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RUDI: Real-Time Learning to Update Dense Retrieval Indices

Sophia Althammer
2021 Biennial Conference on Design of Experimental Search & Information Retrieval Systems  
Acknowledgments This work was supported by the EU Horizon 2020 ITN/ETN on Domain Specific Systems for Information Extraction and Retrieval (H2020-EU.1.3.1., ID: 860721).  ...  Therefore we propose RUDI for updating dense retrieval indices with transformations in real-time.  ...  In this paper we propose the concept RUDI for Realtime learning to Update Dense retrieval Indices with simple transformations.  ... 
dblp:conf/desires/Althammer21 fatcat:ei6lpwe22ranhlxb56qrx3ur6y

NeuroRule: A Connectionist Approach to Data Mining [article]

Hongjun Lu and Rudy Setiono and Huan Liu
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Approaches proposed so far for mining classification rules for large databases are mainly decision tree based symbolic learning methods.  ...  With our newly developed algorithms, rules which are similar to, or more concise than those generated by the symbolic methods can be extracted from the neural networks.  ...  Neural networks learn the classification rules by multiple passes over the training data set so that the learning time, or the training time needed for a neural network to obtain high classification accuracy  ... 
arXiv:1701.01358v1 fatcat:le4hdgsfpvbfhbf2f25ufgtuum

Tourism Sustainability Index: Measuring Tourism Sustainability Based on the ETIS Toolkit, by Exploring Tourist Satisfaction via Sentiment Analysis

Damiano De Marchi, Rudy Becarelli, Leonardo Di Sarli
2022 Sustainability  
The application of the ETIS toolkit has faced many challenges, especially at the subnational level, most of which are related to the lack of available and updated data to feed into the model.  ...  The results show that the TSI can be a consistent and valid tool for tourist destinations to use in analyzing sustainability, monitoring the evolution of sustainability through time periods and subareas  ...  Figure 9 shows the application of sub-indicator monitoring of short- Furthermore, the monthly updates permit a real-time analysis of the evolution of the sustainability assessment, both for the destination  ... 
doi:10.3390/su14138049 fatcat:i3y2nd3turchfd55hk6sqbe7ra

Approximate amplitude encoding in shallow parameterized quantum circuits and its application to financial market indicators

Kouhei Nakaji, Shumpei Uno, Yohichi Suzuki, Rudy Raymond, Tamiya Onodera, Tomoki Tanaka, Hiroyuki Tezuka, Naoki Mitsuda, Naoki Yamamoto
2022 Physical Review Research  
We demonstrate, with an in-depth numerical analysis, that our algorithm realizes loading of time series of real stock prices on quantum state with small approximation error, and thereby it enables constructing  ...  an indicator of the financial market based on the stock prices.  ...  ., the number of the updates of the parameters) is set to 200 for training U (θ).  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevresearch.4.023136 fatcat:23fn3jwrdvgehcem2t5zmv44fe

Intellectual property rights, strategic technology agreements and market structure

Rudi Bekkers, Geert Duysters, Bart Verspagen
2002 Research Policy  
over time does not imply that there are no differences with regard to timing between firms.Figure 5gives an indication of this.  ...  For almost the complete period, the line is below the 45 degrees line, which indicates that there is a tendency for the number of patents realized in a certain time period to increase over time.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0048-7333(01)00189-5 fatcat:zy35mhuqnrfvvnrupawlid3una

Efficient placement of edge computing devices for vehicular applications in smart cities

Gopika Premsankar, Bissan Ghaddar, Mario Di Francesco, Rudi Verago
2018 NOMS 2018 - 2018 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium  
The data generated by the cars is then processed in real-time to enable several applications.  ...  Real-time control applications can be supported as data generated by the end-devices is processed within a short time.  ... 
doi:10.1109/noms.2018.8406256 dblp:conf/noms/PremsankarGFV18 fatcat:e3nbo5rcufcj7bef5d56v5klqq

2. A Novel Function for the Calendar in Add. Ms. 24332 [chapter]

Kathryn M. Rudy
2019 Image, Knife, and Gluepot  
Lisa Regan helped me to find the unconventional scholarly voice in these pages, and I am deeply indebted to her insights.  ...  I am grateful to Katharine Ridler, who read the text and suggested useful improvements, and to Emily Savage, who made perspicacious editorial suggestions.  ...  Finally, another set of residues points to another system for idea retrieval.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0145.02 fatcat:5uaodon4jnh5hhpe6skfffzcl4

Information-Selectivity of Beta-Amyloid Pathology in an Associative Memory Model

Mark Rowan
2012 Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience  
This work models the progression of beta-amyloid pathology according to Small's synaptic scaling theory in an updated version of Ruppin and Reggia's associative neural network model of Alzheimer's disease  ...  , leading to a self-reinforcing cascade of damage.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS With thanks to John Bullinaria for his comments. Research funded by EPSRC.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fncom.2012.00002 pmid:22279434 pmcid:PMC3260488 fatcat:3ce5hijxbfh7vai67oylr57gpu

The Computational Nature of Memory Modification [article]

Samuel J Gershman, Marie-H. Monfils, Kenneth A Norman, Yael Niv
2016 bioRxiv   pre-print
Retrieving a memory can modify its influence on subsequent behavior.  ...  and extinction, and prediction errors following retrieval.  ...  ). 9 Time is measured in arbitrary units here; see the Appendix for a description of how these units roughly map on to real time. 24 .  ... 
doi:10.1101/036442 fatcat:qfsp7ujhxbc7jp222vmnwvt6qi

The computational nature of memory modification

Samuel J Gershman, Marie-H Monfils, Kenneth A Norman, Yael Niv
2017 eLife  
Retrieving a memory can modify its influence on subsequent behavior.  ...  We develop a computational theory of memory modification, according to which modification of a memory trace occurs through classical associative learning, but which memory trace is eligible for modification  ...  Time is measured in arbitrary units here; see the Materials and methods for a description of how these units roughly map on to real time.  ... 
doi:10.7554/elife.23763 pmid:28294944 pmcid:PMC5391211 fatcat:ogulbsetivaghpflep2nnco2ve

A Computational Model of Systems Memory Consolidation and Reconsolidation [article]

Peter Helfer, Thomas R. Shultz
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In the mammalian brain, newly acquired memories depend on the hippocampus for maintenance and recall, but over time the neocortex takes over these functions, rendering memories hippocampus-independent.  ...  However, reactivation of a well-consolidated memory can trigger a temporary return to a hippocampus-dependent state, a phenomenon known as systems memory reconsolidation.  ...  & Rudy, 2007) .  ... 
arXiv:1703.01357v7 fatcat:ajqeee4vdrbkfbazmvw4h47q2i

Direct Constraints on the Extremely Metal-Poor Massive Stars Underlying Nebular C IV Emission from Ultra-Deep HST/COS Ultraviolet Spectroscopy [article]

Peter Senchyna, Daniel P. Stark, Stephane Charlot, Adele Plat, Jacopo Chevallard, Zuyi Chen, Tucker Jones, Ryan L. Sanders, Gwen C. Rudie, Thomas J. Cooper, Gustavo Bruzual
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We find that the strength and spectral profile of the nebular C IV in these new spectra follow a sequence evocative of resonant scattering models, indicating that the hot circumgalactic medium likely plays  ...  This supports the idea that these local systems are more chemically-similar to their primordial high-redshift counterparts than to the bulk of nearby galaxies.  ...  We would like to thank Carnegie Institution for Science and the Carnegie Sci-Comp Committee for providing computational resources and support that contributed to these research results. P.  ... 
arXiv:2111.11508v1 fatcat:67dp5wzhpjgr7ktaciebqwzgoe

On initial Brain Activity Mapping of episodic and semantic memory code in the hippocampus

Joe Z. Tsien, Meng Li, Remus Osan, Guifen Chen, Longian Lin, Phillip Lei Wang, Sabine Frey, Julietta Frey, Dajiang Zhu, Tianming Liu, Fang Zhao, Hui Kuang
2013 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory  
We show that appropriate large-scale statistical methods are essential to decipher and measure real-time memory traces and neural dynamics.  ...  As the planning of the BRAIN project is currently underway, we share our insights and lessons from our efforts in mapping real-time episodic memory traces in the hippocampus of freely behaving mice.  ...  Acknowledgement We would like to express our deep gratitude to Georgia Research Alliance for the Brain Decoding Initiative (2007-present), and Yunnan Province Department of Science and Technology for the  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.nlm.2013.06.019 pmid:23838072 pmcid:PMC3769419 fatcat:3mdb2yyhhzg4fmawwr4x2qdram

A computational principle for hippocampal learning and neurogenesis

Suzanna Becker
2005 Hippocampus  
The learning rules turn out to have much in common with several models of CA3 and CA1 in the literature, and provide a unifying framework in which to view these models.  ...  Here, we propose a novel coding principle that is common to all hippocampal regions, and from this one principal, we derive learning rules for each of the major pathways within the hippocampus.  ...  the real hippocampal circuit.  ... 
doi:10.1002/hipo.20095 pmid:15986407 fatcat:z6bfg2y2azbmhjprjbch2mkwwu

Update on Memory Systems and Processes

Lynn Nadel, Oliver Hardt
2010 Neuropsychopharmacology  
We review traditional thinking about learning and memory and consider more closely emerging trends from both human and animal research that could lead to profound shifts in how we understand the neural  ...  Ideas about how the brain organizes learning and memory have been evolving in recent years, with potentially important ramifications.  ...  This effect took time to emerge, that is, it was not evident immediately after learning Set 2.  ... 
doi:10.1038/npp.2010.169 pmid:20861829 pmcid:PMC3055510 fatcat:jw5m6jussjhufekqiwrq4mhqvu
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