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Querying websites using compact skeletons

Anand Rajaraman, Jeffrey D. Ullmann
2001 Proceedings of the twentieth ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems - PODS '01  
We study several classes of compact skeletons and provide polynomialtime algorithms and heuristics for automated construction of compact skeletons from websites.  ...  Compact skeletons provide a transformation from websites or other hierarchical data, such as XML documents, to relational tables.  ...  ANSWERING QUERIES USING COMPACT SKELETONS Suppose data graph G has PCS or PPCS K, w e n o w show how to answer queries over the data graph and the underlying website.  ... 
doi:10.1145/375551.375556 dblp:conf/pods/RajaramanU01 fatcat:vv6sh2peerfw7acqxsm3itudza

Querying websites using compact skeletons

Anand Rajaraman, Jeffrey D. Ullman
2003 Journal of computer and system sciences (Print)  
In Section 4 we present algorithms for querying websites given a compact skeleton; a special case is to materialize the entire relation corresponding to the website.  ...  We study several classes of compact skeletons and provide polynomial-time algorithms and heuristics for automated construction of compact skeletons from websites.  ...  deduce the compact skeleton from the website.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0022-0000(03)00029-1 fatcat:xufuxpoqp5ey3dd5plnlnjx7ay

Page 6443 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2004h [page]

2004 Mathematical Reviews  
Nicolas Spyratos (F-PARIS11-RI; Orsay) 2004h:68031 68P15 68Q25 68U35 Rajaraman, Anand; Ullman, Jeffrey D. (1-STF-C: Stanford, CA Querying websites using compact skeletons.  ...  Since the data graph may contain incomplete in- formation and superfluous information, the paper characterizes the compact skeletons and develops algorithms to find them.  ... 

Collection of informatics proposals from 2007

Arno Klein
2016 Research Ideas and Outcomes  
It also eventually sidesteps having to query pubmed so many times, and with 3s delays between each query.  ...  history of visited articles, and places the reviews in a visually compact and easily navigable form alongside the article upon request.  ... 
doi:10.3897/rio.2.e8813 fatcat:rbiw67qbqrcrrgw7ntusipum3e

Summarizing Large Query Logs in Ettu [article]

Gokhan Kul, Duc Luong, Ting Xie, Patrick Coonan, Varun Chandola, Oliver Kennedy, Shambhu Upadhyaya
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Our generalization of WL allows us to define a distance metric for SQL queries, which in turn permits automated clustering of queries.  ...  Finally, we evaluate our algorithms in the context of a motivating example: insider threat detection at a large US bank.  ...  We used Ettu to cluster the 140 query skeleton sample using hierarchical clustering and manually grouped the same set of queries. By hand, we identified 23 specific clusters of similar queries.  ... 
arXiv:1608.01013v1 fatcat:pepyrmjspfghfdxas4eujfxoim

Bitwuzla at the SMT-COMP 2020 [article]

Aina Niemetz, Mathias Preiner
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Bitwuzla uses CaDiCaL version 1.2.1 as default SAT back end. It further utilizes Lingeling for preprocessing the Boolean skeleton of the input formula. C.  ...  CONFIGURATIONS Bitwuzla participates in the single query, incremental, unsat core, and model validation tracks in the following divisions: For divisions BV and QF BV in the SQ and MV track, Bitwuzla uses  ... 
arXiv:2006.01621v1 fatcat:6ydjc7adezd6dgrqflwnmx3nxe

Exempla Gratis (E.G.): Code Examples for Free [article]

Celeste Barnaby and Koushik Sen and Tianyi Zhang and Elena Glassman and Satish Chandra
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Modern software engineering often involves using many existing APIs, both open source and, in industrial coding environments, proprietary.  ...  EG was also compared against code search results and hand-written examples from a popular programming website called ProgramCreek.  ...  EG only shows the three most common usage patterns, ensuring that its interface is compact and easy to use.  ... 
arXiv:2011.01407v1 fatcat:vntzfgyojvdclezugd4gunrp3q

Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models

D. Pickup, X. Sun, P. L. Rosin, R. R. Martin, Z. Cheng, Z. Lian, M. Aono, A. Ben Hamza, A. Bronstein, M. Bronstein, S. Bu, U. Castellani (+19 others)
2016 International Journal of Computer Vision  
We have added 145 new models for use as a separate training set, in order to standardise the training data used and provide a fairer comparison.  ...  All participants of the previous benchmark study have taken part in the new tests reported here, many providing updated results using the new data.  ...  Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (http://creativecomm, which permits unrestricted use, distribution  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11263-016-0903-8 fatcat:6tbv7dxwnfg7pik54vhs47jumu

SistematX, an Online Web-Based Cheminformatics Tool for Data Management of Secondary Metabolites

Marcus Scotti, Chonny Herrera-Acevedo, Tiago Oliveira, Renan Costa, Silas Santos, Ricardo Rodrigues, Luciana Scotti, Fernando Da-Costa
2018 Molecules  
The SistematX homepage allows the user to log into the data management area using a login name and password and gain access to administration pages.  ...  The interface provided by SistematX contains a wealth of useful information for the scientific community about natural products, highlighting the locations of species from which compounds are isolated.  ...  pages, adapting some functions and styles to aid in the website design.  ... 
doi:10.3390/molecules23010103 pmid:29301376 fatcat:4tdc7my6knb4vnmhcyzpqqb2my

A Prototypical Service For Real-Time Access To Local Context-Based Music Information

Frank Kurth, Meinard Müller, Andreas Ribbrock, Tido Röder, David Damm, Christian Fremerey
2004 Zenodo  
Figure 5 . 5 Skeleton of a sync file.  ...  As an important example, compact noise-robust audio fingerprints may be used to precisely specify a playback position within a particular piece of PCM audio [4] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1414925 fatcat:veufxh6lafg6zpiy6yosjhulbe

Canonical Forms for Non-Rigid 3D Shape Retrieval [article]

David Pickup, Xianfang Sun, Paul L. Rosin, Ralph R. Martin, Zhiquan Cheng, Sipin Nie, Longcun Jin
2015 Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, EG 3DOR  
We demonstrate the benchmark by using it to compare the performance of nine canonical form methods, using three different retrieval algorithms.  ...  We present a new benchmark for testing algorithms that create canonical forms for use in non-rigid 3D shape retrieval.  ...  The Skeletons method submitted by Pickup et al. has the smallest error using the compactness measure, suggesting it is best at preserving the shape of the original model.  ... 
doi:10.2312/3dor.20151063 fatcat:6huap3qjxzb2fgbzzpt7vtldiy

Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multiresolution Analysis Of Shape-Based Classified Images [article]

I. M. El-Henawy, Kareem Ahmed
2016 arXiv   pre-print
The third feature vector describes the basic shapes that exist in the skeletonization version of the black and white representation of the image.  ...  The first feature vector uses descriptive statistics to describe the distribution of data in each channel of RGB channels of the image.  ...  On the other hand, The BP-FFN is used to describe a specific category for the query image to limit the number of comparisons and matching to a compact number which significantly affects the speed and efficiency  ... 
arXiv:1610.02509v1 fatcat:y7qwswq5gncqfgjnlx3nzcwhbi

A-NeRF: Articulated Neural Radiance Fields for Learning Human Shape, Appearance, and Pose [article]

Shih-Yang Su, Frank Yu, Michael Zollhoefer, Helge Rhodin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
When used for novel-view-synthesis and motion capture, our neural model improves accuracy on diverse datasets. Project website: .  ...  We equip them with a skeleton to apply to time-varying and articulated motion. A key insight is that implicit models require the inverse of the forward kinematics used in explicit surface models.  ...  Dist. + Cutoff (Ours) 40.97 9.02 Table A5 : A5 Distance-based positional encoding is compact (360 dim) but insufficient (lower PSNR and SSIM) to encode skeleton relative query locations unless paired  ... 
arXiv:2102.06199v3 fatcat:usxlnp6wfrazdp66xrsvfqmdne

DANBO: Disentangled Articulated Neural Body Representations via Graph Neural Networks [article]

Shih-Yang Su, Timur Bagautdinov, Helge Rhodin
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Project website:  ...  Second, to further reduce the effect of chance correlations, we introduce localized per-bone features that use a factorized volumetric representation and a new aggregation function.  ...  Additional performance is gained by using a factorized volume and encouraging the volume bounds to be compact.  ... 
arXiv:2205.01666v1 fatcat:bwihm5aawfhbdmqusrxxlwy7wi

Deformable Model Retrieval Based on Topological and Geometric Signatures

Gary K.L. Tam, Rynson W.H. Lau
2007 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics  
Further information on publishers website: http://dx.  ...  The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to third parties in any format or medium, without prior permission or charge, for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-profit purposes  ...  This representation is compact and can significantly reduce the matching cost. . To discriminate models with similar or dissimilar skeletons, we stress using both local and global geometric features.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvcg.2007.1011 pmid:17356214 fatcat:2thm4vxrh5cffnoimpllxxn3ee
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