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Privacy-Preserving Access Control in Publicly Readable Storage Systems [chapter]

Daniel Bosk, Sonja Buchegger
2016 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
We start with a general file system, which is publicly readable and has no built in access control.  ...  Conclusions We achieve privacy-preserving access control enforcement in a public file system lacking built-in access control. We presented two alternatives: the pull and the push protocols.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-41763-9_22 fatcat:xxqjvmymfbg7tft73pduljcwzm

Privacy-Preserving Access Control in Cloud Federations

Shorouq Alansari, Federica Paci, Andrea Margheri, Vladimiro Sassone
2017 2017 IEEE 10th International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD)  
Our system allows federated organizations to enforce attribute-based access control policies on their data in a privacy-preserving fashion.  ...  We propose the architecture of a novel identity and access management system part of FaaS, a cloud federation service developed by the H2020 SUNFISH project.  ...  The system enforces attributes-based access control policies by means of a cryptographic protocol that preserves the privacy of users' identity attributes.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cloud.2017.108 dblp:conf/IEEEcloud/AlansariPMS17 fatcat:vsdcg6xfc5h5xniqkdnsqzbjle

REEEM-D6.6_Data Management Plan (DMP) - Collection, processing and dissemination of data

REEEM Project
2019 Zenodo  
Include technical controls (IT security, encryption etc), physical controls (location, locked room etc), personnel controls (training, access control etc), and procedural controls (contract, polices etc  ...  If storage is in the cloud, where is the physical server? The contact list is stored on a DTU-server located in Denmark.  ...  Storage and backup Storage methods and backup procedures for the data, including the physical and cyber resources and facilities that will be used for the effective preservation and storage of the research  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3368557 fatcat:a7rw3pwggzg6fp37f2re3mhhg4

PSDS: Privacy Preserving System for Data Security Implementation and Countermeasures

Arpit Sohani, Khushboo Sawant
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In this paper, we proposed cryptography based Privacy Preserving System of Data Security i.e. PSDS. We implement AES algorithm to perform encryption and decryption.  ...  Cloud data storage has many advantages over local data storage. User can upload their data on cloud and can access those data anytime anywhere without any additional burden.  ...  treads therefore the data security in cloud storage is required Data owner and client privacy management: The data owner and client in not distinguishable using the data additionally the privacy on such  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016912415 fatcat:ry3plpmajfekfehhnmcxd7krum

Towards Compliance and Accountability: a Framework for Privacy Online

Huanchun Peng, Jun Gu, Xiaojun Ye
2009 Journal of Computers  
Most existing privacy enhancing technologies could not prevent privacy breach effectively, since the real threat is not the control of private data access but the control of usage.  ...  While "access control" is well understood, how to achieve "usage control" is still unclear. In the online environment, information is easily copied or delivered.  ...  And they give an approximately implementation of UCON in collaborative computing systems several years later. Privacy preserving usage control aims to control the usage of PII.  ... 
doi:10.4304/jcp.4.6.494-501 fatcat:csyeg6zgzrbzfj7lde3n3yvvhy

Understanding Attribute-based Access Control for Modelling and Analysing Healthcare Professionals' Security Practices

Livinus Obiora Nweke, Prosper Yeng, Stephen D., Bian Yang
2020 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
In recent years, there has been an increase in the application of attribute-based access control (ABAC) in electronic health (e-health) systems.  ...  Both EHRs and PHRs are critical assets that require access control mechanism to regulate the manner in which they are accessed.  ...  Ray et al in [18] apply attribute based access control for preserving the privacy of PHR.  ... 
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2020.0110286 fatcat:jyhz4qys4vazzesvyz6hb7bmeq

Blockchain Technologies for Private Data Management in AmI Environments

Tomás Robles, Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria, Diego Sánchez-de-Rivera
2018 Proceedings (MDPI)  
In this paper we analyze how distributed ledgers can be used for empowering end-users to self-manage their own data, enabling third parties to access those data under a cryptographic management model.  ...  We propose a use case where both blockchain and smart contracts are employed by using cryptographic technology to enable user empowerment of data management in AmI.  ...  is publicly readable when it appears in a public transaction, the cost of storing data is very high, and the list of authorized parties is also publicly available.  ... 
doi:10.3390/proceedings2191230 fatcat:utdi54survfmvjntejsktwehxq

TILT: A GDPR-Aligned Transparency Information Language and Toolkit for Practical Privacy Engineering [article]

Elias Grünewald, Frank Pallas
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In addition, we identify a set of further, non-functional requirements that need to be met to foster practical adoption in real-world (web) information systems engineering.  ...  (web) information systems engineering and thereby pave the way for a multitude of novel possibilities to heighten transparency and user sovereignty in practice.  ...  in real-world information systems.  ... 
arXiv:2012.10431v1 fatcat:4wdf4ec7srefzh3zkxamvefil4

A Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Verifiable File Search on the Cloud

It should always be encrypted before cloud outsourcing to preserve the privacy of personal documents that are stored in the cloud environment.  ...  Because cloud computing is increasingly popular, a great deal of documentation is outsourced to the cloud with decreased leadership costs and easy access.  ...  In [6] , the writers suggested a new publicly searchable encoding system centered on an inverse index. This system overcomes the search boundary in past systems only once.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijitee.f1099.0486s419 fatcat:msz43agpunfvpe753yw4bw2xka

The Barriers to Overthrowing Internet Feudalism

Tai Liu, Zain Tariq, Jay Chen, Barath Raghavan
2017 Proceedings of the 16th ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks - HotNets-XVI  
In response, researchers and engineers have proposed, over the past decade, many systems to re-democratize the Internet, pushing control over data and systems back to the users.  ...  In this paper we explore why: what are the goals of such systems and what has caused them to run aground?  ...  Public messaging or publicly-accessible social networks (e.g., Reddit, Twitter) exacerbate scalability, security, and privacy challenges.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3152434.3152454 dblp:conf/hotnets/LiuTCR17 fatcat:74x5vrqzh5ex3c44xsf2tlqboq

An Efficient Framework for Information Security in Cloud Computing Using Auditing Algorithm Shell (AAS) [article]

M. Omer Mushtaq and Furrakh Shahzad and M. Owais Tariq and Mahina Riaz and Bushra Majeed
2017 arXiv   pre-print
In new cloud computing infrastructure, the techniques such as the Strong Secure Shell and Encryption are deployed to guarantee the authenticity of the user through logs systems.  ...  Using this layered architecture we have preserved the secrecy of confidential information and tried to build the trust of user on cloud computing.  ...  Machine readable access practice rights are also maintained in it. Carrying out the encryption schemes is much easier but there arise some problems in providing the machine readable access rights.  ... 
arXiv:1702.07140v1 fatcat:utiaiglyqva5djpcqxa4kakt2u

Event Invitations in Privacy-Preserving DOSNs [chapter]

Guillermo Rodríguez-Cano, Benjamin Greschbach, Sonja Buchegger
2015 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
The results can be applied in the context of Privacy-Preserving DOSNs, but might also be useful in other domains that need mechanisms for cooperation and coordination, e. g., Collaborative Working Environment  ...  Implementing this feature in a Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Online Social Network is non-trivial because there is no fully trusted broker to guarantee fairness to all parties involved.  ...  We also describe three privacy-enhancing tools that we use in our implementation: storage location indirection, controlled ciphertext inference and a commit-disclose protocol.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-18621-4_13 fatcat:ir53g4glxbfq7fymlqht7acp6e

A Smart Contract-Based Dynamic Consent Management System for Personal Data Usage under GDPR

Mpyana Mwamba Merlec, Youn Kyu Lee, Seng-Phil Hong, Hoh Peter In
2021 Sensors  
We also analyzed the security and privacy of the system and evaluated its performance.  ...  There are few solutions that empower individuals to provide systematic consent agreements on distinct personal information and control who can collect, access, and use their data for specific purposes  ...  in a distributed storage system.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21237994 pmid:34883997 fatcat:jj5vnwhnabfo7ihky6ua56iwem

A Survey on Essential Components of a Self-Sovereign Identity [article]

Alexander Mühle, Andreas Grüner, Tatiana Gayvoronskaya, Christoph Meinel
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Subsequently we discuss identifiers in such a system, presenting past research in the area and current approaches in SSI in the context of Zooko's Triangle.  ...  We start off by giving a simple overview of blockchain based SSI, introducing an architecture overview as well as relevant actors in such a system.  ...  The actual identity claim is stored in the user controlled storage, typically off-chain for privacy considerations.  ... 
arXiv:1807.06346v1 fatcat:rcrak67fu5byrgpso45ilil4vq

Big Data Privacy Context: Literature Effects On Secure Informational Assets [article]

Celina Rebello, Elaine Tavares
2018 arXiv   pre-print
This article's objective is the identification of research opportunities in the current big data privacy domain, evaluating literature effects on secure informational assets.  ...  To achieve these objectives, a big data privacy Systematic Literature Review (SLR) is performed on the main scientific peer reviewed journals in Scopus database.  ...  Research evolved from "ubiquitous computing" to "access control" and "access control schemes" followed by "scalability","location" and "data storage systems".  ... 
arXiv:1808.08537v1 fatcat:7i27lkygmnd75a3x3vddzghpuq
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