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Queer and Quare Autoethnography [chapter]

2016 Qualitative Inquiry Through a Critical Lens  
This volume highlights work being done in qualitative inquiry through a variety of critical lenses such as new materialism, queer theory, and narrative inquiry.  ...  Contributors ranging from seasoned academics to emerging scholars attend to questions of ontology and epistemology, providing, in the process, insights that any qualitative researcher interested in the  ...  , meta, co-constructed, duo, and so on (see, e.g., Saldaña, 2011; Jones, Adams, & Ellis, 2015) .  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315545943-13 fatcat:cctvu2uox5cxvhl4ceyixfrlum

Affects, Bodies and Desire: 'Queering' Methods and Methodologies to Research Queer Migration

Cesare Di Feliciantonio, Kaciano B. Gadelha
2016 Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie  
We stress how queering methodologies and methods is not an ontological position pre-assumed when conducting research with queer-identified subjects, but is a process of dismantling taken-for-granted, stable  ...  Following an increasing international debate on the topic, the contribution discusses the (im)possibility to develop a queer method or methodology.  ...  By exploring these issues, we contribute to the increasing debate about queer methods and methodologies, firmly convinced that queering methodologies and methods is not an ontological position pre-assumed  ... 
doi:10.1111/tesg.12235 fatcat:kbypeqp4g5akfmahdbqduciyei

Queer methods and methodologies: intersecting queer theories and social science research

Ilana Mountian
2013 Psychology and Sexuality  
British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Queer methods and methodologies : intersecting queer theories and social science research. 1. Queer theory. 2. Social sciences--Research. 3.  ...  Nash, Catherine. 306. 7'66'072-dc22 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Browne, Kath.  ...  How I collected, edited and analysed the data was not void of my own ontological assumptions.  ... 
doi:10.1080/19419899.2011.595080 fatcat:hbbivaieanbmje2glmc4ofp5c4

Queer Genes: Realism, Sexuality and Science

David Andrew Griffiths
2016 Journal of Critical Realism  
I argue that the complexity of both genetics and human sexuality demands a truly critical approach: one that takes into account feminist epistemologies of science and queer approaches to the body, while  ...  materiality, while also critically challenging the seemingly stable relationships between sex, gender and sexuality. keywords agential realism, critical realism, feminist standpoint epistemologies, gay genes, queer  ...  At a broad meta-theoretical level, this claim seems to provide a helpful answer to Haraway's call for reducing the subject/object divide.  ... 
doi:10.1080/14767430.2016.1210872 pmid:28058037 pmcid:PMC5167250 fatcat:mq6lcoa5yvdnzcuqwrgzuk7lnm

Social Kinds, Reference, and Meta-Ontological Revisionism

Michel-Antoine Xhignesse
2018 Journal of Social Ontology  
Julian Dodd has characterized the default position in metaphysics as meta-ontologically realist: the answers to first-order ontological questions are thought to be entirely independent of the things we  ...  Using art and art-kinds as paradigmatic examples of social kinds, I argue that meta-ontological realism sets conditions that are too strict to apply to social kinds.  ...  Meta-ontological realism (MR) The correct answers to first-order ontological questions are in no way determined by what we say or think about these questions (Dodd 2013 (Dodd , p. 1048 According to MR  ... 
doi:10.1515/jso-2018-0013 fatcat:sfearjzrlnb6hegk4oo36xnbae

Narrative theory unbound: queer and feminist interventions

2015 ChoiceReviews  
T his book began as a conversation among the presenters and participants who gathered in Columbus, Ohio, from May 12 to May 14, 2011, to explore new directions in queer and feminist narrative theory.  ...  She calls this moment "the strange metamorphosis from anti-essentialist to ontological private eye" (110).  ...  On the other hand, the rough data I found in, say, the MLA Bibliography charts a narrower path not only of feminist and (especially) queer narrative theory but of narrative theory tout court.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.192704 fatcat:p4obxdfgvfc6fhkov2m676u2mi

En/Activist Drag: Kings Reflect on Queerness, Queens, and Questionable Masculinities

Lisbeth A. Berbary, Corey W. Johnson
2016 Leisure Sciences  
and themes from the data being explored within each.  ...  During initial readings, strong narratives grounded in the data were identified with an array of En/activist Drag: Kings reflect on Queerness, Queens, and Questionable Masculinities 6 repetitive concepts  ... 
doi:10.1080/01490400.2016.1194791 fatcat:e5fzbf6pyra4zmlhyyqqagvlre

Homonormativity or queer disidentification? Rural Australian bisexual women's identity politics

Ruby Grant, Meredith Nash
2019 Sexualities  
Despite well-rehearsed debates around queer identity politics under neoliberalism, there is a dearth of research examining how queerness is understood and expressed in rural Australia.  ...  Recent research shows that queer youth increasingly reject traditional sexual labels in favour of more fluid identifications.  ...  Data has been de-identified and pseudonyms chosen by the participants are used in all reporting of the data.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1363460719839921 fatcat:bgwadzgkkbbnjpuek2c4aqh254

"Ach for It": Anthony Leigh, Autonomy, and Queer Pleasures in the Restoration Playhouse

Jarred Wiehe
2021 Humanities  
While Durfey and Southerne's plays-as-texts seek to discipline unruly, disabled queer bodies by making Fumble and the Abbé the punchline, Leigh's performances open up alternative opportunities for queer  ...  Pleasure becomes queer in its ability to undo orderings and fantasies based on autonomy (that nasty little myth).  ...  In fact, Durfey seems to be thinking meta-theatrically about masculinity, heterosexuality, and performance.  ... 
doi:10.3390/h10030094 fatcat:uylnmpw3ircs3cet5xl7hqu2ni

Posthuman "Meta(l)morphoses" in Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods // "Meta(l)morfosis" posthumanas en The Stone Gods de Jeanette Winterson

Kerim Can Yazgünoğlu
2016 Ecozon@  
She, for example, reveals her own corporeality when she talks about chip implantation: "my data-chip implant. Everything about me is stored just above my wrist" (33).  ...  "Meta(l)morphoses" in Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods ©Ecozon@ 2016 ISSN 2171-9594 157 Vol 7, No 1 Author: Yazgünoğlu, Kerim Can Title: Posthuman "Meta(l)morphoses" in Jeanette Winterson's  ... 
doi:10.37536/ecozona.2016.7.1.986 fatcat:pke7fsodobgbzgpuaqeevwghwi

Explaining effective mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth: A meta-narrative review

Elizabeth McDermott, Rachael Eastham, Elizabeth Hughes, Emily Pattinson, Katherine Johnson, Stephanie Davis, Steven Pryjmachuk, Ceu Mateus, Olu Jenzen
2021 SSM - Mental Health  
Data extraction and synthesis was conducted through conceptual coding in Atlas.ti. in two stages: 1) conceptual mapping of the meta-narratives; 2) comparing the key concepts across the meta-narratives  ...  Stage 1 synthesis identified three meta-narratives - psychological, psycho-social, and social/youth work.  ...  Data extraction and synthesis Data extraction and synthesis was simultaneously conducted using the data analysis software Atlas.ti.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ssmmh.2021.100004 pmid:34957424 pmcid:PMC8654681 fatcat:e46fbhw7mbe4dm4ii4ecfjmy2a

Pós-Humanismo, Transumanismo, Anti-Humanismo, Meta-Humanismo e Novos Materialismos

Murilo Karasinski
2019 Revista de Filosofia Aurora  
, meta-humanidades e pós-humanidades.  ...  crítico; transumanismo (nas suas variações de extropianismo, transumanismo liberal e democrático, entre outros); a abordagem feminista dos novos materialismos; o panorama heterogêneo do anti-humanismo, meta-humanismo  ...  existentes, emergentes e 3 Devo esclarecer que ambos os movimentos podem ser delineados antes dessas datas.  ... 
doi:10.7213/1980-5934.31.054.td01 fatcat:llbkolroqzglvm2oy5doetnd3u

Queer criticalities

Horace D. Ballard
This essay explores the ways in which queer critical theory might be productively applied to digital art history and curatorial practice.  ...  critically-acclaimed exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA), the author creates a theoretical framework of digital and aesthetic futurity that accords well with a curatorial exercise in visualizing queer  ...  In taking on the rhetoric and phenomena of queer experience, Ahmed, Barad, and Olkowski ask where the ontological node of queer experience resides, if, the individual in the twenty first century is always-already  ... 
doi:10.11588/dah.2019.4.67697 fatcat:lwei5emezraezm5mh56o7o7zbi

Promotional (meta)discourse in research articles in language and literary studies

Elena Afros, Catherine F. Schryer
2009 English for Specific Purposes  
The present thesis attempts to contribute to the investigation of strategies and exponents of the promotional (meta)discourse in the humanities.  ...  The advantages of the "integrationist literary study" (265) are also buttressed by multiple failures of previous methodologies such as psychoanalysis, feminism, Marxism, queer theory, and many others:  ...  considered and found inadequate…"). 44 Stahman even hedges her Product statement with the modal verb may: "…Franz Kafka"s "The Burrow" may be read (post-Heidegger) as a critique of the fundamental ontology  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.esp.2008.09.001 fatcat:jowgqqyygnh6bdg2gusluzevha

Queer Methods and Methodologies [chapter]

Kath Browne
Queer Methods and Methodologies  
British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Queer methods and methodologies : intersecting queer theories and social science research. 1. Queer theory. 2. Social sciences--Research. 3.  ...  Nash, Catherine. 306. 7'66'072-dc22 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Browne, Kath.  ...  How I collected, edited and analysed the data was not void of my own ontological assumptions.  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315603223-1 fatcat:ait2rrbsd5es5gktehmqq2pwcq
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