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Quantum-like non-separability of concept combinations, emergent associates and abduction

P. D. Bruza, K. Kitto, B. Ramm, L. Sitbon, D. Song, S. Blomberg
2011 Logic Journal of the IGPL  
It is shown by analogy how concept combinations may behave like quantum-entangled (non-separable) particles.  ...  Departing from a dimensional model of human conceptual space, this article will explore concept combinations, and will argue emergent associations are related to abductive reasoning within conceptual space  ...  Acknowledgements This project was supported in part by the Australian Research Council Discovery grants DP0773341 and DP1094974, and by the UKs Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, grant  ... 
doi:10.1093/jigpal/jzq049 fatcat:43zczs37hrh77epda2ft4u47bu

Creation: Algorithmic, organicist, or emergent metaphorical process?

Floyd Merrell
2006 Semiotica: Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies  
It is a bodymind affair, emerging from any of the senses or some combination thereof.  ...  Then our conception of these effects is the whole of our conception of the object.  ... 
doi:10.1515/sem.2006.059 fatcat:zlsf7fpxqbhexigmxgyd6nx4si

The philosophical logic of Stéphane Lupasco (1900–1988)

Joseph E. Brenner
2010 Logic and Logical Philosophy  
This paper is a further attempt to establish Lupasco's concepts as significant contributions to the history and philosophy of logic, in line with the work of Gödel, general relativity, and the ontological  ...  The advent of quantum mechanics in the early 20 th Century had profound consequences for science and mathematics, for philosophy (Schrödinger), and for logic (von Neumann).  ...  and metaphysics.  ... 
doi:10.12775/llp.2010.009 fatcat:54z2s2nmprclzl7ftur4evsj6y

Thinking in Patterns and the Pattern of Human Thought as Contrasted with AI Data Processing

Robert Logan, Marlie Tandoc
2018 Information  
We argue that the human mind is the emergent product of a shift from external percept-based processing to a concept and language-based form of cognition based on patterning.  ...  We propose that the ability of humans to identify and create patterns led to the unique aspects of human cognition and culture as a complex emergent dynamic system consisting of the following human traits  ...  The mechanism by which verbal language emerged was that words acting as concepts came to represent all of the percepts associated with that particular concept.  ... 
doi:10.3390/info9040083 fatcat:vimbpqcgzngidbrsb2cypupdgq

The project as a system. Inducing emergence of a system rather than designing a system

Gianfranco Minati
2020 Acta Europeana Systemica  
Complex systems instead require different approaches since they are combinations of functioning and emergence.  ...  The systemics of complexity is rather based onconcepts like coherence; incompleteness; induction; multiplicity of representations, levels of descriptions, and models; multiple systems; non-explicitness  ...  Multiple approaches can not only use symbolic and non-symbolic, ideal and non-ideal models but also combine structure-and emergence-based models corresponding to processes of functioning and emergence  ... 
doi:10.14428/aes.v4i1.57053 fatcat:qbnc5k3j2vbnhpep5kg7jcz2sq

On Theoretical Incomprehensibility

Gianfranco Minati
2019 Philosophies  
for coherent processes of emergence.  ...  non-explicability, and incomprehensibility.  ...  have biochemical, organic, and psychological natures, and phase transition-like processes in physics that may have classical and quantum natures.  ... 
doi:10.3390/philosophies4030049 fatcat:ml3rjty3pzhchob3zqvpuz4w2m

Potentiality, Actuality and Non-Separability in Quantum and Classical Physics: Res Potentiae in the Macroscopic World [article]

Robert R. Bishop Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland), Joseph E. Brenner (International Society for Studies of Information, Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria)
2017 arXiv   pre-print
In related work, Khrennikov and Aerts and their respective associates have explored the intermediate domain of mesoscopic phenomena in which quantum-like behavior can be observed and formalized.  ...  We generalize this work to define a third domain, one of macroscopic, interactive processes to which quantum concepts, but not quantum formalism apply.  ...  Khrennikov [3] , [4] and Aerts [5] , [6] and their respective associates have provided a picture of an intermediate domain of macroscopic phenomena in which quantum-like behavior can be observed  ... 
arXiv:1801.01471v1 fatcat:wngzjauugjfwdenarby3nsd33q

A Quantum Logic of Down Below [chapter]

P.D. Bruza, D. Widdows, J.H. Woods
2009 Handbook of Quantum Logic and Quantum Structures  
Only with the likes of Peirce and Frege is the rejection of natural language explicit, each calling for a logic whose properties would attach to elements of artificial languages, and -after Tarski -to  ...  such elements in semantic relation to non-linguistic set theoretic structures.  ...  Research Council through Backing Australia's Ability and the ICT Research Centre of Excellence programs.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-444-52869-8.50017-7 fatcat:73q7spwv5rd3rf74xt4otzr7mi

A Quantum Logic of Down Below [article]

P.D. Bruza, D. Widdows, John Woods
2006 arXiv   pre-print
The ensuing sections develop the suggestion that cognition down below has a structure strikingly similar to the physical structure of quantum states.  ...  It is known that there exist mathematical models from the cognitive science of cognition down below that have certain formal similarities to quantum mechanics. We want to take this idea seriously.  ...  The third author thanks Dov Gabbay and Kent Peacock for helpful advice, and, for its financial support, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the United Kingdom.  ... 
arXiv:quant-ph/0612051v1 fatcat:davm3f7aizce5ffjvk4zcyytae

A Peircean Panentheist Scientific Mysticism

Søren Brier
2008 International Journal of Transpersonal Studies  
Peirce's philosophy can be interpreted as an integration of mysticism and science.  ...  In Peirce's philosophy mind is feeling on the inside and on the outside, spontaneity, chance and chaos with a tendency to take habits.  ...  Typical for many religions is precisely that they organize the sacred by combining the emergence of the world with the history of the emergence of society and its cultural meaningful order based on distinction  ... 
doi:10.24972/ijts.2008.27.1.20 fatcat:jzv5wpbx65cxlohdbq4kq2r5oe

JSE 27:1 Spring 2013 WHOLE ISSUE PDF

Kathleen E. Erickson
2013 Journal of Scientific Exploration  
Acknowledgments We thank Amanda Baker, Heather Pulman, Tamara Lagrandeur, Julia Bellissimo, Brian King, and Erin Friend for collecting much of the data Acknowledgment We are very grateful to A.V.  ...  Acknowledgments This research was supported by a grant from the College of Arts & Sciences at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  ...  Comments on the Quantum-Like Formalism Applied to Benveniste's Experiments Non-Commutable Observables and Emergence of Signal If θ = 0, then the observables are commutable: | A IN  = cos θ × | A CP  ... 
doaj:2c264b5cbc994d489c07353f01a5b309 fatcat:rjkinkmuyvedtibx5g75dtjhce

Universal vs. particular reasoning: a study with neuroimaging techniques

V. M. Abrusci, C. Casadio, M. T. Medaglia, C. Porcaro
2013 Logic Journal of the IGPL  
fields of neuroscience and brain knowledge.  ...  and negative polarity of logical operators (connectives and quantifiers).  ...  laws of quantum mechanics.  ... 
doi:10.1093/jigpal/jzt008 fatcat:in3heigktvba3p6rt33jnbplgq

Peircean cosmogony's symbolic agapistic self-organization as an example of the influence of eastern philosophy on western thinking

Søren Brier
2017 Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology  
This article attempts to show how Peirce's non-mechanical triadic semiotic process theory can embrace the quantum field view better than the mechanical and information views in a theory of the emergence  ...  The paper compares this with John Archibald Wheeler's "It from bit" cosmogony based on quantum information science, which leads to the info-computational view of nature, mind and culture.  ...  To Alex Hankey for discussion in Tucson and productive critique of an earlier version of the paper, bringing my attention to his new and synthetic work and to the anonymous referees for constructive critique  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2017.09.010 pmid:28939326 fatcat:au5w34auvrb6vkj2wigjrbnh6q

Human-Machine Duality: What's Next in Cognitive Aspects of Artificial Intelligence?

Alexander N. Raikov, Massimiliano Pirani
2022 IEEE Access  
These models concern the pairing of connectionist and cognitive architectures, conscious and unconscious actions, symbolic and conceptual realizations, emergent and brain-based computing, and automata  ...  The first approach proceeds top-down from non-formalizable, cognitive, uncaused, and chaotic human consciousness towards purposeful and sustainable human-machine interaction.  ...  In the linear context (e.g. observables in quantum mechanics), the eigenform becomes an eigenstate associated to a linear combination of eigenvectors of finite or infinite dimensions.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3177657 fatcat:dlt4uszmsne77ma56srq7u2qse

Fundamental Principles of Theoretical Physics and Concepts of Quasiaverages, Quantum Protectorate and Emergence [article]

A. L. Kuzemsky
2012 arXiv   pre-print
In the present paper we discuss the interrelation of the advanced interdisciplinary concepts of modern physics such as symmetry breaking, quantum protectorate, emergence and the Bogoliubov's concept of  ...  Thus the notion of quantum protectorate might provide distinctive signatures and good criteria for a hierarchy of energy scales and the appropriate emergent behavior.  ...  model with separated condensate were analyzed [52] .  ... 
arXiv:1207.6433v1 fatcat:6hfrsblcmfgpbphg2pg72tl5qu
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