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1958 Southern medical journal (Birmingham, Ala. Print)  
Listeriosis LANIER ALLEN, B.S., and WILLIAM R. MURPHY, M.D.,+ Augusta, Ga. The authors point to the increased recognition of this rare form of meningitis.  ...  The exudate was more prominent over the hase of the brain, especially on the inferior surface of LISTERIOSIS—Allen and Murphy 1455 the cerebellum.  ... 
doi:10.1097/00007611-195811000-00018 fatcat:ec7hg5pcljcyvg76haidzmdobu


1958 Southern medical journal (Birmingham, Ala. Print)  
Listeriosis LANIER ALLEN, B.S., and WILLIAM R. MURPHY, M.D.,+ Augusta, Ga. The authors point to the increased recognition of this rare form of meningitis.  ...  The exudate was more prominent over the hase of the brain, especially on the inferior surface of LISTERIOSIS—Allen and Murphy 1455 the cerebellum.  ... 
pmid:13602988 fatcat:vwnsidohnfefbgh6g42ghwcamm

Immunology at 2000

Paul M. Allen, Kenneth M. Murphy, Robert D. Schreiber, Emil R. Unanue
1999 Immunity  
The last days of a year or century or millennium are the fine chemical specificity of the interactions could be artificial barriers in time, but nonetheless to recognize understood. Much was learned from the identification these points in time has some utility. They allow us to of different chemical forms of antigens and from the pause, look back, and reappraise what we have done concepts of haptens and carriers. Haptens allowed for and where we now are. As individual scientists, such the
more » ... t measurements of antibody affinity, which reappraisals are perhaps not done with optimal freled to the recognition of affinity maturation during the quency. As a group or a community, such reappraisals immune response. Biologically, we came to appraise are uncommon and done even less to orient the field into the function of antibodies in opsonization, in activation a forward direction. Scientific progress tends neither to of serum complement, and in immune complex-type be organized nor well planned. It may pay little attention diseases and clinical allergies. The culmination of all to the historically important events that moved a field these years was the elucidation of the beautiful structure forward or to the natural forces that shaped the field, of an antibody molecule with its component chains and but rather preys upon the immediate menu of findings, its unique functional domains. new technologies, and fashionable lines of inquiry. We It is not that cellular reactions were completely ignow pause, albeit briefly, as year's end approaches and nored during this time. But progress here was slow and our tenure as editors of Immunity terminates, to ponder the center of the field was elsewhere, i.e., with the analywhat the second century of immunological research has sis of the "humoral response." It is startling to realize accomplished. Where are we? Where are we headed? that experimental proof that lymphocytes convey the What are our expectations? specificity of immune responses has been known for That day in July of 1798, when Edward Jenner inocuabout 30 years. Around late 1965, the second epoch of lated James Phipps with vaccinia virus derived from a immunological research ended as the emphasis in the cow named Blossom, represents the start of immunoldiscipline abruptly changed with an increased awareogy as a discipline. Following the extraordinary success ness of the phenomena reported by Ehrlich and Metchof cowpox vaccination in controlling smallpox, several nikoff, that is to say, the analysis of lymphocytes and decades passed without any real understanding of imthe RES. From 1970, progress has been notable and munological reactions. The analysis and understanding revolutionary, as modern cellular and molecular biology of these reactions arose from the formulation of the and genetics enter this field, which has now exploded germ theory of disease championed by Pasteur and with extraordinary dynamism and has attracted some Koch, the discovery of neutralizing factors for toxins of the best minds in biology. Now approaches could be in antisera-the epochal results of Von Boehring and taken to understand the cellular basis of an immune Kitasato-and our early comprehension of cells and tisresponse: the lymphocyte is the most studied and best sues and diseases, brought about in particular by the known cell in biology. The advances of the past two emergence of the cell theory. The first century of immudecades in particular are nothing short of extraordinary, nology ended circa 1900 with the two giants who prospilling beyond the confines of immunology per se. Few foundly influenced the analysis of immunological phebiological disciplines have had such an acute period of nomena: Paul Ehrlich and Elie Metchnikoff. Ehrlich's accomplishments. One can well argue that the discipline renowned Croonian lecture to the Royal Society in 1900, moved so fast because we were firmly planted "on the during which he first stated the side chain theory, represhoulders of giants." Indeed, it had taken close to one sents creative thinking at its best. Remarkably, at this century to get ready, but in barely three decades: time practically nothing was known of immunological (1) Lymphocytes are defined as providing the cellular specificity nor of the cells that conveyed it. Metchnibasis for immunological specificity. koff's postulation on the role of phagocytes and phago- (2) The two major subsets of lymphocytes are idencytosis was likewise a landmark in presaging what we tified. now call innate immunity-the old reticulo-endothelial (3) The clonal nature of lymphocyte recognition is desystem, actually not a bad term at all. These two extraortermined. dinary scientists defined how the immune system oper-(4) The lymphocytes' receptors for antigen are discovated within the limits of their knowledge and created ered and cloned. a vision of the future beyond the knowledge at their (5) Monoclonal antibodies are developed, and with disposal. this accomplishment comes not only a fundamental un-But again, as with Jenner's findings, a period of time derstanding of B cell biology, but also the widespread had to pass for their vision to come to the forefront of use of homogeneous antibody finds enormous practical immunological research. Indeed, up to the late 1960s, application. immunological research focused on the immediately ob-(6) The molecular basis of diversity is resolved with vious and the technically feasible: the analysis of serum the discovery of gene rearrangements. antibodies. We learned about the ways to elicit antibod-(7) T cell recognition of antigen is deciphered, and the ies and their role and use in combating infections. (The MHC, discovered prior to this time, is now placed in the first Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to von Boehrcorrect perspective of physiological interactions. ing for his findings on serotherapy.) The different tech-(8) Antigenicity is placed in the framework of antigen nologies to appraise and measure the interactions between antigens and antibodies were developed so that processing, presentation, and peptide-binding to MHC,
doi:10.1016/s1074-7613(00)80139-9 pmid:10626887 fatcat:ocihlkgtw5hk3m6nijcxtbbvbq

Explaining the apparent impenetrable barrier to ultra-relativistic electrons in the outer Van Allen belt

Louis G. Ozeke, Ian R. Mann, Kyle R. Murphy, Alex W. Degeling, Seth G. Claudepierre, Harlan E. Spence
2018 Nature Communications  
The flux and PSD at the outer boundary of L = 6 is derived from the mean 2.1 MeV electron flux measured by Van Allen Probes A and B from 1 September to 31 May 2014.  ...  The NASA Van Allen Probes (formerly known as the Radiation Belt Storm Probes 17 ) consist of two elliptically orbiting spacecraft with an inclination of~10°, passing from altitudes of~600 km at perigee  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41467-018-04162-3 pmid:29748536 pmcid:PMC5945634 fatcat:bnf72jxi4zdxpjgat37eo2zuly

Environmental impacts of utility-scale solar energy

R.R. Hernandez, S.B. Easter, M.L. Murphy-Mariscal, F.T. Maestre, M. Tavassoli, E.B. Allen, C.W. Barrows, J. Belnap, R. Ochoa-Hueso, S. Ravi, M.F. Allen
2014 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews  
Greenhouse gas emissions Land use and land cover change Photovoltaic Renewable energy a b s t r a c t Renewable energy is a promising alternative to fossil fuel-based energy, but its development can require  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rser.2013.08.041 fatcat:azcevuobdbhtdibpecpjypvvme


J W Stutzman, Quill Murphy, C R Allen, W J Meek
1947 Anesthesiology  
Allen, C. R.; Stutzman, J. W., and Meek, W. J.: The Production of Ventricular Tachycardia . by Adrenalin in Cyclopropane Anesthesia, Anesthesiology 1: 158-166 (Sept.) 1940. 4. Orth, O.  ...  R. Auten, M.D., Ph.D.,f AND W. J. MEEK, Ph.D.  ... 
doi:10.1097/00000542-194711000-00002 fatcat:kyxznwzpqfcmphbrokluve5dh4


1945 Anesthesiology  
James R.  ...  R. Auuen, P#.D., Quint Murpuy, M.A., AnD WALTER J. MEEK, PH.D. Madison, Wis.  ... 
doi:10.1097/00000542-194503000-00004 fatcat:46jhhdewc5cvpex25xtichuila

A Search for Companions to L Dwarfs

P. R. Allen, D. W. Koerner, M. W. McElwain, G. R. Murphy, I. Neill Reid, J. E. Gizis, J. Davy Kirkpatrick
2003 Symposium - International astronomical union  
We present the results of two imaging surveys for companions to low-luminosity dwarfs, one with Keck to a limiting magnitude ofK= 20, and the other with HST to a limiting magnitude ofI= 23. No companions were found at separations of 0″.5 to 20″.0, but seven companions were found within 0″.5. Based on sub-stellar evolutionary models, we estimate the companion detection efficiency as a function of mass ratio. This modeling, coupled with the data, place strong upper limits on the mass ratios of
more » ... bserved companions. We conclude that no companions exist in the optimal sensitivity regions of both surveys for q > 0.85 (HST), and q > 0.4 (Keck).
doi:10.1017/s0074180900210814 fatcat:53nhdvrm6veivhfoeujwjr6dhu

Circuit simulation of Saturn with a reflex triode load

R. J. Allen, B.V. Weber, R.J. Commisso, S.B. Swanekamp, D.P. Murphy, S.W. Seiler
2011 2011 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference  
A new circuit model for the Sandia Saturn generator [1] was constructed to aid analysis of measurements from recent experiments with reflex triode loads [2] . This configuration is easier to model than others because there are no convolutes in the vacuum region. Also, the low impedance of the reflex triode makes the amount of vacuum flow current insignificant, which also simplifies analysis. Saturn has 36 identical pulse generator modules that each drive a water transmission line output. These
more » ... ransmission line outputs are bussed together in water before driving the vacuum insulator stack. Measured voltage waveforms from all 36 of the water transmission lines (TL) are used to drive the simulation. The 94-ns two-way electrical length between the location of the TL voltage probe and the end of the TL makes the measured TL voltages a high fidelity input for the simulation. The load currents from the circuit model are compared to measured currents for short circuit and real load shots. A physics-based circuit model for the reflex triode was used to aid in analysis of the reflex triode behavior. 978-1-4577-0631-8/11/$26.00 ©2011 IEEE
doi:10.1109/ppc.2011.6191524 fatcat:qkrax74r6zfipp5vr4sqt5qbxi

Inhibition of human gall bladder mucus synthesis in patients undergoing cholecystectomy

M Rhodes, A Allen, R H Dowling, G Murphy, T W Lennard
1992 Gut  
Hypersection of gall bladder mucus is associated with gall stone formation in animal models.' Aspirin inhibits both mucus synthesis and secretion, prevents gail stone formation in
doi:10.1136/gut.33.8.1113 pmid:1398238 pmcid:PMC1379453 fatcat:t5wvko33fbfzjmaro6bxqo4gvu

Chemoenzymatic synthesis of enantiopure hydroxy sulfoxides derived from substituted arenes

Derek R. Boyd, Narain D. Sharma, John F. Malone, Vera Ljubez, Deirdre Murphy, Steven D. Shepherd, Christopher C. R. Allen
2016 Organic and biomolecular chemistry  
27b R 29a R ECD Spectra 7  ...  1S,2S,R' / 8 1S,2S,S' 10 1S,2R,S' / 11 1S,2R,R' 13 1S,3S,R' / 14 1S,3S,S' 27a R 27b R Electronic Supplementary Material (ESI) for Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.  ... 
doi:10.1039/c5ob02411k pmid:26907786 fatcat:x3aas3d2djgbdjcoa57kcxi6qm

Workforce Planning Models for Oral Health Care: A Scoping Review

L O'Malley, R Macey, T Allen, P Brocklehurst, F Thomson, J Rigby, R Lalloo, G Tomblin Murphy, S Birch, M Tickle
2020 JDR Clinical & Translational Research  
Allen, J. Rigby, G. Tomblin Murphy, contributed to data interpretation, critically revised the manuscript; P. Brocklehurst, R. Lalloo, S.  ...  O'Malley, contributed to conception, design, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, drafted the manuscript; R. Macey, F.  ... 
doi:10.1177/2380084420979585 pmid:33323035 pmcid:PMC8674798 fatcat:cc7v7fx4v5b4nl3nziziwycbpa

Advanced Technologies and Data Management Practices in Environmental Science: Lessons from Academia

Rebecca R. Hernandez, Matthew S. Mayernik, Michelle L. Murphy-Mariscal, Michael F. Allen
2012 BioScience  
Murphy-Mariscal is a research scientist and Michael F. Allen is the director at the Center for Conservation Biology at the University of California, Riverside.  ...  We processed and statistically analyzed all of the survey data using scripts in R (  ... 
doi:10.1525/bio.2012.62.12.8 fatcat:ik3w5hreafhypomp3p4ob2gsou

Submaxillary mucins. Intermolecular interactions and gel-forming potential of concentrated solutions

L A Sellers, A Allen, E R Morris, S B Ross-Murphy
1988 Biochemical Journal  
Mechanical spectroscopy is a widely used method for studying gel structure (Ferry, 1980; Morris & Ross-Murphy, 1981) .  ...  Vol. 256 greater content of N-acetylgalactosamine and sialic acid (Mantle & Allen, 1981) .  ... 
doi:10.1042/bj2560599 pmid:3223933 pmcid:PMC1135452 fatcat:dabvj435gjbdjlydodv4xa6qsy

An electrophysiological signal that precisely tracks the emergence of error awareness

Peter R. Murphy, Ian H. Robertson, Darren Allen, Robert Hester, Redmond G. O'Connell
2012 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience  
Murphy, an ARC Fellowship to Robert Hester (FT110100088), and an IRCSET "Empower" Fellowship to Redmond G. O'Connell.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research was supported by an Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology (IRCSET) "Embark Initiative" grant awarded to Peter R.  ...  Mean single-trial Pe C latency was positively correlated with mean Aware RT (r = 0.53, p < 0.01), and negatively correlated with participants' Error Awareness (r = −0.53, p < 0.01).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnhum.2012.00065 pmid:22470332 pmcid:PMC3314233 fatcat:mkilmcjfh5av5ppotkiapcqpiq
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