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Preparing for the Unexpected: Diversity Improves Planning Resilience in Evolutionary Algorithms [article]

Thomas Gabor, Lenz Belzner, Thomy Phan, Kyrill Schmid
2018 pre-print
As an example case, we implement a diversity-aware genetic algorithm using two different metrics for diversity (differing in their generality) and show that the blow in performance due to unexpected change  ...  In order to improve the planner's resilience to unforeseen change, we argue that maintaining a certain level of diversity amongst the considered plans at all times should be added to the planner's objective  ...  Index Terms-planning, unexpected events, dynamic fitness, resilience, robustness, self-protection, self-healing, diversity, optimization, evolutionary algorithms I.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icac.2018.00023 arXiv:1810.12483v1 fatcat:onbmfpdlfbegvawrxh6w2cv5me

The Consequential Problems of Unexpected Events for Human Element and Construction Organizations

mir Khosravi, Abdul Hakim Bin Mohammed
2013 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
The findings of the study revealed that leadership, communication skills and hard-working were essential attributes of the competent project manager in responding to the consequential problems of unexpected  ...  Unexpected events are unpredictable or beyond the control of human.  ...  have available tools to be prepared for.  ... 
doi:10.19026/rjaset.5.4820 fatcat:f75bfsd4bzfltgmls5bdduybam

Evaluating resilience strategies based on an evolutionary multi-agent system

Kazuhiro Minami, Tomoya Tanjo, Hiroshi Maruyama
2013 2013 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Cybernetics (CYBERNETICSCOM)  
In this paper, we present an evolutionary multi-agent system for evaluating the effectiveness of those strategies and show several insights drawn from our preliminary results.  ...  There seems to be a consensus among many researchers in this field that redundancy, diversity, and adaptability are the three key characteristics of resilient systems that can absorb shocks and recover  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research is partly supported by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research B, 24300031, of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cyberneticscom.2013.6865776 fatcat:75b6wo2ftnhrvaqhfq2i3xjlsm

The Diversity Paradox: How Nature Resolves an Evolutionary Dilemma [article]

James M. Whitacre, Sergei P. Atamas
2011 arXiv   pre-print
Diversity in traits is necessary for adaptation and can influence the survival of a population faced with novelty.  ...  In habitats that remain stable over many generations, stabilizing selection reduces trait differences within populations, thereby appearing to remove the diversity needed for heritable adaptive responses  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful for insightful comments and suggestions from Andreas Wagner, Axel Bender, Angus Harding, and the reviewers from the Biology Direct editorial board.  ... 
arXiv:1112.3115v1 fatcat:5ff7qzdvk5bjvdls57inlis7ry

What Are the Grand Challenges for Plant Conservation in the 21st Century?

Lindsey Gillson, Colleen L. Seymour, Jasper A. Slingsby, David W. Inouye
2020 Frontiers in Conservation Science  
Genetic diversity and ecological and evolutionary processes are just as important as species in conserving plant diversity, providing bases for plants and their communities to adapt to global environmental  ...  The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank the reviewer for helpful comments.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fcosc.2020.600943 fatcat:rq7eayprpba5jeoq2enavh7wqa

Resilient City: Characterization, Challenges and Outlooks

Chengwei Wu, Jeremy Cenci, Wei Wang, Jiazhen Zhang
2022 Buildings  
The RC research hotspots included the definition of resilience and evolution, the study of resilience as an analytical framework for urban issues, and resilience assessment indicators.  ...  The increasingly severe environmental pollution and the Earth's ecological crisis make the concept of resilient cities (RCs) a hot topic in urban research.  ...  Countries are realizing the need to rethink the status quo and be proactive to increase the resilience of communities, societies, and economies to better prepare for future unexpected disasters [35] [  ... 
doi:10.3390/buildings12050516 fatcat:vtzogvgppbdhdaqsckmfyqrxhm

Fog Computing Systems: State of the Art, Research Issues and Future Trends, with a Focus on Resilience [article]

Jose Moura, David Hutchison
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The high heterogeneity, complexity, and dynamics of these resource-constrained systems bring new challenges to their robust and reliable operation, which implies the need for integral resilience management  ...  This paper surveys the state of the art in the relevant fields, and discusses the research issues and future trends that are emerging.  ...  David Hutchison is grateful to many colleagues in the EU COST Action RECODIS (CA15127) for discussions on the resilience of communication systems.  ... 
arXiv:1908.05077v4 fatcat:tgtn7rlkpnejxixctw5gorlxnu

Degeneracy allows for both apparent homogeneity and diversification in populations

James M. Whitacre, Sergei P. Atamas
2012 Biosystems (Amsterdam. Print)  
We argue that degeneracy, the ability of diverse population elements to function similarly, can satisfy both the current need to maximize fitness and the future need for diversity.  ...  Trait diversity -the substrate for natural selection -is necessary for adaptation through selection, particularly in populations faced with environmental changes that diminish population fitness.  ...  Acknowledgments We are grateful for insightful comments and suggestions from Drs. Andreas Wagner, Axel Bender, Angus Harding, and Gary Fogel. We thank Dr. Paul Todd for his expert editorial help. Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2012.08.003 pmid:22910487 pmcid:PMC3722245 fatcat:aikvu7gzy5gq5bg25oe6gr6ji4

Reviews of resilience theories and mathematical generalization [chapter]

Zihai Shi, Shizuo Watanabe, Kenichi Ogawa, Hajime Kubo
2018 Structural Resilience in Sewer Reconstruction  
SES Socioecological system CAS Complex adaptive system CFCs Chlorofluorocarbons SARS Severe acute respiratory syndrome NGO Nongovernmental organization In this section, the resilience approach in socioecological  ...  For more detailed discussions, refer to the original publication (Biggs et al., 2015a) .  ...  Measuring resilience in the planning of rail engineering work (Ferreira et al., 2011) The demand for increased capacity of the UK rail network has generated growing pressure to improve the planning and  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-811552-7.00002-x fatcat:b4v7bvqd5zf2xnakpnz7c62k6q

Sustaining Enterprise Operations and Productivity during the COVID-19 Pandemic: "Enterprise Effectiveness and Sustainability Model"

Bojan Obrenovic, Jianguo Du, Danijela Godinic, Diana Tsoy, Muhammad Aamir Shafique Khan, Ilimdorjon Jakhongirov
2020 Sustainability  
Finally, balancing between the stockpiling of resources and resiliency is crucial in anticipation of a crisis.  ...  Furthermore, resilient enterprises allow for more informed and decentralized decision-making.  ...  The funders had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su12155981 fatcat:kh2uetlsfzblbktv37to4wgsjq

Resilience in the Cyber World: Definitions, Features and Models [article]

Elisabeth Vogel, Zoya Dyka, Dan Klann, Peter Langendörfer
2021 arXiv   pre-print
However, the definition of resilience for the cyber landscape, especially embedded systems, is not yet clear.  ...  In order to pave a way towards resilience-engineering we discuss a theoretical model of the life cycle of a (cyber-) resilient system that consists of key actions presented in the literature.  ...  Prepare/Anticipate/Plan 2 50 This key action includes a natural process or, under certain circumstances, an anthropogenic activity with the aim of preparing the system for a disturbance. .  ... 
arXiv:2105.10235v1 fatcat:xwok6bbjmffv7id2r6r2mybtfq

Advancing Empirical Approaches to the Concept of Resilience: A Critical Examination of Panarchy, Ecological Information, and Statistical Evidence

Ali Kharrazi, Brian Fath, Harald Katzmair
2016 Sustainability  
This analysis confirms the value of these approaches in specific instances but also the need for further research in advancing empirical approaches to the concept of resilience.  ...  Despite its ambiguities, the concept of resilience is of critical importance to researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers in dealing with dynamic socio-ecological systems.  ...  Acknowledgments: Funding support for this project was provided by Austrian Security Research Programme  ... 
doi:10.3390/su8090935 fatcat:mjyhdzxzlfekphnf6lgt5b4fgy

COVID‐19 Pandemic in the New Era of Big Data Analytics: Methodological Innovations and Future Research Directions

Jie Sheng, Joseph Amankwah‐Amoah, Zaheer Khan, Xiaojun Wang
2020 British Journal of Management  
can be harnessed to provide the basis for guiding scholars in studying contemporary management topics and global grand challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.  ...  In this Methodology Corner, we present a review of the methodological innovations in studying big data analytics and how they can be better utilized to examine contemporary organizational issues.  ...  chain operations and prepare for 'the new normal' regarding the manner in which supply and demand are matched.  ... 
doi:10.1111/1467-8551.12441 fatcat:bvqzbpwl5zgtlkgjifznwg6pl4

Toward a Resilient Holistic Supply Chain Network System: Concept, Review and Future Direction

Junwei Wang, Raja R. Muddada, Hongfeng Wang, Jinliang Ding, Yingzi Lin, Changli Liu, Wenjun Zhang
2016 IEEE Systems Journal  
There is a need to focus on building the resilience (in short, the ability of a system to recover from damage or disruption) of an entire H-SCN as it is believed that such a network system is strongly  ...  on the resilience of SCNs, particularly of an H-SCN.  ...  They further proposed the following strategies for business resilience: a) anticipation of unexpected failures through close attention to the business environment; b) investment in diversity (products  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsyst.2014.2363161 fatcat:sbopygjpbzbdff4qroy7kzyodq

Resilience in the Cyberworld: Definitions, Features and Models

Elisabeth Vogel, Zoya Dyka, Dan Klann, Peter Langendörfer
2021 Future Internet  
However, the definition of resilience for the cyber landscape, especially embedded systems, is not yet clear.  ...  In order to pave a way towards resilience engineering, we discuss a theoretical model of the life cycle of a (cyber-) resilient system that consists of key actions presented in the literature.  ...  In addition, changes can either be planned (for example: initialized by an update), the timing of their occurrence can be unpredictable, or they can be completely unexpected.  ... 
doi:10.3390/fi13110293 fatcat:zhyetgw4y5hendgltjss3pskkq
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