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Preference-aware publish/subscribe delivery with diversity

Marina Drosou, Kostas Stefanidis, Evaggelia Pitoura
2009 Proceedings of the Third ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems - DEBS '09  
In publish/subscribe systems, users describe their interests and are notified whenever new interesting events become available.  ...  We have fully implemented our approach in SIENA, a popular publish/subscribe middleware system, and report experimental results of its deployment.  ...  PrefSIENA extends SIENA [3] , a popular publish/subscribe middleware system, with preferential subscriptions, timing policies and diversity towards achieving top-k event delivery.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1619258.1619267 dblp:conf/debs/DrosouSP09 fatcat:sl376beijbdrpoju5yrdpkzphy

On novelty in publish/subscribe delivery

Dimitris Souravlias, Marina Drosou, Kostas Stefanidis, Evaggelia Pitoura
2010 2010 IEEE 26th International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops (ICDEW 2010)  
In publish/subscribe systems, users express their interests in specific items of information and get notified when relevant data items are produced.  ...  In our previous work [6] , [5] , we have focused on ranked publish/subscribe delivery based on preferences and content diversity.  ...  NOVELTY-AWARE PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE We aim at enhancing notification services by introducing a degree of importance for each delivered event.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdew.2010.5452770 dblp:conf/icde/SouravliasDSP10 fatcat:ldn3kanzgfb75cfdpozc5hzl3m

On Quality-of-Service and Publish-Subscribe

S. Behnel, L. Fiege, G. Muhl
2006 26th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops (ICDCSW'06)  
Our goal is to provide a common base for future evaluations of emerging systems and for the design of qualityof-service aware publish-subscribe infrastructures.  ...  Publish-subscribe is a powerful paradigm for distributed communication based on decoupled producers and consumers of information.  ...  CONCLUSION In large publish-subscribe systems with thousands of participants we will necessarily face very diverse demands from different users.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdcsw.2006.77 dblp:conf/icdcsw/BehnelFM06 fatcat:bwcu5nyxlzeyrmbgeq6jqswel4

Illustrating a publish-subscribe Internet architecture

Nikos Fotiou, Dirk Trossen, George C. Polyzos
2011 Telecommunications Systems  
The Publish-Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm (PSIRP) project aims at developing and evaluating an information-centric architecture for the future Internet.  ...  While the focus of this paper is specifically on the operations within the architecture, the revelation of the workings through our use cases can also be considered relevant more generally for publish-subscribe  ...  Such a paradigm is the publish/subscribe (pub/sub).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11235-011-9432-5 fatcat:4qse5ovigfefrloin3dkqaq7ba

Locality-Awareness in a Peer-to-Peer Publish/Subscribe Network [chapter]

Fatemeh Rahimian, Thinh Le Nguyen Huu, Sarunas Girdzijauskas
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper introduces a locality-aware extension to a peer-to-peer publish/subscribe system, named Vitis.  ...  Peer-to-peer publish/subscribe systems are promising solutions to provide distributed content distribution services at Internet-scale with low cost.  ...  Since publish/subscribe systems are all about content distribution, and this content could be potentially massive, it is important to design proximity-aware publish/subscribe overlays.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-30823-9_4 fatcat:re3ego3y4verdhvnwi4ksyxdgu

Explicitly context-aware publish/subscribe with context-invariant subscriptions

David Lizcano, Sebastian Ortega, Javier Soriano, Sergio Vavassori
2011 Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services - iiWAS '11  
Although context could be exploited to improve the performance, elasticity and adaptation in most distributed systems that adopt the publish/subscribe (P/S) model of communication, only very few works  ...  We highlight how we dealt with the main shortcomings of most of the current approaches.  ...  The design principles that guide our vision of a Context-Aware Content-Based Publish/Subscribe (CA-CBPS) are as follows: 1. Explicit separation of context and content.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2095536.2095606 dblp:conf/iiwas/LizcanoOSV11 fatcat:tlsylto5f5frtftpgl36ohzqhm

A Publish/Subscribe Model for QoSaware Service Provisioning and Selection

Elarbi Badidi
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The publish/subscribe model allows QoS brokers to be aware of significant changes in the QoS offerings of service providers; and consequently, be able to make informed selection decisions.  ...  a publish/subscribe model to handle notifications on significant changes in QoS offerings.  ...  QoS brokers are aware of the current QoS of service providers through a QoS Notification Broker that implements a topic-based publish-subscribe system.  ... 
doi:10.5120/3071-4200 fatcat:lb4fr5zhjjcrpfvg3z274okema

Towards content-based publish/subscribe for distributed social networks

Christos Tryfonopoulos, Paraskevi Raftopoulou, Vinay Setty, Argiris Xiros
2015 Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems - DEBS '15  
However, none of these efforts have so far focused on supporting content-based publish/subscribe functionality in a distributed social networking environment.  ...  Over the last few years a number of distributed social networks with data management capabilities have been introduced both by academia and industry.  ...  While there are efforts to address top−k filtering in pub/sub with diversity constraints [2] , they are not designed for decentralised environments and relevance is typically based on pre-assigned preferences  ... 
doi:10.1145/2675743.2776770 dblp:conf/debs/TryfonopoulosRS15 fatcat:j55vipqi7fguli5jb26tdd2jym

Approximate spatio-temporal top-k publish/subscribe

Lisi Chen, Shuo Shang
2018 World wide web (Bussum)  
Location-based publish/subscribe plays a significant role in mobile information disseminations.  ...  The group filtering efficacy can be substantially improved by sacrificing the publishing result quality with a bounded guarantee.  ...  Content based top-k publish/subscribe Existing work on top-k publish/subscribe systems [2, 6, 14, 15, 32, 50] make published items trigger a subscription if it ranks among the top-k published items.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11280-018-0564-3 fatcat:j2igega64jaz7aqzmyh2dpkzja

Beaconing support in publish-subscribe middleware for vehicular applications

Vittoria Gianuzzi, Alessio Merlo
2010 Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Middleware for Pervasive Mobile and Embedded Computing - M-MPAC '10  
To this aim, we discuss the design of a Publish-Subscribe based middleware for VANET applications, namely ACME, tailored to accomplish suitable queries over the beacons in a flexible and adaptive way,  ...  VANETs work under the assumption that each vehicle is equipped with at least a GPS receiver, a digital map, a transceiver, storage and processing capabilities.  ...  MIDDLEWARE FOR VA ET APPLICATIO S: RELATED WORK VANET applications are mostly event-driven, thus the Publish Subscribe paradigm is a suitable choice.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1890791.1890795 dblp:conf/middleware/GianuzziM10 fatcat:4gi7bqegcvbdfbvfbjngkdu32m

Loupe: Verifying Publish-Subscribe Architectures with a Magnifying Lens

Luciano Baresi, Carlo Ghezzi, Luca Mottola
2011 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
The Publish-Subscribe (P/S) communication paradigm fosters high decoupling among distributed components.  ...  We tackle this challenge with Loupe, a domain-specific model checker.  ...  INTRODUCTION The Publish-Subscribe (P/S) communication paradigm [27] is currently used as a foundation to build sophisticated software systems for diverse application domains, from the business context  ... 
doi:10.1109/tse.2010.39 fatcat:txdjv24kjrbxfefhloc5bizvnq

Exploiting path diversity for networked music performance in the Publish Subscribe Internet

Yannis Thomas, George Xylomenos, George C. Polyzos
2015 2015 6th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA)  
In contrast, the Publish-Subscribe Internet (PSI) architecture, an Information-Centric Networking (ICN) approach, natively supports multicast, centralized path selection and source routing, all the main  ...  Multipath routing with Quality of Service (QoS) constraints is one way to meet these requirements, as it offers bandwidth aggregation while keeping latency low.  ...  PUBLISH SUBSCRIBE INTERNET Publish Subscribe Internet (PSI) is an Information Centric Network (ICN) architecture based on the pub-sub paradigm.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iisa.2015.7387971 dblp:conf/iisa/ThomasXP15 fatcat:v3uuzay54vfqrnmpgfgoxoyov4

A location-aware publish/subscribe framework for parameterized spatio-textual subscriptions

Huiqi Hu, Yiqun Liu, Guoliang Li, Jianhua Feng, Kian-Lee Tan
2015 2015 IEEE 31st International Conference on Data Engineering  
With the rapid progress of mobile Internet and the growing popularity of smartphones, location-aware publish/subscribe systems have recently attracted significant attention.  ...  new location-aware publish/subscribe techniques to meet various needs from different subscribers.  ...  Location-Aware Publish/Subscribe. A location-aware publish/subscribe system delivers each message to its relevant subscriptions.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icde.2015.7113327 dblp:conf/icde/HuLLFT15 fatcat:rztqf4gaazgi7fmq3uqc4yzezy

Context-aware information delivery in assistive environments over a publish-subscribe internet

George C. Polyzos
2011 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Wireless Technologies for Humanitarian Relief - ACWR '11  
We present the potential for enabling the context-aware content adaptation and specialized delivery of healthcare information of the Publish-Subscribe Internetworking (PSI) Future Internet architecture  ...  Future Internet technologies are offering new capabilities for service and data delivery.  ...  ICN Realization through the Publish-Subscribe Model Many ICN architectures are based on the publish-subscribe (pub/sub) communication model.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2185216.2185242 dblp:conf/acwr/Polyzos11 fatcat:bq5yiaj27jdolob7jqsfixlwfy

QoS-driven multipath routing for on-demand video streaming in a Publish-Subscribe Internet

Yannis Thomas, Pantelis A. Frangoudis, George C. Polyzos
2015 2015 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo Workshops (ICMEW)  
Our scheme is developed in the context of the Publish-Subscribe Internet architecture and is shown to outperform state-of-the-art multi-constrained multipath selection mechanisms by up to 7%, and single-path  ...  Aiming to improve the performance of on-demand video streaming services in an Information-Centric Network, we propose a mechanism for selecting multiple delivery paths, satisfying bandwidth, error rate  ...  BACKGROUND Publish Subscribe Internet The Publish Subscribe Internet (PSI) is an ICN architecture based on the pub-sub paradigm.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icmew.2015.7169758 dblp:conf/icmcs/ThomasFP15 fatcat:liei3a4whnccjf2r7imcpu3g4e
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