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Creation of the Social Identity through the Dressing and the Representation of the Virtual Body in Virtual Internet Communities

Zoi Arvanitidou
2016 Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies  
An avatar is a gamer's/participant's virtual representation and manifestation in a 3D virtual world such as Second Life, World of Warcraft and others.  ...  virtual social contacts than those who used avatars with a "simple" appearance.  ...  Avatar is a symbolic artifact that announces the presence of the user in the virtual world and unlike the anonymous online identity; it presents the user's desired individual properties during online communication  ... 
doi:10.5901/ajis.2016.v5n3s1p233 fatcat:37ecg5kvxvervp7isk7chenfdq

The Process of Identity Building In Second Life

Amira Gmidene, Jamel-Eddine Gharbi
2015 Journal of Internet Social Networking and Virtual Communities  
Indeed, the avatars have the opportunity to pay with real money, the life of their dreams and realize their growth in order to achieve a certain level of personal Abstract Second Life is a 3D virtual world  ...  between real identity and virtual identity.This study explores the identity construction in the persistent world Second Life.  ...  They are defined as persistent 3D environments in which the resident moves and communicates with others through an avatar which is its graphic representation in the virtual world.  ... 
doi:10.5171/2015.828614 fatcat:kpvlbh26ubc2jijnaqa4rdgxhq

The Presentation of Self and Identity Construction in Virtual World: A Case Study of Avakin Life

Lisa Vangohol Jande, Noor Aireen Ibrahim
2020 LSP International Journal  
Identity in the virtual world has become a point of interest for researchers. The virtual world has become a place where people go to interact and in turn create an identity for themselves.  ...  through the use of their Avatars.  ...  For instance, a player has an avatar that is physically close to his appearance in the physical world.  ... 
doi:10.11113/lspi.v7.15271 fatcat:hq5r6c2na5dkfdnnaazvxe4us4

Exploration of virtual body-representation in adolescence: the role of age and sex in avatar customization

Daniela Villani, Elena Gatti, Stefano Triberti, Emanuela Confalonieri, Giuseppe Riva
2016 SpringerPlus  
The malleable nature of the self led researchers to investigate the meaning of virtual identity by exploring virtual self-representation through avatars and its association with users' identity.  ...  The present study aims to investigate the changes in virtual body-representation in adolescence related to age levels and sex and the association with adolescents' self-esteem and body esteem.  ...  the self in a virtual world.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40064-016-2520-y pmid:27376008 pmcid:PMC4909689 fatcat:yk4imlyfnfdjpklxdpqt5v5mpe

Avatar creation in virtual worlds: Behaviors and motivations

Hsin Lin, Hua Wang
2014 Computers in Human Behavior  
Avatar creation has become common for people to participate and interact in virtual worlds.  ...  Using an online survey (N = 244), we investigated both the behavioral characteristics and major motivations for avatar creation in virtual worlds.  ...  20 h a week (like a part-time job) using this main avatar in virtual world.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.chb.2013.10.005 fatcat:rcmsbfnzbjaktdn5ayiraeqv3u

Virtual Customers behind Avatars: The Relationship between Virtual Identity and Virtual Consumption in Second Life

Bernadett Koles, Peter Nagy
2012 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research  
More specifically, we investigate the tendency to link the virtual world to reality through the concept of identity, and explore the role consumption and business endeavors play in this process.  ...  This paper examines the relationship between virtual identity and virtual consumption in Second Life.  ...  In the world of Second Life, similarly to other virtual social environments, people use parameters to create their virtual avatars, through which to present themselves to others in their communities [  ... 
doi:10.4067/s0718-18762012000200009 fatcat:sjrzs552abetdesl63p4s424te

The Effects of Avatar Appearance in Virtual Worlds

Nicholas Merola, Jorge Peña
2010 Journal of Virtual Worlds Research  
In virtual worlds, users employ avatars to interact with their surroundings and with each other. However, while users exert influence on their avatar, their avatar can also exert influence on them.  ...  In this paper, the ways through which subtle signals from an avatar's physical appearance can influence users and interaction partners are described.  ...  In their study, the participants interacted in a virtual reality system through a first-person perspective, but were briefly shown their avatars' appearance in a virtual mirror before beginning the interaction  ... 
doi:10.4101/jvwr.v2i5.843 fatcat:4ndzzhjgtfg5zitlghhqaua47q


Nikolaos Patsantaras
2019 Zenodo  
This theoretical study on the sport exercises of virtual bodies (avatars) in virtual Fitness Clubs discusses the sense of being in the Virtual World (VW) in relation to virtual exercises and concepts on  ...  This matter emerges as a significant topic in the field of sport sociology and sport science in general and provides fertile ground for multiple analyses for future research.  ...  Studies show that when a user's virtual identity represented in the form of an avatar in the virtual environment deviates from the user's actual identity in the physical world, then as a result we may  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3369731 fatcat:2psbw4nw6rdh5icer7e2zxi3je

Avatars, characters, players and users

Marcus Carter, Martin Gibbs, Michael Arnold
2012 Proceedings of the 24th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference on - OzCHI '12  
Avatars are ubiquitous in virtual worlds (VWs). As such, they have become central to how we understand the way they are experienced.  ...  This paper presents findings from EVE Online which suggest there are more than two identities involved in playing games in VWs.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This research was supported by a PhD top up scholarship from the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2414536.2414547 dblp:conf/ozchi/CarterGA12 fatcat:iafcrzeidna3nb5x3bhsimufje

Situated Learning in Virtual Worlds and Identity Reformation [chapter]

Anne Adams, Lluïsa Astruc, Cecilia Garrido, Breen Sweeney
2011 Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds  
This chapter reviews two casestudies in order to identify key points of interplay between physical world and virtual world identities and how this impacts on identity reformation.  ...  The second study presents evidence from a comparison of virtual and gaming world interactions and a comparison of Second Life tutorial situations (i.e. environments that are; realistic compared to surreal  ...  On the one hand, do users employ avatars to present a character in a virtual world? Or to represent their true identity?  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-85729-361-9_14 fatcat:pmjfsumr5babjhwc22u25e73ay

Personal identity and the massively multiplayer online world

Andrew Edgar
2016 Sport, Ethics and Philosophy  
This paper explores the implications that the construction and use of avatars in games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft have for our understanding of personal identity.  ...  The strangeness of this experience of virtual worlds confronts the player with a challenge to construct a coherent narrative of online life, of which treating the avatar as a separate person is a coherent  ...  Virtual worlds such as SL play, thematically, with this process of presentation. As has been noted above, the appearance of the avatar can be manipulated and modified in fine detail.  ... 
doi:10.1080/17511321.2016.1168478 fatcat:xoai7d22irdndkbhg3ct4y3ojm

Between virtual and real: exploring hybrid interaction and communication in virtual worlds

Athanasios Christopoulos, Marc Conrad, Mitul Shukla
2016 International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments  
We define as hybrid virtual learning the educational model where students are co-present and interacting simultaneously both within a virtual world and the physical classroom receiving stimuli related  ...  through the use of hybrid virtual learning approaches.  ...  Student identity and avatar identity Since all interactions in the virtual world take place through the use of avatars and those avatars are the users' virtual representation, it was considered worthwhile  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijsmile.2016.075038 fatcat:g4hrh4sysjaspoi3x56gu25oj4

(Re)discovering the Physical Body Online: Strategies and Challenges to Approach Non-Cisgender Identity in Social Virtual Reality

Guo Freeman, Divine Maloney, Dane Acena, Catherine Barwulor
2022 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  
We especially explore non-cisgender individuals' identity practices and their challenges in novel social Virtual Reality (VR) spaces where they can present, express, and experiment their identity in ways  ...  for supporting diverse gender identities in the future.  ...  , 24, 30] , the relationships between identity in virtual worlds and the ofine world [66, 88] , the crafted expression of identity through clothing and fashion [3, 51] , the physical body as a signifer  ... 
doi:10.1145/3491102.3502082 fatcat:5es6lkpfmnfp7bitpbpvg5cxyq

An Assembled Issue

David Kurt Herold
2012 Journal of Virtual Worlds Research  
Virtual worlds research, it appears from the papers in this issue, is still in its infancy.  ...  As these five papers highlight that role of virtual worlds in student experience, identity in virtual worlds, and use of virtual worlds by people with disabilities are some of the areas that require further  ...  have on the creation of identities through avatars.  ... 
doi:10.4101/jvwr.v5i1.6119 fatcat:kadg4sbuz5dtzji3miuk6z2ib4

Learning at the interstices; locating practical philosophies for understanding physical/virtual inter-spaces

M. Savin-Baden, L. Falconer
2016 Interactive Learning Environments  
More recently, Steils (2013) developed a typology of learner identity in virtual worlds through showing how students seek to manage identity through the avatar.  ...  Working and learning in virtual worlds seems to bring to the fore a sense of liminality between our various identities, in-between identities.  ... 
doi:10.1080/10494820.2015.1128212 fatcat:d4gsrwpxjvhpthsshmkzumq5my
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