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Process improvement benefits realization: insights from an Australian university

Imesha Denagama Vitharanage, Denise Toman, Wasana Bandara, Rehan Syed
2019 International Conference on Business Process Management  
This case study narrates the experiences of an Australian university that has undergone an enterprise process improvement initiative.  ...  The key lessons learnt explain the challenges faced by the university and how a well-designed benefit realization approach assisted in gaining stakeholders' buy-in for process improvement initiatives.  ...  Failing to realize the process improvement benefits can be harmful to the reputation of the BPM discipline This case study captures the experiences of an Australian University, Queensland University of  ... 
dblp:conf/bpm/VitharanageTBS19 fatcat:d76umnircbf6xfqdmgqtrvngia

An Industrial Case Study of Immediate Benefits of Requirements Engineering Process Improvement at the Australian Center for Unisys Software

Daniela Damian, Didar Zowghi, Lakshminarayanan Vaidyanathasamy, Yogendra Pal
2004 Empirical Software Engineering  
An empirical evaluation which in vestigated other aspects of the process improvement than the CMM model indicates tangible benefits as well as perceived long-term benefits during design and testing.  ...  This paper describes an industrial experience in process improvement at one of the Unisys development labs in Australia.  ...  This research was funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and a post-doctoral fellowship at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.  ... 
doi:10.1023/ fatcat:jcxckwnr7bfxnlawe7ledkenca

Enterprise Architecture Benefit Realization

Eetu I. Niemi, Samuli Pekkola
2016 ACM SIGMIS Database the DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems  
This refers to a process consisting of several interacting constructs impacting the realization of benefits by EA in an organization, such as EA products (including architecture documentation, i.e., models  ...  First, the EA benefit realization process is described on a general level as a data-based model.  ...  Acknowledgements Acknowledgements This study was conducted as a part of an ongoing research project AISA, focusing on the quality management of EA and SA.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2980783.2980787 fatcat:keeoaco555hiznb6lhujfi2tau

Key Issues for Realizing Open Ecoacoustic Monitoring in Australia

Kellie Vella, Tara Capel, Ashleigh Gonzalez, Anthony Truskinger, Susan Fuller, Paul Roe
2022 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution  
This research contributes directly to the development of an open ecoacoustics platform to enable the sharing of data, analyses, and tools for environmental conservation.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We wish to thank our participants and participating organizations for their time and input, including: the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Birdlife Australia, Bush Heritage, Charles Sturt  ...  University, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction (Western Australia), Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (Tasmania), Griffith University, James Cook University  ... 
doi:10.3389/fevo.2021.809576 fatcat:b4ul24p2ibgo5keyothhm6636i

Realized Volatility: A Review

Michael McAleer, Marcelo C. Medeiros
2008 Econometric Reviews  
Independent and dependent noise processes are examined. The most important methods for providing consistent estimators are presented, and a critical exposition of different techniques is given.  ...  A multivariate model is presented to discuss estimation of the realized covariances. Various issues relating to modelling and forecasting realized volatilities are considered.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors wish to acknowledge the insightful comments and suggestions of two anonymous referees, seminar participants at Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and Keio University, Japan, and  ... 
doi:10.1080/07474930701853509 fatcat:qea4tn6byvckjfvcxzfblzuele

Routes and requirements for realizing pervasive medical devices [chapter]

Michael Craven
2006 Pervasive Computing in Healthcare  
It is hoped that this chapter has provided an insight into the processes of healthcare technology development.  ...  The following sections are intended to give the reader an introduction to the essential pre-market regulatory processes and some of the post-market obligations with respect to the planning and realization  ...  Some developments in post-market clinical trial design, that are intended to be more suitable for medical device evaluation from an HTA perspective, will also be introduced.  ... 
doi:10.1201/9781420005332.ch9 fatcat:jcnbirq565fjvpzxya27cuk5dy

Narrative matters for sustainability: the transformative role of storytelling in realizing 1.5°C futures

S Veland, M Scoville-Simonds, I Gram-Hanssen, AK Schorre, A El Khoury, MJ Nordbø, AH Lynch, G Hochachka, M Bjørkan
2018 Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability  
Transformations to sustainability will require recognizing and engaging multiple, diverse experiences of agency, a process that attention to narrative can help facilitate.  ...  We suggest that filling the 'information deficit' with improved communication of a single, unifying and global narrative about Earth systems is necessary but insufficient: filling the 'narrative deficit  ...  Thank you also for helpful comments in the writing process. Two anonymous reviewers improved the narrative of this publication.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cosust.2017.12.005 fatcat:xptkwogjhjcmvo5nefjfrlskdy

Discovering and Transforming Exhaust Data to Realize Managerial Value

Daniel Oleary, University of Southern California, Veda C. Storey, Georgia State University
2020 Communications of the Association for Information Systems  
Acknowledgements We thank the review team for their valuable feedback on our work and for their most timely effort in processing our paper.  ...  An Australian family was robbed after their teenaged daughter posted a picture of a large quantity of cash (Golijan, 2012) .  ...  When the potential value is realized, the data shifts from "left over" to core data and becomes "found". Then, the data is re-used for a different purpose-stolen from one use for another activity.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1cais.04715 fatcat:r6rzkpmfenfo7otqtdabztuduq

Selling Fashion: Realizing the Research Potential of the House of Fraser Archive, University of Glasgow Archive Services

Clare Paterson
2009 Textile History  
During the summer of 2009, the University of Glasgow Archive Services will complete an Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project which seeks to improve the accessibility of the Archive.  ...  Adopting a progressive approach to archival description, the project is developing an innovative online catalogue, providing fuller access to information about the Archive and the resources contained within  ...  [11] Recognizing the value of the collection, the University of Glasgow Archive Services are undertaking a project to improve the accessibility of the collection.  ... 
doi:10.1179/004049609x12504376351380 fatcat:xpypzwov3faxvc6fwnj4dtdoha

Polydimethylsiloxane-Embedded Conductive Fabric: Characterization and Application for Realization of Robust Passive and Active Flexible Wearable Antennas

Roy B. V. B. Simorangkir, Yang Yang, Raheel M. Hashmi, Toni Bjorninen, Karu P. Esselle, Leena Ukkonen
2018 IEEE Access  
study on polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-embedded conductive fabric, which we propose as a simple yet effective solution to the challenging issue of poor PDMS-metal adhesion, allowing for a relatively easy realization  ...  Sai Jiao from the School of Electrical and Data Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney for his valuable supports with the SEM imaging of the sample.  ...  from the University of Ottawa, Canada.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2018.2867696 fatcat:dfxuqbn5lfhypdmhayhfo335be

ETF Transaction Costs Are Often Higher Than Investors Realize

James J. Angel, Todd J. Broms, Gary L. Gastineau
2016 Journal of Portfolio Management  
BlackRock, a leading investment manager and major ETF sponsor, has been an active participant in discussions related to ETFs. This ViewPoint represents the third in a series, which also includes "ETFs  ...  An ETP that "rolls" (or is benchmarked to an index that rolls) from an expiring futures contract to the next contract benefits from backwardation, because the amount of money realized from the sale of  ...  As such, regulatory and market attention on this growing segment of the investment universe is understandable and appropriate, and we believe should focus on the following best practice standards:  Improve  ... 
doi:10.3905/jpm.2016.42.3.065 fatcat:odsd7yz3fra3hno5ss33uc3noq

Progress of the world's women 2015–2016: Transforming economies, realizing rights

Shahra Razavi, Laura Turquet
2016 Global Social Policy  
Overall, universal health coverage is an important step in the right direction and one from which women can benefit.  ...  In these cases, women will benefit most from the introduction of universal and adequate non-contributory pensions discussed in the next section.  ...  See Chapter 2 for an elaboration of equal pay legislation and the distinction between a narrowly defined 'equal pay for equal work' provision as opposed to the more expansive 'equal pay for work of equal  ... 
doi:10.1177/1468018115624314 fatcat:j4z7uz65irhydarwzjpi4ikfna

The Role of Human Resources Management Practices Represented by Employee's Recruitment and Training and Motivating in Realization Competitive Advantage

Marwan M. Shammot
2014 International Business Research  
Data was drawn from a sample of two industrial business organizations in the city of Amman.  ...  This paper has undergone for the evolution of HRM from past to present will be discussed in a theoretical concept.  ...  Setting and executing an efficient increments system has a role in obtaining a competitive advantage.23.Continuous improvement for the increments system and benefits from time to time has a role in obtaining  ... 
doi:10.5539/ibr.v7n4p55 fatcat:clvwac6dereunlvxowqufrohpe

Adventures scaling the realized niche, saving the world, and searching for values

Paul K Dayton, Howard Browman
2020 ICES Journal of Marine Science  
I conclude that there is an urgent need to improve field-based teaching of undergraduate non-majors about nature and to be much more effective in our interactions with the general public.  ...  I describe my unlikely path into marine science from a childhood in the Arizona desert and Oregon woods.  ...  I also thank the many people who have helped me with my awkward thought process and prose, and I especially thank my family and my own students who have done such a wonderful job mentoring me!  ... 
doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsaa085 fatcat:sux3rllevnceph7udre4ov3c7q

How to Realize the Benefits of Point-of-Care Testing at the General Practice: A Comparison of Four High-Income Countries

Deon Lingervelder, Hendrik Koffijberg, Jon D. Emery, Paul Fennessy, Christopher P. Price, Harm van Marwijk, Torunn B. Eide, Sverre Sandberg, Jochen W.L. Cals, Joke T.M. Derksen, Ron Kusters, Maarten J. IJzermanx
2021 International Journal of Health Policy and Management  
Conclusion: Setting up a single national authority may be an effective step towards realizing the full benefits of POCT.  ...  To comprehend what is necessary to realize the benefits of POCT, regarding its integration in primary care, it would be beneficial to have an overview of the structure of healthcare operations and the  ...  Background Diagnostics is an integral part of primary healthcare, as it provides valuable insight to support medical decisions to improve patient outcomes and wellbeing. 1 Accurate diagnostics can lead  ... 
doi:10.34172/ijhpm.2021.143 pmid:34814677 fatcat:ey7347iurbfb7cjfloi6hyr25m
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