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Quantified Interference for a While Language

David Clark, Sebastian Hunt, Pasquale Malacaria
2005 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
In this paper we focus on a particular case of this definition of interference: leakage of information from private variables to public ones in While language programs.  ...  The major result of the paper is a quantitative analysis for this language that employs a use-definition graph to calculate bounds on the leakage into each variable.  ...  This paper uses Shannon's information theory [13] to define a quantified notion of interference for a simple imperative language and derives a program analysis based on this notion.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2004.01.018 fatcat:adyrhgi5fba5dkskmpk6vbqenm

Mother Tongue Traces of Turkish University Students on Composition Papers Written in English

Gencer Elkilic
2012 Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
and number, quantifier and noun agreement.  ...  While Turkish university students learning English are writing compositions, they sometimes confront difficulties related to proper word choices, grammatical structures and other aspects of the language  ...  interference which boils down to be an unavoidable intrusion while learning a foreign language.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2012.06.713 fatcat:ctb44azvhnbkblb4ugqde6ng3e

Contrastive analysis of Turkish and English in Turkish EFL learners' spoken discourse

Mustafa Yildiz
2016 International Journal of English Studies (IJES)  
<p>The present study aimed at finding whether L1 Turkish caused interference errors on Turkish EFL learners' spoken English discourse.  ...  The remaining 8.2% are unique errors, which do not result from L1 Spanish interference or are not parallel to errors committed while learning English as a first language.  ...  while producing the target language forms.  ... 
doi:10.6018/ijes/2016/1/212631 fatcat:65dgzl3b5vfercqadmrhmmkglq


Ruhan Güçlü
2020 International Journal of Current Approaches in Language, Education and Social Sciences  
However, while a noun can stand alone in Nubian languages when it is a personal pronoun, determiner, quantifier or a bare noun, in the French language a noun can stand alone only when it is a proper name  ...  noun is marked for plural.  French quantifiers always precede the head noun while Nubian quantifiers occur after the head noun they modify.  There is number agreement between the adjectival and the  ... 
doi:10.35452/caless.2020.28 fatcat:osxkebsg3jedbl47nbkkudmtia

Interlanguage Syntax of the Noun Phrase in English: An Error Analysis of Third Year High School Students of English in Zawiya, Libya

Mohamed Ataieb Ahmad Hmouma
2014 IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science  
The findings demonstrated that a great deal of students' errors could be explained by overgeneralization and interference from students' mother tongue, though some other errors challenge explanations offered  ...  Arabic uses a different system for indicating definiteness and indefiniteness in the language.  ...  Reference [9] argued that many English as a Foreign Language textbooks do not do justice to measure words or collective nouns and say little about quantifiers beyond contrasting the use of much/many  ... 
doi:10.9790/0837-19543643 fatcat:rq4uzshc6basrebgwozbx6nxxi


Ida Ayu Kade Dwijati
2016 Lingual  
This study focuses on finding out the aspects of language being interfered and the factorswhich caused those interferences in the English article 'About Bali' published on the officialwebsite of Bali Government  ...  These interferences are caused by the influence of Indonesian languagemastered by the writer/translator that showed the lack of knowledge regarding the rules ofboth English and Indonesian languages, meaning  ...  However, in English the plural marker of a noun is regularly marked by suffix -s and the noun is preceded by quantifier, for example: two persons, three motorbikes.  ... 
doi:10.24843/ljlc.2016.v01.i01.p05 fatcat:sxlrzlbj4vebjm2dhnk7lvudke

The HISPACAT comparative database of syntactic constructions and its applications to syntactic variation research

Xavier Villalba
2011 Oslo Studies in Language  
Moreover, this tool, which is conceived as a major empirical source for testing syntactic microvariation, may also prove helpful for researchers in bilingualism and language contact studies, and for teachers  ...  The HISPACAT database of syntactic constructions in Catalan and Spanish is a dynamic comparative grammar of two closely related languages, which, from a theoretical point of view, offers us a alternative  ...  but valuable tool for building a general theory of language.  ... 
doi:10.5617/osla.57 fatcat:cii2csfcjjcpnoygijvaz4bhda

Guest editor's note

Joanna Błaszczak
2018 Acta Linguistica Academica  
I would like to thank all the authors for their extremely valuable and inspriring contributions and all the involved reviewers for their very helpful and constructive reviews.  ...  Kiss, the Editor-in-Chief of Acta Linguitica Academica, for making this special issue possible and for inviting me to be its guest editor. I would also like to express my gratitude to Zoltán G.  ...  Expressing quantity has long been a subject of interest for logicians (dating back to Aristotle) and linguists interested in the formal means by which natural language allows the user to talk about and  ... 
doi:10.1556/2062.2018.65.2-3.0 fatcat:gk2kgnkyivbyvcuiwxa6u2vgpm

Malaysian Tertiary ESL Students' Writing Errors and Their Implications on English Language Teaching

Siti Zawani Mehat, Lilliati Ismail
2021 Asian Journal of University Education  
The purpose of this study was to identify errors made by adult ESL learners and to examine the L1 interference in writing errors.  ...  Abstract: Errors, either in writing or speaking, are common in second language production.  ...  Also, a quantifier is required for a singular subject or object in a sentence. The same type of error occurred in example (ii).  ... 
doi:10.24191/ajue.v17i3.14504 fatcat:2mjlkjet5zenzmrl27qgxj2ouu


Novita Sari
2021 Edu-Ling Journal of English Education and Linguistics  
The errors were classified into six quantifiers, namely, �much�, �many�, �a few�, �a little�, �a number�, and �amount�. with the most dominant error was in using �a few�.  ...  Moreover, there were three causes of quantifier errors, namely; carelessness, first language, and translation. However, the dominant cause was translation.  ...  The beginning stages of learning a second language are especially vulnerable to interlingual transfer from the native language, or interference.  ... 
doi:10.32663/edu-ling.v4i1.1674 fatcat:sgnvjj2ll5bhrdjlq2wen6xmwy

L1 Transfer: Indonesian Grammatical Interference (IGI) on pre-Service English Teachers' L2 Writing

Zelly Putriani
2021 Indonesian Journal of Integrated English Language Teaching  
Through an explanatory case study, I conducted a writing for translation test which asked the study participants to identify 21 grammatical differences between English and Indonesian.  ...  The results have implications for English teaching pedagogy, and in particular for pre-service English teachers' awareness of Indonesian grammatical interference (IGI).  ...  This is also a factor which may account for dissimilarities in language development (Birdsong, 2005) .  ... 
doi:10.24014/ijielt.v6i2.12297 fatcat:evfj4iwdm5f3pnqza4vmolwrbi

Representation independence and data abstraction

John C. Mitchell
1986 Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGACT-SIGPLAN symposium on Principles of programming languages - POPL '86  
Significance: The paper is a clear and far-seeing articulation of the need for protection in programming languages-now considered to be one of the cornerstones of abstraction.  ...  , whereby one region of code can protect itself from various kinds of interference by other regions.  ...  Protection in programming languages Morris argues that programming languages should provide protection mechanisms, whereby one region of code can protect itself from various kinds of interference by other  ... 
doi:10.1145/512644.512669 dblp:conf/popl/Mitchell86 fatcat:wvyxgd25yfgsbmiurtgzstkthq

Semantical Analysis of Specification Logic, 3 [chapter]

Dan R. Ghica
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We hope that this more elementary account will make the insights of Tennent and O'Hearn, originally formulated in a functor-category denotational semantics, more accessible to a wider audience.  ...  Using the model we show that even a very restricted fragment of specification logic is undecidable.  ...  Lemma 3 (Monotonicity of Non-interference). If W F # M then W F # M , for all W W . For the logical connectives and quantifiers we have a standard Kripke semantics.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24725-8_19 fatcat:mn6s7yd6ufgjnb7wnk5qw3y36a

Modern standard Arabic interference in Algerian English as a foreign language students' writings

Chamseddine Lamri, Amira Cherifi
2020 Global Journal of Foreign Language Teaching  
Linguistic interference is a phenomenon which occurs when the learners' knowledge of his first language or the mother tongue interferes with the knowledge of the language that is being learnt.  ...  This problem is recurrent among foreign language learners, a case in point in Algeria, Modern Standard Arabic interfere with English in students oral and written productions.  ...  According to Lado (cited in Thyab, 2016) , those elements that are similar to a student's native language will be simple for him/her, while those elements that are different will be more difficult.  ... 
doi:10.18844/gjflt.v10i2.4664 fatcat:s4ijtcjd4nenrpwyddhn4r3wfq

The Effects of Divided Attention on Speech Motor, Verbal Fluency, and Manual Task Performance

Christopher Dromey, Erin Shim
2008 Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research  
Spatiotemporal variability increased when the non-dominant hand was used for a motor task.  ...  Speech, verbal fluency, and manual motor tasks were examined to ascertain whether right-handed activity would interfere more with speech and language performance, because of the presumed greater demands  ...  For this study the prediction would be for greater interference in concurrent conditions targeting the right hand and speech or language performance.  ... 
doi:10.1044/1092-4388(2008/06-0221) pmid:18664706 fatcat:mpi53a5qtfddxmotoywui7lhle
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