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Homological stability for the ribbon Higman–Thompson groups [article]

Rachel Skipper, Xiaolei Wu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We generalize the notion of asymptotic mapping class groups and allow them to surject to the Higman--Thompson groups, answering a question of Aramayona and Vlamis in the case of the Higman--Thompson groups  ...  Our result can also be treated as an extension of Szymik--Wahl's work on homological stability for the Higman--Thompson groups to the surface setting.  ...  The usual Thompson group V is a special case of Higman-Thompson groups. In fact, V = V 2,1 . Ribbon Higman-Thompson groups.  ... 
arXiv:2106.08751v1 fatcat:nranw63j5nbbpeovy42bgh7ika

Finiteness properties for relatives of braided Higman–Thompson groups [article]

Rachel Skipper, Xiaolei Wu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We study the finiteness properties of the braided Higman–Thompson group bV_d,r(H) with labels in H≤ B_d, and bF_d,r(H) and bT_d,r(H) with labels in H≤ PB_d where B_d is the braid group with d strings and  ...  Higman-Thompson groups. The Higman-Thompson groups were first introduced by Higman as a generalization of the groups [Hig74] given earlier in handwritten, unpublished notes of Richard Thompson.  ...  The Higman-Thompson groups V d,r , F d,r and T d,r are all of type F ∞ . 2.2. Braided Higman-Thompson groups with labels.  ... 
arXiv:2103.14589v2 fatcat:rhbe7ktr3vbarff76m4r55vrkm

What's Important

Rachel M. Randall, Rachel M. Thompson
2020 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American volume  
Given Name (First Name) Rachel 2. Surname (Last Name) Randall 4. Are you the corresponding author? Yes ✔ No 3. Date 14-April-2020 5.  ... 
doi:10.2106/jbjs.20.00250 fatcat:gshtwg47nzdbhgcucbot3c26fy

The Automatic Hand: Spiritualism, Psychoanalysis, and Surrealism

Rachel Leah Thompson
2004 InVisible Culture  
In March 1848, in Hydesville, New York, the two young Fox sisters began to communicate with the spirits. They would later move with their family to Rochester where they would begin the occult communications with the deceased that originate the American Spiritualist movement. 1 Initially, the spirits simply announced their presence through mysterious rapping sounds (later revealed to be produced by the cracking of the girls' toe joints against the floor), which seemed to shower down from the
more » ... s; soon, the spirits began to answer complex questions through an alphabetic -or as one observer noted, "typtological" -code utilizing between one and twenty-six raps. 2 Although no pen and paper were used, the so-called "Rochester Rappings," may perhaps be cited as the first incidence of automatic writing. 3 As the Spiritualist movement swept across the nation, mediums developed mechanical means of receiving spiritual messages, including the planchette, oijai board, and more complex devices such as the psychorbrette and Pytho Thought Reader; just as the term automatic implies, such devices sutured human and machine, transforming author/subject into mere textgenerating device. 4 It is no coincidence that the development of telegraphy coincides with the Spiritualist movement, for both kinds of mediumship envision the usually female body as machinic conduit for "messages" communicated across vast distances. 5 e automatic discourse of mediumship disrupts subjectivity, agency, and intentionality; in trance, the writing medium becomes mere passive receptacle for a surging, seething, authoritative spectral fluid. As one medium writes of her experiences with automatic writing during séance:
doi:10.47761/494a02f6.bbff141a fatcat:buadb3wc2ndrnjeqslbp22jpnq

β-Blocker Continuation After Noncardiac Surgery

Rachel Thompson
2012 Archives of Surgery  
Despite limited evidence of effect, ␤-blocker continuation has become a national quality improvement metric. Objective: To determine the effect of ␤-blocker continuation on outcomes in patients undergoing elective noncardiac surgery.
doi:10.1001/archsurg.2011.1698 pmid:22249847 pmcid:PMC4211634 fatcat:iaqlc74clzetrntenfelbpfck4

Flipped Classroom Module on Shock for Medical Students

Jennifer Hoffmann, Rachel Thompson
2017 MedEdPORTAL  
Hoffmann, MD: Fellow in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital Rachel W.  ...  Thompson, MD: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center Table 1 . 1 Percentage of Students Rating Themselves as Very or Completely Confident in Their Ability to Meet the Stated Learning  ... 
doi:10.15766/mep_2374-8265.10542 pmid:30800744 pmcid:PMC6342165 fatcat:jmcsozjmircp3dcltluhbmflba

OA Monographs: Making Mandates Reality

Rachel Bruce, Caren Milloy, Martin Paul Eve, Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Simon Bains, Sarah Thompson
2022 Zenodo  
Featuring expert speakers from UKRI (Rachel Bruce) and Jisc (Caren Milloy), the event opened with a discussion of monograph policies and mandates before moving to an academic viewpoint from Professor Martin  ...  The afternoon closed with a view from the library perspective and expert speakers from the libraries at the Universities of York (Sarah Thompson), Aberdeen (Simon Bains) and Imperial College (Chris Banks  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6906304 fatcat:nxmcatln7zdnhmxtugs7s6zlqm

Quantitative Detection of Active Vibrios Associated with White Plague Disease in Mussismilia braziliensis Corals

Luciane A. Chimetto Tonon, Janelle R. Thompson, Ana P. B. Moreira, Gizele D. Garcia, Kevin Penn, Rachelle Lim, Roberto G. S. Berlinck, Cristiane C. Thompson, Fabiano L. Thompson
2017 Frontiers in Microbiology  
We used the reliable taxonomic marker pyrH as target, which has higher discriminatory power than the 16S rRNA gene and allows the distinction of closely related Vibrio species (Thompson et al., 2005;  ...  Predicted amplicon size was verified through conventional PCR using the Amplitaq Gold 360 Master Mix (Applied Biosystems) in a total volume of 25 µL reaction and primers Thompson et al., 2004) were  ...  Copyright © 2017 Chimetto Tonon, Thompson, Moreira, Garcia, Penn, Lim, Berlinck, Thompson and Thompson.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2017.02272 pmid:29204142 pmcid:PMC5698304 fatcat:hkv7d3le3fhj3nsusb3datwlme

Tweaa! – A Ghanaian interjection of "contempt" in online political comments

Rachel Thompson
2019 Ampersand  
Thompson Ampersand 6 (2019) 100047 revulsion against Nana Konadu being that female president. They employ name calling, referring to her as KAKAI ('monster' in Ga language) and 'ugly witch'.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.amper.2019.100047 fatcat:llbxlzjo35dwhae4kdwfnmykaq

Healthcare providers

Hankiz Dolan, Mu Li, Deborah Bateson, Rachel Thompson, Chun Wah Michael Tam, Carissa Bonner, Lyndal Trevena
2020 Sexual Health  
In Australia, there are many culturally and linguistically diverse communities and Chinese migrants make up one of the largest. Yet, little is known about healthcare providers' (HCPs) unique experiences in providing contraceptive care for Chinese migrant women. There is minimal research into the HCPs' perceptions of challenges or opportunities in engaging Chinese migrant women in informed and shared decision-making processes during contraceptive counselling. The aim of this study is to explore
more » ... CPs' experiences of providing contraceptive care for Chinese migrant women, their perceptions of women's care needs when choosing contraceptive methods, as well as their own needs in supporting women's decision-making. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 20 HCPs in Sydney, Australia who had substantial experience in providing contraceptive services to Chinese women who were recent migrants. Transcribed audio-recorded data were analysed using thematic analysis. Four main themes were identified, including: 'Are you using contraception?': the case for being proactive and opportunistic; 'Getting the message across': barriers to communication; 'Hormones are unnatural?': women favouring non-hormonal methods; and 'Word of mouth': social influence on contraceptive method choice. In order to facilitate informed choice and shared decision-making with Chinese migrant women during contraceptive counselling, broader health system and community-level strategies are needed. Such strategies could include improving HCPs' cultural competency in assessing and communicating women's contraceptive needs; providing professional interpreting services and translated materials; and improving women's health literacy, including their contraceptive knowledge and health system awareness.
doi:10.1071/sh19215 pmid:32998797 fatcat:dssuzws5yzaejl4brsrhwvrjpy

Tricuspid endocarditis with pulmonary emboli

Erin C Sutcliffe, Genji S Terasaki, Rachel E Thompson
2006 Respiratory care  
Also at risk are patients with pacemakers, central venous catheters, and congenital heart diseases. 1 The tricuspid valve is af-Erin C Sutcliffe MD, Genji S Terasaki MD, and Rachel E Thompson MD are  ... 
pmid:17240562 fatcat:7mr4zo7sd5hzpj567zynunahhu

Nerves of steal

Rachel E. Thompson, Kamal S. Ajam, Erik Stien, Michael D. Weiss
2008 Journal of Hospital Medicine  
Nerves of Steal / Thompson et al. metastatic infiltration, hepatitis C with cryoglobulinemia, Guillain-Barre syndrome and toxic exposures.  ... 
doi:10.1002/jhm.349 pmid:18698594 fatcat:uidtggbukjeelop24k5z2hycgy

Management of Craniopharyngioma – Perspectives beyond Surgery and Endocrinology

Rachel K Crowley, Christopher J Thompson
2015 European Endocrinology  
The excess mortality in craniopharyngiomas is attributable to their size, site and the traditional surgical approach; aggressive resection predisposes to hypothalamic complications such as obesity, somnolence, thirst disorders and neurocognitive dysfunction. Recently, treatment has been modified to partial resection and radiotherapy. The role of the endocrinologist has expanded from identification and replacement of hormone deficits to include management of hypothalamic disease. Future
more » ... of craniopharyngioma with neo-adjuvant chemotherapy to minimise surgical resection may improve the outcomes for these patients.
doi:10.17925/ee.2015.11.02.96 pmid:29632577 pmcid:PMC5819074 fatcat:r663egxzjbfwpjjj6onpnybovy

Working with Interpreters in Mental Health [chapter]

Rachel Tribe, Kate Thompson
2021 Mental Health and Illness Worldwide  
As a result, it may require more time to establish a good three-way therapeutic relationship (Tribe and Thompson 2009a; Becher and Wieling 2015) .  ...  Working with an interpreter as a conduit also makes the practitioner dependent on someone else and this can be unsettling (Tribe and Thompson 2009b) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-10-2366-8_38 fatcat:qih67muclfapdahiv7huh5ybry

A Model to Predict the Risk of Keratinocyte Carcinomas

David C. Whiteman, Bridie S. Thompson, Aaron P. Thrift, Maria-Celia Hughes, Chiho Muranushi, Rachel E. Neale, Adele C. Green, Catherine M. Olsen, David C. Whiteman, Adele C. Green, Catherine M. Olsen, Rachel E. Neale (+5 others)
2016 Journal of Investigative Dermatology  
Olsen, PhD; Rachel E. Neale, B Vet Sc, PhD; Penelope M. Webb, D Phil. QSkin Study Team: Lea M. Jackman, Barbara A. Ranieri, Bridie S. Thompson, Rebekah A. Cicero).  ...  have shown that the eight items for excision of histologically confirmed KC have very high concordance (approximately 97%) with histopathologic diagnoses obtained independently from pathology records (Thompson  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jid.2016.02.008 pmid:26908057 fatcat:jkucbevjnjdiblcnklpxxhf2bu
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