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Principal Curves for Lumen Center Extraction and Flow Channel Width Estimation in 3-D Arterial Networks: Theory, Algorithm, and Validation

W. C. K. Wong, R. W. K. So, A. C. S. Chung
2012 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
Our algorithmic outputs-lumen centers and flow channel widths-are important to various medical and clinical applications, e.g., vasculature segmentation, registration and visualization, virtual angioscopy  ...  In this paper, theoretical extension to grayscale angiography is discussed, and an algorithm to find an arterial network as principal curves is also described.  ...  CONCLUSION We have proposed a novel approach to extract arterial lumen centers and estimate flow channel width in angiography.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tip.2011.2179054 pmid:22167625 fatcat:xvouhs72afbdrmenlkqqot3rbu

New Network Bandwidth-limited Multi-view Video plus Depth Coding Method for 3D Video

Yapei Zhu, Mei Yu, Gunjun Zhang, Zongju Peng, Feng Shao, Gangyi Jiang
2013 Journal of Multimedia  
left), whereas in theory there is nothing to stop us from picking 0 J J > for the MODWT (because the MODWT pyramid algorithm always yields N scaling coefficients for use at the next level).  ...  To propose a gesture model updating and results forecasting algorithm based on Mean Shift, and to solve the problem of target model changing and influenced tracking results in gesture target tracking process  ...  Luis Ibanez for the code of literature [19].  ... 
doi:10.4304/jmm.8.1.8-15 fatcat:qm3576jntzfx3ei5m7hfghnskq

Teleradiologic network for central management and analysis of MR images: a three-years experience of the competence network for congenital heart disease

Samir Sarikouch, Philipp Beerbaum, Stefan Mueller, Ulrich Sax, Titus Kuehne
2009 Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance  
Myocardial siderosis is the main cause of morbidity and mortality in thalassaemia major. In the United Kingdom approximately 50% of patients die before reaching 35 years.  ...  T2* CMR can now assess cardiac iron O3 Sub-clinical systolic dysfunction with persistent myocardial edema and inflammation in elite high-endurance athletes with common colds: a cardiovascular magnetic  ...  Conclusion: We have demonstrated a rapid method of T2-mapping for quantitative detection of myocardial edema.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1532-429x-11-s1-o49 fatcat:ykdimhoxvvcfleqanwxvqqns5y

Validity of microsphere depositions for regional myocardial flows

J. B. Bassingthwaighte, M. A. Malone, T. C. Moffett, R. B. King, S. E. Little, J. M. Link, K. A. Krohn
1987 American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology  
flows, principally because they are nearly 100% extracted during transorgan passage, and capillary beds in series are not found normally in the heart.  ...  From the theory of Fung (11) and Yen and Fung (29), and the hydraulic experiments of Chien et al. (8) , one might expect greater deposition of microspheres in high-flow regions and less deposition in low-flow  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Malcolm McKay for preparation of this manuscript, Joseph Chan for statistical evaluation, and Richard Clay for graphics programming.  ... 
doi:10.1152/ajpheart.1987.253.1.h184 pmid:3605365 pmcid:PMC3085492 fatcat:tt6d2u7zubdupfkqbbcmeyov54

Deep Learning in Cardiology

Paschalis Bizopoulos, Dimitrios Koutsouris
2019 IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering  
We discuss the advantages and limitations of applying deep learning in cardiology that also apply in medicine in general, while proposing certain directions as the most viable for clinical use.  ...  Moreover, rule-based expert systems are inefficient in solving complicated medical tasks or for creating insights using big data.  ...  D train = (x train , y train ) (3) D validation = (x validation , y validation ) (4) D test = (x test , y test ) (5) D train is used for adjusting w and b that minimize the chosen cost function while D  ... 
doi:10.1109/rbme.2018.2885714 fatcat:pa47trmskvflvig5cotth265q4

Design and Analysis of Johnson Counter Using Finfet Technology

Myneni Jahnavi Myneni Jahnavi
2013 IOSR Journal of VLSI and Signal processing  
Double-gate (DG) FinFETs has better short channel effects performance compared to the conventional CMOS and stimulates technology scaling.  ...  Fin-type field-effect transistors (FinFETs) are promising substitutes for bulk CMOS in nano-scale circuits.FinFET, which is a double-gate field effect transistor (DGFET), is more versatile than traditional  ...  Abhyankar for his relevant help, encouragement and providing the necessary guidance. I am also proud to thank our HOD (E&TC Department) Prof. P. D. Khandekar and our Principal Prof. Dr. B. S.  ... 
doi:10.9790/4200-0160106 fatcat:hdbvjkcldbhutardkebeuqei5y

Blood vessel segmentation algorithms — Review of methods, datasets and evaluation metrics

Sara Moccia, Elena De Momi, Sara El Hadji, Leonardo S. Mattos
2018 Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine  
Blood vessel segmentation is a topic of high interest in medical image analysis since the analysis of vessels is crucial for diagnosis, treatment planning and execution, and evaluation of clinical outcomes  ...  Different medical imaging techniques are currently used in clinical practice and an appropriate choice of the segmentation algorithm is mandatory to deal with the adopted imaging technique characteristics  ...  In [73] LS is used to segment coronary artery lumens in CTA.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2018.02.001 pmid:29544791 fatcat:cchvmvuy5zgzzetv5hwc67nnbe

Hand Gesture Target Model Updating and Result Forecasting Algorithm based on Mean Shift

Xiao Zou, Heng Wang, Qiuyu Zhang
2013 Journal of Multimedia  
left), whereas in theory there is nothing to stop us from picking 0 J J > for the MODWT (because the MODWT pyramid algorithm always yields N scaling coefficients for use at the next level).  ...  To propose a gesture model updating and results forecasting algorithm based on Mean Shift, and to solve the problem of target model changing and influenced tracking results in gesture target tracking process  ...  Luis Ibanez for the code of literature [19].  ... 
doi:10.4304/jmm.8.1.1-7 fatcat:xqdevbogajdvnn3ym3gtog5nca

Non-contrast coronary magnetic resonance angiography: current frontiers and future horizons

Yoko Kato, Bharath Ambale-Venkatesh, Yoshimori Kassai, Larry Kasuboski, Joanne Schuijf, Karan Kapoor, Shelton Caruthers, Joao A. C. Lima
2020 Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine  
Coronary magnetic resonance angiography (coronary MRA) is advantageous in its ability to assess coronary artery morphology and function without ionizing radiation or contrast media.  ...  In this paper, we first review the current clinical use and motivations for non-contrast coronary MRA, discuss currently available coronary MRA techniques, and highlight current technical developments  ...  JS and KK helped in critical revision. All authors contributed to the idea for the article. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10334-020-00834-8 pmid:32242282 fatcat:cu4vrtjuwvatneey7gg4jxxbla

IJATES² Vol. 1, No.2-3

Jaroslav Koton
2012 International Journal of Advances in Telecommunications, Electrotechnics, Signals and Systems  
He is an author or co-author of more than 700 research articles published in international journals or conference proceedings. Professor Vrba is a Member of IEEE and IEICE.  ...  adjustable current amplifier (DACA), and others.  ...  The hollow internal cavity in which the blood flows is called the lumen [3] .  ... 
doi:10.11601/ijates.v1i2-3.41 doaj:a6929772ec494972aadff2d95f936e63 fatcat:vfifceskhvhxfosenimd6moike

A design methodology for 2D sparse NDE arrays using an efficient implementation of refracted-ray TFM

Jerzy Dziewierz, Timothy Lardner, Anthony Gachagan
2013 2013 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)  
Recent advances in the field of tissue engineering include the engineering of skin, cartilage, and bladder, all of which are relatively thin tissues that can rely on diffusion for the delivery of oxygen  ...  networks within tissues to maintain viability and function.  ...  The authors acknowledge the ANR and DGA for their support under the project Metactif, grant ANR-11-ASTR-015.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ultsym.2013.0035 fatcat:th5znfh7y5bklfdbmhb4u6iq2i

A feasibility study on aortic pressure estimation using UWB radar

Lars Erik Solberg, Ilangko Balasingham, Svein-Erik Hamran, Erik Fosse
2009 2009 IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband  
This is a feasibility study in using radar for estimating blood pressure and which could allow for continuous, non-invasive measurements both inside and outside the clinic.  ...  However, new blood pressure estimation devices could increase mobility in the hospital and reduce white-coat hypertension in the office.  ...  These data are in turn based on the data set provided by the National Library of Medicine (USA) through the Visual Human Project.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icuwb.2009.5288761 fatcat:uamszujmczhn3be5n65h3q4b2m

A computational study of turbulent flow separation for a circular cylinder using skin friction boundary conditions [chapter]

Johan Hoffman, Niclas Jansson
2011 ERCOFTAC Series  
A priori estimates are applied to the anisotropic mesh adaptation for 2D viscous flows and 3D ones including Large Eddy Simulation.  ...  As a key example the turbulent flow around a wing and complete airplane is computable and inspecting the solutions leads to a new theory flight essentially different from the accepted theory by Kutta-Zhukovsky-Prandtl  ...  support of FCT Portugal through Unidade de Investigação: 10/225, IDMEC (FEUP) and project PTDC/SAU-BEB/102547/2008, "Blood flow simulation in arterial networks towards application at hospital".  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-0231-8_5 fatcat:f6ll6iawcbeo7pbj4rb7t4o2tq

Poster Session

2018 Biomedical Engineering  
Active implants for monitoring human body functions became increasingly important in recent years, especially due to an increase of heart diseases in an aging society.  ...  For wireless energy and data transmission inductive near-field coupling at a frequency of 13.56 MHz is used.  ...  Acknowledgements Supported by DFG through Collaborative Research Center -Functional Microgels and Microgel Systems, SFB 985, project C3.  ... 
doi:10.1515/bmt-2018-6051 fatcat:4yiodooz5jcafnyjzdjq4f3c2m

Super-resolution Ultrasound Imaging

Kirsten Christensen-Jeffries, Olivier Couture, Paul A. Dayton, Yonina C. Eldar, Kullervo Hynynen, Fabian Kiessling, Meaghan O'Reilly, Gianmarco F. Pinton, Georg Schmitz, Meng-Xing Tang, Mickael Tanter, Ruud J.G. van Sloun
2020 Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology  
These techniques are now being applied pre-clinically and clinically for imaging of the microvasculature of the brain, kidney, skin, tumors and lymph nodes.  ...  The majority of exchanges of oxygen and nutrients are performed around vessels smaller than 100 μm, allowing cells to thrive everywhere in the body.  ...  Parameters such as blood flow, blood volume, time to peak and mean transit time can be extracted from the bolus curves.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ultrasmedbio.2019.11.013 pmid:31973952 fatcat:gt6l3av375e4dg7tebmcckcqdm
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