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The Dutch interbank computer network

Eddie Michiels
1988 Computer Standards & Interfaces  
This paper provides the background to the DCI project, discusses the selection of OSI standards for the network, and gives an overview of the design of the software package, which was developed to support  ...  (DCI), to be used for a number of forthcoming interbank applications.  ...  The OSI session simulator was used for the preparation of test scenarios. The test tools were subsequently used to test DCI implementations from other DCI development teams.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0920-5489(88)90057-8 fatcat:svxveuianbbu7iuqhxceej32pi

Implementation of TTCN Operational Semantics in Estelle [chapter]

Luoming Hou, Jean-Philippe Favreau, Debra Tang
1995 Protocol Test Systems  
(MOT) for communication protocols.  ...  This technology is based on an implementation of the operational semantics ofTTCN in Estelle. T. Mizuno et al. (eds.), Protocol Test Systems  ...  This initiative recognizes that test systems implement some of the functionality required by the OSI framework for conformance testing.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34883-4_21 fatcat:tvkruuu6mzhyzei2japqmg526m

Future directions for protocol testing, learning the lessons from the past [chapter]

D. Rayner
1997 Testing of Communicating Systems  
A reflection on the history of all aspects of protocol testing reveals both successes and failures, although many observers take a purely negative view.  ...  Important lessons need to be learned if protocol testing in the future is to be regarded in a more positive light. There are now new signs of hope in some the most recent developments.  ...  Care should be taken to ensure that they make full use of PICS (protocol implementation conformance statement) and PIXIT (protocol implementation extra information for testing) information, to minimise  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35198-8_1 fatcat:velg52utgrc35oheuwboghalfi

Some notes on the history of protocol engineering

Gregor v. Bochmann, Dave Rayner, Colin H. West
2010 Computer Networks  
Then it concentrates on the development of protocol engineering, that is, the methods for the specification of communication protocols and services, the verification of protocols and their implementation  ...  and testing.  ...  of protocols for Open Systems Interworking (OSI).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2010.05.019 fatcat:glvxu3spb5gczgvskx2h76q2zm

Open Issues in Conformance Test Specification [chapter]

Bernd Baumgarten
1995 Protocol Test Systems  
In this paper, we deal with semantic problems of test specification in the OSI Conformance Testing Methodology and Framework, especially in the test notation TTCN.  ...  We show up merits and disadvantages of various ways to fill the remaining gaps in standardization, and recommend some specific solutions. T. Mizuno et al. (eds.), Protocol Test Systems  ...  his initially more intuitive discontent with parts of CTMF.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34883-4_1 fatcat:cak7oemxtjhrfooxinsemiemtq

The interlibrary loan protocol: AN OSI solution to ill messaging

Fay Turner
1990 Library hi tech  
Conformance testing in this context is the systematic test of a product's conformance to a particular OSI protocol and is essential in order to increase the probability that different implementations of  ...  The test suite and an ILL test system developed by the National Library will be used to test the implementations of the ISO ILL protocol being developed by the contractors in the ILL Protocol Implementation  ... 
doi:10.1108/eb047809 fatcat:cqyctetiwrc23i5izjb4kswx7e

Specification and implementation of a standard for remote database access [chapter]

S. Pappe, W. Lamersdorf, W. Effelsberg
1988 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Characteristic for this implementation are the use of a formal specification method and software tools for the automatic generation of major parts of the RDA implementation.  ...  In general, such communication requirements are addressed by standards efforts of ISO for 'Open Systems Interconnection" (OSI) and, in particular, by efforts of standardizing the 'Remote Database Access  ...  In particular, Albert Fleischmann, the inventor of PASS, and Martin Bever, our expert on upper layer architecture and CASE, helped us very much.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-19333-2_11 fatcat:5laywydcanhmtidnxgyf6i63my

Protocol specification for OSI

Gregor V Bochmann
1990 Computer networks and ISDN systems  
In this context, the protocol specifications are of particular importance, since they represent the standards which are the basis for the implementation and testing of compatible OSI systems.  ...  The collection of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) standards are intended to allow the connection of heterogeneous computer systems for a variety of applications.  ...  While in the area of OSI, standard test suites are developed for testing implementations for conformance to the protocol standards [46] , the selection of test cases remains an important issue since additional  ... 
doi:10.1016/0169-7552(90)90132-c fatcat:avhuude4dbclfiz5j5yellrqkm

Exploiting the power of OSI Management for the control of SNMP-capable resources using generic application level gateways [chapter]

Kevin McCarthy, George Pavlou, Saleem Bhatti, José Neuman Souza
1995 Integrated Network Management IV  
The power of the OSI Systems Management Functions is thus available for the management of SNMPv1 based resources, bringing fully event driven management to the SNMP domain.  ...  This paper details the development of an Object Oriented Generic Application Level Gateway to achieve seamless coexistence between OSI and SNMPv1 management systems.  ...  James Cowan of UCL must be congratulated for developing the innovative GDMO compiler.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34890-2_38 fatcat:dyfnhighvrccthkd75mzait5pa

Application of a TTCN based conformance test environment on the Internet email protocol [chapter]

Jun Bi, Jianping Wu, Dahong Xiong, Caixin Wu, Jinwen Cao
1997 Testing of Communicating Systems  
With TTCN based test execution and flexible reference implementation, PITS could test both the OSI and Internet protocols.  ...  In this paper, we discuss two methods for testing SMTP and the design of TTCN based SMTP test suite.  ...  Although it specifically intended for the development of OSI protocols and services, it is possible to have a much broader scope of application for TCP/IP protocols.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35198-8_21 fatcat:2dirif2ij5ctrla3mozdfvcobu

A base for portable communications software

S. H. Goldberg, J. A. Mouton
1991 IBM Systems Journal  
Thus, for a relatively small amount of effort, and with almost no expertise in OSI! protocols, a complete OSI system can be produced.  ...  Early efforts to implement communications protocols usually produced code specific to each target system.  ... 
doi:10.1147/sj.303.0259 fatcat:cbtur7dgd5h2rkxz4gxevfvnbu

Design and Implementation of an Interconnectability Testing System — AICTS [chapter]

Ken'ichi Takahashi, Shinji Suzuki, Katsuya Sawai, Masatoshi Hatafuku, Kunihiro Gotoh, Keiichi Kazama
1995 Protocol Test Systems  
The OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) has been increasingly recognized and used for interconnection among different communications systems.  ...  But it is usually recognized that only these types of testing are inadequate for interconnectability confirmation.  ...  AIC, for giving the opportunity of conducting this work, and to staff members of the Sendai Branch of Fujitsu BSC for providing cooperation in program development.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34883-4_9 fatcat:vcew7hecvffnlbswvtvze3d5b4

ISO/IEC Workshop on Worldwide Recognition of OSI Test Results - Gaithersburg, MD - May 6-8, 1991

S. Nightingale
1991 Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology  
A single set of test suites for OSI conformance testing is necessary. In the past, OSI standards have been produced without accompanying means of verifying that implementations can conform.  ...  for OSI Test Services."  ... 
doi:10.6028/jres.096.050 pmid:28184147 pmcid:PMC4915776 fatcat:tknjylbfj5birceb5m5tnexh4a

An Implementation of CMIP/CMISE Conformance Testing System [chapter]

Ching-Sung Lu, Hudson Chien, Whey-Hsing Tsai, Wan-Ting Chang, Chang-Shing Perng, Ching-Te Lin, Kuang-Jui Cheng, Kuo-Wei Peng, Gary Tzeng
1995 Protocol Test Systems  
FinaIIy, the evaluation of the system in testing is given. T. Mizuno et al. (eds.), Protocol Test Systems  ...  It plays the most important role in the communication platform of OSI Network Management.  ...  Since most ATSs designed for OSI protocols contain hundreds of test cases, it is impractical to expect a single designer to write and verify the whole test suite.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34883-4_19 fatcat:e3no2tqoebglzdmjr5dslw62hu

Specification and implementation of an ISO session layer

A. Fleischmann, S. T. Chin, W. Effelsberg
1987 IBM Systems Journal  
Therefore, it was easy to implement a generator that produces Pascal code for the PASS graph.  ...  The OSI experi- mental project has proved the feasibility of creating an implementation-independent (session) protocol machine that is generated directly from the PASS specification of the (OSI session  ... 
doi:10.1147/sj.263.0255 fatcat:z5nbrldzkvaldawhroboihwm6a
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