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New Research on Confucian Christian Liu Ning during early Qing Dynasty

XIAO Qinghe
2021 International Journal of Sino-Western Studies  
communications and thought of Liu Ning> who was a Christian and also a Confucian adept in studying ancient Confucian classics and Chinese philology and phonology in the early Qing.  ...  Researches on common Christians in the early Qing dynasty is relatively scarce. 'I'his essay tried to uncover and investigate the family? lives? writings?  ... 
doi:10.37819/ijsws.20.111 fatcat:3l5efouuandm5lase6w423uppa

Mitja Saje (ed.): A. Hallerstein – Liu Songling 刘松龄 – The Multicultural Legacy of Jesuit Wisdom and Piety at the Qing Dynasty Court

2015 Asian Studies  
The next contribution under the title Liu Songling, Head of the Imperial Board of Astronomy in the Qing Dynasty was written by Professor Ju Deyuan from the Beijing Language and Culture University, whose  ...  The book Hallerstein -Liu Songling 刘松龄 is an important contribution to modern Slovene history of international relations, especially to the history of the earliest cultural, ideational, and political contacts  ... 
doi:10.4312/as.2015.3.2.219-223 fatcat:jj2sxjjq3nfqddfv4bxkuck3z4

Roles of Gut Microbial Metabolites in Diabetic Kidney Disease

Qing Fang, Qing Fang, Qing Fang, Qing Fang, Qing Fang, Na Liu, Na Liu, Na Liu, Na Liu, Na Liu, Binjie Zheng, Binjie Zheng (+23 others)
2021 Frontiers in Endocrinology  
Li Y, Chen X, Kwan T, Loh Y, Singer J, Liu Y, et al.  ...  Dong W, Jia Y, Liu X, Zhang H, Li T, Huang W, et al. Sodium butyrate activates NRF2 to ameliorate diabetic nephropathy possibly via inhibition of HDAC.  ...  Copyright © 2021 Fang, Liu, Zheng, Guo, Zeng, Huang and Ouyang. This is an openaccess article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fendo.2021.636175 pmid:34093430 pmcid:PMC8173181 doaj:f6960f22ef3e42c0a838e6bfe79a00f3 fatcat:y2sxtnpewnaqld6bv44ywcrxxm


Xin-Gang Liu, Ya-Qing Feng, Dong-Qing Liu, Yao Zhao
2005 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
E61, o2185-o2186 [] 4-[(Phenyldiazenyl)amino]benzaldehyde Xin-Gang Liu, Ya-Qing Feng, Dong-Qing Liu and Bruker SMART 1000 CCD area-detector diffractometer Radiation  ...  The bond lengths and angles have normal values and the N2 N3 bond length of 1.267 (3) Å compares well with the values (1.250-1.268 Å ) found in (E)-4-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)diazenyl]benzaldehyde (Liu et al  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536805018751 fatcat:z2cr52qo3ndphdxygp66vqpowe

Annexin A3 Knockdown Suppresses Lung Adenocarcinoma

Ying-Fu Liu, Qing-Qing Liu, Yue-Hua Zhang, Jing-Hua Qiu
2016 Analytical Cellular Pathology  
Our previous study identified an elevated abundance of annexin A3 (Anxa3) as a novel prognostic biomarker of lung adenocarcinoma (LADC) through quantitative proteomics analysis. However, the biological functions of Anxa3 in LADC are not fully clear. In this study, in vitro and in vivo assays were performed to investigate the effects of Anxa3 downregulation on the growth, migration, invasion, metastasis, and signaling pathway activation of LADC cells. After Anxa3 downregulation, the growth of
more » ... 9 and LTEP-a2 LADC cells was slowed and they showed decreased migration and invasion in vitro. Anxa3 knockdown significantly inhibited tumor formation by A549 cells in vivo; while many metastases were formed by control A549 cells, there were obvious reductions in the numbers of lung, liver, and brain metastases formed by Anxa3 knockdown in A549 cells. Furthermore, Anxa3 knockdown significantly decreased MMP-2 and N-cadherin expression and increased E-cadherin expression both in cell lines in vitro and in tumor nodules examined during in vivo tumorigenesis assays. Interestingly, Anxa3 downregulation reduced the phosphorylated levels of MEK and ERK. In summary, Anxa3 knockdown inhibited the growth, migration, invasion, and metastasis of LADC, decreased the activation of the MEK/ERK signaling pathway, and modulated the expression of MMP-2, E-cadherin, and N-cadherin.
doi:10.1155/2016/4131403 pmid:27995049 pmcid:PMC5138443 fatcat:pt5ecs6ignetjfrxpaqvb6figi

Making rabies prophylaxis more economical

Guihua Huang, Huazhang Liu, Qing Tang, Pengcheng Yu, Xinxin Shen, Yibin Zhang, Xiangyi Liu, Qing Cao, Chuanxi Fu, Beiyan Liu, Ming Wang
2013 Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics  
These authors contributed equally to this work. Background: Rabies is fatal in nearly 100% of cases, making post-exposure prophylaxis (PeP) a required measure for preventing mortality. currently, the rabies vaccination regimen requires at least three to five clinic visits, with vaccination and transportation costs being very high. This study assessed the safety and efficacy of the 2-1 intramuscular (IM) regimen for rabies immunization with the goal of making rabies prophylaxis more economical.
more » ... ethods: One hundred and 81 subjects were divided into two groups: 79 subjects in test group a and 102 subjects in control group B. 2-1 IM regimen was chosen for group a and the essen regimen was adopted for group B. serum samples were also collected at D0, D7, D14, D45, D180, and D360 to determine the rabies serum neutralizing antibody by rapid luorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT). Results: There was no significant difference between groups a and B with respect to the rate of adverse events following each vaccination. Nine hundred and 19 blood samples were obtained. at D0 (prior to immunization), all study subjects exhibited a geometric mean titer (GMT) <0.05 IU/ml. On D14, all study subjects exhibited Nab titers >0.5 IU/ml; titers above 0.5 IU/ml were maintained in both groups through D45 and D180 before gradually declining. The percentage of subjects positive for Nabs in group a and group B on D7 were 88.6% and 87.3%, respectively, which was not statistically different (P = 0.545). On D360, the percentage of subjects positive for Nabs in group a and group B were 93.9% and 100% (P < 0.01), respectively. During the study, the GMT was highest for both groups on D14 (21.90 IU/ml, group a; 19.93 IU/ml, group B) (P = 0.045). On D45, the GMTs were 8.28 IU/ml (group a) and 7.89 IU/ml (group B) (P = 0.037). On D7, D180, and D360, there were no statistically significant differences between the two groups with respect to the GMT. Conclusions: The 2-1 IM regimen demonstrates the same safety and efficacy as the essen regimen. The use of the 2-1 IM regimen could not only reduce the personal economic burdens of rabies immunization but also improve rabies immunization rates through fewer office visits and compliance with immunization procedures. however, further evaluation is needed before a major recommendation can be made.
doi:10.4161/hv.26264 pmid:24008819 pmcid:PMC4181004 fatcat:brmzluk7ivbqlj4spe5lwflgby

Alterations of Fungal Microbiota in Patients With Cholecystectomy

Jun Xu, Xinhua Ren, Yun Liu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yiwen Zhang, Guodong Chen, Qing Huang, Qing Liu, Jianhua Zhou, Yulan Liu
2022 Frontiers in Microbiology  
Increasing evidence suggests a high risk of gastrointestinal postoperative comorbidities (such as colorectal cancer) in patients with postcholecystectomy (PC). Although previous studies implicated the role of fungi in colon carcinogenesis, few reports focused on the fungal profile in patients with PC. We enrolled 104 subjects, including 52 patients with PC and 52 non-PC controls (CON), for fecal collection to detect the fungal composition by an internal transcribed spacer (ITS) 1 rDNA
more » ... . Data showed that Candida (C.) glabrata and Aspergillus (A.) Unassigned were enriched, and Candida albicans was depleted in patients with PC. In addition, postoperative duration was the main factor to affect the fungal composition. Machine learning identified that C. glabrata, A. Unassigned, and C. albicans were three biomarkers to discriminate patients with PC from CON subjects. To investigate the fungal role in colon carcinogenesis, the subjects of the PC group were divided into two subgroups, namely, patients with PC without (non-CA) and with precancerous lesions or colorectal cancer (preCA_CRC), by histopathological studies. C. glabrata was found to be gradually accumulated in different statuses of patients with PC. In conclusion, we found fungal dysbiosis in patients with cholecystectomy, and the postoperative duration was a potent factor to influence the fungal composition. The accumulation of C. glabrata might be connected with carcinogenesis after cholecystectomy.
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2022.831947 fatcat:vaeigo4zprgs3g7dycciuc4eoe

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from plasma-water interactions

Jiandi Liu, Bangbang He, Qiang Chen, Junshuai Li, Qing Xiong, Guanghui Yue, Xianhui Zhang, Size Yang, Hai Liu, Qing Huo Liu
2016 Scientific Reports  
doi:10.1038/srep38454 pmid:27917925 pmcid:PMC5137161 fatcat:ywphwbye3ra7he2mvtpkrrui7a

Impact of charge carrier recombination and energy disorder on the open-circuit voltage of polymer solar cells

Qing-Zhong Zhou, Feng Guo, Ming-Rui Zhang, Qing-Liang You, Biao Xiao, Ji-Yan Liu, Cui Liu, Xue-Qing Liu, Liang Wang
2020 Wuli xuebao  
doi:10.7498/aps.69.20191699 fatcat:475fktywwjcxrhmjyngmnwtraq

Magnetic and electrical properties of K2NiF4-type Sr2CrO4

Cao Li-Peng, Wang Xian-Cheng, Liu Qing-Qing, Pan Li-Qing, Gu Chang-Zhi, Jin Chang-Qing
2015 Wuli xuebao  
钙钛矿锰氧化物 (La 1−x Gd x ) 4/3 Sr 5/3 Mn 2 O 7 (x=0 0.025) 磁性和输运性质研究 Magnetic and transport properties of perovskite manganites (La 1−x Gd x ) 4/3 Sr 5/3 Mn 2 O 7 (x=0 0.025) polycrystalline samples 物理学报.2015, 64(6): 067501 (Fe 1−x Co x ) 3 BO 5 纳米棒磁性的研究 Magnetic properties of (Fe 1−x Co x ) 3 BO 5 nanorods 物理学报.2015, 64(5): 057501 双层钙钛矿 (La 1−x Gd x ) 4/3 Sr 5/3 Mn 2 O 7 (x=00.05) 的相分离 Phase separation of bilayered
more » ... vskite manganite (La 1−x Gd x ) 4/3 Sr 5/3 Mn 2 O 7 (x=0 0.05)
doi:10.7498/aps.64.217502 fatcat:f2zz4hcsgnb4fgralrkvydlvma

Diaqua(1,10-phenanthrolin-2-ol)nickel(II) dinitrate

Qing Yun Liu, Qi Sheng Liu, Qing Ru Zhao
2009 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
E65, m883 [doi:10.1107 Diaqua(1,10-phenanthrolin-2-ol)nickel(II) dinitrate Qing Yun Liu, Qi Sheng Liu and Qing Ru Zhao S1.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536809025367 pmid:21583347 pmcid:PMC2977106 fatcat:o3tsljjnpngsbnxt33db5k47ja

Deep Open Set Identification for RF Devices [article]

Qing Wang, Qing Liu, Zihao Zhang, Haoyu Fang, Xi Zheng
2021 arXiv   pre-print
In Qing Wang, Qing Liu and Zihao Zhang are with the school of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University  ...  Liu, and X.  ... 
arXiv:2112.02536v1 fatcat:g2k4d7ntxjh3teivnomr5kfml4

Studies on the transcriptomes of non-model organisms

Hong-Liang LIU, Li-Ming ZHENG, Qing-Qing LIU, Fu-Sheng QUAN, Yong ZHANG
2013 Hereditas (Beijing)  
The transcriptome represents the whole complement of RNA transcripts in cells or tissues and reflects the expressed genes at various life stages, tissue types, physiological states, and environmental conditions. Transcriptome analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of gene expression and its regulation. Non-model organism has many interesting traits of which model organisms lack, and the study of its transcriptome has great significance in solving the questions of genetic evolution,
more » ... tic breeding, ecology and so on. Because of absence of reference genome information, and traditional transcriptome research methods which are complicated to operate, long experimental period and costly, slow progress has been made in the research of non-model organism transcriptome. Fortunately, RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), the next-generation sequencing technology, has completely changed the way of transcriptome study, becoming an advanced technology on the investigation of non-model organism transcriptome. In this paper, we give a summary of the non-model 956 HEREDITAS (Beijing) 2013 第 35 卷 organism transcriptome research using RNA-seq in recent years and briefly describe its general flow and principles from aspects of sample preparation, high throughput DNA sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis. Finally, questions that are still open and awaiting further research are also discussed.
doi:10.3724/sp.j.1005.2013.00955 pmid:23956084 fatcat:hjghlis7wzfybnnzzgo4vhqkmu

DC Biasing Treatment Scheme for Zha-Qing ±800kV Project Zhalute Power Grid

Yan-bing ZHANG, Hao-tian CUI, Wen-lin LIU, Yong HUANG, Lian-guang LIU, Qing WANG
2018 DEStech Transactions on Environment Energy and Earth Science  
Combining with the construction of Zha-Qing (±800kV) project and using the historical magnetotelluric data, the three-dimensional resistivity model and the magnetic bias current model of Zhalute power  ...  Considering the influence of these factors and with the aid of GIC standard model, this paper establishes the DCBC model of Zhalute Power Grid of Zha-Qing Project.  ...  wind power of the Zhalute Power Grid transported by the Zha-Qing Project comes from the four provinces of Eastern Mongolia and Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dteees/epeee2018/26478 fatcat:vy2afp2s6rcp5hmgdupin7jqee

Decreased DACH1 expression in glomerulopathy is associated with disease progression and severity

Qing-Quan Liu, Ya-Qun Zhou, Hui-Quan Liu, Wen-Hui Qiu, Hui Liu, Ting-Yang Hu, Qing Xu, Yong-Man Lv, Kong-Ming Wu
2016 OncoTarget  
Cell fate determination factor dachshund1 (DACH1) is a chromosome-associated protein that regulates cellular differentiation throughout development. Recent genome-wide association studies have show that missense mutation in DACH1 leads to hereditary renal hypodysplasia. Renal DACH1 expression can be used to estimate glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). We firstly characterized the function of DACH1 in normal and diseased renal tissue using immunohistochemistry to assess DACH1 in human renal
more » ... specimens from 40 immunoglobulin A nephropathy (IgAN) patients, 20 idiopathic membranous nephropathy (IMN) patients, and 15 minimal change disease (MCD) patients. We found that DACH1 expression was decreased in the nephropathy group relative to healthy controls. DACH1 staining in the glomerulus correlated positively with eGFR (r = 0.41, p < 0.001) but negatively with serum creatinine (r = −0.37, p < 0.01). In vitro, DACH1 overexpression in human podocytes or HK2 cells decreased expression of cyclin D1, but increased expression of p21 and p53, which suggested that DACH1 overexpression in human podocytes or HK2 cells increased the G1/S phase or G2/M cell arrest. Together, These findings indicate that DACH1 expression is decreased in glomerulopathy imply a potential role for DACH1 in the this development of human chornic glomerulopathy. These data suggest that DACH1 is a potential a marker of disease progression and severity for glomerular diseases.
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.13470 pmid:27888806 pmcid:PMC5349934 fatcat:yptcd4tc2zb6jluqfp53chxzgy
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