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Shine a light: Under-ice light and its ecological implications in a changing Arctic Ocean

Giulia Castellani, Gaëlle Veyssière, Michael Karcher, Julienne Stroeve, S. Neil Banas, A. Heather Bouman, S. Andrew Brierley, Stacey Connan, Finlo Cottier, Fabian Große, Laura Hobbs, Christian Katlein (+5 others)
2021 Ambio  
The amount of light available for under-ice ecosystems is the result of different physical and biological processes that affect its path through atmosphere, snow, sea ice and water.  ...  In this article, we review the present state of knowledge of the abiotic (clouds, sea ice, snow, suspended matter) and biotic (sea ice algae and phytoplankton) controls on the underwater light field.  ...  cloudiness.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13280-021-01662-3 pmid:34822117 pmcid:PMC8692516 fatcat:kqu5rl2bgfb5hb7z3jv5c6ftym

Short-wave spectral radiative signatures and their physical controls

Jake J. Gristey, J. Christine Chiu, Robert J. Gurney, Keith P. Shine, Stephan Havemann, Jean-Claude Thelen, Peter G. Hill
2019 Journal of Climate  
cloud regimes have a higher frequency of occurrence during the active monsoon season of 2003 compared with the inactive monsoon season of 2004.  ...  The spectrum of reflected solar radiation emerging at the top of the atmosphere is rich with Earth system information.  ...  Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) SCience of the Environment: Natural and Anthropogenic pRocesses, Impacts and Opportunities (SCENARIO) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), Grant NE/L002566/  ... 
doi:10.1175/jcli-d-18-0815.1 fatcat:ym2fnljumfel3jvsgvumxul5pa

Radiative Forcing of Climate: The Historical Evolution of the Radiative Forcing Concept, the Forcing Agents and their Quantification, and Applications

V. Ramaswamy, W. Collins, J. Haywood, J. Lean, N. Mahowald, G. Myhre, V. Naik, K.P. Shine, B. Soden, G. Stenchikov, T. Storelvmo
2019 Meteorological Monographs  
Advances in laboratory and field measurements, theory, instrumentation, computational technology, data, and analysis of well-mixed greenhouse gases and the global climate system through the twentieth century  ...  We describe the historical evolution of the conceptualization, formulation, quantification, application, and utilization of "radiative forcing" (RF) of Earth's climate.  ...  This inhibited a reliable comparison of the RE of different gases.  ... 
doi:10.1175/amsmonographs-d-19-0001.1 fatcat:ighk4gltabbmpmzwlyim2aghdm

X. WEATHER [chapter]

2020 The Frank C. Brown Collection of NC Folklore  
, No. 2627 (if it has not been raining for a d~y and is cloudy, and if a patch of sky large~nough to make a sailor a pair of trousers is seen before ten o'clock, it will not rain that day) -Alqbama: 6240  ...  In none of the following references does "in twenty-four hours" occur. Unless other temporal data are given reference is to the coming of rain.  ...  and incessantly) -Ozarks: Randolph, 13 (when crows make more racket than usual, the hillman expects rain in twenty-four hours or less) .-- Inwards, 191 ;HDA VII, 604, S.v.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9780822382867-009 fatcat:2y776mfd75csrps67iqhro3btq

The Climate of New Mexico

Paul M. Carrington
1907 Public Health Reports (1896-1970)  
when they prevail for two or three days, are usually accompanied by cloudiness and often rain.  ...  of rain and snow fall in the preceding imionths.  ... 
doi:10.2307/4559390 fatcat:hp3b3pux75eizawivwlivgik6q

The role of meaning in past-tense inflection: Evidence from polysemy and denominal derivation

Shoba Bandi-Rao, Gregory L. Murphy
2007 Cognition  
To gain a new source of insight into this debate, we compared the central senses of verbs to extended verbal senses and to denominal senses.  ...  In Experiment 1, participants rated the semantic similarity of the extended senses of polysemous verbs and denominal verbs to their central senses.  ...  After two days of incessant rain, the sun has finally broken through the clouds. I like it when the sun shines brightly. I can go to the beach and relax.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2006.05.012 pmid:16839538 pmcid:PMC2631984 fatcat:bxjjt3z6dnfinkbrwlgs4v67ky

Practical Challenges of Photovoltaic Systems in the Rural Bedouin Villages in the Negev

Emily Kattan, Suleiman Halasah, Tareq Abu Hamed
2018 Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications  
This study is the first of its kind to present data on energy poverty and installed PV systems at the recognized and unrecognized Bedouin villages to assess their future electricity needs.  ...  Due to the need for electricity, Bedouin households took upon themselves the responsibility of buying and installing photovoltaic (PV) systems.  ...  This study would not have been possible without the cooperation of the Bedouin community and without the Arava Institute that facilitated the undertaking of this survey.  ... 
doi:10.4172/2090-4541.1000258 fatcat:q672mopodrefhb4ysoinlbpqvi

Climate of New Mexico

P M Carrington
1907 Transactions of the American Climatological Association for the year ... American Climatological Association  
There are occasional high winds from the south, which, when they prevail for two or three days, are usually accompanied by cloudiness and often rain.  ...  dry atmosphere make life a delight.  ... 
pmid:21408434 pmcid:PMC2262677 fatcat:wrkd5nebcrgzvij272ch4m5yf4

Satellite observations of the microwave emissivity of a semi-arid land surface

June C Morland, David I.F Grimes, T.J Hewison
2001 Remote Sensing of Environment  
The results show that emissivity can be estimated with a S.E. < 0.015 at 19 GHz from a combination of NDVI and rainfall or soil moisture information. D  ...  The technique was validated by comparing the measured emissivity of a sea surface area with the theoretically predicted emissivity.  ...  Shine (University of Reading) -infrared atmospheric correction model; G.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0034-4257(01)00202-4 fatcat:wkkrn4aq5rckhge7ikjcuao6z4

Automatic Wireless Ambient Air and Weather Condition Monitoring System for Outdoor Environment Monitoring Applications

C. Bambang Dwi Kuncoro, Win-Jet Luo, M. Rezki Selamet, Sri Mulyati N, Kurniawan Andi S, Yean-Der Kuan
2020 Sensors and materials  
The parameter data is visualized on a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) application that can work on either a notebook or a smartphone platform.  ...  The environmental conditions were recorded and monitored by the developed system over a long period of time and in real time with a data transmission rate delay of 2.8 s from the monitoring device to the  ...  of Taiwan (MOST 107-3113-E-008-003).  ... 
doi:10.18494/sam.2020.2604 fatcat:4xtlttynjzgxpf2yh3lrh3w42e

Cloud and precipitation properties from ground-based remote-sensing instruments in East Antarctica

I. V. Gorodetskaya, S. Kneifel, M. Maahn, K. Van Tricht, W. Thiery, J. H. Schween, A. Mangold, S. Crewell, N. P. M. Van Lipzig
2015 The Cryosphere  
The observatory consists of a set of ground-based remote-sensing instruments (ceilometer, infrared pyrometer and vertically profiling precipitation radar) combined with automatic weather station measurements  ...  A statistical analysis of all measurements (in total 14 months mainly during summer–beginning of winter) indicates that these liquid-containing clouds occur during as much as 20% of the cloudy periods.  ...  Special thanks for continuous technical support of the KU Leuven engineers Jos Meersmans and Valentijn Tuts, and all companies who provided the remote-sensing instruments and technical support -Vaisala  ... 
doi:10.5194/tc-9-285-2015 fatcat:j3o2nulthbgrzgzpfnjcaagrym

Aerosols and Climate

P. Chyacutelek, J. A. Coakley
1974 Science  
Findings by Chinese scientists are also reviewed to provide the state-of-the-art of Chinese aerosol research.  ...  This paper provides an overview of Chinese aerosols in terms of their physical, chemical and optical properties and their potential impact on regional climate.  ...  As a result, the majority of aerosol remote sensing methods are only valid over oceans or dark land.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.183.4120.75 pmid:17743150 fatcat:3fgmkb5bwfgdfaczzw3xroscme


2004 Observation, Theory and Modeling of Atmospheric Variability  
Findings by Chinese scientists are also reviewed to provide the state-of-the-art of Chinese aerosol research.  ...  This paper provides an overview of Chinese aerosols in terms of their physical, chemical and optical properties and their potential impact on regional climate.  ...  As a result, the majority of aerosol remote sensing methods are only valid over oceans or dark land.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789812791139_0025 fatcat:twk75l4dlnhx5hpokfnjx3oeqm

Weather perceptions, holiday satisfaction and perceived attractiveness of domestic vacationing in The Netherlands

Jelmer Hendrik Gerard Jeuring
2017 Tourism Management  
Acknowledgements This work is part of the research program of University Campus Fryslân (UCF), which is financed by the Province of Fryslân, The Netherlands.  ...  I thank the Geo Services department of the University of Groningen for providing the geographical maps and Dirk Strijker and Tialda Haartsen for their comments and suggestions on earlier versions of this  ...  The weather appears to be one of the ways people make sense of where they are, for example through comparison with earlier experiences (Jeuring & Peters, 2013) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tourman.2017.01.018 fatcat:we5fksdm4jalhmvmytfitn7gra

Real-Time Nuisance Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Generation Systems Using a Fine Tree Classifier

Collin Barker, Sam Cipkar, Tyler Lavigne, Cameron Watson, Maher Azzouz
2021 Sustainability  
The testbed is capable of streaming in data from a separate source, which emulates a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or weather station, then classifies the data in real-time and displays  ...  This results in long stretches of downtime for troubleshooting as data are mined manually for possible fault causes, and consequently, cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue and maintenance.  ...  The data agent makes only POST requests to the server as it only commits data autonomously. Operators make GET requests to view the data.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13042235 fatcat:kf3mvzkusfawrkoiaz62zqxhtu
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