressure profiles via automailer system.  ... 
doi:10.5194/amtd-5-6763-2012 fatcat:bwzklqjkgbcbfprlvrnoxyva4e
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