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Nesidioblastosis en el adulto: reporte de un caso

Luis Ricardo Ramírez-González, Jorge Arturo Sotelo-Álvarez, Priscila Rojas-Rubio, Michel Dassaejv Macías-Amezcua, Rafael Orozco-Rubio, Clotilde Fuentes-Orozco
2015 Cirugía y Cirujanos  
doi:10.1016/j.circir.2015.05.020 pmid:26118781 fatcat:p6vrbddxpbgk3idjg7qvulnga4

Nesidioblastosis in the adult: A case report

Luis Ricardo Ramírez-González, Jorge Arturo Sotelo-Álvarez, Priscila Rojas-Rubio, Michel Dassaejv Macías-Amezcua, Rafael Orozco-Rubio, Clotilde Fuentes-Orozco
2015 Cirugía y Cirujanos (English Edition)  
Nesidioblastosis is a rare cause of endocrine disease which represents between 0.5% and 5% of cases. This has been associated with other conditions, such as in patients previously treated with insulin or sulfonylurea, in anti-tumour activity in pancreatic tissue of patients with insulinoma, and in patients with other tumours of the Langerhans islet cells. In adults it is presented as a diffuse dysfunction of ␤ cells of unknown cause. Clinical case: The case concerns 46 year-old female, with a
more » ... story of Sheehan syndrome of fifteen years of onset, and with repeated events characterised with hypoglycaemia in the last three years. Body scan was performed with octreotide, revealing an insulinoma in the pancreatic region. A distal pancreatectomy was performed on the patient. The study reported a pancreatic fragment 8.5 cm × 3 cm × 1.5 cm with abnormal proliferation of pancreatic islets in groups of varying size, some of them in relation to the ductal epithelium. Histopathology study was showed positive for chromogranin, confirmed by positive synaptophysin, insulin and glucagon, revealing islet hyperplasia with diffuse nesidioblastosis with negative malignancy. The patient is currently under metabolic control and with no remission of hypoglycaemic events. DOI of original article: http://dx.
doi:10.1016/j.circen.2015.09.006 fatcat:hyiujetv2rdmrlgx7ltotom3nm

Multifunctional characteristics of Acinetobacter lwoffii Bac109 for growth promotion and colonization in micropropagated sugarcane

Janniffer Custódio da Silva, Luan Dionisio Silva Santos, Paula Sperotto Alberto Faria, Fabiano Guimarães Silva, Aurélio Rubio Neto, Paula Fabiane Martins, Priscila Jane Romano Gonçalves Selari
2021 Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical  
Endophytic bacteria with multifunctional characteristics can benefit plants through different mechanisms, as well as promoting growth in an efficient, low-cost and ecofriendly way. This study analyzed the potential of the multifunctional endophytic isolate Acinetobacter lwoffii Bac109 in promoting the early in vitro growth of sugarcane seedlings. The Bac109 strain showed potential to solubilize phosphate in a solid medium (solubilization index: 3.73). In addition, the bacterium was an efficient
more » ... biocontrol agent against the phytopathogenic fungi Rhizoctonia sp., Fusarium oxysporum, Phoma sp. and Bipolaris papendorfii, showing a performance equal to or better than the commercial antifungal hygromycin B. An in vitro assay confirmed the biofilm production, which increased in the presence of sugarcane root extract. Additionally, A. lwoffii Bac109 showed a strong adhesion to the sugarcane roots. The inoculation of this bacterium in micropropagated sugarcane seedlings increased the shoot length (35 %) and regulated the nonphotochemical energy dissipation after 28 days of cultivation. At the end of the experiment, the bacterium showed a great potential for survival, with 5.72 × 107 CFU mL-1 recovered from the substrate, what is crucial for plant interaction. The results showed the potential of the biotechnology application for A. lwoffii Bac109 by evaluating multifunctional traits of plant growth promotion and by specific interactions with sugarcane, which may help to improve micropropagation protocols for this crop.
doi:10.1590/1983-40632021v5169373 fatcat:f4kykiy5dnhjlkwln5vk4kyyqm

Introduction slides to LIKE Poster session at IEA Wind Task 32 General Meeting 2021

Shahbaz Pathan, Liqin Jin, Francisco Costa, Hugo Rubio, Isadora Coimbra, Haichen Zuo, Jan Markus Diezel, Priscila Orozco, Arjun Anantharaman, Alessandro Sebastiani, Feng Guo, Wei Fu (+3 others)
2021 Zenodo  
.  Turbine manufacturers interested in better quantification of wake effects on their turbines  Wind farm modelers looking for improved validation of their single-wake models Priscila Orozco • PhD goal  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5726899 fatcat:crua7r3qt5afjislwj5vp7fsmi

Cambios en los estereotipos sobre la vejez de estudiantes tras su participación en un proyecto intergeneracional

Priscila V Elliott, Laura Rubio
2018 International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology Revista INFAD de psicología  
Ramona Rubio Herrera y a los participantes del Aula de Mayores Ciudad de Granada por su cooperación en la presente investigación, y a Fundación Carolina por haber posibilitado esta colaboración internacional  ... 
doi:10.17060/ijodaep.2017.n2.v1.1108 fatcat:qitj5feb7jbuljuuhcnnfg4dpm

Preclinical Safety Profile of an Oral Naringenin/Hesperidin Dosage Form by In Vivo Toxicological Tests

Carla Georgina Cicero-Sarmiento, Rolffy Ortiz-Andrade, Jesús Alfredo Araujo-León, Maira Rubí Segura-Campos, Priscila Vazquez-Garcia, Héctor Rubio-Zapata, Efrén Hernández-Baltazar, Victor Yañez-Pérez, Amanda Sánchez-Recillas, Juan Carlos Sánchez-Salgado, Emanuel Hernández-Núñez, Durcy Ruiz-Ciau
2022 Scientia Pharmaceutica  
Priscila Vazquez Garcia thanks to CONACYT for granting her the master scholarship (No. 724269). Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/scipharm90020028 fatcat:isnqgysmwbbdveuou3yuu4j3p4

Noticias de la Facultad: Titulación Escuela de Arquitectura PUC

2008 ARQ (Santiago. Impresa)  
Felipe Lanuza Rilling Gino León Gutiérrez Michelle Llona Ridout Luis Monge Calvo postítulo en arquitectura del paisaje, los arquitectos: Alberto Andrioli Priscila Conca Castro Tiffany Kopmann  ...  Ana María López Donoso José Riesco Urrejola grado de magíster en arquitectura, los arquitectos: Ricardo Atanacio Balbontin David Butelmann Dujovne Juan Carlos Cancino Pizarro Rodrigo Culagovski Rubio  ... 
doi:10.4067/s0717-69962008000300021 fatcat:rwvx35uyvvbl3bwim5jfhdhy64

Notes on the jumping spider Corythalia conferta (Araneae: Salticidae), a possible myrmecophagous specialist in Argentina

Julián Baigorria, Gonzalo Rubio, Cristian Stolar, Luciana Oklander
2021 Zenodo  
Acknowledgements We would like to thank Priscila Hanisch (MACN) for her assistance with criteria used to identify ants, and unnamed reviewers for their suggestions to improve the manuscript.  ...  Rubio & C. E.  ...  Rubio coll., 1 male, 3 females (IBSI-Ara 1457); Corrientes: Paso de la Patria (-27.322299°, -58.57824°), 31 December 2014, G. D. Rubio coll., 2 males (IBSI-Ara 0240; GDR 0433).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4608823 fatcat:7imhz2xzpnftfenhnlhwkuaepe

Recuperación y catalogación de Archivos Eclesiásticos: El caso del Arzobispado de Concepción

Carlos Vivallos Espinoza, Priscila Rocha Caamaño, Leonardo Mazzei de Grazia
2005 Atenea  
(Rubio, 1998) . Pero, dentro de esta generalización se determina a su vez la existencia de archivos parroquiales, capitulares o catedralicios, episcopales o diocesanos y otros archivos eclesiásticos.  ...  Pero sólo en 1880 se pueda acceder a los fondos documentales eclesiásticos (vaticanos), al abrirlos con ciertas reservas temáticas, el Papa León XIII, a la investigación pública (Rubio, 1981: 214) .  ... 
doi:10.4067/s0718-04622005000200009 fatcat:gvx3sypzrje3pct5kz4cbwxoai

WhatsApp como estrategias para fortalecer el trabajo colaborativo

Priscila Nataly Chicaiza-Morocho, Darwin Gabriel García-Herrera, Sandra Elizabeth Mena-Clerque, Juan Carlos Erazo-Álvarez
Instagram, WhatsApp, que en su mayoría sus descargas y uso son de manera gratuita, pues vienen incluidos en los planes móviles que se contratan, siendo WhatsApp el de mayor accesibilidad y fácil manejo (Rubio  ...  Venezuela Priscila Nataly Chicaiza-Morocho; Darwin Gabriel García-Herrera; Sandra Elizabeth Mena-Clerque Juan Carlos Erazo-Álvarez 229 Fuente: Elaboración propia.  ... 
doi:10.35381/cm.v6i3.397 fatcat:wqjp3igf2feg7gbghzgl7rcdpe

PWM controller for thermoelectric devices used in a climatization system

Eugenia Salazar Rivera, Osvaldo López Hernández, Alfredo Benítez Lara, Sandra Jiménez Xochimitl
2021 South Florida Journal of Development  
Retrieved from (Priscila & Maria, 2020) Thermoelectricity relates three phenomena explained by Priscila & María [1] which are the Thomson effect, Seebeck effect and Peltier effect.  ...  correlation between electrical currents and voltages against heat and temperature transfers, these are the main virtues that make thermoelectricity have a place in the world of refrigeration according to Rubio  ... 
doi:10.46932/sfjdv2n3-048 fatcat:xuvr5bjb5rgelkjglnjh5jszjq

Da história econômica à poesia: um conjunto diverso, plural e instigante

Inês Gouveia, Luciana Galvão, Walter Garcia
2021 Revista do Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros  
Abrindo o número, temos o artigo de Ulisses Rubio Urbano da Silva, "O conservadorismo no liberal-desenvolvimentismo de Roberto Campos", que analisa aspectos ortodoxos e conservadores do liberal-desenvolvimentismo  ...  No artigo "Feminismo em revista: a União Universitária Feminina nas páginas do periódico Jornal das Moças (década de 1950)", Nailda Marinho da Costa e Priscila Dieguez analisam notícias publicadas sobre  ... 
doi:10.11606/issn.2316-901x.v1i79p13-16 fatcat:lsrz2j742jdi7pioxhhihjc6ne

Gestión educativa, familiar, ambiental y empresarial en tiempos de Covid-19 en Iberoamérica

2021 Revista de Ciencias Sociales  
Asimismo, está el documento titulado: Modalidad teletrabajo en tiempos de pandemia COVID-19 en Ecuador, presentado por García-Rubio, Maité Priscila.  ...  orientado a estudiar la Calidad del servicio y su relación con la satisfacción del cliente: Empresas turísticas de Canchaque-Perú, sus autores son: Silva Juárez, Raquel; Julca Calderón, Fany; Luján-Vera, Priscila  ... 
doi:10.31876/rcs.v27iespecial3.36533 fatcat:f5g5f5i3zbf4nep2jj3mrszh64

Introduction: Re-visiting the Americas

Magali Sperling Beck, Rubelise Da Cunha
2014 Ilha do Desterro  
In "The Accidental Traveller: Priscila Uppal's Search for Her Fugitive Brazilian Mother, " Albert Braz explores how Priscila Uppal's 2013 memoir Projection: Encounters with My Runaway Mother illustrates  ...  The review section of this volume presents Tacel Coutinho Leal's considerations about Human Rights and Immigration, an anthology edited by Ruth Rubio-Marín which explores the frontier that ties the question  ... 
doi:10.5007/2175-8026.2014n67p9 fatcat:2urzyq2ecrhpnfs5mw7k4a7ha4

Alternativas de tratamientos en el cáncer de próstata en Pinar del Río, 2003-2006 Alternative of treatments in prostate cancer in Pinar del Río, 2003-2006

Pedro Ricardo Hernández Campo, Ileana de Armas Ampudia, Idelma Castillo García, Verónica Castillo Pérez, Teresita Llera Clausell
2010 Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río  
Hospital Clínico-Quirúrgico "León Cuervo Rubio". Pinar del Río, Cuba.  ...  Hospital Clínico-Quirúrgico "León Cuervo Rubio". Pinar del Río, Cuba. 3 Especialista de Primer Grado en Urología. Asistente. Investigadora Agregada. Hospital Clínico-Quirúrgico "León Cuervo Rubio".  ... 
doaj:8cc772a612c849049b56cf6e342305fe fatcat:nmojyrsjkreu3edr43lyvuhdne
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