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R-U-In? - Exploiting Rich Presence and Converged Communications for Next-Generation Activity-Oriented Social Networking

Nilanjan Banerjee, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Koustuv Dasgupta, Sumit Mittal, Seema Nagar, Saguna
2009 2009 Tenth International Conference on Mobile Data Management: Systems, Services and Middleware  
Initial survey results, based on a prototype implementation of R-U-In?  ...  To this end, we present R-U-In? -an activityoriented social networking system for users to collaborate and participate in activities of mutual interest.  ...  In doing so, R-U-In?  ... 
doi:10.1109/mdm.2009.33 dblp:conf/mdm/BanerjeeCDMNS09 fatcat:2dl4q5mlh5dxjcd4ttyiq4wxla

Page 37 of Ainslee's Vol. 56, Issue 3 [page]

1925 Ainslee's  
It’s R U IN, ruin! That’s what it meant for me. I lost two hundred thousand pounds in three years, and my business went to pot, too. Then I had this cursed stroke, and here I am!  ...  If I could see these people myself, they would pay, or if I could get a friend whom I could trust. But there isn’t a man comes near me!”  ... 

Page 8 of Evangelist and Religious Review Vol. 62, Issue 49 [page]

1891 Evangelist and Religious Review  
The M A B KIA Mason .Xi Ham¬ lin SCRKW EIUIIII m Bt K 1 N O E R was p.itent 'd 11 RU in July, 188:1, and is a veri- V 11 U 1111 V table trininpb for .  ...  “I tell you all, hurrah! Fa¬ ther’s a brick.” “Ooo oo-ee-oh!” cried Mar¬ gery. Out of doors they went with a rush, and saw —what do you suppose—the dearest little, white Shetland pony.  ... 

Page 9 of Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate Vol. 5, Issue 46 [page]

1834 Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate  
I’neither ciipinuniiess of ideii:<, mir ttiieiiey nf w<>r<U.'  ...  Grosh, vvill cooliiiiie vv ilti us His mind was great and p-.werlul, without being olj' „f people to whom Rev.  ... 

The history of King Richard the Third

2006 ChoiceReviews  
With which tidinges the quene in gret f [r] ight & heuines, bewailing her childes r [u] in, her frendes mischance, & her own infortune, damning the time that euer shee diswaded the gatheryng of power  ...  By whiche the lesse whyle I looke to lyue with you, the more depelye am I moued to care in what case I leaue you, for such as I leaue you, suche bee my children lyke to fynde you.  ...  For they that sometyme step vp and playe with them, when they cannot play their partes, they disorder the play & do themself no good.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.44-1740 fatcat:trnp4oq4mbfo7c2n6ybpo4vvwu

Personal Identity and Practical Reason: The Failure of Kantian Replies to Parfit

Jonny Anomaly
2008 Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review  
to do.  ...  conclusions by invoking the Kantian thought that even if we accept his metaphysical theory of personal identity, we still have good practical grounds for rejecting that theory when deliberating about what  ...  More schematically, on Parfit's reductionist view of personal identity, PI = R + U.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s001221730000264x fatcat:dmipvcpsvbdvjkiisrfznoe7dy

Page 3 of Episcopal Recorder Vol. 4, Issue 11 [page]

1826 Episcopal Recorder  
,r ouV I i ''"I'l'''"":''- ( ''"'I “-"I -a-'/ . n r-. U In, e.,ne. „. o, Inll. di.l b- .r|,,,,| |u,t ihcr paieni, bo reo i' j,ui2me.  ...  (l*at my piil-jc beg.m to beat with and believe what de v pre.n h sort of religion.” “You know, niv clear,’’ shine with its accustomed hri'dilness.  ... 

Book Review: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition

Jessica Kirschner
2018 Journal of Electronic Publishing  
'Ior," tkd * L n~r u in, 130. Serial titles: to be roman-quoted, 70. %rjes,,ye of corn! before final "and," or, and "nor" m, 130. Sermons, titles of, to be roman-quoted, 71.  ...  Make a study of the "personal equation" in the case of those individuals (editors and others) with whom you as a proofreader will constantly have to deal.  ...  "Semi," compounds with, 181. Semicolon: illustration of use of, compared with that of comma, 129; placing of, in connection with quotahon marks, 127; rules for use of, 124-27; use of,  ... 
doi:10.3998/3336451.0021.106 fatcat:am4jfnbdvrdtlo32utoo7gpi5a

The Hebrew Particle רשׁא. Part I. רשׁא as a Nota Relationis

Carl Gaenssle
1914 The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures  
The history of a r u in Assyrian shows a development in the direction of the Hebrew '•j .  ...  Consequently, in You have done evil with respect to what you have done" is the only possible construction. passage Gen. 44:5, t3 f•lf'P~ 7.  ...  y b3:, "Hear this word, which I lift up for you-a lamentation."  ... 

Page 1 of Episcopal Recorder Vol. 22, Issue 37 [page]

1844 Episcopal Recorder  
.uIn truth, when we recognize vicarious prayer, , PapiJrt.  ...  <ibilitIes—dwelling every who like it and find the thing convenient, are cer¬ tainly at liberty to do so; only do not let them where—living through all time—Chri-t’s visible make tliis liberty an occasion  ... 

Page 3 of Evangelist and Religious Review Vol. 21, Issue 45 [page]

1850 Evangelist and Religious Review  
-r. .u in It ’ institution IS replete with accommodations and Brandywine .. — a-. — Dutv 30 ner rent ad val ^“‘®‘^®S“rd to Priith; 19, Homes; facilities for the education of Young Ladies, both as day Georgetown  ...  Shall we be “ In the writer of this book we meet with a man of e.x- icirie can give you relief, with the blessing of God that CorrectedcarefuUy every week for the Bvangallat ’ ’ •' 1 r.-,., -..T . . ,1  ... 

The Hebrew Particle רשׁא. Part I. רשׁא as a Nota Relationis

Carl Gaenssle
1914 The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures  
He, too, in common with Ewald, holds that ljNH is due to the hardening of b in bTiN to 'I.  ...  derives both 0 and "'It from an original ij, and regards X as merely prosthetic.4 In the second volume of the same work, however, he abandoned this view in favor of an original b5 , laying, in common with  ...  The history of a r u in Assyrian shows a development in the direction of the Hebrew '•j .  ... 
doi:10.1086/369754 fatcat:gpxkpus5hbhr3lnpg3ram6fi6q

The Carving of Kṛṣṇa's Legend: North and South, Back and Forth

Charlotte Schmid
2020 Religions  
With these various traditions, poets of the Tamil country in the later stage of Tamil Caṅkam literature featured a character they may not have consciously created, as he was already existent in the visual  ...  : what if you are not but a thief of a unique kind?".  ...  But it is clear that many elements do not come from the Harivam .ś a, starting with a thief who steals what is inside an uri.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rel11090439 fatcat:dwqe5vxvjnak3g7v2eyml76cqy

Notes and Queries

1862 Scientific American  
I aL'm claim the lever, V, spring, ,J', segment gBIL r, U, in combinat. ion with the dog, S, and cam, W, and spring, II, in the manner and for L he purpoRe described. ?"  ...  -Zinc is manufactured by the Lehigh Zinc co., Bethlehem, Pa., to whom we refer you for particulars. C. S., of Ohio.  ... 
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03011862-142 fatcat:erqeoh32qvgntd5tbbuuujgioi


1867 Transactions of the Philological Society  
Piotet ( h u e Arche'ohblogique, Juin, 1867, p. 400) proposea the modern tive of k r u in the Old Irish fritamm-iurat, etc. iubhrach ' 8 wooden tessd,' made (1 8uppoM) of yew (idher).  ...  What would you say to making ua 'grandson,' jlO.Ir. haue] = 6a 'minor'? As you call ancestors majores, why not descendants minores ? dr ' gold.'  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-968x.1867.tb00829.x fatcat:wqn64lnlwfhf7dglbteblcv5fq
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