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Qualitative modelling of unknown interface behaviour

2000 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies  
When faced with an interface to an unknown system or device humans adopt exploratory interactive behaviour in order to gain information and insight.  ...  The aim is to gain insight into the nature of an unknown system for guidance in future model selection.  ...  QUALITATIVE MODELLING OF UNKNOWN INTERFACE BEHAVIOUR 513 Regarding real-world target applications, as mentioned previously, a possible application is an &&unknown'' software system such as an interactive  ... 
doi:10.1006/ijhc.1999.0382 fatcat:acna26cqrjbvfmwobkf3jiswvu

Singular solutions for the rigid plastic double slip and rotation model under plane strain

S Alexandrov, E Lyamina
2018 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
Such behavior of solutions is in qualitative agreement with experimental data that show that a narrow layer of localized plastic deformation is often generated near frictional interfaces.  ...  In the mechanics of granular and other materials the system of equations comprising the rigid plastic double slip and rotation model together with the stress equilibrium equations under plane strain conditions  ...  The qualitative asymptotic behaviour of solutions is controlled by the exact asymptotic behaviour of the dependence of the yield stress on the quadratic invariant of the strain rate tensor at infinity.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/311/1/012014 fatcat:7axy2ni6wzdspm34shhnjaxoga

Remarks on Interface Oriented Software Systems Modelling

Dorin Bocu, Razvan Bocu
2013 International Journal of Computers Communications & Control  
Keywords: user perspective, structural perspective, behavioural perspective, interface.  ...  A Short Account on the State of The Art Naturally, we can position ourselves far away from the beginnings regarding the technologies that are used in order to model the solution of a software system.  ...  to push the boundaries of knowledge deeper into the unknown.  ... 
doi:10.15837/ijccc.2013.5.6 fatcat:v5wqffrkn5hnjfz3j4qzz7gn2y

Considering the Importance of User Profiles in Interface Design [chapter]

Yuanhua Liu, Anna-Lisa Osvalder, MariAnne Karlsso
2010 User Interfaces  
Therefore, designers should not only analyze or foresee how users interact with an interface, but also test the validity of their assumptions concerning users' behaviour in real-world tests with real users  ...  Compared to other interface design philosophies, UCD focuses on optimizing the user interface around how users can, want, or need to work, rather than forcing the users to change their mental models or  ...  Secondly, the model shows that the influence of users' expertise on users' behaviour differs in relation to the complexity levels of medical user interfaces.  ... 
doi:10.5772/8903 fatcat:s6nftve6kfgvth2e2esik22mee


Bert Bredeweg, Anders Bouwer, Jelmer Jellema, Dirk Bertels, Floris Floris Linnebank, Jochem Liem
2007 Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Knowledge capture - K-CAP '07  
Easy to use workbenches for Qualitative Reasoning and Modelling are virtually nonexistent. This has a limiting effect on the use and update of the technology by a larger audience.  ...  We present Garp3, a user-friendly workbench that allows modellers to build, simulate, and inspect qualitative models.  ...  We want to thank the anonymous reviewers and the participants of the NaturNet-Redime workshop in Amsterdam (October 11-14, 2005) for their feedback and suggestions concerning the Garp3 workbench.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1298406.1298445 dblp:conf/kcap/BredewegBJBLL07 fatcat:rigf4esyrjacbpcackepsz4hlm

CytoASP: a Cytoscape app for qualitative consistency reasoning, prediction and repair in biological networks

Aristotelis Kittas, Amélie Barozet, Jekaterina Sereshti, Niels Grabe, Sophia Tsoka
2015 BMC Systems Biology  
Qualitative reasoning frameworks, such as the Sign Consistency Model (SCM), enable modelling regulatory networks to check whether observed behaviour can be explained or if unobserved behaviour can be predicted  ...  It allows easy integration of qualitative modelling, combining the functionality of BioASP with the visualisation and processing capability in Cytoscape, and thereby greatly simplifying qualitative network  ...  Integer linear programming (ILP) has also been recently employed on interaction graphs to encode constraints on the qualitative behaviour of the nodes [14] .  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12918-015-0179-6 pmid:26163265 pmcid:PMC4499222 fatcat:dj2jhvwgrvcifamqb7j37gfeoi

Deriving Causal Explanation From Qualitative Model Reasoning

Alicia Y. C. Tang, Sharifuddin M. Zain, Noorsaadah A. Rahman, Rukaini Abdullah
2009 Zenodo  
This paper discusses a qualitative simulator QRiOM that uses Qualitative Reasoning (QR) technique, and a process-based ontology to model, simulate and explain the behaviour of selected organic reactions  ...  forms of explanation generated by the software.  ...  Fig. 5 gives a sample QPT model that is used to reproduce the behaviour of the first and third steps of reaction formula (1). Model automation design has been reported in [5] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1054769 fatcat:wo5dtzsgcjghlalmyirotd3iwi

Properties of the Z(3) interface in (2+1)-D SU(3) gauge theory

S.T. West, J.F. Wheater
1996 Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements  
Near the critical temperature, the behaviour of the interface is examined, and its fluctuations compared to a scalar field theory model.  ...  A study is made of some properties of this interface in the SU(3) pure gauge theory in 2+1 dimensions.  ...  This, of course, is precisely the temperature range of interest. The rst objective m ust be to uncover the qualitative behaviour of the interface as T drops.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0920-5632(96)00116-8 fatcat:igy3g3svhrce5fsvmma4act75e

ABC SMC for parameter estimation and model selection with applications in systems biology

Tina Toni
2011 Nature Precedings  
Interface, 2009)SignalPhage damages the membrane of bacteria (we call this stress).Start membrane repair mechanisms etc.Few data available (qualitative end point data).Few data available (qualitative end  ...  Kinetic parameters unknown. Tina Toni ABC in systems biology 05/05/2011 9 / 25 Data and Questions of interest Data Details of molecular interactions. Kinetic parameters unknown.  ... 
doi:10.1038/npre.2011.5964.1 fatcat:din4hjsmwjbtdkbwlzt23qxreu

ABC SMC for parameter estimation and model selection with applications in systems biology

Tina Toni
2011 Nature Precedings  
Interface, 2009)SignalPhage damages the membrane of bacteria (we call this stress).Start membrane repair mechanisms etc.Few data available (qualitative end point data).Few data available (qualitative end  ...  Kinetic parameters unknown. Tina Toni ABC in systems biology 05/05/2011 9 / 25 Data and Questions of interest Data Details of molecular interactions. Kinetic parameters unknown.  ... 
doi:10.1038/npre.2011.5964 fatcat:hiubtemv7rga3npfebpck3ldly

OpenFluor– an online spectral library of auto-fluorescence by organic compounds in the environment

Kathleen R. Murphy, Colin A. Stedmon, Philip Wenig, Rasmus Bro
2014 Analytical Methods  
An online repository of published organic fluorescence spectra has been developed, which can be searched for quantitative matches with any set of unknown spectra.  ...  At the same time, many studies have drawn conclusions about the origins and behaviours of various components on the basis of qualitative comparisons with earlier studies.  ...  This widespread use of qualitative or subjective criteria for equating components between studies is a serious confounding factor for interpreting global trends in component distributions and behaviours  ... 
doi:10.1039/c3ay41935e fatcat:ycsiu77q6nd6zbaw4hnmrgqgra

Bayesian design strategies for synthetic biology

C. P. Barnes, D. Silk, M. P. H. Stumpf
2011 Interface Focus  
Problems that are shared between applications in systems and synthetic biology include the vast potential spaces that need to be searched for suitable models and model parameters; the complex forms of  ...  These partly complementary methods allow us to tackle a number of recurring problems in the design of biological systems.  ...  systems, or specifying their qualitative behaviour.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsfs.2011.0056 pmid:23226588 pmcid:PMC3262290 fatcat:atyzazz2ofbrjbhtesoppqsvqm

Finite Element-Discrete Element Coupling Strategies for the Modelling of Ballast-Soil Interaction

P. Taforel, M. Renouf, F. Dubois, C. Voivret
2015 The international Journal of railway technology  
of the global behaviour of the railway track.  ...  Numerous modelling strategies have been used over the last decade to improve the understanding of the physical behaviour of track system thanks to numerical simulation.  ...  Those modelling strategies make possible to take into account the behaviour of the soil/ballast interface in more or less details.  ... 
doi:10.4203/ijrt.4.2.4 fatcat:ecjuzwzhize6xhx7e6my453ily

State-Space Modelling of Metal Electrodes in Solid State Electrochemistry

A. Mitterdorfer, L. J. Gauckler
1997 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
Adequate data and models describing the micro-kinetics of metal elec trodes in high temperature electrochemical devices are still pending.  ...  Structural investigation, computer implementation, and digital simulation of reaction models is illustrated by a first-order mechanism describing the Pt, O21YSZ system.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work was funded in part by the Swiss Federal Department of Transpor tation, Communications, and Energy. The authors would like to thank M. Godickemeier and C.  ... 
doi:10.1149/199740.0421pv fatcat:yxftlq2wjzc7jap2doatuz3vpm

A qualitative empirical evaluation of design decisions

Carmen Zannier, Frank Maurer
2005 Software engineering notes  
The objective is to provide qualitative results indicative of rational or naturalistic software design decision making.  ...  The proposed empirical qualitative study consists of inductive and deductive interviewing and deductive observations.  ...  Usability Decision A selection of an option among zero or more known and unknown options concerning activities related to the support of application users' needs from a user interface and work task perspective  ... 
doi:10.1145/1082983.1083124 fatcat:yjtrw267avbsjfd5262kuxjbnu
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