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Đánh giá chất lượng chương trình đào tạo ngành Quản trị dịch vụ du lịch và lữ hành tại Khoa Du lịch, Đại học Huế

Lê Thị Phượng Uyên
Nghiên cứu đã đề xuất các giải pháp nhằm hoàn thiện chất lượng chương trình đào tạo chuyên ngành Quản trị dịch vụ du lịch và lữ hành của Khoa Du lịch.  ...  Bên cạnh đó, nhóm nghiên cứu đã thực hiện khảo sát với SVchuyên ngành Quản trị dịch vụ du lịch và lữ hành của Khoa Du lịch về chất lượng chương trình đào tạo.  ...  Giới thiệu về ngành Quản trị dịch vụ du lịch và lữ hành Ngành QTDVDL&LH được đưa vào đào tạo năm 2012. Bao gồm 02 chuyên ngành chính là Quảnlữ hành và Hướng dẫn du lịch.  ... 
doi:10.26459/hueunijssh.v129i6d.5787 fatcat:ug3emjy4xfhkxg2s5ykku2yb3u


Lữ Thị Bích Huyền, Nguyễn Thị Thu Thủy
2022 Y học Việt Nam  
Phân tích chi phí – hiệu quả các can thiệp trong điều trị hen phế quản (HPQ) được thực hiện ở nhiều quốc gia trên thế giới, trong đó có omalizumab.  ...  Với 212 NC được tìm thấy, sau khi sàng lọc với tiêu chí lựa chọn và loại trừ, 15 NC được đưa vào tổng quan và 06 NC được đưa vào phân tích gộp.  ...  TÀI LIỆU THAM KHẢO TỔNG QUAN HỆ THỐNG VÀ PHÂN TÍCH GỘP CHI PHÍ -HIỆU QUẢ CỦA OMALIZUMAB TRONG ĐIỀU TRỊ HEN PHẾ QUẢN Lữ Thị Bích Huyền*, Nguyễn Thị Thu Thủy* TÓM TẮT9 3 Từ khóa: chi phí -hiệu quả, hen  ... 
doi:10.51298/vmj.v508i2.1676 fatcat:iwuboczf6vh2teszscjbjbbj3u

RegVar: Tissue-specific Prioritization of Noncoding Regulatory Variants [article]

Hao Lu, Luyu Ma, Lei Li, Cheng Quan, Yiming Lu, Gangqiao Zhou, Chenggang Zhang
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; AG, adrenal gland; AO, aorta; 782 EM, esophagus mucosa; HI, hippocampus; LI, liver; LU, lung; LV, left ventricle; OV, 783 ovary; PA, pancreas; SC, sigmoid colon; SI, small  ...  variants (N = 100,000) annotated 653 with the integrated RegVar models in 17 tissues (ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; AG, 654 adrenal gland; AO, aorta; EM, esophagus mucosa; HI, hippocampus; LI, liver; LU  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.04.17.440295 fatcat:qnotgpejtjgqhf7g2wxzc5daum

Compass-free migratory navigation [article]

Xin Zhao, Hong-Bo Chen, Li-Hua Lu, You-Quan Li
2021 arXiv   pre-print
How migratory birds can find the right way in navigating over thousand miles is an intriguing question, which much interested researchers in both fields of biology and physics for centuries. There several putative proposals that sound intuitively plausible all remain contested so far because those hypothesis-models of magnetoreceptor to sense geomagnetic field need either extremely high sensitivity or humankind-like intelligence to guide. Here we explore theoretically that the birds can
more » ... to their destination through an entirely new scenario to sense the geomagnetic field. Our proposal is based on separate peaks of the resonance-fluorescence spectrum of a four-level system derived from the ferric sulfide cluster which exists in a protein complex (Drosophila CG8198) of migratory birds. As the separation of spectral peaks contains information about geomagnetic field at both current location and birthland, the change of such separation cues the bird to choose a right direction to move and double-resonance emerges once arrived the destination. Our theoretical mechanism can explain previous experiments on the disorientation of migratory birds caused by oscillating magnetic field naturally and more precisely. This work provides insight to explain migratory navigation and motivates possible manmade practical devices.
arXiv:2106.12903v1 fatcat:so33j4sarjdyvb6pidstkw2fqq

Shortest circuit covers of signed graphs [article]

Jian Cheng, You Lu, Rong Luo, Cun-Quan Zhang
2015 arXiv   pre-print
A shortest circuit cover F of a bridgeless graph G is a family of circuits that covers every edge of G and is of minimum total length. The total length of a shortest circuit cover F of G is denoted by SCC(G). For ordinary graphs (graphs without sign), the subject of shortest circuit cover is closely related to some mainstream areas, such as, Tutte's integer flow theory, circuit double cover conjecture, Fulkerson conjecture, and others. For signed graphs G, it is proved recently by Máčajová,
more » ... aud, Rollová and Škoviera that SCC(G) ≤ 11|E| if G is s-bridgeless, and SCC(G) ≤ 9|E| if G is 2-edge-connected. In this paper this result is improved as follows, SCC(G) ≤ |E| + 3|V| +z where z = {2/3|E|+4/3ϵ_N-7, |V| + 2ϵ_N -8} and ϵ_N is the negativeness of G. The above upper bound can be further reduced if G is 2-edge-connected with even negativeness.
arXiv:1510.05717v1 fatcat:tf4yzwwv7jhkzl6rjywicsu4ai

Synchronization of new Lü chaotic system via three methods

Wang Xing-Yuan, Zhu Quan-Long, Zhang Xiao-Peng
2011 Wuli xuebao  
doi:10.7498/aps.60.100510 fatcat:ojfkthhasvbvbbgx64q4n364bu

Discrete-Time Output-Feedback Robust Repetitive Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems by Additive State Decomposition [article]

Quan Quan, Lu Jiang, Kai-Yuan Cai
2014 arXiv   pre-print
For Corresponding Author: Quan Quan, Associate Professor, Department of Automatic Control, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, qq,  ... 
arXiv:1401.1577v1 fatcat:cu6jvmeryjd4zaqnxmav6yhxfy

Multifarious roles of carbon quantum dots in heterogeneous photocatalysis

Kang-Qiang Lu, Quan Quan, Nan Zhang, Yi-Jun Xu
2016 Journal of Energy Chemistry  
As a new member of carbon material family, carbon quantum dots (CQDs) have attracted tremendous attentions for their potentials in the heterogeneous photocatalysis applications. Due to the unique microstructure and optical properties, the roles of CQDs played in the CQDs-based photocatalytic systems have been found to be diverse with the continuous researches in this regard. Herein, we provide a concise minireview to elaborate the multifarious roles of CQDs in photocatalysis, including
more » ... tron mediator and acceptor, photosensitizer, photocatalyst, reducing agent for metal salt, enhancing adsorption capacity and spectral converter. In addition, the perspectives on future research trends and challenges are proposed, which are anticipated to stimulate further research into this promising field on designing a variety of efficient CQDs-based photocatalysts for solar energy conversion.
doi:10.1016/j.jechem.2016.09.015 fatcat:oezvrradk5gqhg7wkdbgrf3jvi


2003 Frontiers of Science  
Lu & Y.-Q. Li  ...  Lu & Y.-Q. Li (iii) For G > 0, we obtain q = A 5 e −(β+βr)t + A 6 e (β+βr)t with β r = β 2 − ω 2 = √ G. The aforementioned A's and ϕ's are undetermined integral constants.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789812791207_0039 fatcat:pzgoomt66bdtlovnnb6ib3frg4

Suppression of Natural Killer Cells by Sorafenib Contributes to Prometastatic Effects in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Qiang-Bo Zhang, Hui-Chuan Sun, Ke-Zhi Zhang, Qing-An Jia, Yang Bu, Miao Wang, Zong-Tao Chai, Quan-Bao Zhang, Wen-Quan Wang, Ling-Qun Kong, Xiao-dong Zhu, Lu Lu (+4 others)
2013 PLoS ONE  
Sorafenib, a multi-tyrosine kinase inhibitor, is a standard treatment for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The present study was undertaken to determine whether the growth and metastasis of HCC were influenced in mice receiving sorafenib prior to implantation with tumors, and to investigate the in-vivo and in-vitro effect of sorafenib on natural killer (NK) cells. In sorafenib-pretreated BALB/c nu/nu mice and C57BL/6 mice, tumor growth was accelerated, mouse survival was decreased, and
more » ... ung metastasis was increased. However, the depletion of NK1.1 + cells in C57BL/6 mice eliminated sorafenibmediated pro-metastatic effects. Sorafenib significantly reduced the number of NK cells and inhibited reactivity of NK cells against tumor cells, in both tumor-bearing and tumor-free C57BL/6 mice. Sorafenib down-regulated the stimulatory receptor CD69 in NK cells of tumor-bearing mice, but not in tumor-free mice, and inhibited proliferation of NK92-MI cells, which is associated with the blocking of the PI3K/AKT pathway, and inhibited cytotoxicity of NK cells in response to tumor targets, which was due to impaired ERK phosphorylation. These results suggest immunotherapeutic approaches activating NK cells may enhance the therapeutic efficacy of sorafenib in HCC patients.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055945 pmid:23409093 pmcid:PMC3568028 fatcat:b7qpqc66crcavbft4gifebc2xm

Two-copy Quantum Teleportation

Quan Quan, Ming-Jing Zhao, Shao-Ming Fei, Heng Fan, Wen-Li Yang, Gui-Lu Long
2018 Scientific Reports  
We investigate two-copy scenario of quantum teleportation based on Bell measurements. The detailed protocol is presented and the general expression of the corresponding optimal teleportation delity is derived, which is given by the two-copy fully entangled fraction that is invariant under local unitary transformations. We prove that under a speci c case of the protocol, which is signi cant for improving the optimal delity, the set of states with their two-copy fully entangled fractions bounded
more » ... y a threshold value that required for useful two-copy teleportation is convex and compact. Hence the witness operators exist to separate states that are useful for two-copy teleportation from the rest ones. Moreover, we show that the optimal delity of two-copy teleportation surpasses that of the original one copy teleportation.
doi:10.1038/s41598-018-31918-0 pmid:30228294 pmcid:PMC6143641 fatcat:m55lg2horjgkvc5o364wzndbe4

Grain Quality and Starch Physicochemical Properties of Chalky Rice Mutant

Chu-Xin Wang, Cheng-Chao Zhu, Chen-Ya Lu, Yong Yang, Qian-Feng Li, Qiao-Quan Liu, Chang-Quan Zhang
2021 Agronomy  
Rice mutants with altered starch components and properties are important genetic resources for grain quality and starch structure analysis. Accordingly, in the present study, two mutants of the transcription factor OsbZIP09 were generated (osbzip09a and osbzip09b), and the rice grain quality and physicochemical starch properties of the mutant and wild-type lines were compared. The OsbZIP09 mutants exhibit a chalky grain owing to loosely packed, small, spherical starch granules in the ventral
more » ... ion of the endosperm. Furthermore, grain-quality profile analysis showed that OsbZIP09 deficiency leads to increased apparent amylose content but decreased gel consistency. Structural analysis of the mutant starches revealed that the mutant rice lines contain more amylopectin short chains and fewer intermediate chains, leading to lower crystallinity and lower gelatinization properties than those of the wild-type rice. Moreover, the OsbZIP09 mutants rice presented a significantly higher pasting curve and corresponding parameters than the wild-type rice. The results from this work strongly indicate that the transcription factor OsbZIP09 plays an important role in rice grain quality and starch fine structure modification, and extend our understanding of starch biosynthesis in rice endosperm.
doi:10.3390/agronomy11081575 fatcat:wvtzaq5uybd4bfoogqq35is4bm

WIF1 causes dysfunction of heart in transgenic mice

Dan Lu, Wei Dong, Xu Zhang, Xiongzhi Quan, Dan Bao, Yingdong Lu, Lianfeng Zhang
2013 Transgenic research  
Overall, WIF1 showed a similar phenotype to the cTnT R141W transgenic mice of cardiomyopathy (Juan et al. 2008; Lu et al. 2012 ).  ...  Thin sections were stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate and examined under a JEM-1230 TEM (Dan et al. 2010; Lu et al. 2012 ).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11248-013-9738-z pmid:23921644 pmcid:PMC3835953 fatcat:nkowo6az4bhabgnmq4s7eau4j4

Effect of Paste Flux Concentration on Adhesion Behavior

DU Quan-bin, LONG Wei-min, LU Quan-bin, SUN Hua-wei, WANG Xing-xing, BAO Li
2017 Journal of Materials Engineering  
LONG W M , LU QB , HEP , e ta l .  ...  DU Q B , LONG W M , LU Q B , e ta l .E f f e c to fs u r f a c em i c r o  s t r u c t u r eo na d h e s i v ea b i l i t yo ff l u xs u s p e n s i o n [ J ] .  ... 
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2015.001277 doaj:0213fdd192024340aa2ecf93f560ebbb fatcat:4gosutgidre6faclynde7q4xdi

Controllability of random laser output waveshape under femtosecond laser pumping

Zhu Qi-Hua, Zhang Qing-Quan, Lü Jian-Tao, Wang Ke-Jia, Liu Jin-Song, Yao Jian-Quan
2011 Wuli xuebao  
doi:10.7498/aps.60.074203 fatcat:5imazd5mp5ht3jrord3j3yywb4
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