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Rtp and the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

Colin Perkins, Ladan Gharai
2006 2006 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo  
We describe how the new Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) can be used as a bearer for the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) to provide a congestion controlled basis for networked multimedia  ...  This is a step towards deployment of congestion control for such applications, necessary to ensure the future stability of the best-effort network if high-bandwidth streaming and IPTV services are to be  ...  Thanks to Philippe Gentric, Magnus Westerlund and members of the IETF DCCP working group for comments on this work.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icme.2006.262832 dblp:conf/icmcs/PerkinsG06 fatcat:wbocmlb265bplo6q4wl7wh74vu

On the Scalability of RTCP-Based Network Tomography for IPTV Services

Ali C. Begen, Colin Perkins, Jorg Ott
2010 2010 7th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference  
In this paper, we demonstrate that the RTP Control Protocol and its network tomography extensions can satisfy the needs of the providers in collecting and reporting both detailed and summarized information  ...  To this effect, cost-effective and scalable tools are highly desirable for QoE monitoring, diagnostics and reporting.  ...  Acknowledgments: Thanks to Martin Ellis for his feedback on an early version of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ccnc.2010.5421780 dblp:conf/ccnc/BegenPO10 fatcat:gnmisjonejcnrgyi65sr7qxjc4

Early event-driven (EED) RTCP feedback for rapid IDMS

Mario Montagud, Fernando Boronat, Hans Stokking
2013 Proceedings of the 21st ACM international conference on Multimedia - MM '13  
In particular, novel Early Event-Driven (EED) RTCP feedback reporting mechanisms are designed to overcome latency issues and to enable higher flexibility, dynamism and accuracy when using RTP/RTCP for  ...  This paper concentrates on improving a standardized RTP/RTCP-based solution for IDMS.  ...  (SSM) with unicast feedback [19] , because only the Distribution Source can transmit data in a multicast way.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2502081.2502114 dblp:conf/mm/MontagudBS13 fatcat:yub3gam7qjh4tcsszq7y44ewve

Extending the Functionality of RTP/RTCP Implementation in Network Simulator (NS-2) to support TCP friendly congestion control

Christos Bouras, Apostolos Gkamas, Georgios Kioumourtzis
2008 Proceedings of the First International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques for Communications Networks and Systems  
In this paper, we present a modification of the ns2 code for the RTP/RTCP protocols.  ...  The legacy RTP/RTCP code in ns2 has not yet been validated but it provides a framework of the protocol's specification for experimental use.  ...  With these new feedback functions any multimedia application can employ the internal mechanisms of the RTP and RTCP for Quality of Service (QoS) measurements.  ... 
doi:10.4108/icst.simutools2008.2986 dblp:conf/simutools/BourasGK08 fatcat:gycoykmv55fgbbxsldvvb4426a

A new network simulator 2 (NS-2) module based on RTP/RTCP protocols to achieve multimedia group synchronization

Mario Montagud, Fernando Boronat
2010 Proceedings of the 3rd International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques  
When we started to work with NS-2, we discovered that the native implementation of RTP and RTCP protocols in NS-2 is quite generic. Many attributes specified in RFC 3550 are not included  ...  in [3] , and based on Feedback Protocol [4] and Feedback Global Protocol [5] .  ...  RTCP is the companion control protocol for RTP.  ... 
doi:10.4108/icst.simutools2010.8686 dblp:conf/simutools/MontagudB10 fatcat:qm6wvtt4l5dwjhiycjlyamoohy

Evaluation of Deficit Round Robin Queue Discipline for Real-time Traffic Management in an RTP/RTCP Environment

Iffat Ahmed, Leonardo Badia, Khalid Hussain
2010 2010 Fourth UKSim European Symposium on Computer Modeling and Simulation  
At the same time, Real-time Transmission Control Protocol (RTCP) is used for receiving feedback and getting information about the network.  ...  This paper proposes and evaluates a traffic management implementation in such an RTP/RTCP environment for congestion control.  ...  RTP/RTCP protocol suite is well known for getting feedback from the receiver and it is also utilized by [17] to exemplify the real-time traffic flow for unicast and multicast environment.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ems.2010.87 dblp:conf/ems/AhmedBH10 fatcat:pliqa64q6zdcvbj54rup3qjf3i

Enhanced adaptive RTCP-based Inter-Destination Multimedia Synchronization approach for distributed applications

Mario Montagud, Fernando Boronat
2012 Computer Networks  
For that purpose, we previously had also to develop a full implementation of RTP/RTCP protocols for NS-2, in which we included the IDMS approach as an optional functionality.  ...  Enhanced adaptive RTCP-based interdestination multimedia synchronization approach for distributed applications.  ...  Authors also would like to thank the anonymous reviewers that helped to significantly improve the quality of the paper with their constructive comments.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2012.05.003 fatcat:jl5xjl4w6ze7pjf4ykx6a27ua4

Virtual RTCP: A case study of monitoring and repair for UDP-based IPTV systems

Alejandra Soni Garcia, Jorg Ott, Martin Ellis, Colin Perkins
2012 2012 19th International Packet Video Workshop (PV)  
We present a case study of virtual RTCP, a new framework for reception quality monitoring and reporting for UDP-encapsulated MPEG video delivered over IP multicast.  ...  We show that this allows incremental deployment of reporting infrastructure, coupled with effective retransmission-based packet loss repair.  ...  Thanks to David Ros for suggesting the UDP checksum as an additional packet identifer.  ... 
doi:10.1109/pv.2012.6229743 dblp:conf/pv/GarciaOEP12 fatcat:6pawnh3jkjcpnk7tgj4sfwkkay

Design, development and assessment of control schemes for IDMS in a standardized RTCP-based solution

Mario Montagud, Fernando Boronat, Hans Stokking, Pablo Cesar
2014 Computer Networks  
Particularly, novel RTCP extensions, in combination with several control algorithms and adjustment techniques, have been specified to enable an adaptive, highly accurate and standard compliant IDMS solution  ...  This paper presents the design and development of an advanced IDMS solution, which is based on extending the capabilities of RTP/RTCP standard protocols.  ...  amount of control traffic added by RTCP does not exceed 5 % of the allocated RTP session bandwidth [11] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2014.06.004 fatcat:4o76ep5ai5fk3ohjss56pmbqni

A Hybrid Extension for IP Multicasting in Push-to-talk over Cellular Systems

Tomasz Gębarowski
2012 International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications  
This paper proposes a hybrid IP multicasting extension for Push-to-talk technology allowing to reduce group size limitation significantly and increase the performance of large scale Pushto-talk systems  ...  As a matter of fact, majority of available PoC solutions are inefficient in handling groups of large size because they rely on IP unicasting for delivering media streams.  ...  Hence, talk burst control is realized together with feedback reporting (with Real-time Transport Control Protocol, abbr.  ... 
doi:10.2478/v10177-012-0011-9 fatcat:u4pzexe5yzbqtpiure3hgaennu

On the use of RTP for monitoring and fault isolation in IPTV

Ali Begen, Colin Perkins, Jorg Ott
2010 IEEE Network  
In this article we provide an overview of the Real-Time Transport Protocol and its application to IPTV.  ...  We describe the monitoring and reporting features offered by RTP, and emphasize how they can be used to enhance subscriber QoE.  ...  The combination of RTP, its existing standard extensions, and the extensions we have proposed for SSM with unicast feedback, rapid acquisition of multicast sessions, and multiplexed data and control provides  ... 
doi:10.1109/mnet.2010.5430139 fatcat:rtmis7pcvff7ddhf5gf3kim7du

Remote Multicast Monitoring Using the RTP MIB [chapter]

Julian Chesterfield, Bill Fenner, Lee Breslau
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The implementation has been tested extensively and provides a network operator with a network-wide view of multicast performance. particular multicast routing protocol employed -DVMRP, PIM, MOSPF, etc.  ...  While multicast is a promising technology, monitoring multicast routing infrastructure and the performance of applications that use it presents challenges not found with unicast.  ...  For the RTP functionality, we used the UCL RTP library, which implements RTP (including RTCP) for multicast as well as unicast sessions [23] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45812-3_13 fatcat:wxhk2um46zaexaqqmbfum5bd7u


2010 Selected Topics in Communication Networks and Distributed Systems  
RTCP is the control protocol of RTP. RTP and RTCP were designed for the transmission of multimedia data like video and audio.  ...  RTP/RTCP: Protocols which are used for the transmission of multimedia data. RTP performs the actual transmission and RTCP is the control and monitoring Protocol.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789812839442_0020 fatcat:rc5hkxccijhh5ehhn6gmhfqlse

Program insertion in real-time IP multicasts

Jack Brassil, Sukesh Garg, Henning Schulzrinne
1999 Computer communication review  
Mixing is entirely decentralized, relying on new protocols to coordinate transfer of session control between IP multicast sources.  ...  to existing software players, 4) audience demographics from Real Time Control Protocol messages, and 5) mechanisms to allow users to select between multiple, simultaneous program transmissions.  ...  RTCP is RTP's associated monitoring and control protocol whose primary functions are to provide feedback on reception quality, and distribute source identification and control information.  ... 
doi:10.1145/505733.505738 fatcat:umch4ukc6jcvhj5xd7cbbyette

The IETF Internet telephony architecture and protocols

H. Schulzrinne, J. Rosenberg
1999 IEEE Network  
These services include not only traditional conferencing, call control, multimedia, and mobility services, but also new ones that integrate web, email, presence, and instant messaging applications with  ...  Internet telephony and traditional circuit switched telephony will co-exist for quite some time, requiring interworking between the two.  ...  RTP also has a companion control protocol, called the Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP). RTCP provides additional information to session participants.  ... 
doi:10.1109/65.767133 fatcat:trz3yr6yozhshfdj5diwfmvyky
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