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Protecting sing-photon multi-mode W state from photon loss [article]

Yu-Bo Sheng, Yang Ou-Yang, Lan Zhou, Lei Wang
2014 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we discuss the protection of single-photon multi-mode W state with noiseless linear amplification.  ...  Single-photon entanglement is of major importance in current quantum communications. However, it is sensitive to photon loss.  ...  It is shown that the multi-mode single-photon W state can also be protected with the help of local single photons. II.  ... 
arXiv:1402.1848v1 fatcat:ds2omnftjbdkrcid7schcrdgqe

Periodic cavity state revivals from atomic frequency combs [article]

Matthias Zens, Dmitry O. Krimer, Himadri S. Dhar, Stefan Rotter
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Our results demonstrate that arbitrary multi-photon states in the cavity are almost perfectly absorbed by the spin ensemble and re-emitted as parity-flipped states at periodic time intervals.  ...  Fidelity values near unity are achieved in these revived states by compensating for energy shifts induced by the strong spin-cavity coupling through adjustments of individual coupling values of the teeth  ...  As a result, we obtain a long-lasting train of periodic revivals of the multi-photon cavity state with very high fidelity and minimum losses. II.  ... 
arXiv:2107.05919v1 fatcat:fl2zn57ukffpvmktqby3k4blnm

Self-regulated transport in photonic crystals with phase-changing defects

Roney Thomas, Fred M. Ellis, Ilya Vitebskiy, Tsampikos Kottos
2018 Physical Review A  
We discuss some possible applications of such phase-changing photonic structures for optical sensing and limiting.  ...  In this paper, using a numerical example, we demonstrate that incorporating the PCM in a photonic structure can lead to a dramatic modification of the effects of light-induced phase transition, as compared  ...  The associated states are symmetric and antisymmetric linear combinations of the single defect modes and their profiles have a multi-humped shape with each hump located in the neighborhood of a defect  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreva.97.013804 fatcat:onikeocpcrej5akdyaobttecce

Topological phase transitions and chiral inelastic transport induced by the squeezing of light

Vittorio Peano, Martin Houde, Christian Brendel, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk
2016 Nature Communications  
Such states are characterized by non-trivial Chern numbers, and exhibit protected edge modes which give rise to chiral elastic and inelastic photon transport.  ...  We show how the squeezing of light can lead to the formation of topological states.  ...  Unlike the particle-conserving case, the ground state of such a Hamiltonian is a multi-mode squeezed state with non-zero photon number; it can thus have a non-trivial Berry's phase associated with it when  ... 
doi:10.1038/ncomms10779 pmid:26931620 pmcid:PMC4778048 fatcat:dwes6khsf5ddrdhek6kovq3leq

Nonlinear and quantum optics with whispering gallery resonators

Dmitry V Strekalov, Christoph Marquardt, Andrey B Matsko, Harald G L Schwefel, Gerd Leuchs
2016 Journal of Optics  
Optical Whispering Gallery Modes (WGMs) derive their name from a famous acoustic phenomenon of guiding a wave by a curved boundary observed nearly a century ago.  ...  Very high quality factors of optical WGM resonators persisting in a wide wavelength range spanning from radio frequencies to ultraviolet light, their small mode volume, and tunable in- and out- coupling  ...  , such as optical GHZ states [596, 597] , W-states [560, 598, 599] , cluster [600] and graph [601] states, Smolin states [602] , and others.  ... 
doi:10.1088/2040-8978/18/12/123002 fatcat:766qehsaczhqvpi7kcfvc4dssu

On Routing, Wavelength, Network Coding Assignment and Protection Configuration Problem in Optical-processing-enabled Networks [article]

Dao Thanh Hai
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this context, we present a new research problem, entitled, routing, wavelength, network coding assignment and protection configuration (RWNCA-PC) arisen in exploiting photonic network coding (NC) for  ...  In order to maximize the NC benefits, we thus provide a weighted multi-objective optimization model for solving RWNCA-PC problem so as to minimize the wavelength count as the strictly prioritized goal  ...  protection path, such connection could be either implemented in the client-side or network-side mode.  ... 
arXiv:2204.12027v1 fatcat:pvvkffuor5amrnazoajc6en6dq

Process variation in silicon photonic devices

Xi Chen, Moustafa Mohamed, Zheng Li, Li Shang, Alan R. Mickelson
2013 Applied Optics  
Lastly, we propose a variation-aware on-chip interconnect design for multi-core processors.  ...  Secondly we examine the optical performance of an array of photonic devices which are the basic building blocks for silicon photonic circuits.  ...  Figure 2 .Figure 2 . 6 : 226 5: A schematic setup of a single-mode fiber to grating coupler. The core diameter of a sing mode fiber is about 10 μm.  ... 
doi:10.1364/ao.52.007638 pmid:24216668 fatcat:z7yarfrjibesdpzpjaeth2sb7q

Multiplexed photon number measurement [article]

Antoine Essig, Quentin Ficheux, Théau Peronnin, Nathanaël Cottet, Raphaël Lescanne, Alain Sarlette, Pierre Rouchon, Zaki Leghtas, Benjamin Huard
2021 arXiv   pre-print
about each Fock state -- from 0 to 8 -- is simultaneously encoded in independent measurement channels.  ...  Here we propose a method where a single qubit is able to extract, not a single, but many bits of information about the photon number of a microwave resonator using continuous measurement.  ...  (B6) For any density matrix ρ, one can extract X = Tr(Xρ) and P = Tr(P ρ) from the Wigner function WW ρ as X = dx dp W (x, p)x P = dx dp W (x, p)p . (B7) 4.  ... 
arXiv:2001.03217v3 fatcat:usfrm42n7jduzh34yetaia56di

Superconducting single photon detectors

S. Nam, B. Calkins, T. Gerritts, S. Harrington, A. E. Lita, F. Marsili, V. B. Verma, I. Vayshenker, R. P. Mirin, M. Shaw, W. Farr, J. A. Stern
2013 2013 Conference on Lasers & Electro-Optics Europe & International Quantum Electronics Conference CLEO EUROPE/IQEC  
In a single photon Fock state there is exactly one excitation per mode. A detection event projects the mode to the vacuum state.  ...  A typical quantum optics experiment is antibunching of photons emitted from a singe photon emitter. It is also the ultimate proof that SSPDs are single photon detectors.  ...  Here we demonstrate single photon statistics measurements from a quantum emitter with only one detector.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cleoe-iqec.2013.6801983 fatcat:7qqjpovkdbdmhdkbnoma7alugm

Solvatochromism based on structural color: Smart polymer composites for sensing and security

Xu Dong, Pan Wu, Christian G. Schaefer, Liwu Zhang, Chris E. Finlayson, Changchun Wang
2018 Materials & design  
state.  ...  Abstract: We report a convenient and scalable strategy to achieve large-area transparent photonic crystal (TPC) films that can be fully reversibly switched between an initial transparent state and a structurally-colored  ...  from doi:10.17632/4wpdfb5cb2.1.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.matdes.2018.09.026 fatcat:todjsvplqngsfa5vyj2abqkjwq

Photonics applications and web engineering: WILGA May 2013

Ryszard S. Romaniuk, Ryszard S. Romaniuk
2013 Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High-Energy Physics Experiments 2013  
on Photonics and Web Engineering.  ...  and photonics applications, photonics-electronics codesign, optoelectronic and electronic systems for astronomy and high energy physics experiments, CMS, ITER, JET -Joint European Torus, BRITE nanosatellite  ...  Complex photonics Bragg structures can be designed efficiently using either coupled modes or matrix transmittance methods.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2035420 fatcat:bujy4qt6tfewpm6rblg2g4nc4q

Comparison of Phase-less Direction of Arrival Estimation Methods for Switched Beam Antennas

A. Cidronali, G. Collodi, M. Lucarelli, S. Maddio, M. Passafiume, G. Pelosi, S. Selleri
2019 2019 PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium - Spring (PIERS-Spring)  
W.  ...  W.  ... 
doi:10.1109/piers-spring46901.2019.9017336 fatcat:adobca2sg5ga5ccjpuepkrpbsa

Cavity optomechanical sensing

Bei-Bei Li, Lingfeng Ou, Yuechen Lei, Yong-Chun Liu
2021 Nanophotonics  
The quantum noise originates from the quantum property of photons, also known as photon shot noise.  ...  A single-mode coherent light can be described as a coherent state |𝛼⟩.  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2021-0256 fatcat:32vpjqyzdjb5losqpgtfpkeqei

Parametrics of electromagnetic searches for axion dark matter [article]

Robert Lasenby
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We also comment on the detection of other forms of dark matter, including dark photons, as well as the detection of relativistic hidden sector particles.  ...  Another common setup has a linear amplifier isolated from the target, e.g. using a circulator connected to a cold load [35, 38] , to protect the target system from noise.  ...  The gray 'stellar constraints' region corresponds to the bounds on energy loss from the Sun and from horizontal branch stars [77] [78] [79] .  ... 
arXiv:1912.11467v5 fatcat:wa7vmtb5zrhz3pu4zvhxjzmytu

Hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in 2020

Curran Kalha, Nathalie K Fernando, Prajna Bhatt, Fredrik O L Johansson, Andreas Lindblad, Håkan Rensmo, León Zendejas Medina, Rebecka Lindblad, Sebastian Siol, Lars P H Jeurgens, Claudia Cancellieri, Kai Rossnagel (+8 others)
2021 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
of the technique to state-of-the-art instrumentation and experimental capabilities.  ...  This paper begins with a short historic perspective of HAXPES and spans from developments in the early days of photoelectron spectroscopy to provide an understanding of the origin and initial development  ...  Acknowledgments CK acknowledges support from the Department of Chemistry, UCL. NKF acknowledges support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/L015277/1).  ... 
doi:10.1088/1361-648x/abeacd fatcat:chfafv7qnvaznixotusfawhjiq
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