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On Performance Bounds for Space–Time Codes on Fading Channels

A.P. desRosiers, P.H. Siegel
2004 IEEE Transactions on Communications  
In addition, we demonstrate the existence of dominant quasi-static fading error events and detail a method for predicting them.  ...  We evaluate truncated union bounds on the frameerror rate (FER) performance of space-time (ST) codes operating over the quasi-static fading channel and compare them with computer simulation results.  ...  Blum, "New analytical tools for designing space-time convolutional codes," in Proc.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcomm.2004.836429 fatcat:gkxmeq2pfrg4di6bx2vdamxf7e

Page 2646 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2001D [page]

2001 Mathematical Reviews  
Grigor’ev], Randomized complexity lower bounds (219-223); Orna Kupferman and Moshe Y.  ...  Clarkson, Nearest neighbor queries in metric spaces (609-617 (electronic)); Piotr Indyk, Rajeev Motwani, Prabhakar Raghavan and San- tosh Vempala, Locality-preserving hashing in multidimensional spaces  ... 

Page 1749 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 95c [page]

1995 Mathematical Reviews  
Norbert Blum (Bonn) 68Q Theory of computing 95c:68109 95c:68107 68Q25 68Q15 Hastad, Johan (S-RIT-C; Stockholm); Wigderson, Avi (IL-HEBR-C; Jerusalem) Composition of the universal relation.  ...  Here, it is proved that the communication complexity of the k-fold composi- tion of the universal relation on n bits is at least k -n — O(k? logk) for k = 0(,/n/logn). This improves a result of J.  ... 

Page 6582 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 92m [page]

1992 Mathematical Reviews  
polynomial and combi- natorial algorithms in optimization (1467-1478); Laszl6 Babai, Computational complexity in finite groups (1479-1489); Lenore Blum, A theory of computation and complexity over the  ...  Taylor, Microlocal analysis in spectral and scattering theory and index theory (1225-1234); César Camacho, Problems on limit sets of foliations on complex projective spaces (1235- 1239); Lennart Carleson  ... 

Page 2797 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 91E [page]

1991 Mathematical Reviews  
sublogarithmic space and space constructibility (pp. 111-124).  ...  Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Colloquium held at the University of Warwick, Coventry, July 16-20, 1990. Edited by M. S. Paterson. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 443.  ... 

Page 3052 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 94f [page]

1994 Mathematical Reviews  
Traub, On Smale’s work in the theory of computation: from polynomial zeros to continuous complexity (317-320); Lenore Blum and Steve Smale, The Gédel incompleteness theorem and de- cidability over a ring  ...  formulae for cycles in the logistic map (19-25); Terence Riauka, Finding periodic orbits in chaotic re- gions of the phase space (26-32); P.  ... 

Page 506 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2002A [page]

2002 Mathematical Reviews  
Xuerong Ji and Jing Xiao, On random sampling in contact configuration space (265-277); Charles Pisula, Kenneth Hoff, III, Ming C.  ...  Papers from the 3rd International Workshop on Implementing Automata (WIA’98) held at the University of Rouen, Rouen, September 17-19, 1998.  ... 

Page 2311 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2000c [page]

2000 Mathematical Reviews  
in space (372-386).  ...  McCoy, The universal chiral partition function for exclusion statis- tics (240-256); H. B. Thacker, Continuous space-time symmetries in a lattice field theory (257-271); M.  ... 

Space-time trellis codes for 4-PSK with three and four transmit antennas in quasi-static flat fading channels

Z. Chen, B.S. Vucetic, J. Yuan, Ka Leong Lo
2002 IEEE Communications Letters  
It has been established that the appropriate design parameters for space-time trellis code (STTC) in quasi-static flat Rayleigh fading channels are the rank and determinant criteria or the Euclidean distance  ...  In this letter, we propose two groups of new STTCs with more than two transmit antennas based on these two design criteria, respectively.  ...  The fading gains for various frames are modeled as independent samples of complex Gaussian random variables with mean zero and variance 0.5 per dimension.  ... 
doi:10.1109/4234.984696 fatcat:3budxktsbvdmnbjm2bzsggfnmu

Communicating Big Themes in Applied Mathematics [chapter]

Julian Hunt
2007 Mathematical Modelling  
Universities could provide general 'appreciation' courses to survey the general ideas of mathematical science and their wide applicability in society.  ...  The main themes highlighted here include predictability, accuracy, extreme values, singular events, and patterns in system behaviour, especially in relation to new approaches in deterministic and statistical  ...  This paper was partly written at Cornell University where I was Mary Upson visiting Professor in Mechanical Engineering.  ... 
doi:10.1533/9780857099419.1.1 fatcat:tmd4i5yjavenvmswdajssqdjmm

Performance analysis of space-time codes over correlated Rayleigh fading channels

Zoltan Safar, K.J. Ray Liu
2003 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2003. ICC '03.  
However, most of the existing space-time code construction methods have assumed ideal channel models: either quasi-static fading or fast fading.  ...  The potential for capacity increase in multiantenna wireless communication systems has drawn considerable attention to space-time codes.  ...  Blum, Optimum Space-Time Convolutional Codes, Proceedings of WCNC, Vol. 3, pp. 1351-1355, 2000. [9] R. Horn and C. Johnson, Matrix Analysis, Cambridge University Press, 1985. [10] G. Stewart and J.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icc.2003.1204014 dblp:conf/icc/SafarL03 fatcat:unbbinsusnhe7fgj64l5qvxj6y

Spatial navigation model based on chaotic attractor networks

Horatiu Voicu, Robert Kozma, Derek Wong, Walter J. Freeman
2004 Connection science  
Blum and Abbott analysed the formation and exploitation of an internal representation of space (also known as the cognitive map) by taking into account the following factors.  ...  As shown in figure 13 , during random exploration the agent learns to avoid obstacles.  ... 
doi:10.1080/09540090410001664641 fatcat:bkijao4ly5clzpmees2hshc7j4


Hava T. Siegelmann
2012 Minds and Machines  
We further propose it as standard in the field of analog computation, functioning in a role similar to that of the universal Turing machine in digital computation.  ...  In particular an analog of the Church-Turing thesis of digital computation is stated where the neural network takes place of the Turing machine.  ...  as well (Blum et al., 1989 ).  ... 
doi:10.1023/a:1021376718708 fatcat:zgqiws34c5danpy4tf3frjc5r4

Concatenated codes for fading channels based on recursive space--time trellis codes

V. Gulati, K.R. Narayanan
2003 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications  
Finally, we propose an automatic repeat request scheme based on recursive realizations of space-time codes and show that the proposed scheme provides significant reduction in frame error rate.  ...  power efficiency with a marginal decrease in spectral efficiency.  ...  The noise terms and are i.i.d. complex, zero-mean, Gaussian random variables with variance in each dimension.  ... 
doi:10.1109/twc.2002.806373 fatcat:d73ddjqhkrerfa2frb6varqgfm

Public-Key Cryptography (Dagstuhl Seminar 16371)

Marc Fischlin, Alexander May, David Pointcheval, Tal Rabin, Marc Herbstritt
2017 Dagstuhl Reports  
Android Security using Static Analysis Techniques Phong Q. Nguyen (Inria and CNRS/JFLI, FR, and University of Tokyo, JP) License Creative Commons BY 3.0 Unported license © Phong Q.  ...  In this talk, I will describe a recent result which constructs non-malleable commitments in the minimal number of rounds (and almost minimal complexity assumptions).  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.6.9.46 dblp:journals/dagstuhl-reports/Fischlin0PR16 fatcat:figv27hq4feibl5nzb7snrtm2i
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